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  1. Comage

    IRoad In-Car Camera Recorder Users

    Thanks for the detailed instructions/guide. I dismantled it myself and cleaned it up - but there was no significant different. My rear camera however is still working with very high precised images/footage being captured though. It's a shame the iRoad is not a heat-resistant camera.
  2. Comage

    AC Issues

    85% of the time, air con issues are due to a worn out compressor. For compressors, make sure to always get brand new and never salvaged or reconditioned parts.
  3. Comage

    IRoad In-Car Camera Recorder Users

    1. Power on the camera. Wait for the welcome ding to say camera is turned on and in parking mode (or just turned on).2. Go into your mobile phone and turn off mobile data then try to connect. 3. Try not to connect before the camera's welcome ding sound comes on. If the above still don't work, try to use another mobile phone to connect. If all the above still can't then it's bck to Corvit for you...
  4. Comage

    IRoad In-Car Camera Recorder Users

    Just bring it down to them - let their "professionals" run their "diagnostics" on your camera unit. If it really is spoilt, just make sure to ask for quotation to repair before you commit. From the way I see them operate, they don't really seem to be the kind of company who's interested to do repairs on existing units. You probably be better off trading in for a new unit from them or something.
  5. Comage

    Toyota wish queries

    Got myself a COE Wish (AE10) last Nov-2018. Can't say the car was in the best condition, but I have replaced most of the wear and tear parts. The FC seems to be quite bad - around 10.x km/l. I visited my regular workshop and they said that it's bad. Not sure what went wrong, but I have done the following: - Replace spark plugs (iridium) - Change engine oil to Motul 5W30 - Change AT fluid - Change brake fluids - Change Alternator - Change Tires (Michelin Energy XM2) - Change engine air filter - Cleaned MAF Sensor - Change Front brake pads + turned the rotors - Changed the PCV valve + ventilation hoses Any advice from existing/past Wish (AE10) owners would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  6. Comage

    JDM OBD Reader

    Haha I pretty much did the same thing as well. Doesn't work for my 2008 Toyota Wish. Tried it on another Toyota Noah - it works! Oh well, we can keep it for our next ride...
  7. Where do you guys dispose of your used engine oil after you DIY an oil change yourselves?
  8. Comage

    IRoad In-Car Camera Recorder Users

    Impact recording is only available when car engine is on and in motion... You can't turn it on when the car is in Parked mode.
  9. Comage

    IRoad In-Car Camera Recorder Users

    Don't get me wrong, I have an in-car camera myself - and I just manually turn off my camera when I'm parked back at home. Only when I'm outside in an unknown car park, do I leave the camera running. A battery pack has its uses no doubt, but it must be coupled with the right memory card size. If you pair it with an 8GB or 16GB memory card, there's high chances that you will not have the footage of what you need. If I am going to leave my car unattended for more than 2 or 3 days for a short trip overseas, I'd rather leave it unplugged than hook up a battery pack with a large-sized memory card even. Why do I say that? Simply because it depends on the nature of traffic around your estate's car park. Mine's quite horrible where there's high volume of traffic tripping off my camera's motion detection feature, even to the frequency of every 5-10 minutes from 12MN to 6AM. I once ended up with my car battery dying a premature death due to this high volume of carpark traffic. And yes, I did turn on the safety voltage cut-off feature. If I get a battery pack to "extend" the life of my camera footage, I'd simply be passing on the "wear and tear" to the battery pack which is just going to be an added cost. The bottom line is, you really need to know what kind of traffic conditions you are facing to justify getting a battery pack. If it works for you, that's fine. In my case, it would never work except become an added liability/cost to maintain. Hope that helps put some perspective to some of the readers out there looking at getting a battery pack.
  10. Comage

    IRoad In-Car Camera Recorder Users

    And one more thing - having an external battery pack as "deterrent" is pretty much useless if your memory card can't contain all the footage that the battery pack allows for it to store. Most owners probably have "overwrite" turned on in their in-car cameras - and if you don't, and your camera shuts off when the memory card gets full, then it's really good-luck to you if you expect it to work as a "deterrent". So you leave your car alone for a week or two of holiday - your car gets hit on the first or second day. Fast forward to the end of 2 weeks and you come back - sure your camera's still running, but your footage from the first or second day has already been overwritten by stuff from the 10th or 11th day since you were gone.... so there's nothing that can help you from your in-car camera. Of course, yes yes, I know all of this is debatable... but you get the picture. Useful? Not so much, in my opinion.
  11. Comage

    IRoad In-Car Camera Recorder Users

    I am referring to the memory effect for lithium batteries, as most of these external battery packs made for in-car cameras are. Yes, you will pay more for packs that are made of "better technology", and these can even cost anywhere from $300+++. Is it worth it, in my opinion? Not really, as you will probably kill off the battery faster with the constant "topping-off" charging by driving around in Singapore. The battery drains up the most when you leave it overnight or during the day, and then you drive it around a bit to "charge it up", which probably isn't really able to charge it up all the way to "trickle charge" voltage. I could be wrong though - with these new technologies just coming into the picture. Anyone could try to prove me wrong with a review like 1-2 years after using the battery pack...
  12. Comage

    IRoad In-Car Camera Recorder Users

    For a typical car with a healthy battery, you shouldn't need to worry about one single night of parking with the camera on - just turn on motion detection and you should be good. Unless your car park has continuous traffic non-stop (even into the late night like 3, 4AM) then I would recommend you turn off your camera. External battery packs, I think it's overrated. If someone wants to deliberately vandalize your vehicle, they will wait until your battery runs out - it's a no-brainer to see the LED stop flashing to know the camera is off/dead. If you are so afraid of your car getting ding-ed by someone else when parked outside, just drive a bit further and find a more quiet spot to park in. With the camera set to motion-detection, chances of you *really* needing a battery pack are virtually zero. And btw, with a battery pack costing in the range of $100-$200+++, it can get costly very quickly, because chances are that you've hooked it up to your car battery to charge - and you'll most probably end up doing "top-up charges" a lot more often than you think, since in Singapore most car trips end in less than 30 minutes. And then your battery pack will go kaputt very quickly in a year or so.
  13. Comage

    IRoad In-Car Camera Recorder Users

    Just set to the highest voltage cut off reading - 12.3V if i remember correctly. I once set to something lower, and when it finally did cut off, my battery didn't have enough juice to start up the car. Had to call a tow truck to jump start and change my battery as well (it was old). Anyway, isn't there a power cable that leads to your in car camera? You could just pull out the plug there to power it off - that's what I did for mine.
  14. Comage

    IRoad In-Car Camera Recorder Users

    You want parking with auto timer, you might as well just unplug it the moment you leave your vehicle. Else just leave it with the battery voltage limit set so that it cuts off once your battery dips below the threshold voltage. I don't see why anyone would ever be using the timer function for an in-car camera... if your camera cut off because the battery ran out at the 181st minute - that's something out of your control. Whereas, if something happened to your parked vehicle at the 181st minute of parking and your camera decides to cut off because you set it that way... well ain't that a sight!
  15. Comage

    IRoad In-Car Camera Recorder Users

    Then just get a first hand camera, hook it up and use with this car for 1 year. Once done, before scrap, go back to the workshop get them to dismantle for you (for like $20). Keep the camera for your next car - pay another small labor fee (< $50) to hook it up again. Or just negotiate a package with the workshop if you're going to dismantle/reinstall due to switching cars. Most workshops do this almost every other day so they wouldn't mind doing it for like $50 or something (at least that's what they quoted me). 5 mins job to dismantle, 10 min job to install. Easy peasy.