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  1. Time for a new thread. Part 1, click here. Part 2, click here. This highly customised model is so cute, look just like a life size hot wheels toy car! Volkswagen Dune Buggy Not to be confused with the Australian built Country Buggy, the dune buggy (a.k.a beach buggy) is a recreational motor vehicle with large wheels, and wide tires, designed for use on sand dunes, beaches, roads or desert recreation.
  2. Time for a part 2. Thanks to @Leepee for starting the original thread: Hopefully with this new thread, we can set some standard for the type of VRNs to be posted. All these photos were taken by myself in the past few years except for 'SBB8U', which was contributed by @Matoonia. Thanks pal. Let start with Three of a Kind. (Do note that 'S3S' is not a road legal VRN, but created by Tommie Goh for his prized Ferrari F40) And here come the Royal Flush! I know that '88', '888" & '8888' are now on a totally different car (I just saw '888' on a new i4 but not able to take photo 'cos am driving), but I am glad to be able catch these VRNs in person. @Toeknee_33 this 'SBB' series swee boh? Look forward to the active participation from our pool of car plate spotter @Atachi @badlammy @Civic101 @Freeder @Mhajime @Confusedboi @Philiptan86 @Dp26 @Vratenza @Atrecord @BanCoe @Gnahp @Mkl22 @Sdf4786k @SiLangKia @Spring @Tohto @Fcw75 @Othello @mersaylee @Jamesc @RH1667 @zipping @Volvobrick @ER-3682 @Mooose @107fan @Soreloser
  3. saw this outside textile center this afternoon.
  4. Time for a Part 2 as the original thread has clocked >10,000 posts (10,100 posts to be exact). Kudos to @Theoldjaffa for starting the thread and allows many of us to have a glimpse of unusual / rare car models on our road, or even overseas! OK, this is a definitely an unusual car in BMW history. Look closer, this is NOT a normal E30 320i Convertible... For those who still catches no ball, it has a fixed B & C pillar! Yes, this is the BMW E30 3 Series Baur TopCabriolet. The convertible came courtesy of a Stuttgart-based coachbuilder named Baur, who had a long history with BMW and apparently saw the market for a BMW convertible before BMW did. So the two teamed up to make a convertible 3-Series – with only one little problem. It wasn’t quite a convertible. Baur had to start its convertible 3-Series by taking an already-built 3-Series coupe and sawing off the roof. As a result, there wasn’t any extra rigidity built into the body or the chassis – since the car was never intended to be a convertible in the first place. So Baur had to engineer this rigidity into the top. The result of this was a convertible of … unusual proportions. For one thing, it isn’t a full convertible: the top panel comes off, and only the soft top over the rear window retracts like a typical convertible top. But then there are the pillars. In “roof open” mode, the A-pillar is still in place, of course. But so are the B-pillar, and the C-pillar. And there’s a huge bar connecting the B-pillar on the left side of the car to the one on the right side – even when the top is off. Even though there was a factory BMW 3-Series convertible on the E30 body style, it didn’t start out that way. Instead, Baur made another 14,426 E30 3-Series convertibles, with the unusual targa-ish convertible roof and all the pillars and bracing in place before BMW finally took the reins and did a factory convertible with a normal roof and no extra pillars or bracing. Read more about the 3 Series Baur in the following post I have made last April. @jimmyfong @Mockngbrd any idea how many Baur left in Singapore?
