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Found 19 results

  1. Time for a Part 2 as the original thread has clocked >10,000 posts (10,100 posts to be exact). Kudos to @Theoldjaffa for starting the thread and allows many of us to have a glimpse of unusual / rare car models on our road, or even overseas! OK, this is a definitely an unusual car in BMW history. Look closer, this is NOT a normal E30 320i Convertible... For those who still catches no ball, it has a fixed B & C pillar! Yes, this is the BMW E30 3 Series Baur TopCabriolet. The convertible came courtesy of a Stuttgart-based coachbuilder named Baur, who had a long history with BMW and apparently saw the market for a BMW convertible before BMW did. So the two teamed up to make a convertible 3-Series – with only one little problem. It wasn’t quite a convertible. Baur had to start its convertible 3-Series by taking an already-built 3-Series coupe and sawing off the roof. As a result, there wasn’t any extra rigidity built into the body or the chassis – since the car was never intended to be a convertible in the first place. So Baur had to engineer this rigidity into the top. The result of this was a convertible of … unusual proportions. For one thing, it isn’t a full convertible: the top panel comes off, and only the soft top over the rear window retracts like a typical convertible top. But then there are the pillars. In “roof open” mode, the A-pillar is still in place, of course. But so are the B-pillar, and the C-pillar. And there’s a huge bar connecting the B-pillar on the left side of the car to the one on the right side – even when the top is off. Even though there was a factory BMW 3-Series convertible on the E30 body style, it didn’t start out that way. Instead, Baur made another 14,426 E30 3-Series convertibles, with the unusual targa-ish convertible roof and all the pillars and bracing in place before BMW finally took the reins and did a factory convertible with a normal roof and no extra pillars or bracing. Read more about the 3 Series Baur in the following post I have made last April. @jimmyfong @Mockngbrd any idea how many Baur left in Singapore?
  2. Theoldjaffa

