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Found 15 results

  1. Divine splash - Your one-stop automotive cosmetic specialist! We repair - We respray - We groom - We coat! Renew COE? Need new paint before CNY? Need to repair your car damages? Divine Splash gives your car a new looking at affordable price. At here we provide the quality paint at affordable price money spray painting service with our Spies Hecker paint and high solid lacquer. In order to give customers another choice of paint, Divine Splash is taking in PPG autocolors paint, another well-known Paint for our customers. Any colors in mind to give your car a new paint for a brand new year? Divine splash dare you to customise the colour of your car and make it one of a kind! Also, we enhance the effect of the paint with our Infrared spray booth. No more workshop hoping to ask for your damage price like the old days. Divine splash provides a hassle-free service - Just WhatsApp us your damage photo or any enquiry, we will try our best to get back to you as soon as we can. We provide services like: - Spray paint service of the whole car - Panel beating/ damage repair - Accident claims - Car rental service - Professional legal assistance Few simple steps to turn your car a brand new car - Text, repair and drive away with quality paint at an affordable price! ~ Hatchback starting from $900 ~ Sedan starting from $1000 ~ Mpv starting from $1300 Divine Splash Spray Painting provides professional panel beating service to repair all your dent damages. Car Body Spray Painting - We offer quality paint at affordable price. Any colours you like? Customise your favourite colour with us! Drop by our showroom now to select the customise Color you want for your ride. Rim / Brake Kit Spray Painting - Our Painters always scrub it off layers by layers before spraying a new layer of paint. Divine splash spray painting provides accident claims services as well~ Don't forget about us during your panic situation! We are just 1 call away. WhatsApp us now at 81880754 or Facebook msg us for more enquiries! Alternatively, you can submit the detail and get a quote from us!
  2. Does anyone know if there should be a splash cover for the undercarriage of the engine/gear box area?
  3. Guys, Please drive slow and carefully during heavy rain....
  4. hi, sad news to share and ask for advice. I bought a HDB and was going for renovation. door was splashed with paint but no numbers to call back. guess this is the new a long tactic.. I have reported police and going to MP tonight. what else?
  5. Bros and sis, I am looking for a good tyre shine that last and does not splash off to the car body. Any recommendations? Use to like the Meguiar's purple endurance range when my car was black. Now its silver and it splashes off the body. I have one that shines well now but after heavy rain, bo liao! So waiting for users of other brands to give feedback!
  6. Was informed by the police that some cars was splashed with paint. Total nine cars Kenna. White paint on the bonnet and dripped to the headlamp. Some small drop on windscreen. Sian already... Any car spray shop open on sun? What can I do now?
  7. My under carriage cover (big piece of plastic covering the bottom of my engine compartment) got yanked off yesterday by some low curb at the car park. It was hanging by a few of the remaining screws & was dragging on the road as I drove. Could not secure it back as the secure points were cracked, so I cut off most of it so that it will not get in the way when the car is moving. With this removal, a large part (75%) of the engine comparment is expose the the elements as I drive along. Probably be driving this way until my next servicing ( 2 months away). So the question is: will there be any adverse effect to my engine should I continue driving without cover?
  8. Every other day I use the drive thru at big splash to eat carl's jr. There is a filipino lady who will answer the intercom. She is very inept at speaking english and talks too fast. My order usually ends up wrong. I should have complained a long time ago but this really takes the cake. Everytime I go, I order the same thing, a BBQ grilled chicken sandwich. On this occasion, I had forgotten which specific sandwich it was. I kept trying to explain the one I wanted and she kept saying you want the bacon and cheese ? I said no, its the plan like one with just chicken and she said Okay. Well, my order is here and im at home now, and both the grilled chicken sandwiches are bacon and cheese on tartar. I'm a diabetic and I can't eat this, and given the many times i order the same thing they shouldve recognized. Am not sure if any other people have used this drive thru, but all I can say is I'm not going there anymore.
  9. I will be organizing a Car Boot Sale cum MotorBike Boot (Box Sale) at Playground @ Big Splash. It's like a flea market except, parking Lots to 'park n sell' your wares will be provided. You can make use of the space within and around your vehicle as display areas. The allocated space is the atrium. It will be for 2 days from 10am to 10pm. The following dates are available: 30 & 31 August and 20 & 21 September 2008. Prices: ($50 car) / (Bike $20) for Saturday, and Sunday will be free, so it's $50 / $20 for 2 days; inclusive of parking charges. In addition to the above promotion, all participants
  10. Hi all I will be organizing a car boot sale at Playground @ Big Splash. It's something like flea market just that no chairs and tables. Parking Lots where you can 'park n sell' your wares will be provided, however you can only make use of the space within your vehicle. The allocated space is in the main area (atrium), and not some ulu corner / car park. It will be for 2 days from 10am to 6pm on 19 & 20 July 2008, it will only be $50 for Saturday, and Sunday will be free, so it's $50 for 2 days. The charge of $50 will be inclusive of Parking charges. In addition to the above promotion, there will be 1 The Vista Bistro Voucher and 1 The Seafood International Market & Restaurants Voucher each worth $20 thrown into the package. Please email [email protected] for more details. I am looking for those who are interested in flea markets/ garage sales to join me. Also you can make use of your car to show off your wares or make use of your wares to show off your car. =). Thanks
  11. Mtoh

    SUziki Splash

    * All-Suzuki engineering and specifically styled for Europe * New design based on platform of best selling Swift * Efficient, Suzuki manufactured, petrol and diesel engines * Six airbags and ESP
  12. are these really part of car specifications? or have to fix them outside if without? think my suzuki liana doesnt come with these
  13. Back to top In what has become a fond tradition Rinspeed Design, the Swiss creative powerhouse for automotive concepts and emotions, presented yet another surprising and astounding attraction at the 2004 Geneva Motor Show. To celebrate their 10th concept vehicle the Rinspeed crew has created the Splash. Under the ultra-light carbon-composite skin lies much more than just an agile and lively sports car. The Rinspeed 'Splash' is the true incarnation of a really cool and fun sports toy. At the push of a button a cleverly thought-out hydraulic mechanism transforms the sports car into an amphibious vehicle. But that alone wasn
  14. From www.cardesignnews.com: For the last four years, Swiss design studio Protoscar SA has designed the show cars which Esoro AG builds for Rinspeed. The unique aspect of all the recent concepts is that there is always some part of the vehicle that transforms, allowing modular use or changing configuration. For the 2004 Geneva Motor Show, Rinspeed will display not only a very attractive sports car, but has gone a big step beyond that, developing the first and only sports car in the world which not only drives in a very quick manner, but can actually travel both in and above the water. A sophisticated and foldable high-tech hydrofoil system powered by on-board hydraulics and electronics allows the Splash to move at high speed across the water. As a tradition at Rinspeed, the environmental visions are important as well. The Splash is powered by a light-weight 750ccm engine producing a whopping 140hp and running on natural gas (CNG). The turbocharged two cylinder power-pack propels this extraordinary Natural Gas Vehicle to a top speed of approximately 200 km/h on the road and 50 km/h on the water, respectively 80 km/h over water.
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