  5. What are some rare photos of world history? source: https://www.quora.com/What-are-some-rare-photos-of-world-history/answer/Roma-Hudson-1?ch=3&share=59cf9fab&srid=3GYJg 1. In 1988, U.S. President Reagan visited the Soviet Union. Among the crowds in Moscow's Red Square, stood a disguised Soviet agent. Many years later, he became Russian President: Putin. 2. In 1974, a child who first heard a sound with a hearing aid. 3. In 1920, U.S. border inspectors stopped refugees from fleeing to Mexico. 4. On Sweden's first day of changing traffic rules to right in 1967, all drivers were at a loss what to drive. 5. In 1920, a tramp asked King George V of England for money. 6. Slimming machines in the 1930s in the United States. 7. In 1965, 5MB hard disk was removed from Pan Am aircraft. 8. In 1955, a father prepared a surprise for the child. 9. Austrian children receiving new shoes during World War II. 10. One of the earliest photos of the Sphinx in Egypt, taken in 1880. 11. In 1944, 18-year-old Norma Jane Mortensen worked in a California factory. Later, she changed her name to "Marilyn Monroe". 12. In 1979, Obama took photos with other basketball team members at his alma mater. 13. In 1969, Hillary Rodham, who had just graduated from college, changed her name to Hillary Clinton after she got married. 14. 1958: Elvis Presley in the army. 15. In 1944, British distilleries used fighter planes to transport barreled beer to officers and soldiers on the front line. 16. In 1975, Vietnam War Orphans were shipped to Los Angeles. 17. In 1998, Sudan's civil war killed at least 100 people a day. In MSF's camp, the scrawny boy lines up to get his food, but at this moment is snatched by another man, then strides away… 18.In 1932, construction workers rested on steel beams during construction of RCA buildings in New York City. At that time, in the era of the great depression, the unemployment rate was very high, many college students became construction workers, and even six Harvard graduates interviewed for an elevator operator position. 19. Hitchcock served tea for the MGM lion. Yes, the one who often appeared at the beginning of a movie. 20. On June 17, 1991, a small truck fled from the foot of the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines. This is the second largest eruption in the 20th century. 21. Soldiers share bananas with lambs during the war, 1944 22. Tomb of women and husbands of different religions, 1888. 23. French little girl kisses American soldiers on Valentine's day, 1945. 24. In 1992, Michael vs. Michael. Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson. 25. In 1990, Michael Jackson was invited to attend an opening ceremony. The owner who invited him became president of the United States 26 years later. His name is Donald Trump. 26. In 1955, customers at the London record store auditioned for records in a soundproof room. 27. In 1911, the diving suit developed weighed 250 kg, which was the ancestor of diving suit later. 28. In 1994, Bill Gates sat on 330000 pieces of paper with a CD in his hand and told the world: The CD can record more than 330000 pieces of paper. 29. Little girl with penguin in zoo, 1937. 30. Blind women swimming with guide dogs, 1966 31. Black kitten waiting for milk, 1954 32. In 1964, a hotel owner poured sulfuric acid into a swimming pool because he could not tolerate black people swimming in a "clean" pool. 33. The last kiss of World War II soldiers before going to sea. 34. In 1956, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn were backstage at the Oscars. 35. In September 1960, Chiang Kai Shek, who had always been serious in front of the media, put out his tongue to make a face. 36. Courts of the Qing Dynasty in China. 37. In 1923, the British tested the new bulletproof vest. 38. In 1958, elephants were surfing. 39. Nuns and children dancing. 40. On May 29, 1974, Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai finally shook hands and said goodbye, and Zhou was admitted to the hospital that night. 41. A group photo of Mei Lanfang, a master of art in the East, and Chaplin, a master of art in the West. 42. In the winter of the late Qing Dynasty, Empress Dowager Cixi enjoyed the snow. 43. Pu Yi, the last emperor of China, was being renovated at the Fushun war criminals Management Institute and was sewing his own clothes. 44. Girls on the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan in the 1970s 45. During the cold war, a West Berlin man kicked the East Berlin police 46. The statue of liberty in 1970s 47. Former US President Ford, playing traditional games with Japanese Geisha in Tokyo. 48. A soldiers of the Royal Guard fainted during a review by Queen Elizabeth II. 49. Princess Elizabeth, who served in the army in World War II, later the queen of England. 50. The imperial garden of the Qing Dynasty in the 19th century -- Yuanmingyuan.It will soon be destroyed by the British and French invaders. 51. In 1944, in order to prevent Hitler from running away in disguise, the Allied forces released this set of pictures of "Hitler's possible disguise". 52. Iran, 1960, women in fashion. It's very different from today. 