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Found 99 results

  1. Continue here IMG_2068.MP4
  2. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/confession-of-the-day/i-shouted-at-a-guy-for-being-ungentlemanly-only-to-find-he-was-my-big-boss Confession: I shouted at a guy for being ungentlemanly, only to find out he was my big boss Posted on 05 November 2013 | 7,956 views | 31 comments | 0 shares More Sharing Services Confession pages are all the rage. Here is STOMP's choice for confession of the day. Today's confession is from an SMU student who told a guy off for not helping her, then found out he was the regional head of operations at the company she was interning at. Here is the confession in full: "Wow I had a totally sh!tty day. I’m currently taking a break to do a 6 month internship at a global commercial bank. I’m currently assigned to learn from one of the directors - follow him around in meetings and experience what top management in a bank is like. There’s quite a few of us from SMU, NTU and NUS. We’re basically all assigned to different mentors, but located on the same floor. "Today, I met this middle aged man at the pantry while I was trying to get myself a glass of water. We have this cool looking 2-in-1 water purifier and dispenser in our pantry which is manually replenished by the cleaner every few hours. I think the cleaner was late today so she hadn’t replenished the water yet. "Since I saw that middle aged man at the pantry, I just told him to replenish it. It’s pretty brainless stuff, just takes a bit of physical strength. He took one look at me and just walked away. I think guys who act like this are just embarrassing. So I shouted “And you call yourself a man?” He ignored me and kept walking. As I headed back to my office, I was going to tell my mentor about this guy, but we had to go for a meeting because the regional head of operations was giving everyone a briefing. "When we entered the conference room, I got the nastiest shock of my life. That ungentlemanly guy was actually the regional head of operations. And so the first thing I asked my mentor was “is his appointment higher than yours?” And he just replied me “You know the CEO for our bank in Singapore? This guy is one level higher – he’s the regional head for our banks located all over Asia.” Crap. I can’t use my mentor as a shield now. "After the meeting that guy decided to be a total a**hole. He pointed me out as the girl who asked him to refill the water dispenser. The conference room went dead silent immediately. In front of everyone, he told my mentor to 'QC your employee. If you can’t make her change her attitude, make her change her job.' What really surprised me was how NOBODY DARED TO SAY ANYTHING! Even the female directors all kept quiet and just scowled at me after the meeting was over. What a joke. Hello that guy acted like a jerk to me at the pantry everyone. Highest rank so what? "Then when we returned to the office, I was expecting the director to agree with me on how that guy is a douchebag or at least offer me some consolation. Guess what? He gave me another scolding when we got back. Wow thanks. I totally felt like crying after that." Read more stories from our Confession of the Day feature here
  3. PSP415

    Food of the Future?

    https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/thailand-insect-farming-food-protein-source-11786032 I assure u. If it comes to this stage, i may be going vegetarian. Came across lots of these at Golden Mile Complex Supermarket on Level 2. Will usually detour. The large quantities of these can makes me nauseous. To actually eat them, i pass...out. Any bravehearts tried? On one hand i dun want to know, on the other hand i am curious. Haiz Safe ride Cheers
  4. How CO2 Could Be The Future Of Fuel | VICE on HBO As climate deniers and their allies in industry and government thwart conservationists’ efforts, some scientists are working to develop a back-up plan: use technology to “geoengineer” the Earth's atmosphere and reduce the impacts of climate change. #VICEonHBO Synthetic Fuels: explained in a simple way!
  5. A Japanese publication has suggested that Toyota/Lexus may share a rear-wheel drive platform and inline-six engine with Mazda. A couple of months ago, Mazda announced that they are developing a family of straight-six Skyactiv-X engines for use in its higher-end models and these engines can be matched to a rear- and all-wheel drive drivetrain. This prompted Best Car to investigate, revealing that Toyota’s first Mazda-based model could be a successor to the Mark X sedan that sells in Japan and other ASEAN markets. Lexus could then use the same plaform for a new coupe to sit between the RC and LC in its existing line-up. While this news might seem a little far-fetched, it is definitely a possibility with an increasing number of manufacturers coming together to share common architecture and parts.
  6. Websites that mainly offer pirated content, which could include The Pirate Bay, might be blocked by all Internet service providers here in the future. Websites that mainly offer pirated content - which could include well-known file-sharing site The Pirate Bay - might be blocked by all Internet service providers here in the future. This could pan out if holders of the copyrights to the content - such as music, movies and books - apply to the High Court to block access to such pirate sites, under proposed changes to the Copyright Act by the Ministry of Law. On Monday, the ministry put out a consultation paper to seek public feedback on the amendments, which are planned to be made by the end of the year. The changes target websites that blatantly disregard or clearly infringe copyrights. However, legitimate search engines and content-sharing sites, such as Google and YouTube, will not be affected. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/pirate-sites-could-be-blocked-the-future-proposed-changes-copyright-ac
  7. In time to come, students could take more examinations on digital devices instead of writing essays by hand, said Education Minister Ong Ye Kung. His ministry has received positive feedback from students on computer-based writing examinations that were introduced as a pilot in a few subjects, such as mother tongue and literature, he said in Parliament yesterday. "Students can more readily cut and paste, edit their essays, move paragraphs around. They can be asked to respond to an e-mail, write a blog or social media post, which better reflects real-life situations that students will go through later in life," he said. But such electronic exams are still some distance away, he added. "We need to take into account the readiness of schools and students... We should not inadvertently disadvantage students who may not be exposed to computers as much as others." Mr Ong was responding to five MPs who had asked whether the ministry had plans to introduce electronic exams or marking, and whether it was possible for all GCE exam papers to be marked locally to minimise the risk of scripts being lost in transit.
  8. Picnic06-Biante15

