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Found 46 results

  1. Theman

    Crazy weather in Singapore ?

    Has anybody feel that yesterday(Mon 8-Dec-2008) was indeed very cold? From my flat i have to wear sweater in the morning, i am jsut wondering whether it was below the official announced 24 deg C, anyone felt the same?
  2. If this holds true, this climate change will inevitably effect everyone, not just for those whose daily activities that depend on the weather condition. With the average maximum daily temperature predicted to reach 34.9 to 36.7 deg C from current 31.8 deg C, this will means more demand for powering air conditioners, higher health risk, longer dry spells, increased bush fires and yes, the chocking smog/haze/smoke from the resulting burning. This will drive people indoor for longer period and increase water usage, exacerbating the situation by reducing our adaptability in a hotter and dryer Garden City. http://news.asiaone.com/news/singapore/unusually-warm-weather-may-become-norm-singapore
  3. I am wondering whether there are heavy duty curtains which can prevent rain and elements getting into the balcony where my washing machine resides? My balcony is only 1 meter deep so any rain would get it wet. At times when it rains badly I have to cover up the power outlet also for safety because curtain flies around.
  4. Came across news that The Weather Channel debuted its new, mixed reality capabilities by showing what a tornado could do if it hit the studio. The demonstration has used mixed reality (MR), which is similar to augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in that it creates virtual objects and then overlays them into the real world, but goes a step further and allows users to interact with them. Through MR the channel creates an incredibly realistic simulation of a tornado hitting the studio, with yellow ‘pop-ups’ appearing with facts and safety advice. For example, after a powerline crashes into the frame, Cantore tells viewers to stay at least 40 feet away from any live wires, saying that where he was standing would be too close to the pole if it was real. The ‘Tornado Hits The Weather Channel’ video ends with the anchor walking through the destruction after the studio is totally ripped apart. With sirens wailing, flickering video connection and sparks appearing to emerge from live wires, the entire experience - apart from Cantore himself - was meticulously created by the channel in partnership with The Future Group and powered by Frontier and Unreal Engine. The Weather Channel reckons the broadcast will “ignite a revolution of weather presentation” as part of a new era of real-time immersive storytelling. I personally find the safety advice extremely useful, as it give the viewer a clearer view of the potential hazards and associating risks in the real life situation, which shall have a more lasting effects in the viewers mind. Upon visiting this channel on youtube, found that they actually have several useful video, using similar VR technology, to remind drivers of the hazards of driving through different weather conditions. (and that is why this thread appears under the "General Car Discussion" section. And it is amazing that they actually started using VR technology some 3 years back... Can't wait for our MediaCorp to do the same for our otherwise boring news reporting and weather forecast. Imagine how it will look like to report ponding, hail storm, earthquake, etc. Our TP may also do the same to some of their educational video, to demonstrate, for example, the effect of road hogging and tailgating...
  5. Come to think of it, I often hear people say conti car not suitable for SG climate. That's why got engine problem, breakdown,etc. And they will say better to get sushi/kimchi car instead.... But Japan has 4 seasons, and so does Korea.... just like those conti cars from Europe..... So there is no basis at all to this claim? Or must buy those Made-In-Thailand Toyotas then can tahan SG climate?
  6. Icyfreakass

    Foglights on during clear weather..

    Recently saw more and more road users turning on foglights for no reason. Very blinding. Especially those hu change them to those super bright ones. Any bros have similar experiences.
  7. Just a suggestion for peace of mind. As higher temperatures are expected, one may wish to consider to do their normal 10k servicing sooner by maybe 1k km. I would think this would especially apply to major servicing as the coolant is near the end of its useful life and the hot weather is so unkind. Same goes for ATF change as well. Prevention is better than cure.
  8. Remember as a kid when you yearned for those crazy Hot Wheels cars that changed color when you dunked them in hot and cold water? It was about as much fun as you could have, short of striking first in a game of roshambo. It's the kind of fun you just can't have as an adult. Fortunately, a small UK body shop called Auto Kandy claims to have created a solution for those still dreaming of multi-colored Mustangs: Paint your car in thermochromic paint, and have yourself a full-size Hot Wheels color shifter. As the video below documents, the car used to showcase the wacky paintwork is an orange Nissan Skyline R33. By pouring cold water on the car, the paint transforms from orange to deep purple. While lacking smoke, the heat-sensitive paint adjusts its coloring via pigments, changing color as the temperature swings. The whole process costs just $320, but it will only last four to six months, due to excessive damage from UV light exposure. It begs the question: What's the point? After all, it looks as if the car's been vandalized by a giant flock of pigeons that feed only on purple Skittles. And how bored must you be to pour cold water on your car, only for it to change back minutes later as the temperature normalizes? Personally, I'd rather the ChromaFlair colorings used on cars like the TVR Tuscan. That way, I wouldn't look as if I'd bumped into Barney after an all-night bender. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QT6raekYHG4&feature=player_embedded
  9. from Yahoo: 987 FM DJ Rosalyn Lee draws flak online for haze comment By Elizabeth Soh | Singapore Showbiz
  10. With the present umpredictable weather of sudden downpour, who still bother to polish? For me, I don't..... :)
  11. Karoon