53. In 1960, ruby bridges was the first African American to enter a white primary school in the south of the United States. 54. In 1947, the 23-year-old woman jumped from the 86th floor of the Empire State Building and smashed into the roof of a car on the street. Strangely, she didn't suffer too much shock. Her death was quiet and elegant, just like sleeping. 55. In 1952, the paramount theater in Hollywood, the first color 3D film in history, Bwana devil. 56. It was on April 18, 1955, when Einstein left the office with the table set, he died that night. 57. In the early 1990s, when AIDS was spreading, a father was comforting his dying son in his hospital bed. The photo, published in the November issue of life in 1990, is widely believed to have changed public awareness of AIDS. 58. In Arlington, Texas, in 1991, then President H.W. Bush kicked off for major league baseball. 59. In 1963, Arnold Schwarzenegger was in his first bodybuilding competition when he was just 16 years old. 60. In 1945, after the capture of Berlin, a Soviet soldier held a statue of Hitler. 61. During the first World War, a British photographer shot a trench battle. What was on the night sky was not fireworks, but the light track formed by the mutual firing of mortars. 62. Anthony Biddle, a famous Colonel, is a master of unarmed combat. In this picture, he ordered his trainees to stab him with bayonets, but they never did, because he was able to disarm them by himself. 63. Many people forget the impact of war on nature and human beings. In this photo, a Russian Reindeer is watching as Hurricane fighters bombard a hillside in Murmansk. 64. A group photo of the legendary fighter Ali and the Beatles. 65. This photo was taken by Fortune magazine in 1981 and is being discussed by two technology leaders. What are they talking about? Maybe it's the future of technology. 66. Titanic before sinking, 705th survivor photographed by RMS Carpathia photographer on board. 67. Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook in his dorm when he was a sophomore at Harvard. He looks like he's drunk, and no one knows that the social software will bring him tens of billions of dollars. 68. The picture of 1862 shows for the first time the actual operation of the metro train at edgewell Road Station in London. It is only composed of wooden train carriages. 69. Stalin made funny moves between the documentary. 70. American astronaut Buzz Aldrin may not be the first man to land on the moon, but he is the best self portrait ever taken. Completed the selfie at the first space station in 1966. Although the length of this answer will be too long, I will continue to add some historical photos, you can choose to continue reading~ 71.Dubai 22 years transformation. 72.1912, test football helmets. 73.In 1940, after the London air raid, a young man read in the ruins, the title of the book is "the history of London". Churchill and Rufus were in chatterwell in 1950. 74.On August 23, 1989, two million Lithuanians, latovians and Estonians joined hands to form an adult wall to protest peacefully against Soviet rule. 75. 1981 LEGO ad. 76. In 1965, Hawking married Jane Wilde. 76. In 1885, the statue of Liberty was completed in Paris. 77. In 1961, Fritz, a TV star bulldog. 78. On August 28, 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. made a speech on "I have a dream". it looked at the Washington Monument from the Lincoln Memorial. 79. The B-29 bomber flew over Mount Fuji. 80. The 14-year-old signed for Manchester United. 81. In the 1960s, London, the classic red double decker bus, the little boy crossing the street and his "mini double decker bus". 82. In November 1963, de Gaulle attended Kennedy's funeral. 83. In 1966, George Lincoln Rockwell, the leader of the US Nazi party, gave a speech in Lafite square near the White House to support the US Army in Vietnam. 84. In 1946, the cemetery of Henry chapel in Belgium, where 7992 American soldiers died in World War II were buried. 85. In 1968, IGBO soldiers in Nigeria's civil war. 86. On May 1, 1919, Lenin gave a speech on International Labor Day in red square. 87. In 1918, in front of Grand Central Station in New York, a pyramid was made of helmets of German soldiers. 88. In 1965, the man skated in New York Central Park. 89. In 1948, the redecorated White House. 90. In 1942, the Ukrainian city of Kerch was slaughtered by the Nazis. 91. In 1972, Americans were in Vietnam. 92. On April 29, 1945, American soldiers found a boxcar full of corpses in DAHAO concentration camp. 93. In 1970, old Truman was in his hometown,independence city. 94. When Nixon visited China in 1972, he was thinking about how to use chopsticks. 95. On September 12, 1953, the Kennedy couple married. 96. In 1957, in Berkshire, Elizabeth II drove by herself, carrying Prince Charles and Princess Anne on the road. 97. In 1960, the Sydney Opera House was under construction. 98. In 1965, the pageos balloon satellite was tested in a airship hangar in North Carolina. It looks like an alien spaceship or a product of the future, with a strong sense of technology. 99. In 1971, the men of the Corleone family.
