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Found 80 results

  1. Divine splash - Your one-stop automotive cosmetic specialist! We repair - We respray - We groom - We coat! Renew COE? Need new paint before CNY? Need to repair your car damages? Divine Splash gives your car a new looking at affordable price. At here we provide the quality paint at affordable price money spray painting service with our Spies Hecker paint and high solid lacquer. In order to give customers another choice of paint, Divine Splash is taking in PPG autocolors paint, another well-known Paint for our customers. Any colors in mind to give your car a new paint for a brand new year? Divine splash dare you to customise the colour of your car and make it one of a kind! Also, we enhance the effect of the paint with our Infrared spray booth. No more workshop hoping to ask for your damage price like the old days. Divine splash provides a hassle-free service - Just WhatsApp us your damage photo or any enquiry, we will try our best to get back to you as soon as we can. We provide services like: - Spray paint service of the whole car - Panel beating/ damage repair - Accident claims - Car rental service - Professional legal assistance Few simple steps to turn your car a brand new car - Text, repair and drive away with quality paint at an affordable price! ~ Hatchback starting from $900 ~ Sedan starting from $1000 ~ Mpv starting from $1300 Divine Splash Spray Painting provides professional panel beating service to repair all your dent damages. Car Body Spray Painting - We offer quality paint at affordable price. Any colours you like? Customise your favourite colour with us! Drop by our showroom now to select the customise Color you want for your ride. Rim / Brake Kit Spray Painting - Our Painters always scrub it off layers by layers before spraying a new layer of paint. Divine splash spray painting provides accident claims services as well~ Don't forget about us during your panic situation! We are just 1 call away. WhatsApp us now at 81880754 or Facebook msg us for more enquiries! Alternatively, you can submit the detail and get a quote from us!
  2. due to sky high fuel price, have to switch over from Caltex to SPC to earn another 7% discount (Caltex 11% vs SPC 18%) but some friends told me SPC fuel quality is not as good as other world famous brands (Caltex, Shell, mobil etc), FC and performance both are discounted, and if long term using, might shorten engine lifespan is it??
  3. RadX

    Sleep quality

    Recently have been tracking my sleep and realized that I am not getting a good nights rest . Case in point, see pic. Wonder if it’s age or the stressful lifestyle Also , what apps are best to track sleep? @dach dedicated to u too haaaa
  4. SGCMVassago

    Citroen Cars

    Any owner of Citroen car here? Can you share your experience on Drive comfort Interior quality and durability Car operational durability And C&C service level? TIA
  5. Hi guys, would like to know your views on the two top brands of quality and reliability over the years. It can be any model whatsoever. Would like to hear owner experiences. And customer Service experiences with AD's. thank you!
  6. pegasi