    Unusual or Rare Cars

    Photos of unusual or rare cars that i snapped here in Singapore. if you have any contributions, post them here! Flaming Citroen Hybrid.. BMW Avante? 2 x RX7 with same digits in the car plate so i guess they belong to same owner Unusual rims on a Passat Maserati Biturbo 220 Jaguar EV12 FD2 with no rear door handle Lamborghini Aventador Alfa Romeo Sprint Alfa Romeo GT Junior Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV Alfa Romeo 200
  3. Anyone here thinks a iphone 7 Jet black challenge with ceramic coat be it 7H , 9H or nano from the advertiser will boost the image and sales of the services ? The jet black being one of the easiest to scratch. IF by any chance, a sponsor and mycarforum can help provide a platform for this poll, I believe it will path the way on the ability of the coating then just hype.
  4. The unusually long cold winter hitting Thailand in the past three months has killed at least 63 people, while temperature in capital Bangkok on Thursday fell to the lowest level in three decades. "Bangkok hit its coldest record in 30 years Thursday morning when the temperature fell to 15.6 degree Celsius," Songkram Aksorn, deputy director general of the Thai Meteorological Department, was quoted by the Nation newspaper as saying. Songkram said this year's cool season has been the longest for a decade, lasting almost three months. About 45 provinces across the country have been declared cold-spell disaster zones, with more than 25 million people affected. The unusually long cool season, blamed on a cold front coming from the north, has also had an impact on Thailand's rice crop. The new rice harvest coming in is not of good quality, because it has flowered too early with this cool season's unusually low temperatures, according to Vichai Sripraset, an honorary president of the Thai Rice Exporters Association. "When temperatures are low, the fertilization is bad, and then you get a lot of empty rice husks," he added. Source: http://www.turkishweekly.net/news/161936/unusual-cold-winter-kills-over-60-in-thailand.html
  5. It have been almost 2 1/2years since I last host a meetup. Anyway, this is based on request. We'll see how the response like. Date: 16 March 2012 Time: 8pm onwards. Venue: Blk 727 Amk Central (coffeeshop beside courts) http://www.streetdirectory.com/asia_travel...vel_site_99898/ I hope we can secure seats at the smoking area nearer to Post Office.. List 1. Gadgeter 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  6. Birdshit is common, so is rubbish from nearby high-rise flats... Yesterday i found few strands of blonde long hair stuck near the car window!!! ..... and unfortunately nearby the hair also a few scratches look like caused by bicycle handle bars..... Found them in the morning.... shall i alert negihbourhood polis to check what wander around in the area after mid-nite?? What did you find unusual left on your car before?
  7. Business Times - 23 Mar 2012 Sterling silver There is fire in these three over-50s who have discovered the fountain of youth in their overarching passions, report BRYAN KOH, ANNA LEE and DYLAN TAN By BRYAN KOH Lifelong learning keeps him young Roger Yeo Lifelong learner ANYONE over 50 who's convinced he's past his sell-by date with nothing to look forward to career-wise probably hasn't met Roger Yeo (above). He's now 63, but ever since he hit his 50s he was not content with being a so-called 'older' employee. Instead, he sought new challenges, carving out a whole new career trajectory and even discovered an entrepreneurial streak in him that he never knew he had. When he was 55, for example, while his peers were pretty much coasting towards retirement, the policeman turned corporate executive packed his bags and took the plunge into China after being headhunted by a Chinese chemical company to spearhead its global sales and marketing efforts. Undaunted by his poor command of Mandarin at the time, he overcame this language barrier and managed to procure lucrative deals with major players in the tyre industry that his company was targeting. 'My biggest highlight was learning Chinese,' he says proudly. 'In school, I took nine subjects and the only subject I failed in was Chinese. I set up a marketing team from ground zero and in China, there is still a cultural divide which I had to overcome... but I managed to liaise with Michelin and Goodyear.' After a 21/2- year sojourn in China, Mr Yeo was on a mission to seek a fresh challenge, which culminated in his foray into the volatile foreign exchange market (FX) and invest in properties in Singapore and Australia. 'I wanted to keep myself going and, at that time, people kept talking about trading FX so I started to attend seminars and went online to absorb all the available information. I did not go in blind.' Impressively, this partly self-taught veteran not only learnt the ropes, but even conducted workshops on FX in Shenzhen and Hangzhou last year at the invitation of a Chinese wealth management company. Today, Mr Yeo has plans to tap the immense business potential of Myanmar. 'As Myanmar grows and its tourism industry opens up, they have to improve their public transport system. I proposed to the Myanmar officials to replenish their fleet of taxis. Negotiations are in place but the green light is still pending,' he says. If the stars are aligned and Mr Yeo successfully makes inroads to Myanmar, he intends to start a consultancy company in Singapore, acting as a bridge between individuals here and businesses in Myanmar. Many would perhaps be left perplexed by the wide spectrum of Mr Yeo's career choices. But 'safe' is not in the vocabulary of a man who started out in the police force where he was assigned to the Criminal Investigation Department dealing with organised crime. Give him the time and he will take you through a detailed re-telling of days spent chasing hardened criminals along rooftops and alleyways, and busting notorious triads. 'Back then, I was young. Now, I may not be as 'garang'. My career with the Police Force was riddled with excitement and I craved it. This is my character which is why, until now, I still have not grown old,' he says. While Mr Yeo may seem like the proverbial jack of all trades but master of none, he is anything but. His career decisions in part, also stem from his insatiable desire to keep his mind active through the ongoing pursuit of knowledge. 'To me, age is just a number and if you keep on learning, you will never grow old. Learning is a powerful tool to keep yourself going and being in tune with what is going on in the current environment.' Towards the twilight of his career with the Police Force, Mr Yeo embarked on a diploma, and within five years, attained a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of East London. He maintains that this is his proudest achievement to date. 'I went to further my studies as I only had a Cambridge O Level certification. I was always the oldest in class. From a diploma, I went on a fast-track to do my MBA and my contemporaries then said I was crazy but I did it,' he enthuses. Mr Yeo readily dismisses the idea that major sacrifices were made despite his seemingly eclectic career choices, and was quick to credit his understanding wife and two children for their unwavering support. Despite his seemingly hectic work commitments, this idiosyncratic codger never fails to surprise. His idea of fun revolves around intellectual pursuits like online Sudoku and Scrabble. In fact, he bagged numerous accolades during his younger days. 'During the 1970s, I was placed first four times over a six-year period at the National Scrabble Tournament which was held at the Mandarin Hotel,' he beams. However, his occasional 'indulgence' should not be mistaken as a sign that the hunger in him has dissipated. The very thought of retiring and taking a back seat provoked a fiesty knee-jerk reaction. 'Retirement is not in my dictionary! It is not about money. You have to find new things to do and then you lead a more meaningful life that way. 'Do not take retirement seriously. Don't think of retirement and sit back and do nothing. That is pretty wasteful and (we) only have one life, so we have to make the best of what we can do when we are alive.'
  8. Vega

