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Found 115 results

  1. SGMCF328

    Birthday Party

    Nope, it is not my birthday today and neither am I preparing one for someone special anytime soon. I find it hard to believe that it has something to do with the upcoming US Presidential Election. 😥 Kanye West running for US president under the Birthday Party https://www.yahoo.com/amphtml/entertainment/kanye-west-running-us-president-222012967.html Rapper Kanye West will run for US president under the Birthday Party, which he has founded along with his running mate, Wyoming preacher Michelle Tidball. Going by that, maybe the next political party in Singapore can consider the following names for their party? 🤣🤣 Advance Party Blanket Party Farewell Party Foam Party Sarong Party Third Party
  2. Wind30

    Legal voting age 18 or 21?

    https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/voting-age-singapore-parliament-chan-chun-sing-11784350 what are your views?
  3. When was the last time Singapore has its on referendum? http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/mar/0...m-executive-pay
  4. Singapore PR ask why they cannot vote for government since they have vested interest in our little red dot. Read already angry a not? from: https://www.facebook.com/AllSingaporeStuff/photos/pb.487870694661330.-2207520000.1394120473./520591754722557/
  5. Neutrino

    F I F A

    So who did the Singapore FA vote for???
  6. Mockngbrd

    Vote for Kumar

  7. Sorry, but will like to ask a question from all the opposition bro there. My question is: Will u vote for PAP in the future if they meet ur expectation in the next election ? or Never, No matter how well PAP have done, i will never vote they in my whole life in Singapore? Which one will u take?
  8. Ahgong

    No more praise or junk?

    looks like got new features in MCF. still working like before? or new system with new points/reward schemes?
  9. Picnic06-Biante15

    So 2,411,188 Can Vote In SG

    CNA news: Elections Department says 2,411,188 electors in registers SINGAPORE: Singapore now has a total of 2,411,188 electors in the registers. The Elections Department said the revised registers have been certified as of 27 Mar 2014, and are available for public inspection. Singapore citizens may check their particulars in the registers at the following places. - online at the Elections Department website; - at community centres or clubs (with NRIC/passport); - at Singapore overseas missions that serve as overseas polling stations (with NRIC/passport); and - at the Elections Department itself at Prinsep Street (with NRIC/passport). However, the Elections Department said those whose names were removed, known as non-voters, from the registers for failing to vote at a previous election may still apply to have their names restored, so that they can vote at future elections. They are encouraged to apply early, as applications will close with the issue of the writ of election. Non-voters may apply to have their names restored to the registers of electors online at the Elections Department website, or in person at community centres or clubs, Singapore overseas missions that serve as overseas polling stations, and at the Elections Department. Overseas Singaporeans, whose names are listed in the registers of electors and have resided in Singapore for at least 30 days during the three-year period between 1 Feb 2011 and 31 Jan 2014 may also apply to register as overseas electors and vote at overseas polling stations in future elections. Overseas Singaporeans are also encouraged to register early as registration will close once the writ of election is issued. The Elections Department said re-registration as an overseas elector is required with each revision of the registers. Under the law, the registers may be revised from time to time, but in any case not later than three years after the last general election. - CNA/de link: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/elections-department-says/1050354.html SG got 5 million plus peoples but only about 50% can vote .... Kang Tau ji - 2411 & 1188 ....
  10. http://www.tremeritus.com/2014/03/06/is-lim-hinting-to-vote-pap-for-future-gens-to-get-pgp/ Is Lim hinting to vote PAP for future gens to get PGP? March 6th, 2014 | Author: Editorial Minister Lim Swee Say Speaking in Parliament on Tuesday (4 Mar), Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office Lim Swee Say said that Singaporeans who are younger than the pioneer generation might also enjoy similar packages in future if the Government remains clean, responsible and caring, and its finances are healthy. The Pioneer Generation Package (PGP) announced by the government is for those who are 65 and older this year, and became citizens before 1987. He was recounting one union leader’s disappointment on hearing that Mr Lim would not qualify for the package as he only turns 60 this July. “He said: ‘Oh no, no hope then.’ I said: ‘Yes, of course there is hope.’” “Today, we honour the generation before us. Years from now, if we continue to do well, if the Government is still clean, responsible and caring, if (the) Budget is still healthy, maybe the generation after us may decide to honour our generation as well. Therefore, yes, there’s always hope.” When Mr Lim said “the Government”, it’s not known if he meant that the government will still be the PAP. Is Mr Lim hinting that PAP needs to be voted in as government in order for future generations of Singaporeans to get similar packages as the PGP? WP MP Mr Png Eng Huat argued that to set the bar for the package at 16 years old in 1965, the year Singapore became independent, was “a little too precise and will exclude Singaporeans who had to quit school to work during those times”. He added that people under the age of 16 in 1965 could also have been working then. But he acknowledged the difficulty in proving that. West Coast GRC MP Arthur Fong then challenged Mr Png to state his preferred cut-off age. WP MP Muhamad Faisal Abdul Manap (Aljunied GRC) said the package should be seen as one of the many means to tackle the larger problem of cost of living. With regard to the PGP, Mr Faisal said, “Any government should in fact recognise that it is merely fulfilling a core function of its duties to the very people who had elected (it) in the first place.”
  11. ins1dious