    Toufu dreg construction

    we heard of * toufu dreg projects in overseas construction i am sure our authorities are extremely vigilant to prevent such things from happening in singapore anyone in the construction industry can share how quality & safety control are conducted for projects in singapore touchwood so far so good none of such nonsense found in singapore * https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tofu-dreg_project
  7. Been trying to find some quality fragance oil for the home that works with reed diffuser. Places like Robinsons has them but I think for sure such thing can be purchased below 50$ somewhere.. I bought a few to try from Lazada and shipped from Korea but the smell cannot be detected even with brand new reed. Is there such thing as value-for-money home fragrance ?
  8. hi, just installed an active sub below my seat. than i realised that my front speakers are too weak to be blasted hard becos they are stock. so i went to upgrade the stock speakers to hertz speakers. after this, i was told that my stock head player has no power to drive my expensive front speakers to the optimal performance. and now, looking around for a amp to power up. after spending so much $$$ and time on all these upgrading, all we wanted now is to enjoy the music with good quality sound. so what media do you all use to play your music? is the SQ from a MP3 good enough? where can we get high quality music CD? TIA
  9. After years of setting the standard for quality and reliability, Japanese brand autos have dropped below the industry average, according to a new report by J.D. Power and Associates. The latest Initial Quality Study, which ranks brands based on consumer surveys after owning a vehicle for three months, shows the collective results of Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Subaru are not keeping pace with the industry as a whole and the Korean auto brands, in particular. "It's not that the Japanese models are all getting worse, but this shows they are not improving as fast as their competitors," said Renee Stephens, vice president of U.S. automotive quality at J.D. Power. "This is a clear shift in the quality landscape." http://www.cnbc.com/id/102766497
  10. I am deciding if I should opt for the above brand of car mats. Any feedback and comments ?
  11. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/erp-charges-on-fridays-to/1403436.html This is something new. I never know ERP improve quality of life. Wow..the rest of the world must be having lousy quality of life.
  12. New PSI reporting system to see more days with "moderate" air quality From May 1, Singapore will see more days with the air quality being classified as in the “moderate” range, as concentrations of smaller polluting particles of PM2.5 will be included in the Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) readings. "As a result of PM2.5 being incorporated into the PSI, more days will be classified as 'moderate' compared to before, even though the actual concentration of pollutants has not changed. "This is purely due to the integration of the PM2.5 concentrations into the PSI scale," the National Environment Agency (NEA) said in a statement on Tuesday. NEA added that people can carry on normal activity if air quality is in the “good” or “moderate” range and there will be no change to normal routines on the ground. PM2.5 are tiny particles that can travel deep into the respiratory tract, and get embedded in lung tissue. It is currently reported separately from the PSI. Minister for Environment and Water Resources Vivian Balakrishnan on Tuesday told Parliament that Singapore will move to an integrated air quality reporting index, where PM2.5 will be incorporated into the current PSI as its sixth pollutant parameter. In explaining the change, Dr Balakrishnan said as far as public health is concerned, PM2.5 concentrations are more often a cause for concern. He said the move would also simplify the air quality reporting system. Going forward, he said PM2.5 levels are expected to determine the PSI "almost all the time". Since August 24, 2012, NEA has been reporting 24-hour PM2.5 concentrations alongside the PSI, which was done as the first step in the transition to the new air quality reporting system. NEA will now complete the transition by incorporating the 24-hour PM2.5 concentrations into the PSI. From May 1, the PSI will reflect a total of six pollutants -- sulphur dioxide (SO2), particulate matter (PM10) and fine particulate matter (PM2.5), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), carbon monoxide (CO) and ozone (O3). The 3-hour PSI will also take into account PM2.5 concentrations. NEA will also publish the 1-hour PM2.5 concentrations every hour. Previously, health advisories issued by the government were based on 24-hour PSI and 24-hour PM2.5, whichever was worse. Under the new air quality reporting system, the health advisory will be based on the new 24-hour PSI as it now directly takes into account PM2.5. NEA said air quality information will be reported every hour from 7am to 11pm during non-haze periods, and around the clock during haze periods. The information will be made available on the NEA website, the haze microsite, NEA Facebook, NEA Twitter and smart phone app, MyENV. NEA will continue to regularly review Singapore's air quality reporting index to ensure that it remains a relevant and useful guide for the public to help plan their daily activities. Dr Balakrishnan also announced the setting up of an International Advisory Panel on transboundary pollution, which will be co-chaired by Professor S Jayakumar and Professor Tommy Koh. Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/new-psi-reporting-system/1028556.html ---------------------- wow..it took them 2 years just to use the same standards as AQICN
