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Found 89 results

  1. Theman

    Crazy weather in Singapore ?

    Has anybody feel that yesterday(Mon 8-Dec-2008) was indeed very cold? From my flat i have to wear sweater in the morning, i am jsut wondering whether it was below the official announced 24 deg C, anyone felt the same?
  2. A popular dessert, especially in hot and sunny Singapore. Well loved by kids and adults. What's your favorite brands and flavors? Everything about ice creams can discuss here.
  3. Discoburg

    Car air-con

    AC was not cold a few days back so went to a car ac shop near my workplace. Mechanic checked and said ac gas not enough and need to top up. However he also told me that it’s usually a leakage somewhere as car do not need to top up ac gas at all. Ask me to monitor. Is what he said true on the car do not need to top up ac gas at all if there is no leak?
  4. Hi all. The aircon on the driver side of my near COE expiry car suddenly not blowing cold air. I have tried playing around with different settings and variations as advised by my mechanic but still the same. Any idea why is that so? TIA
  5. Donut

    Fridge not cold

    hey guys, need some expert advice on fridges. My MIL's home fridge, 12 years old liao. Suddenly not cold already. I ask one of fridge salesman and his advise is to switch off the fridge for 2 hours and switch on again. See if it is back to normal. If it is still no good, then the fridge up lorry liao. MIL followed instructions and still find the fridge not cold anymore. So my question is: what else can we do? Is it due to no more compressor gas? Can ask the repair guy to come and see? or just throw and buy new one?
  6. Cutelmo

    Air con not cold

    Hi all, Anyone encounter after changing cooling coil and compressor. Aircon still not cold. Have anyone tried using this K seal in radiator? Any feedback so far? Thanks.
  7. Happily1986

    Cold welding DIY

    Does anyone have prior experience in the above? i understand that it works by usong two pieces of a special type of epoxy ( which i think you can buy in DIY stores) which acts as the bonding agent. i read that the bond is so strong you would require a blowtorch to cut it. i need to do a L joint (or rather rejoin) of two 3% carbon steel. Dimensions of joint is estimated to be 60mm x 10mm x 10mm.
  8. I noticed that the power steering is producing a whine when cold start, the whine slowly disappears when the engine runs for a few minutes. The power steering reservoir is also having a little foaming, by the way I had the PS fluid flushed, there is no leak anywhere and the workshop has checked but the problem remains. What could be the cause?
  9. Hi guys, Recently i felt that my car vibrates quite a bit before the engine has warmed up.It drives of about 5 km before the vibration goes away.Did not upgrade or mode anything prior. have been using using 030w schaeffer engine oil thks
  10. I am having a slight fever, my body is telling me that i m gonna catch a flu soon.. Went to ZTP, i asked them what's good for fever/flu. They recommended me Antelope tea.. $5 for one bottle.. Because its $5, i end up walk away with Lou Han Guo + Barley Drink, total $2.4.. =p I just wonder is that Antelope tea is so powerful? $5.. Expensive for a bottle of drink...
  11. Hi guys, my car has a keyless start that requires me to step on the brake pedal before the engine starts. Recently, I noticed that when my car is cold, eg in the morning, the brake pedal is very hard to step. I can barely compress it. Many a times, I need to stomp the brakes a 2nd time to start my car as my 1st attempt is too weak. Anything wrong? Or its something I can just ignore?
  12. Has anyone experience hard shifting esp 1 - 2 when the transmission is cold during the morning. When it warm up, it then shift smoothly. It is normal?
  13. The Machine Cost us a BOMB but it won't cost you lots and you can get the BEST out of it! AIR CON RE-CONDITIONAL SERVCE - Getting the best of the system with lower cooling power and protecting the compressor from damage. The nearly $20 000 machine to cater for Asian Make and Conti Make Carmakes. Fully automated and process will take about 45mins to 95mins (depends on car make) Asian Make Car makes -offer at $150 only (usual $180) Conti Car Makes - offer at $250 only (usual $300) EAST BRANCH Call us at 63416164 (Synergy@KB. 25 kaki bukit rd 4. #01-36 NORTH WOODLANDS BRANCH Call us at 6363 5112 ( 184 Woodlands Industrial Park E5 #01-03/04 ) Air Con getting weak and not cold? Need total protection to your AC system to avoid high repair cost? Then go for the Bosch AC restoration service now! The unit performs all of the following service tasks without the need for manual intervention: Refrigerant recovery, Refrigerant recycling, used oil drain, vacuum and associated leak test, recharge of fresh oil with UV additives and Refrigerant recharge. In addition to fully automatic service, manual selection of individual service modes is possible for various AC trouble shooting. This ensures flexibility during vehicle AC service. Perfect air conditioning service for cars and trucks: The AC Bosch Machine is suitable for fully automatic maintenance and service work on most car and trucks air conditioning system. Integrated vehicle database for cars and trucks ensure quick and easy selection of vehicle AC parameters before start of service. We invested with the Machine to give you the BEST! Please call 6363 5112 to make your booking. Check us and like us at : - www.facebook.com/dynamicsmechanic Audi Conti Ride on AC restoration - To maintain,protect and better her AC system with the imported Bosch machine Many Malaysian Drivers made their way to our Garage just to have their AC system reconditioned with our Premium Class A machine. We invested for the BEST just for you!
  14. My Subaru R2 Aircon when idling is not cold, when cruising is cold. Cruising along expressway is cold but when come to traffic light stop, Aircon is not cold. BTW, I have just changed new Compressor and dryer. Is this Subaru R2 Characteristic? Any member have this issue too?
  15. Had a go at the cold crab a few days ago. The last visit was a couple of years back. I honestly couldn't remember the price and did not bother to check on the Internet hence I was very surprised when I was charged $80 for 2 cold crabs! It is pretty good (with the chilli) if you disregard price but I definitely will not visit again.
  16. The unusually long cold winter hitting Thailand in the past three months has killed at least 63 people, while temperature in capital Bangkok on Thursday fell to the lowest level in three decades. "Bangkok hit its coldest record in 30 years Thursday morning when the temperature fell to 15.6 degree Celsius," Songkram Aksorn, deputy director general of the Thai Meteorological Department, was quoted by the Nation newspaper as saying. Songkram said this year's cool season has been the longest for a decade, lasting almost three months. About 45 provinces across the country have been declared cold-spell disaster zones, with more than 25 million people affected. The unusually long cool season, blamed on a cold front coming from the north, has also had an impact on Thailand's rice crop. The new rice harvest coming in is not of good quality, because it has flowered too early with this cool season's unusually low temperatures, according to Vichai Sripraset, an honorary president of the Thai Rice Exporters Association. "When temperatures are low, the fertilization is bad, and then you get a lot of empty rice husks," he added. Source: http://www.turkishweekly.net/news/161936/unusual-cold-winter-kills-over-60-in-thailand.html
  17. FALLING temperatures across the Asian region are chafing farmers and threatening to upset the supply of farm produce, even as the cold snap killed more than 60 people in Thailand. On Malaysia's Cameron Highlands, famed for its strawberries, tea leaves and vegetables, farmers are frustrated as crops are taking a longer time to harvest. "When the minimum temperature was 18 deg C, we harvested cabbages in three months," Mr Chai Kok Leong, 45, who owns a vegetable farming business in the Brinchang township, was quoted as saying by The Star. "Now that the temperature has declined to 12 deg C, we are forced to wait an extra half a month before we can sell them." Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/se-asia/story/farms-languish-cold-snap-hits-south-east-asia-20140124
  18. Hello, Some advise please. My Civic FD aircon just now suddenly stop blowing cold air but has wind. I have to switch off the aircon for a while and turned it back on before there was cold wind again. This has had happened the second time liao. Anyone has the problem before? What likely is the problem. Sigh, car coming to 7 years liao, slowly this spoil that spoil but COE never crashes. No money to buy new car leh.
  19. Anyway know based on the above condition. What could be wrong? I have been experienced some sort of grinding noise around the front area of my vehicle upon steering when I'm moving of my carpark lot usually full lock steering. This only happens when moving off and not an issue when moving or parking into a lot. It only happens when I just did my vehicle alignment few days ago..
  20. Ryanyusoff