    Germany vote rigging

    The riggings makes no sense. Why? For now it seems to be a whim of the departed director on which car makes the list. No mention of the manufacturers playing a part in this.
  12. Have you imagine if all citizens from China, Malaysia, Philippine and India all go back to their country to vote for their election all AT THE SAME TIME! Must be pretty quiet ah
  13. The_Bear

    Vote 4 Your Favourite Avenger

    Just a random poll on Friday.
  14. The sgCarMart Car Of The Year is back once again. Stand a chance to win attractive prizes by : - Guessing the most number of winning cars Vote here : http://www.sgcarmart.com/coty2012/vote.php - Writing a review for any of the shortlisted cars Submit review here : http://www.sgcarmart.com/coty2012/nominees.php Our prizes include : Full list of prizes here : http://www.sgcarmart.com/coty2012/prize.php This time round, we are available on Facebook as well. - You can nominate yourself or your friend as Petrolhead of 2012 and you
  15. Mllcg

    Bike Lane? pls vote.

    Pls Vote if u want bike lane or not. and state your reasons.
  16. Thaiyotakamli

    Lets vote: Olympic

    Who do you think? and who has a better opening ceremony? London one or Beijing one? I feel beijing better
  17. No compaigns, door-to-door visits, rallies, battle cries nor slogans And certainly no drama at all. Just some fanciful brochures sent prior telling you what will or will not happen after you voted and a 歌台 at a void deck blasting loud music with a skimpily-dressed singer belting out Hokkien songs just outside the polling station. Yes a fully functioning 歌台 though small but with all the works [shocked] Wow. Oh did I mention a free umbrella given as an incentive for those take the trouble to come & vote? Eye-opener for a sua ku like me in a LUP polling. And it will cost me a cool $S1,245 from my CPF either in full or via installments in 5 or 10 years, interest of 7.5% to pay for the new lifts if more than 75% of the folks are in favour of the upgrading. Definitely not be as exciting as another more anticipated polling event come 26 May 2012 somewhere nearby [laugh] How about your LUP polling?
  18. Picanto

    Why you will still vote PAP?

    ok. i know there are many anti-PAP topics in this forum and many of you have complain this and that about the govt. but come election day, many of you will still vote for PAP. may i know why?
  19. Baphomet

    Cast your vote!

    Thought it might be fun to have a poll on the Newly Elected Moderators.
  20. Now that things are hotting up.. lets have a preview of what to expect.. from our fellow MCFers Disclaimer: This online poll is not indicative of future presidential election results and is not intended to influence any outcomes. You should vote based on your own decisions made of the 4 presidential candidates And your vote is SECRET!
  21. Mockngbrd

    I duno who to vote liao... how ar?

    at first i was like TJS, then i saw his debait with TT then see he like sibeh easily worked up one. Then i thinking wah, scarli this guy that time he left WP like on not so good note liao, wait he becum PES, he not only sabo PAP, but wait he also go in and try to fix my beloved WP. Then make opposition look kayu. Kenna own goal... so now like no so feel like voting him liao. TT is of cos no brainer wun vote wan la. Then got TKL/TCB, i dunno who to vote leow. boring... i wish got nicole seah to vote. i will vote nicole, can see her sweaty sweaty at NdP
  22. Union of Taxi drivers will be voting for Dr Tony Tan as he has pledge to raise their driving age till 75. Personally, I see the move more as a Hazards on the road, imagine these old uncles driving 60 km/h on the expressway! Bad move if I rushing to work. Taxi drivers raise concerns with Dr Tony Tan In a meeting with leaders of the National Taxi Association today, Dr Tony Tan said that some issues shared included raising the age limit for taxi drivers, and concerns about their well-being when they grow old as they are self-employed. Other challenges they faced included having to deal with unruly passengers and often being portrayed negatively by the media. He said that if elected, he hopes to raise the issue of raising the age limit for taxi drivers, to 75 years old, to the Government. On the 75 per cent endorsement he has received from the unions, Dr Tan said that it was a tremendous boost for him. He added some had concerns about jobs and the need to keep people employed during an economic crisis.
  23. Versatile

    Tony Tan? Vote wisely.

  24. i believe that most people who simply bo chup will most definitely vote for tony tan assuming that 60% of the people vote for tony tan and 40% voted for any 1 of the remaining 3 potential presidents, tony tan will win with a landslide victory however because i'm also bo chup, i can't differentiate between the remaining 3 therefore i have decided that my vote shall go to the person most people in this forum thinks deserves my vote so who are you guys going to vote for? (funny this forum cannot post poll)
  25. Tom_kkh

    I vote for this tan!