    Weird weather

    these days, very very hot mornings, sun ultra bright, high temperatures..... afternoon, dark clouds start to form, lightning seen in the skies.... anticipating the relief of cooling rain, the dark clouds then..... disperse, just like that repeat same pattern next day the weather's fooking with us.....
  12. a loud grinding noise from the front right of the car occurs only during wet weather. on dry weather, there is absolutely no such sound no matter how i whack the car. but 5 mins into a rain, this noise comes out, when it is loud, it is quite alarming because you might think the car is breaking down any moment. it is not making noise continuously, it on off on off during the journey. i notice it will get louder when i raise rpm, when i release throttle, it subsides. anyone had before, the car is legacy gt 2.5 auto
  13. Hi all, my 4 yo toyota vios have this strange problem. From my observation, in cool weather, there is no problem but if under hot weather, my air con will be cut-off. There is only hot air blowing out. Any bro can advise what is the likely problem? Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi folks, Be sure to drive safely during rainy weather and avoid travelling beside heavy vehicles. Practive defensive driving. My experience last week...
  15. I noticed recent my FC gone up. I am clocking 10-15% less distance before topping up. Could it be the hot weather?
  16. A powerful typhoon struck Japan today, causing four deaths and forcing companies including Toyota Motor Corp. and Nissan Motor Co. to close some plants, company spokesmen said. Typhoon Roke, the second big storm to hit Japan this month, was packing winds of up to 220 km per hour. The storm cut power to more than 575,500 households in Tokyo Electric Power Co's service area. Toyota, like other Japanese producers, has become overly cautious after March
  17. Dadiao

    Hot Weather

    Like everyone, we enjoy travelling via our car. However, could the current hot weather due to us driving a little over ?
  18. BenCee

    The weather, and photoshoots

    The weather of late has been pretty crazy, with searing temperatures allied with the onset of sudden heavy thunderstorms to make our lives all miserable. (But then again, that's how Singapore's weather has been like forever, so at least it's not a new phenomenon) Despite that though, if there's work to be done, there's work to be done. And the sgCarMart team has been hard at work this week, braving the weather to bring you guys some amazing photos for our articles, just for our readers' pleasure. It can be tough sometimes, as we stand under the hot sun, getting an impromptu tan while we seek the best angles for photoshoots. And if it rains, all our best laid plans we may have would go to waste, as we would then have to source out alternative venues at short notice to capture the best shots. But at the end of the day, we all feel that it's worth the sacrifice, if we do manage to get amazing pictures to go along with our articles. We understand that pictures speak a thousand words, and so we strive our very best to seek out the best locations, and arrange the cars in the best possible pose to get the desired effect. All these, just for you, our readers. You are the motivation for our hard work and efforts. As long as there is continued support from you, we don't mind getting sunburnt, or getting drenched in the rain, a few more times.
  19. Phluvcat

    Affect by weather...

    Whose car is affected by the hot weather? Example...fc goes down, power goes down...sluggish. Maybe mine is 1.5l niah so quite affected by it. Otherwise...it is shiok...when the weather is cool...a lot of difference. Who experience or feel the same?
  20. Tohto

    What a Weather

    Planning for the CNY shopping this weekend, but the rain has not stop since Friday. Bad luck also for those CNY market, last weekend before CNY and the rain just not stopping. Does your plan affected this weekend?
  21. Being a cosmopolitan city, Singapore is brightly lit with the rows of lights lining up the roads and expressways. But I realised that these things posed as potential hazards at night during a downpour especially as it caused the lights to "break up' and distract your vision because of the glare produced by the 'break up' of lights. I was driving down from NSHW yesterday and the rain was heavy from Malacca to here but once I entered the checkpoint, I feel that driving in Sg is more challenging due to the change in environment. Now I appreciate more the lack of street lights on NSHW. Anyone feels the same? Any remedy to eliminate the hazard?
  22. RadX

    Weather too hot liao......

    ...really, with lots of sickos doing farni stuff http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg..._naked_man.html Enraged5%Shiok!12%LOL!75%So sad2%Sure or not?1%Bochup5%This naked man walked into a McDonald's outlet at Ridout Tea Garden to buy a cup of coffee at 4am yesterday (Dec 12). According to STOMPer Sean, he seemed oblivious to the fact that patrons were staring at him in shock. He even kicked up a fuss and complained when the counter staff refused to serve him. Sean says: "This nudist was seen trying to buy coffee at McDonald's but ended up causing quite a stir. ""My friends and I were there when we saw the guy coming towards McDonald's. "We saw him nude full frontal. "My friend overheard him ordering a coffee but he wasn't entertained because of his indecent exposure. "He went out and called someone, complaining that he wasn't being served. "He was outside for about ten minutes before he left. "He looks like he is in his twenties or early thirties."
  23. ..until can fight over parking space :angry: :angry: http://thecourtroom.stomp.com.sg/stomp/cou...rking_spat.html A WOMAN who had a dispute with another motorist over a parking incident was yesterday fined $1,000 for fighting. Housewife Tay Kim Suan, 41, admitted to disturbing the public peace by fighting with retiree Lee Kum Chuen, 59, at the carpark of Block 107 Yishun Ring Road on Sept 4 last year. Deputy Public Prosecutor Ruth Wong told the court that Lee was about to reverse into a parking space at the carpark that evening when Tay drove her car and stopped close to Lee
  24. Jman888

    Moody on a moody weather

    grey days, grey sky (haze or dark cloud)...........it is very quiet inside and outside the office, things were slow or even freeze, cause a moody feeling [bigcry] we are going to have such weather for next few days (or month).... going into deeper depression what is in your mind?......my elmo, i mean emo friends