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Found 8 results

  1. In time to come, students could take more examinations on digital devices instead of writing essays by hand, said Education Minister Ong Ye Kung. His ministry has received positive feedback from students on computer-based writing examinations that were introduced as a pilot in a few subjects, such as mother tongue and literature, he said in Parliament yesterday. "Students can more readily cut and paste, edit their essays, move paragraphs around. They can be asked to respond to an e-mail, write a blog or social media post, which better reflects real-life situations that students will go through later in life," he said. But such electronic exams are still some distance away, he added. "We need to take into account the readiness of schools and students... We should not inadvertently disadvantage students who may not be exposed to computers as much as others." Mr Ong was responding to five MPs who had asked whether the ministry had plans to introduce electronic exams or marking, and whether it was possible for all GCE exam papers to be marked locally to minimise the risk of scripts being lost in transit.
  2. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/a-level-chemistry-exam-papers-stolen-238-students-from-4-jcs-9984934 Long article, which i only quote a bit here. Now worried about being sued for reproducing full articles, so pls click the link and read in full... Surprised to read this, and also that it's not the first time exams scripts are stolen. This time, the affect students can choose to accept a grade that was calculated/projected by SEAB, or to retake the paper. The higher mark will be used... My kids are now in sec school... Just wondering if so suay kanna such thing, what should the students do or what should we as parents, advise our kids to do...
  3. UncleWolve

    2015 Secondary School Ranking

    Some people even lie about address to get children in good schools and authorities are Clamping down
  4. http://mashable.com/2015/06/05/math-exam-gcse-question/
  5. PSLE RESULT OUT THIS FRIDAY!! Whose turn this year??
  6. RadX

    Kids having Oral exams now!

    For discussion only We hv long heard of oral exams where in pri school we talk w the teacher examining us. In the context of today shd that term be changed? To perhaps verbal or viva voce? If you know whr I am coming from , with the current legal cases just completed it sounds soooooo politically incorrect!!! Your views pls
  7. I am sure most of us have done it before during school days. Do share your ingenious ideas here during your time. I used to write notes on my thigh which is cover by the shorts i am wearing.
  8. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1157020/1/.html SINGAPORE: Some students from the National University of Singapore were shocked when their economics examination was cancelled on Saturday due to a lack of test papers. More than 700 first-year students were supposed to take the exam when they were informed of the change. The university said it had not printed enough papers for the examination. The 30 per cent weightage of the mid-term paper will now be shifted to other assignments. An official apology was finally sent out to all affected students. An NUS student, who only wanted to be known as Mr Tan, said: "I feel very frustrated and annoyed because I studied so hard for it and it got cancelled at the last minute." "I'm also annoyed at how they called us down on a Saturday and did not send (us) the information in a professional manner... I shouldn't be hearing this kind of thing from a friend," he added.