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  1. I know this is a Singapore forum but as I live in Thailand I am wondering if it is appropriate to post about food in Thailand here. It could be Thai food, international food, my home cooking food in Thailand etc. I wish to also welcome anyone here to contribute your experience of Thai food in Singapore or anywhere. If anyone think its not appropriate do let me know. For a start here's one of my favourite Thai food khanom-jeen, had this last week near my office Khanom-Jeen is the white soft rice noodle in Thailand made from fermented rice so it has to be eaten fresh after its made if not will turn sour quickly and spoil. Khanom-jeen is usually take with Thai curry and most commonly with Thai green curry known as gaeng-keow-wan literally translated word by word curry-green-sweet or for our easy understanding sweet green curry, and in this case for chicken green curry we call it gaeng-keow-wan-gai, gai as in chicken. This is rural area so the simple and rural setup https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOhpd-7LR2g&t=3s Besides making khanon-jeen-gaeng-keow-wan in very traditional taste the seller is also very sweet and cute so my favourite stall I can down 2 of her khanom-jeen any time Each is only 40 baht
  2. We know that all of us should be keeping a safe distance from each other in such times. But we reckon these guys that have been caught on video might have taken it abit too far. This video, as posted by SG Road Vigilante, shows a slow moving camera car (claimed to be doing 80km/h but it looks more like 60km/h to us) that was traveling on KPE towards TPE chancing upon a bunch or cars that were abit too keen to distance themselves from any traffic around them. Apparently this happened on the wee hours of 16th May morning and from what we can gather, the lead car is a R34 Nissan Skyline that zoomed past the camera car at a speed that seemed to double the legal speed limit of the KPE. Its hard to tell from the video but other than the Skyline, we could also identify a few other cars including a Suzuki Swift, a Volkswagen Golf, a Volkswagen Jetta (that might have been the same guy that was charged for organising illegal street racing), a Mitsubishi Evo 9 and a couple of Honda Civics. Interestingly, most of the comments were attacking the camera car for being slow. We wonder why. On the other hand, there will always be keyboard warriors that come out with weird and silly comments like the example below... 95563179_890011821514718_986642270115562833_n.mp4
  3. A popular local Singer/Songwriter has taken to her facebook page to rant about cars making loud explosive noises where she lives. 1 bang 2.mp4 In her post, Beverly Morata Grafton pointed out in her post she has been experiencing "exhausts have been popping off like gunshots from 10:30pm and counting. And like every weekend since mid April, they will do so until 4am plus in the morning..." From her photos and videos that she provided, we gathered that these incidents happenen along Yishun Ave 1, where Sinopec Yishun is situated at. This stretch has a speed camera but car enthusiasts are known to still gun their cars there while heading towards the Yishun Dam. We will not go into the rest of her post as it can be a bit demeaning and vulgar. For those who are curious, you can view her post below. In the video that was taken on the 25th of April, we could identify a white Volkswagen Golf accelerating away quickly from the petrol station before letting off some loud bangs, much to the annoyance of the songwriter. Being a post on the writer's personal page, it was no surprise to find the comments supporting her views. But what do you guys think? More pops and bangs for everyone? Or should we cooperate for quieter neighbourhoods?
  4. Could this be another case of street racing spotted on our roads during the Circuit Breaker period? Spotted on Reckless Driver SG's facebook page, a video has been posted showing the camera car driving slowly on the middle land before a small group of cars went past it at a higher speed. Yes. this is milder than the incident on the KPE that had the drivers in the video arrested, with only three cars shown in the short 40-plus-second clip. In fact, we reckon the 'tiong chias' were doing approximately 120-140km/h while the camera car was doing 70-80km/h. The cars, likely a Ford Focus, a Honda FD Civic and a Honda Integra were caught on camera at around 11:20pm on the 25th of May heading towards AYE Jurong inside the CTE tunnel. 1.mp4 On another note, we were surprised to find most of the comments attacking the video owner, saying that the camera car was road-hogging. Do you agree? Let us know!
  5. Just a Suggestion,since after ''Circuit Breaker'' started last Month,do you think LTA should switch off most Highways,Industrial Roads etc where little Cars use these Roads at night to save Energy.?I felt a waste of Electricity,furthermore Modern Cars with HID & LED, the Lights so bright...
