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  1. Auron

    Honda Vezel - Part 3

    how much they want to charge for battery? battery coming to 2 years.. just change.. buy car is for the convenience... why want to save that 100+ and get yourself with a stuck car...
  2. Auron

    2016 Toyota Prius

    nice... quite a few bro here also bought from SPL...
  3. Auron

    Toyota C-HR

    BM will be bring in the petrol variant... i guess going to price it at hr-v range...
  4. Auron

    2016 Toyota Prius

    differences can be found in the earlier replies... just go back a few pages back...
  5. Auron

    Hyundai IoniQ Hybrid

    you will not find any owners giving advise cos nobody here have bought a ioniq ... u should just go test drive...
  6. for PI, usually standard is 5k for car booking.... 10k for COE bidding... so smelly smelly is 15k minumum... if u lucky, the 5k can use cc... for AD, some AD can allow u to 15k all use cc... i guess they have bigger margin to absorb the cc charges behind...
  7. Auron

    2016 Toyota Prius

    i observe that if you travel longer distance each time (> 15km) and mainly on expressway.... usually no problem hitting like >30km/L.... like when i travel from sk to telok blangah... its easily > 30km/L... lesser distance like sk to AMK, impossible to reach 30km/L... can get 25km/L is superb liao... maybe got something to do with battery being heated up or charged to optimum efficiency... maybe its because of the large distance you clocked monthly, you can hit more than 1000km without the warning light appear... u do > 2000km per month... i do 1300km per month only... the last petrol that i pump a few days ago... just above 900km.... giving a FC of 24.2km/L.... but that is mighty impressive FC figure you have...
  8. Auron

    VES 2018

    where did it state that ioniq hybrid stays at band A1? the article only state that prius hybrid become neutral... and most probably full electric car can be graded A1...
  9. Auron

    Ford Focus titanium

    for most accurate fc, just use the number of liters pump vs the distance travel......
  10. Auron

    2016 Toyota Prius

    3rd tank.... distance travel before it low fuel...
  11. Auron

    2016 Toyota Prius

    actually, as i speculate, BM doesn't care a hoot about kucing kurap walk-in customers like u and me... how much they can move in a good month???... my guess is less than 10... their main prius target segment are those corporate taxi companies or hire share companies... those that buy in the hundreds in a single order.... these kind of companies are not price sensitive, and what they want most are support for their vehicles and only big companies like BM can give them a piece of mind to make purchase in the millions of dollars... unfortunately most of such companies are still buying from BM, so highly unlikely to see BM dropping prius prices anytime soon...
  12. Auron

    2016 Toyota Prius

    actually, i think there are more prius uber driver than prius owner...
  13. Auron

    2016 Toyota Prius

    no need to compare 1... prius will be more expensive in general... unless u driving 40,000km per year... the petrol $$$ save will not be enough to offset the car cost...
  14. Auron

    [Error] Mazda & Vezel Thread

    it take a lot to dethrone singapore favourite number 1 car... 10,000 sold by PI last year...