  6. Photos of unusual or rare cars that i snapped here in Singapore. if you have any contributions, post them here! Flaming Citroen Hybrid.. BMW Avante? 2 x RX7 with same digits in the car plate so i guess they belong to same owner Unusual rims on a Passat Maserati Biturbo 220 Jaguar EV12 FD2 with no rear door handle Lamborghini Aventador Alfa Romeo Sprint Alfa Romeo GT Junior Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV Alfa Romeo 200
  7. Catch it on news last night. This rare diseases fund is a very good initiative started by MOH, to help families cope with high medical and treatment cost for rare diseases. One of the family interviewed face a monthly medical bill of up to $24K, which is beyond imagination for even a typical middle income family. I hope more can be aware of this RDF, and help to spread the news, so that families in need can benefit from the scheme. It would be good if we could contribute to the fund to help the needy. More information on the RDF is available on www.kkh.com.sg/rarediseasefund New hope for patients with rare diseases with the launching of a new fund https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/new-hope-for-patients-with-rare-diseases-with-the-launching-of-a-new-fund SINGAPORE - Singaporeans with three forms of rare diseases now have access to financial aid to help with medical expenses which can run into thousands of dollars each month. Launched on Tuesday (July 2) by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and SingHealth Fund, the Rare Disease Fund (RDF) will, for a start, fund five medicines used to treat the three conditions - primary bile acid synthesis disorder, Gaucher disease and Hyperphenylalaninaemia due to tetrahydrobiopterin (BH4) deficiency. New charity fund to provide financial support for Singaporeans with rare diseases https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/charity-fund-health-rare-disease-treatment-cost-11682554 SINGAPORE: A new charity fund has been set up to help Singaporeans with rare diseases who cannot afford treatment costs. Jointly established by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the SingHealth Fund, the Rare Disease Fund will combine community donations and Government-matched contributions to financially support Singapore citizens with specific rare diseases, MOH announced in a press release on Tuesday (Jul 2). Singaporeans with 3 rare diseases will get funding help for treatment https://www.tnp.sg/news/singapore/singaporeans-3-rare-diseases-will-get-funding-help-treatment Launched yesterday by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and SingHealth Fund, the Rare Disease Fund (RDF) will, for a start, support the use of five medicines to treat the three conditions - Primary bile acid synthesis disorder, Gaucher disease and hyperphenylalaninaemia due to tetrahydrobiopterin (BH4) deficiency. The hope is that over time, more rare diseases and medications will be added to the list, an MOH statement said yesterday.
  8. This thread is for sharing of car model not available in Singapore. It is not necessary that the car must be something exotic, very rare or for that matter, cost you an arm and leg (well, every car here cost us an arm and leg already...) I still remembered in the early 90s (during the pre-internet era), when I made my first overseas trip to Europe, I was like a mountain tortoise, staring at every car model on the street, and spending half of my photo films shooting nothing but just "rare" cars that I have never seen in Singapore, hahaha OK, let me start the ball rolling, and these few are high on my list (and many more to come)... BMW X1 LWB. I am a sucker for LWB model, as the additional leg room in the rear make the car feel a class high than standard wheelbase model. BMW 5 Series LWB. Who will need a 7 Series if we can have this model... 3rd Generation Honda Accord (JDM). I am also a fan of pop up headlight... Honda Odyssey (USDM). This make it a very good competitor to the Alphard and like... Kia Grand Carnival. Another great looking full size MPV... 2018 Buick Enclave Avenir. A direct competitor to the highly acclaimed Mazda CX9...
  9. Hi, I would like to reach out to all of you who owns a JDM sports car meet, like how our neighbours have it. Even if yours is not a sport car but of rarity, please include yourself in too. We could mass order parts which would be cheaper to buy and ship from the same distributor in Japan, US or UK. TUNING? Aim is to bring back the nostalgic sports car meets back in the days of Kallang Carpark. Drift outings or practice Autox, Gymkana at our neighbours or safe location. Which may have a food destination. If you are feeling charitable we could organise something for social welfare as well. Is an open discussion and I would like to start the ball rolling. It also would be interesting to see what gems we have in Singapore as well. If your car is not in there like Daihatsu or Datsun, kindly include. Honda Mazda 1. Mazda RX-8 Type RS - Sw20 Mitsubishi Nissan Toyota Subaru
  10. Just in case you are thinking what the subject title is about... It's not a replacement for Viagra or some new Love Hotel. It's a brand of tyre from Spain. First time seeing this. More rare than China made Linglong or Double Coin tyres.
  11. What have you guys seen?? I have seen a yellow daihatsu copen, 2 RX-Rs, 1 red Honda beat, 1 Mitsubishi Evo3 and a Nissan Bluebird...
  12. my friend has this rare sports car, only one in singapore, he does not dare to service it at normal workshop because he scared those mechanics not well versed with the car and later cause more problems. does anyone know any reliable workshop that loves to tinker with those rare cars, e.g. classic vintage cars, kit cars etc. the mechanic must be willing to learn and most importantly treat it with care. my friend brought it to a previous workshop the last time and the mechanic spoiled his headlight cover because he simply did not know how to open it. i cannot divulge the exact car model because it will expose my friend and he is those low profile type. all i can say is it is a continental marque. thanks for the guru's advice.