  6. This video has gone viral among the car enthusiasts community in Singapore. A white Hyundai i30 has been filmed by the camera car's passenger showing the Korean car cutting across lanes recklessly with signaling along the SLE. Obviously trying to taunt or block the camera car (an Audi), we have no idea what is the story behind this incident as the video does not come with any audio. The video lasts for 30 seconds and could well have been going on for sometime. We hope nothing bad comes out of this road rage incident. P.S. Dear Hyundai driver, maybe you should watch less video clips on Youtube about Osaka's infamous street racers... ef6b0a0d-6339-4962-9dda-e287bb98811c.MP4
  7. This question was asked on a forum I frequent but I'm interest in knowing whats the opinion of Singaporean driver/car owners. I purposely posted the poll in whp because what matters is what the car can put to the ground not at the engine. My opinion is anything more than 500whp is too much and really no point. So how much power is too much for street in your opinion?
  8. Filmed in rich and beautiful 4K video, another heritage rich site of Singapore - Arab Street. It was a beautiful evening and with so many tourist and local, it is no doubt a popular hang out and discovery location for families and friends too. Enjoy the sight here ! https://youtu.be/eEZgDSZoV2Q
  9. Do you think mighty minds St Directory is good to use? i saw a couple of other brands in the bookshops but still think mighty minds not too bad
  10. Yesterday while i was at the mac at 10 Ang Mo kio Street 12 around 8:20pm, i witnessed an Altis (SKU 572U) reversing into the left side of the a Suzuki SX4 (SKB 4718X) and the driver of SKU 572U just walked away as if nothing happened into Mac with his female passenger. I do The front left side of the SX 4 was scratched and the left bumper looks misaligned. If any bro or sis out there happen to know the owner of SKB 4718X, please get him or her to PM me. I can be his witness and provide him the video from my onboard camera.
  11. Noticed that along Church Street on many mornings, 2 SOC Ang Chia will be parked at the side of the road. Why do they keep turning up there? Seen them on many a mornings.
  12. well guys, any 1 seen this on the road yet? http://www.mycarforum.com/blog/myautoblog/...red-land-rover/ like sibei power, can tahan grenande, land mine, bullet. with reinforced steel, think on the road can be big bully, and go on any terrain u like. who see u also siam far far, as this car is like a rock, and the others car is like an egg
  13. Apparently, this is becoming a trend. Public humiliation of 'xiao san'. Watch the woman in black beat up the woman in blue who doesn't retaliate in any way.
  14. I witnessed a hit and run by a SMRT taxi in the carpark area of Tampines Blk 424 around 6.10 pm this evening (20 Sep). My car cam captured the SMRT reversing and hitting i think was a silver Chevy Cruze on the front right side. Car cam resolution was not good enough to see the license plate of the taxi. I wanted to give chase to the taxi but was too slow. Sorry to the bro whose car was hit. I have screen shot two photos of the taxi 'in action'. I think got case if lodge complaint with SMRT and ask them to check if any of their taxis was in the vicinity at that time...i think all taxis have GPS positioning and the companies would know the exact whereabouts right? Hope the photos help.
  15. I just realised Malaysia google map got street view now. It's so much better. Can view your road intersection, your hotel surroundings, the road sign, prominent buidlings, etc. Sorry if I'm slow to this discovery, only realised it planning for my next road trip. Last time was looking high and low for street view in Malaysia, but wasn't available at all.
  16. According from the uploader a street fight has happen outside The Cathay on 25 Oct 2013. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=liAqT2wodBc
  17. Taxi kills man lying on Victoria Street Sep 29, 2014 6:00am 49 0 1 WhatsApp0 51 DEAD: Mr Zainudin Muhammad was seen arguing with an unknown woman before lying in the middle of the road. PHOTO: LIANHE WANBAO By: NG JUN SEN A 53-year-old man was killed by a taxi after he lay down in the middle of Victoria Street early on Sunday. Mr Zainudin Muhammad was earlier seen having a heated argument with an unknown woman in her 30s, witnesses said. After he lay down in the centre of the five-lane road at 3.15am, the taxi ran over him and dragged his body for about 20m before stopping near the traffic junction at Jalan Sultan. The woman was seen crying next to the victim's body but disappeared before the police arrived. The taxi driver was arrested for causing death by negligent act, a police spokesman said. Read the full report in our print edition on Sept 29. Subscribe to The New Paper, now available in print and digital, at http://bit.ly/tnpeshop. - See more at: http://www.tnp.sg/news/taxi-kills-man-man-lying-victoria-street#sthash.ASBfNa5P.dpuf
  18. hi, does anyone know whether there is any season parking available at this place? going there to work for about 1 year soon. are those road side coupon parking easily available, or need to go early? I am keen to find out the more affordable parking options there. thanks.