    Amazing Robots Of The Future

    Robots that can jump like human, coordinates itselfs in flights ...... yahoo news: 8 Robots That Will Haunt Your Soul watch the video : http://sg.entertainment.yahoo.com/video/8-robots-haunt-soul-214037356.html Our future will be just as in the movies Terminators I, II, III , robots coordinating attacks on human being.......
  9. I really hope it's this:
  10. Came across news that The Weather Channel debuted its new, mixed reality capabilities by showing what a tornado could do if it hit the studio. The demonstration has used mixed reality (MR), which is similar to augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in that it creates virtual objects and then overlays them into the real world, but goes a step further and allows users to interact with them. Through MR the channel creates an incredibly realistic simulation of a tornado hitting the studio, with yellow ‘pop-ups’ appearing with facts and safety advice. For example, after a powerline crashes into the frame, Cantore tells viewers to stay at least 40 feet away from any live wires, saying that where he was standing would be too close to the pole if it was real. The ‘Tornado Hits The Weather Channel’ video ends with the anchor walking through the destruction after the studio is totally ripped apart. With sirens wailing, flickering video connection and sparks appearing to emerge from live wires, the entire experience - apart from Cantore himself - was meticulously created by the channel in partnership with The Future Group and powered by Frontier and Unreal Engine. The Weather Channel reckons the broadcast will “ignite a revolution of weather presentation” as part of a new era of real-time immersive storytelling. I personally find the safety advice extremely useful, as it give the viewer a clearer view of the potential hazards and associating risks in the real life situation, which shall have a more lasting effects in the viewers mind. Upon visiting this channel on youtube, found that they actually have several useful video, using similar VR technology, to remind drivers of the hazards of driving through different weather conditions. (and that is why this thread appears under the "General Car Discussion" section. And it is amazing that they actually started using VR technology some 3 years back... Can't wait for our MediaCorp to do the same for our otherwise boring news reporting and weather forecast. Imagine how it will look like to report ponding, hail storm, earthquake, etc. Our TP may also do the same to some of their educational video, to demonstrate, for example, the effect of road hogging and tailgating...
  11. One of the grandsons of Lee. How come we all never do enough good deeds in our past lives. ...LOLOL. so who is that boy?
  12. How is it that it takes a 24 year old to galvanized the people of this nation! She has come to be the one we believe in now. She is the one to give us the voice. She is not just the 'alternative party', she represents the aspirations of our future!
  13. Great video! Reminds me of the time my father held several jobs to support the family. Allows me to appreciate my girl's love letters to me. https://video-sin1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hvideo-xfp1/v/t43.1792-2/10942380_783949568319418_1074050982_n.mp4?efg=eyJybHIiOjE1MDAsInJsYSI6MjgxNSwidmVuY29kZV90YWciOiJsZWdhY3lfaGQifQ%3D%3D&rl=1500&vabr=726&oh=6ecee8fe222a66f5675794137dc3743a&oe=55E3E392
  14. NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev.—Hyperloop technology this week is accelerating toward becoming a reality. On Wednesday in the desert north of Las Vegas, Hyperloop One Inc. conducted the first test of the propulsion system that is essential to the high-speed transportation invention when a sled zipped down a track for about two seconds and crashed into a pile of sand, as intended. On the eve of the test, the company announced it has formed ties with more traditional transportation companies and raised fresh capital. All are milestones in the company’s plan to create a fully operational hyperloop system by 2020. “The hyperloop is real. It’s happening now,” said Chief Executive Rob Lloyd, during an interview Tuesday in Las Vegas. The company on Tuesday changed its name from Hyperloop Technologies, to help distinguish it from its main rival. Hyperloop One is one of the startups aiming to commercialize the idea that billionaire inventor Elon Musk floated in a 2013 paper: transporting people in low-pressure tubes at 760 miles an hour, nearly the speed of sound. Mr. Musk envisioned it as pods powered by propulsion motors that use magnets to hover on a sliver of air in near-vacuum tubes. The lack of air resistance and friction of traditional transportation are what would allow it to achieve such high speeds. Hyperloop One is jockeying with Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc. to be the first to bring Mr. Musk’s idea to life. On Monday, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies said it created a way to elevate hyperloop pods using permanent magnets, a new technique that is cheaper and conserves more energy than previous methods. It hasn’t yet demonstrated its propulsion technology. Hyperloop One said it also is experimenting with permanent magnets. The hyperloop idea has faced significant skepticism, pertaining more to its cost than its technology. Mr. Musk has said that a San Francisco-to-Los Angeles hyperloop would cost $6 billion. Experts expect it could be much more expensive. “We will reduce the cost of the hyperloop until it is two-thirds the cost of a high-speed rail system at three times the speed,” Mr. Lloyd said. To reduce costs, the company is breaking down its design into different parts such as levitation, propulsion and tube design, and learning to build each with less expensive materials. Established in 2014, Hyperloop One raised an initial $37 million in funding and set up an office in Los Angeles. Last December, the company started building its test site north of Las Vegas, including a half-mile-long open-air track that was used on Wednesday. The propulsion mechanism that Hyperloop One tested Wednesday is the first segment of the project. Off a dirt road 30 minutes north of Las Vegas, engineers in a control room started the countdown and a crowd of spectators in a nearby bleacher fell silent. The test focused more on the propulsion technology—whether it actually could move the sled— than speed. The track was shorter and there was air resistance, two slowing factors which will be eliminated in future tests. A roughly 10-foot sled containing the propulsion motor, but no passengers, lurched forward—a sign that the was engine starting. It zoomed by at 116 miles an hour and then drove into a pool of sand designed to stop it, creating a giant spray of dust. The company hasn’t yet built brakes for the contraption. Hyperloop One also is trying to prove that its technology would be worth deploying. The company said Tuesday that it is participating in private-feasibility studies to examine a potential hyperloop route between Stockholm and Helsinki, as well as networks to transport cargo from the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, Calif., and throughout Switzerland. In March, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies signed an agreement with the Slovak government to explore building a hyperloop in the European country. Hyperloop One’s latest funding comes from new investors that have transportation expertise. The $80 million Series B financing investors include France’s national rail company, SNCF, and GE Ventures, the venture arm of General Electric Co., whose transportation unit makes locomotives. By the end of this year, Hyperloop One plans to build and test a complete hyperloop, including the tube, pod and the computer that pilots the pod, Mr. Lloyd said. That pod should travel about 700 miles an hour, he said. “We think we will be able to demonstrate full Kitty Hawk capabilities by the end of this year,” Mr. Lloyd added.
  15. http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/car-news/90369/turbo-takeover-is-this-the-end-for-naturally-aspirated-engines The demise of the NA engines
  16. Mockngbrd

