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  1. Welcome to AUTO 101 At Auto101, our passion for cars runs through our veins. We are driven to provide high quality automotive services, with your satisfaction our top priority. Our Services Include: Servicing, Maintenance and Repairs Is important to have your car serviced and maintained regularly to ensure optimum performance and no let downs. At Auto 101, our team of highly qualified technicians will ensure that your vehicle is properly maintained top-notched all the time! Every car that comes to us for servicing goes through our Real 26 Vehic
  2. The Review & Win campaign is back! Feeling lucky lately? If so, this is your chance to win some prizes!🤑 Simply write any reviews on car tyres, lubricant, car audio, car care product or accessories on sgCarMart’s Product Guide now to stand a chance to win the attractive prizes below! Submit via sgCarMart / MyCarForum account 1) Go to the Product Guide section on sgCarMart 2) Search for the product that you wish to review and click on the “Submit a review” button 3) Fill in your review and click “Submit” Submit as a Guest
  3. Any bros know what shop have this service beside agents? Refill the rubber blade of the wiper.
  4. What do you use to clean your interior windshield glass surface ?
  5. Anyone tried the newer "hybrid" type wiper blades? The kind where it's like a beam-type wiper blade, but has a shroud frame to protect it or improve evenness of pressure or some marketing bollocks. E.g. Michelin Stealth, or Trico Sentry
  6. I just changed 1 pair of wiper.. NWB wiper 14" n 26" at $14.50... i was damn suprise at the price of stockist. Denso will cost me abt $24, Bosch $30+..
  7. Hi guys, any to recommend? Am using my shampoo for it currently, not very good. Heard rainx will cause streaks. Is it true?? Which brand do u guys use?
  8. Hi all, I have few questions regarding the wiper blade: 1.How often do you change wiper blade? 2. Change it by own or whokshop? 3. Change driver side only or both sides? 4. How much roughly? many tks
  9. For those who frequent JB Shell near to CIQ, u will know what I mean. Wondering the wiper seller lady is still operating there? Next week thinking to go and change...
  10. Hi there, My honda civic wiper has been there for 2 yrs + since first collected. Is there any recommeded wipers for me to change? price? easy to change? How do I know if wipers need to be changed? Mine creates noise when moving across the windscreen.
  11. Extremme


    Hi, is there a way to prevent the annoying windscreen wiper squeaking sound? My wiper is brand new and stock but whenever I turned on the wiper while raining, it will have the squeaking sound
  12. Hi guys, anyone can advise on the length for Hyundai Avante Wiper Blade ??? both Front and Rear ... Need the info urgently, helping my friend to buy and he dunno how to check the length ... thanks in advance
  13. bought wrongly.....cannot use........giving away free.........self collect jurong area...........interested PM me.........1 pc only (12")........
  14. Automotive Aftermarket Within the Automotive Technology business sector, Automotive Aftermarket manages the supply, logistics, and sales of automotive spare parts and Bosch products for retrofitting. In addition, its services include customer service for automotive products and systems. The Bosch Automotive Aftermarket headquarters is located in Karlsruhe, as is its main distribution center. One of the tasks of the distribution center is to supply Bosch customers – including car manufacturers, wholesalers, and workshops – with a wide range of spare parts, which are shipped from Karl
  15. Need some feedback on which of these 4 Conti brand (Sedan <2,501cc) comes with RH drive lights & wiper level? Audi, BMW, Merc & Volvo. Thanks in advance.
  16. Hi, My ride is Hyundai i30CW and the water pipe below the windscreen reservoir burst after an accident, only the back windscreen is affected, front is ok. Need to replace it. Any good workshop in Tampines to recommend? Anyone know if the pipe comes in whole piece or in section?
  17. just wander do we change the wiper rubber blade or change the whole unit cos normally see it sell in one unit see only few wiper blade and it this blade same for all type of frame can fix in nicely. buy blade is cheaper where if the frame is still ok. hear that sometome the frame do break so is good to change whole unit and no the blade itself.
  18. Hi guys, wish to seek some advise from fellow drivers.. I have just replaced my wiper last year July. But recently, with the rain, I observed that my wiper isn't performing its task very well. And I am considering to changing my wiper. Some questions here: 1. Whats the recommended wiper in the market nowadays...? I am currently using Bosch Aerotwin Wiper. 2. Any maintenance or tips to take note to prolong the life of the wiper...? I am parking my ride in open space carpark, even in my company, there is no good tree shelter from the glaring sunshine. Some of my colleagues rec
  19. Dear all, Bought a 2nd hand car from dealer but there are wiper scratches on the windscreen. Anyway i can remove the marks?
  20. Apologies if I were to post at the wrong section . But im helping on the behalf of my mum who urgently need a rear wiper rubber/silicon for Kia Sportage as now her car there no friction at all. I was wondering whether do Autobacs sell rear wiper for Kia Sportage?
  21. Does anybody know any place that sells wiper blade refills/inserts besides autobacs? Just the rubber, arms not required.
  22. Dear all, All along my wiper is changed by the AD who just change the just normal black rubber but costing a bomb. Can any member intro me what is a good brand and place to get wiper for. Do those life time wiper really worth the $$$? There is also some fancy type like no frame type? It is for Nissan Teana Thank you for your kind attention and time. Best regards, Rust
  23. Hi Guys, What is the wiper length on Driver / Left passenger n rear? Regards,
  24. Toyota, a brand that is highly regarded for its top notch build quality in the past, has issued two massive recalls involving nearly 1 million Corollas and over 300,000 Lexus IS models. These add to a long list of recalls that have plagued the Japanese carmaker in recent years. The Corolla and Corolla Matrix vehicles affected are built between December 2001 and May 2004. Most of these defective cars are located in the U.S. For the problematic Lexus IS models, they are manufactured from May 2005 to October 2011. According to Toyota, the airbag control modules in these Corollas ar
  25. anone driving honda civic fd1? do u change the wiper yourself? was planning to buy from carrefour or giant due to convenience. but got a few type, don't know if they are compatible. any bros bought from there and using it can share? thx
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