    Aircon not cold

    My house got the System 3 a/c from F*jits* from C*urts.and only been in use for 1yr plus.recently,the a/c could not cool my room even though switched on for hours.you can only feel the cold air IF you are sitting directly below it.if you move away from the cool 'spot', the rest of the room is actually normal room temperature. this is even after hours of switching it on. and this happens for all the other units in the house. called 2 different a/c maintenance companies,1 only cleaned the a/c and vaccum the piping.same result. another company,cleaned everything,and topped up the gas.cool for a few days,but now back to normal. called C*urts so many times and yet they only send external vendors instead of technicians from F*jits*. and still its the same. Does any bros here know what's the exact problem or could recommend me any reliable a/c maintenance contractors who could help me to rectify this at an affordable price? Do note my a/c compressor is still under warranty. on a side note,can i call up F*jits* directly to ask them to come down and rectify?getting fedup of paying those maintenance contractors while the problem goes unresolved.
  21. Just got a call at my landline from a "representative of CPF" who will come to our neighbourhood this weekend to "help" residents "upgrade" our medishield. "CPF" service damn good nowadays. Only after my relentless probing then he reluctantly admit is upgrade to Great Eastern some Supreme Plan, but still insist he "represents CPF board" after I question him is he representing Great Eastern instead of CPF. Telemarketers are getting from bad to worst. Wonder how many unknowing people gonna be conned. When is the Do Not Call registry going to start? Feel like putting all these a-----es out of job.
  22. This weird fatal incident happened last year. According to autopsy, the deceased died of hypothermia and alcohol intoxication and the cold room can be opened from inside as part of chiller room safety feature. Can I say Raffles Town Club cold room haunted liao? http://www.asiaone.com/News/Latest%2BNews/...227-404987.html
  23. Tweakmax2

    Cold Sweat

  24. Dear bros and lao jiaos, have having a problem that is driving me nuts. Basically, i am experiencing this knocking sound when i start my engine whe it is cold especially in the morning. I have went back to the mechanic and they have tightened the belt and lubricated the pulleys but problem persist and i think it is getting worst in terms of duration of the noise. It does goes away when the engine warms up but it comes back again once engine cools done. I have attached a short video clip which i have taken as it is hard for me to describe the sound. Help pls!! p/s: the attached clip is in 3gp format. For those who do not have a player, it can be downloaded here http://www.download.com/3GP-Player-2006/30...4-10613952.html knocking.3GP
  25. Hi guys, my auto gearbox tends to jerk during gear shifts. It is very obvious when moving off after cold start, especially for down-shifting. After engine warms up, it gets alot smoother. What could be wrong? I just serviced my car last month, and workshop did not say anything is wrong. Then again, I did not specifically ask them to check the gearbox.