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99XiMYKsHl8 http://en.rocketnews24.com/2014/05/19/the-official-street-fighter-assassins-fist-trailer-just-made-our-day%E3%80%90video%E3%80%91/ trailer looks damm good! i'm so looking forward to this! Porker sorry to disappoint! this has nothing to do with fisting despite the title
  20. hello any one can share if there are available lots on weekdays about 11am? Is M-Park @ Club Street carpark full by then? Thanks.
  21. S'pore street food trumps HK's: Blogger By Li Xueying The Straits Times Tuesday, Nov 05, 2013 Here's a pretty startling proposition for food lovers in two cities that pride themselves on their culinary delights: Singapore has better street food than Hong Kong. That's according to Mr K.C. Koo, one of Hong Kong's most prolific food bloggers and a critic, writer and food lover. "While Hong Kong's street food tradition has all but disappeared, Singapore has done a better job of preserving its hawker food," he argues. The 45-year-old, a regular newspaper columnist whose Facebook page has nearly 22,000 fans, drew that conclusion after writing a guide to Singapore's hawker food aimed at Hong Kong readers. The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) flew him to Singapore, where over three trips totalling 10 days, he ate his way through 85 stalls across the island - including wrestling with 10 pepper crabs at five different places. In the end, 58 stalls made it into his book, written in Chinese and launched last Tuesday. It showcases an eclectic collection that goes beyond big names to include places like Chye Kee Chwee Kueh in MacPherson, Satay Sejati at Haig Road and Fu Ming carrot cake in Redhill. STB hopes it will entice younger Hong Kongers, especially professionals, to visit Singapore and go off the beaten track for culinary discoveries. Singapore has traditionally been more attractive to Hong Kong families. Last year, it received 470,000 Hong Kong visitors, the 10th largest group. Said STB's regional director (Greater China), Mr Edward Chew: "Food is a big motivator for Hong Kongers to travel - they spend 50 per cent more of their budget on food compared with other travellers." Mr Koo, a former finance professional who began reviewing food 11 years ago, said he tailored his guide to suit Hong Kongers' taste buds. For instance, while Singaporeans place a premium on the sambal in nasi lemak or the chilli sauce accompanying chicken rice, these condiments matter less to Hong Kongers, he said. So his listings for nasi lemak include more Chinese stalls offering a wider array of side dishes. He said that since his first visit to Singapore in 1999, he has found that the quality of hawker food has been consistent. Take a bowl of prawn noodles, for example. "When you return to the stall, the ingredients, the way they are put together, are the same," he said. He even thinks the seafood in Singapore tastes fresher than that in Hong Kong, where a well done steamed fish is prized in Cantonese cuisine. "Whether it's crabs or curry fish head or fish slices, the seafood in Singapore is fresher - it's obvious from the taste and texture," he said. He thinks it may be because Singapore gets its seafood from nearby waters whereas Hong Kong imports from around the world. Asked what was his favourite from everything he sampled, he said it was the pepper crab at JB Ah Meng in Geylang. "It's gorgeous," he said. But is he saying all these nice things about Singapore food because he was sponsored by Singapore's tourism board? He said: "I'm a food critic. It is important to preserve the integrity of our name." He did note some areas where Singapore has slipped. He detected the use of frozen meat in chicken rice, and felt that took away some of the flavour. It is a problem in Hong Kong too, he said. - See more at: http://www.soshiok.com/content/spore-street-food-trumps-hks-blogger#sthash.rBJ4fkTX.dpuf
  22. Good movie lasting 3 hours. Streaming site as below. http://www.movie2kto.me/watch-movies/The_Wolf_of_Wall_Street__2013/10697 Praise me if you like it.
  23. Recently this little friendly battle was shared around Facebook and it caught our attention. It is not everyday that we get to see supercars battle on the streets. Or rather we don’t even get to see our local supercars stretch their legs because there is nowhere for them to do it here. Not that we condone street racing... The Lamborghini Aventador in the video leading the chase is nicknamed "Pandaventador" and it seems to have quite a decent following in Malaysia. With probably more than 700bhp sent to all four wheels, it easily leaves the Nissan GT-R behind with its immense acceleration. Heavy traffic? Not an issue with the Aventador as the driver weaves in and out of traffic at breakneck speeds. At one point during the chase, the GT-R's in-car camera recorded speeds of more than 200km/h. http://dai.ly/x156rq2 At the end of the video, the GT-R is seen catching up with a Ferrari 430 Scuderia. Part 2 anyone?
  24. I am seriously considering either of these 2 minis. Tomorrow is the last day of $10k discount. Any thoughts? Are minis worth their $? Test driven both of tem today. Drives like on rails and like go carts. Thanks.
  25. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=4878735141236 hope none of these guys make up our future 6.9M... WTF is wrong w them?
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