    Happy Back To The Future Day!

    Not quite what i'd wanted it to be. No flying cars, instead we got facebook. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fF2jpIhxQmQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d68yRIE9OvQ
  17. http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/article.php?AID=13669
  18. Thaiyotakamli

    The Future Underwear is Here

    Please post in the tiko thread.
  19. Hi Just to get a rough sensing, how much do I need to save for my kid studies in future. For local university, not overseas. My daughter is almost 3yrs old. So, I should have about 15yrs to save. How much do I need to save monthly to hit the minimum (prudent) sum for her?
  20. Sorry, but will like to ask a question from all the opposition bro there. My question is: Will u vote for PAP in the future if they meet ur expectation in the next election ? or Never, No matter how well PAP have done, i will never vote they in my whole life in Singapore? Which one will u take?
  21. Mrmilktooth

    The future of Air-travel ?

    The Center for Process Innovation, a British technology research company, thinks they’ve got the next big step in aviation transportation figured out. They want to remove the windows from passenger planes and replace them with OLED touch-screens that extend along the plane’s entire length and display the view from outside through cameras mounted on the plane’s exterior. According to them, windows are one of the greatest sources of unnecessary weight in passenger planes. Solid walls are stronger and allow the walls to be built thinner as well. The OLED screens that replace the windows would display the view outside and allow passengers to select entertainment and stewardess service. The technology does have its detractors, however – some are concerned about light pollution inside the cabin, and the panoramic view probably won’t do much to help those who are afraid of flying. What do you think??.. I probably freak out as i dont like to take long haul flights..
  22. Nonpareil

    Most elderly Singaporeans have

    http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/most-elderly-singaporeans/1415888.html Aside from reading this as a piece for increasing the age of retirement, but somehow the numbers don't seem to match...80% confident, 37% feel little to worry, 46% ave or poor finances? Generally on the ground, I find the elderly more negative about their futures. Sitting in older estates kopi tiam can hear alot of stories... Also wondering whats the rational in determining our life starts dropping at 65?