    Very unusual CNY song

    Esp the last 10 sec!! I may play this during CNY at home. Huat ah!!
  9. Wonder if you guys find these songs 'odd' or 'outdated'?? Are there any equivalent music/songs today in terms arrangements/vocal/melody?(btw, their hairdos really make pple laugh) Good Vibration Itchycoo Park http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJzcF0v1eOE More recent one, but still oldie: Bohemian Rhapsody
  10. Other than my own bed, sofas... i dont have chance to sleep in unusual places, except during SAF training....... i slept next to rice field with frogs singing whole night next to my ears............... and the biggest 'palace' I think i ever slept in: during one field excercise, i sneaked up to the back of an empty 5-tonner and had a good ZZZZzzzzzz when the rest of the platoon were sleeping in their tiny diy tent....... some more there's one container of kopi-0 in the 'palace'....... this was really a palace to me then one winder nite, i rented a car overseas and tried to save motel fee by sleeping in the car overnite............ nearly freeze myself .... so every 2 hours i had to start the car and drove round the empty car park for 10 mins with the in-car heater on
  11. It have been 10 months since I last host a meetup. Anyway, this is based on request. Date: 24 July 2009 Time: 8pm onwards. Venue: Blk 727 Amk Central (coffeeshop beside courts) http://www.streetdirectory.com/asia_travel...vel_site_99898/ I hope we can secure seats at the smoking area nearer to Post Office.. List 1. Gadgeter 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  12. Berncsp76

    Unusual Sightings

    Hmm...my friend posted some pictures of her trip to HCM during National Day in FB, where she stayed at Reunification Palace. Some of the pics appeared to have orbs in it especially the rooms and the mini hall... Hah had send to SPI for verification and awaiting their investigation. The editor even zoom in to one of the pictures and highlighted a "face" in one of the pics...wah...post here for you to see... the one with the "circle" smiley face and looks quite friendly... Any bros or sis here have any such strange sightings here in SG or overseas? Your views and contributions please. untitled.bmp
  13. Carndablues

    F1 tickets - something unusual

    So I'm looking for cheap tickets for the F1 days before the Grand Prix starts, for, let's face it, this will be the FINAL Singapore GP, as I fully expect the F1 brand with all it's troubles to go kaput sometime next year! (My prediction only, believe it like you would believe in Jim Jones) Anyway, there are a plethora of people selling tickets out there on the interweb but the strange thing is, I've inquired from a few ads and those that have responded that they've sold out has returned my messages a few days later with a "I've managed to get a few more tickets", and all this when the official website says tickets at the Bay Grandstand have sold out. Where are all these phantom tickets coming from??? Anyway, good for the bargain hunters, they will probably be selling for $100 for the 3 day tickets soon, with so many phantom tickets floating about, this is more than a good price!
  14. Ahtong

    Unusual street legal vehicles

    Full Article Luke's landspeeder actually has wheels hidden below My favourite
  15. It have been 1 year 8 months since I last host a meetup. Anyway, this is based on request. Date: 26 September 2008 Time: 9:30pm onwards. Venue: Blk 727 Amk Central (coffeeshop beside courts) http://www.streetdirectory.com/asia_travel...vel_site_99898/ The noodle stall close around 10:30pm, so come early if you want to eat anything. I hope we can secure seats at the smoking area nearer to Post Office.. List 1. Gadgeter 2. Linus 3. Charmaine (might turn up if time permits) 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  16. Ccssgm