  13. Fur Arts Grooming Salon We strive to provide your furkids with the most enjoyable , least stressful grooming / daycare they’ve ever experienced . We believe that pets ( dogs/cats/rabbits ) strive in a stress-free environment , and this consists of two components : The Physical Surroundings Gentle handling from the staffs Do visit us at: www.facebook.com/pages/Fur-Arts-Grooming-Salon/122039881209467?fref=ts www.facebook.com/pages/Bunnies-gallery/348759025266497?fref=ts FurArts Grooming Salon Blk 530 , Bedok North Street 3 , #01-632 , Singapore 460530 Tel : 9733 9843
  14. Why is it that reducing waiting and in-vehicle times does not seem to make public transport users happy? The debate on improving public transport service quality and affordability is unending. Suggestions have ranged from having more competition to ensuring efficiency to zero fares and even the nature of public transport itself. These discussions, however, skirt the central issue. A journey by public transport is actually a chain of trips. A trip from an origin to a destination typically consists of walk time to the bus stop or MRT terminal, wait time, in-vehicle time and access time to the final destination. The time of each component will vary by mode, distance travelled, trip purpose (i.e. office commute, shopping, social) and by time of the day. When a transfer between modes is involved, this makes the total time travelling by public transport unattractive compared to travel by car. In recent months, laudable efforts have been made to improve wait and in-vehicle times of bus and MRT rides by increasing the fleet of buses and reducing the time between train arrivals. In 2008, the Land Transport Master Plan (LTMP) stated: "Average public transport journey times will be reduced from 1.7 times of that by car today to 1.5 times by 2020 to make public transport more competitive relative to cars. "Our end in mind is to have a public transport system that will be so attractive that users with choice, i.e. those who can have access to cars, will say that 'my other car is a bus or train'." The 2013 LTMP focuses on addressing the four main components of the typical public transport journey - the first and last kilometre, wait time and in-vehicle time. This is being done through improvements such as seamless connectivity from home to terminal, more public transport infrastructure and investments in operating assets. A 2001 study by Professor Mark Wardman at the University of Leeds' Institute for Transport Studies in the UK has shown that walking and waiting times are perceived as being between two and three times more annoying than in-vehicle time regardless of the level of traffic congestion. These assessments will vary across circumstances, such as a journey to work versus participation in leisure activities. It will also vary when compared with in-vehicle time by car, bus or the MRT. The number of transfers, whether involving crossing a bridge or a long walk in-between, will also influence the way people perceive walk and wait times. So will the extent to which access involves pedestrian delays at junctions and crossings. In fact, the level of irritation caused by walk and wait times can be 1.5 to 8 times the perceived value of in-vehicle time. The point, therefore, is to view accessibility and mobility as a total experience. Minimising in- vehicle and wait times is just one aspect of the experience. It involves making the trip a pleasant one from the time a person steps out of the home to the time he arrives at his final destination. Making public transport the backbone of a city's mobility requires giving the public transport user priority. It entails minimising pedestrian delays and creating walkway connectivity within the city. But it will also mean making it more costly to drive into and park within the Central Business District. Electronic Road Pricing and limited parking facilities will lead to a more efficient allocation of scarce city space. Prioritising public transport may mean the development of "closed urban areas" where buildings are interconnected by sheltered pedestrian walkways. Walking - and perhaps cycling - will be a safe, healthy, viable and a delightful experience. Within the closed urban area, cars will not get priority. The "first and last kilometre" will then be an attractive link in the public transport trip. The 2013 Land Transport Master Plan and the just-released Fare Review Mechanism Committee Report are steps in the right direction if effectively implemented. Further, the Fare Review Mechanism Committee Report, in addressing the needs of the economically disadvantaged, enhances accessibility to jobs and centres of human capital development such as institutions of education. This together with real-time public information about public transport schedules might just nudge car users at the margin to use public transport. It might also lead to the spreading of the peak period when commuters choose to travel at alternative times, ease human congestion at MRT stations and bus terminals, and make the journey by public transport a pleasant experience. -- ST FILE PHOTO by Anthony Chin The writer is associate professor of transport economics, deputy director of the Singapore Centre for Applied and Policy Economics, and director of the Economics Executive Programme, NUS.
  15. For me...I spend a lot of quantity time with my girl...as well as quality time. Recently we have this sweet 'habit'....close to her bedtime...she will sit on my lap and we will watch her fav show from babyTV....then as she gets tired..she will rest her head backwards on my chest...and I will ask her.."baby...sleep sleep already ok?". When she is ready..she will nod her head and I will carry her to bed bed.
  16. Phang