  13. Dear Nissan owners! I will be dekitting/export the very rare Primera 2.0 Luxury Sedan soon on 10 days time! This car is super rare... if if you are a Primera Owner and yr car interior is worn out. This is the final chance if you wish to change any parts... My car internal is superbly well maintained! Everything works perfectly! My rims are the "5 nuts 16inch Original rare primera sports rims... Its also in well maintained condition. looks clean and not abused! I believe you can change it to yr Cefiro/teana or any Nissan with 5nuts socket. Lastly I also have the Armron Hilife battery less than 2yrs and last week check, power still 100% best! The battery I believe is compared to many other cars such as Toyotas as my Mark X are using the same. Its pity to dekit with such superb condition. Honestly, I do not have a price in mind, anything you want just quote me, find a place to change/swap. Mostly importantly my car parts are put to good use rather than throwing off to the export/scrap... What a WASTE! So anyone! This is a rare chance, I am a easy going, generous chap, as long as you need it, just give me a reasonable quote you deem and we get it fixed. Final day of this deal will be 18th April... After that... its will be gone.!
  14. I happened to see a very old E30 318 coupe on the road this afternoon. Such a shame that it was on a tow truck heading in the direction of defu lane. Probably going to a workshop around that area. Such a shame to see it in such a state. At least the body looks in good shape. Will upload the picture of it later once I black out the plate.
  15. Most manufacturers build vehicles to satisfy the grand majority of car buyers, as a result, most of the vehicles produced are built to conform to what most people think a car should be like. That being said, not everyone is into that kind of thing as some prefer to go against the grain. Hence we have what is called "leftfield" vehicles, cars that are built to cater to the section of the car market whose taste differs greatly from the norm. So here are five of the most leftfield vehicles around now. mine is one of them http://sg.news.yahoo.com/photos/leftfield-cars-slideshow/alfa-romeo-159-photo-160000537.html
  16. saw a car with SJ9 yesterday? cannot even enquiry in one motoring. WR03825: No enquiry of transfer fee is allowed. Please contact LTA at 1800-CALL LTA(1800-2255 582) for further assistance. did a search and found out that its one of the supreme court justices.
  17. Maybach 62, own by some properties developer tow kay
  18. http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/02/06/...N0B65NW20130206 Whoa... mai sng sng... Someone on the ball planning public protest!! Who's going??? PS - Mods, if this is considered another dupe thread, then pls do the necessary.
  19. ....now the not-so-good news: Only 918 produced and only one available for our little red dot From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg..._available.html Posted on 09 Oct 2012 Only one of this rare Porsche 918 Spyder will be available in Singapore SOURCE: ASIAONE PHOTOS: PORSCHE To get yourself a Porsche 918 Spyder, you would probably have to be as fast as this sports car. This is because production of this car is limited to 918, only one of which will make its way to Singapore. Delivery of the limited edition vehicle begins in 2014. The 918 Spyder is set to be Porsche's first plug-in hybrid. If you prefer to appear eco-friendly, the 918 can be driven in pure electric mode up to an amazing 150 kmh. Its fuel consumption under the combined cycle is estimated at 3.0 litres per 100 km, or an unbelievable 33 km per litre. But perhaps the most incredible aspect about this supercar is that it is a plug-in hybrid. Using a conventional household socket, the Spyder can be charged in four hours in Europe, and about 11 hours in the US and Japan. It is faster with a Porsche universal charging device - two hours - while an optional quick-charging station is also available. So, how do you think this mean machine will fare against Singapore edition of the McLaren MP4-12C or Ferrari F12?
  20. Drove in to AMK Esso to pump petrol on Sunday and saw this purple car when I turn in and I told myself..wow ! a rare Nissan NX coupe . I park behind it to admire this rare beauty then realise its not a NX Coupe but a gull wing Sera ! ! Told my gf abt this rare car but she does not seems impressed. Din expect to see it again since I last saw a black one at Tanglin many years ago ! Walk pass the car and can see the "see-through" roof with purple tint. The interior is still quite well kept thou. After paying for the petrol, I went back to the car and the owner also juz arrived..he open up his gull wing passenger door to put his carton of Coke . Nice ! Sorlee hor no pic coz not enough time to snap the pic.
  21. Dengue is no joke...take care of yourself and your family. --- Jun 27, 2011 61 cases of rare dengue in Marsiling By Ashutosh Ravikrishnan More than 60 cases of an uncommon strain of dengue has been reported since Friday. -- PHOTO: NEA SIXTY-ONE cases of an uncommon strain of dengue has been reported since Friday. The Den-3 virus has, so far, hit the Marsiling area. The National Environment Agency (NEA) believes that residents may have little or no immunity against the virus. This may possibly lead to a faster transmission of the disease. However, it assures the public that there is no indication of the strain spreading to other parts of the country at this point in time. Stepping up control efforts, the NEA has dispatched 70 officers to search and remove all potential breeding zones in the area. It has also called on the Sembawang Town Council and the National Parks Board to fumigate the area.
  22. http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/listing...RGD=0&PRC=0
  23. i am surprise to see such a rare car...and its so well maintained http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...441&DL=1000
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