    Top 10 unusual places to stay

    LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES - From converted train cars to converted prisons, travel Web site VirtualTourist.com has come up with its picks of the 10 most unusual places to stay. "With limited vacation time, there's no reason your lodging shouldn't be part of the travel experience," said VirtualTourist.com general manager Giampiero Ambrosi. This list was prepared by VirtualTourist and is not endorsed by Reuters: 1. Edisto River Treehouses - Canadys, South Carolina http://www.canoesc.com/treehouses.htm For those who refuse to grow up, a stay in a tree house is a dream come true. Not only is it fun, but it's clean, safe, and very reasonable. 2. Celica Hostel- Ljubljana, Slovenia http://www.souhostel.com/ If you've always wanted to spend a night in the slammer, now's your chance. Once a military prison, this happening hot spot is now an art gallery/youth hostel 3. Schottenstift Monastery- Vienna, Austria http://members.virtualtourist.com/m/b8468/4e34c/3/ If the bellboys look like monks, you're not imagining things. This hotel is actually a functioning monastery where your wake-up call might just be chanting. 4. The Red Caboose Motel- Strasburg, Pennsylvania http://www.redcaboosemotel.com/ All aboard! Although they once traveled from city to city, these little red cabooses now function as private hotel rooms. Needless to say, kids go crazy for this place. 5. Propeller Island - Berlin, Germany http://www.propeller-island.de/english/2/2/ Art lovers rejoice! From upside-down rooms to levitating beds, it's the next best thing to spending the night in a museum. 6. Schlosshotel Schonburg - Oberwesel, Germany http://members.virtualtourist.com/m/1ffe4/12d81/3/ For a true fantasy experience, nothing beats a night in a genuine castle. In spite of its long history, all modern amenities, including Internet service, are available to guests. 7. Ariau Amazon Towers - Near Manaus, Brazil http://www.ariauamazontowers.com/ Connected by a series of catwalks, eight buildings comprise this compound, which has become a favorite of celebrities and everyday travelers alike. 8. Hotel Sidi Driss - Matmata, Tunisia http://wikitravel.org/en/Matmata The force was with the cast and crew of Star Wars when they filmed at this out-of-this-world property. The amenities are minimal, but at less than $20 a night, so is the price. The Euromast in Rotterdam, Netherlands, is seen in this handout photo taken June 2003. 9. Euromast - Rotterdam, The Netherlands http://www.virtualtourist.com/travel/Europ...omast-BR-1.html A tourist attraction by day, this imposing tower becomes an exclusive hotel at night. Those wishing to give it a go should book early; the tower's two suites fill up three months out. Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, is seen in this handout photo taken October 2007. 10. The Giraffe Manor - Nairobi, Kenya http://www.giraffemanor.com/ Don't bother with a "Do Not Disturb" sign. The long-necked visitors who peek in through the windows of this extraordinary compound will just ignore it. Nice Place
  17. Yucks 1.bmp Yucks 2.bmp Yucks 3.bmp Yucks 4.bmp Yucks 1.bmp Yucks 2.bmp Yucks 3.bmp Yucks 4.bmp
  18. Melissa

    Unusual Encounter @ CTE sliproad

    Hi mcfers, Happy valentine's day to all. Recently, we drove back home entering CTE towards SLE @ AMK ave 1 sliproad ard 6pm, notice there are 3-4 ppl standing by the roadside (grass patch) holding onto a clipboard with papers attach and scribble something onto the clipboard.. and yesterday ard 1pm entering the CTE towards city @ amk ave 3 also saw some ppl standing by the side. And when we drove pass the next CTE entrance, also saw some ppl standing by the side doing the same thing. ANYONE here notice this strange encounter of mine?? Cheers.
  19. Recently, I had the "privilege" to let my car take a day off, so I took my friend's ride. Its a 2 door toyota fwd. We were heading northwards along the cte, after exiting from the sliproad leading out from the PIE. My pal manoevered into the furthest right lane, after executing the necessary checks and right signals. When he was in the furthest right lane, there was this peugeot cabriolet right in front travelling at 70km/h initially. My pal followed close, while maintaining safe following distance still. He didn't pressure the peugeot cabriolet with any horn or high beams. He only picked up speed, whenever the peugeot went faster. When the peugeot finally gave way, the female driver (apparently upset that my friend kept up behind her) turned her head and stared at us. She was road hogging by travelling at 70 to 80 km/h on the highway which has limit of 90 km/h.... Furthest right lane somemore. Moral of the story is, gals can be easily offended... it seems. Even without doing anything, also can offend a female driver. Beware. PS: For the hormone rich homosapiens, ... yes... she is pretty. Ermm... she looked even prettier when she was upset.