    Where to buy

    I have this (junk), given to me by a friend. I am looking for a good quality jack to lift a medium size saloon car. Thanks in advance.
  17. So far, every time our neighbor gives us some 'poisonous' air, I notice the western part of Singapore especially Tuas and Jurong kena the most. That is a no brainer given the fact that area is nearest to where the fire is burning. I brought this up because many property investors that I come across seem not to put that into consideration at all. What do you guys think?
  18. Dear all, All along my wiper is changed by the AD who just change the just normal black rubber but costing a bomb. Can any member intro me what is a good brand and place to get wiper for. Do those life time wiper really worth the $$$? There is also some fancy type like no frame type? It is for Nissan Teana Thank you for your kind attention and time. Best regards, Rust
  19. FaezClutchless

    Kia aims to be a premium automotive brand

    Kia Motors, South Korea's second largest auto manufacturer has been making automobiles for quite sometime. They first started making re-badged Mazda Familia during the 1970s. It was only during the late 1980s that Kia started manufacturing vehicles extensively and by the early 1990s, you could virtually see a Kia vehicle in almost every major market. Fast forward to today, the company is fast moving into the upscale region and it is not surprising when the company announced that they are aiming to be a premium global automotive brand. During a recent function where the company's top dealers and distributors met, Kia Motors' president, Lee Hyoung Keun announced the company's five-year target and its goal is to be on the same level with European and Japanese premium auto brands. Mr. Lee also mentioned that the company will develop ever-more sophisticated vehicles that customers will aspire to own. He also confirmed that the company has set a target of exporting 2.21 million units of vehicles to overseas market. This is an increase of 8.3 percent over the 2.04 million units sold last year. If you were to ask me, this goal that Kia Motors are trying to achieve is hugely possible. Just take a look at Kia's current models. They are very much more aesthetically pleasing, compared to its older models. Kia's ever increasing popularity is basically built on its stylish new designs and at the same time, it has made Kia one of the fastest growing auto brands. The company has previously stated that one of its priorities is to improve the quality and technology featured in its cars and hopefully that this will help in brand perception. When Kia meets its five-year target, we will have to see at which new level the automaker has reached and at the rate they are going; I have a strong feeling that Kia will surpass some Japanese auto companies.
  20. Left over after finishing my projects. Assorted LED strips available. Selling 5050 waterproof 60led/m @ $17 per meter!! Selling 5050 non waterproof 60led/m @ $16 per meter!! Selling 3528 non waterproof 60led/m @ $8 per meter!! Selling 12V power supply too price depend on power rating. Color available: RED, BLUE, GREEN, WHITE, WARM WHITE and RGB LED strips suitable for cars and houses for decoration and lighting purposes. All LED strips will be tested on the spot during transaction. Messsage to 90699382 for more details. Thank you.
  21. Hi. I have 2 options of speaker from the shop I am currently upgrading my 6.5 comps to. Without looking at brands, Speaker A - 125W norm, 250W peak power Sensitivity 90dB Frequency 60Hz-20kHz Speaker B - 80W norm, 160W peak power Sensitivity 92dB Frequency 60Hz-20kHz My amplifier is able to handle 400W per channel, so both speakers are suitable. Both speakers are the same price. Will the 2dB of sensitivity be my concern, or should I just go for the higher power one?
  22. anyone? i used to use switcheasy. but they don't make for s3. good protection, nice and slim. anyone?
  23. Hi guys, looking to buy good laser pointers that use regular AAA or AA batteries. Tried my luck with those lousy cheap ones from those neighbourhood dollar shops, but didnt last more than a few weeks. I'm looking for something like this: http://cgi.ebay.com.sg/Brand-new-Green-Bea...93%3A1|294%3A50 Anyone with recommendations? Looking to buy maybe one red and a few green ones. Red one's for our cats, and green ones for variety. :) Thanks so much in advance! Edit: Sorry about the typo in the topic title. :p
  24. Hello folks, I need advice. I am considering giving away all the furnitures in my house (except for my master bed)....yes everything. The furniture are all well maintained (less than 4 years), some like the dinning table chair still have plastic protective covers intact. I also have half a storeroom of toys to give away. All in good conditions. I do not intend to sell them as since I will not get much for it, why not donate to those who can benefit from it. But my problem is short of Salvation Army, I can't think of any other organization. Any advice on this? Thanks!
  25. Please read interview http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/...,781597,00.html