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  1. due lay low mole chow high sor zai hum kar chan due lay low mole chow high u sore high kum lan kia hum kar chan sor zai dew lay low mole hum kar chan le
  2. what a idiot ask your ancestors what wrong things they did to have a descendant like you what did your ancestors do to deserve a decadent, oops i mean 'descendant' like you dont gay boy lah so diplomatic ah scared kena dislike? muayhahahahahhahahaha ........... muayhahahahahhahahaha !
  3. i transfer your face out from the quote so that you can take a look at your own words
  4. wrong concept wrong mentality the fisherman continue to fish for his living till the day he die while the rich man retire fishing for leisure in his yatch , drives his ferrari around town, sleeps in his bungalow after the tiring full day fishing , with his 3 sugar babes one on the left, one on the right and one below and i bet you are going to tell us that you are the dumb storeman who knows nuts
  5. your ancestors your ancestors
  6. read properly - i said innocent lives killed in ww2 do you think today's Japanese can take time machine back to ww2 to do the killings ? or do you think their ancestors did the killings instead dont be so naive
  7. i doubt quantum will remain stagnant it should increase in tandem with psf and median household income if wages stagnant, next generation will have to pay high psf to be like hk stay in cage and tubes
  8. i never trust agents, these agents just want to close deals to earn commission most of the time is crap advice to entice sellers to sell low and buyers to buy high rubbish maybe can sell even higher in resale market than enbloc??
  9. prices still very resilient despite drastic measures in jul 2018 hope to see prices soaring high soon 500sqf is mickey mouse 1 room 700 sqf is mickey mouse 2 room 900sqf is the mickey mouse 3 room better dont get buibui spouse if you can only afford mickey mouse apartment
  10. ask your ancestors what atrocities you barbarians have committed in ww2 we can forgive but we will never forget your heinous crimes
  11. ask your ancestors what they did to millions of innocent lives
  12. you should get yours checked instead you dont know what Japanese are capable of in world War 2 but i dont blame you even their young generations are prevented from knowing their ancestors cruelty through modified history textbooks
  13. Japanese killed millions innocent lives in ww2 these disasters are a result of bad karma for generations to come nothing to feel sorry for