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  1. otherr way of saying is "designed in ....", like apple write on the back of their iphone "designed by apple in california". they just never write made in china after that lol
  2. Ishiwgao

    What's inside a Tesla Engine?

    Theoretically, there's nothing inside, because it's not an engine hehehe 😄
  3. Ishiwgao

    DIY ICE strikes back

    i honestly think this looks great! you align the tweeter and mid range direction and position to the driver only? or center? both look like pointing different angle
  4. One week usually no problem. more than that then need to depend on what electronics you are using.
  5. Ishiwgao

    Power supply (wire) after engine is off?

    not sure what car you driving, but most fuse boxes are in front of the car, and mostly under the driver side on the dashboard. if you can find the fuse that goes to your cabin light, then you can tap from there. if not, you can tap the ignition fuse and use some sort of delay timer relay + a reverse relay together to get a ON output for your 30 seconds when your ignition just turn off?
  6. Ishiwgao

    Vibration and strutter?

    My recommendation is also to change your brake discs, but nothing to do with your vibration feeling. If you can already feel a problem in the braking, whether stopping distance or whatever, it is always better to change. when it comes to safety in a car, the next thing after tires is brakes.
  7. Ishiwgao

    DTE pedalbox throttle controller

    Even I don't install, I also know how it works. But don't take my word for it, look at their website: https://www.chiptuning.com/en/pedalbox.html Scroll down to "How does the PedalBox work?" See the graph? The 0% and 100% is the same. it only affects the middle portion (e.g. step 20% get 50%) So you floor the pedal and step 100%, with or without DTE throttle box, it will still be 100% Sorry bro. No free lunch in this world. As you said, no point install.
  8. Ishiwgao

    DTE pedalbox throttle controller

    I think you are misunderstanding what this DTE throttle box will do. It will not remove the lag when you accelerate from 50km/h to 90km/h. that is your car's engine performance, and DTE throttle will not affect acceleration rate. It will remove the lag from when you step on the throttle to when your car starts to accelerate strongly. but the acceleration after you step on throttle is the same with or without DTE throttle box. Yes, everytime you step on acc, throttle open more, same as heavy footstep, so increase fc. that is exactly what the DTE throttle is doing.
  9. Ishiwgao

    DTE pedalbox throttle controller

    The gadget itself doesn't affect fc. All it does is to tell the engine to put more throttle (e.g. 70%) when your pedal is slightly depressed (e.g. 20%) instead of a linear setting. I'm sure you know this So in the end, the fc is just dependent on the acceleration of the car. In your stock car, you depress 70%, you get shiok acceleration and not-so-good fc. With this DTE pedal box, you depress 20%, you get 70% shiok acceleration, you will still get the same not-so-good fc. Only difference is you don't need to press so much, so you feel that the response is better. No such thing as more acceleration but same fc.
  10. you should be able to ask him to fine tune the remap, but it's gonna cost you more money. also, if you dont have a deep understanding of ecu remapping, i suggest you don't act smart and ask your tuner about ignition timing, fuel injection etc. it'll only make you look like a fool in front of him, and considering he's done this work for 20 years, he might just become mad at you. as what bro Kb27 said, there is no free lunch. you wanted more power, you get less mpg. since you asked the tuner to push it to the limits, this is your result. you can probably ask him to tune it down a bit to get more mpg, but the result may not be as you expect. it may not even go back to normal (ie, before the tuning). ecu remapping is a complicated business, where big companies spent much money on. one guy/a few guys are not going to be able to do what thousands of people have done. hard truth, sorry to say.
  11. Hello. welcome. for your info this is a Singapore car forum, hence many topics are linked to singapore. regarding your concern on the torque, you can see from the torque lines (orange lines that looks like an inverted "V") that the before and after is different only at 2000rpm. the torque before 2000rpm is the same as stock. Therefore, your suggestion of "lowering the torque from 0 - 2000 rpm" will not change anything. regarding yoru concern on mpg decreased after ecu remap. ecu remap isn't some magic of just changing your torque vs rpm graph. it requires changing parameters such as ignition timing, fuel injection timing and cycles, fuel pressure, throttle input maps, torque limiting map, turbo boost etc. increasing torque can be as simple as removing the torque limiting map (though it's always not so simple). In your case, I don't know what the tuner did, but he might have adjusted fuel injection, fuel pressure and ignition parameters on top of the torque limiting map. Because those are changed, it affects your engine performance at all rpms, so driving around town will give you lower mpg than normal. regarding your REAL problem "when driving in town i can see the km range drop every 5 - 10 seconds by 1 km" , this is not a problem. every car experiences the same thing, and it has nothing to do with your ecu remap. the 250km range shown on your car is just an estimate calculated by the computer based on an averaged city/highway driving. if you drive around town, the car consumes more fuel due to idle and low speed driving, so of course the range estimated by the computer will keep decrease. when driving on the highway, the car consumes less fuel, so it is only normal that you will get "better" driving range. it's not technically better, because that's what the car can do originally. you only think it's better because of what the ecu tells you before.
  12. Ishiwgao

    Threatened at work ?

    I agree with this. go any polyclinic also will show the same sign. Last time i was in bukit batok poly got some guy keep scolding the staff (wasn't shouting, but was loud). the staff just point to the sign and say "we are protected by law from verbal abuse." the guy just keep scolding, end up security took him away. end of story.
  13. Ishiwgao

    How to read this tyre pressure label?

    japan weather in summer is hotter than singapore. no difference between japan and singapore please. ask your SA dont anyhow say if dunno. like all other bros/sis here recommend, just do recommended pressure. car manufacturer will already account for your full load when they design the car. they not so stupid one. if you want a bit more fuel economy but less comfort on a sunny day, then pump a bit more (i usually pump another 20kpa over) but if you pump over too much, like 270kpa or more, you will lose out on wet tyre performance since your tyre contact patch becomes too narrow, then it will be dangerous when u drive in the rain.
  14. did you post about this before? there was a similar thread about 3-4 months back about a fresh grad from automotive sector too. cant find the thread now sorry, but quite a bit of advice in that one
  15. better to have, but not necessarily bad even if don't have. the parts themselves (in this case mostly gearbox, half shaft, some brake lines and stuff) are usually made to withstand the rain and dirt and stuff. many other cars from other brands also don't have. so don't worry (for those who are more into cars, the underbody panels are usually for aerodynamics purpose, that's why many high-end cars have it)