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Found 12 results

  1. AFV_V200

    Lying ex-wife to be and custody

    I hope admin dont ban me for this thread and I need admin sympathy on me situation. I don't know who I can turn to as I heavily draining emotionally, physically, mentally and financially, and I even have a few thought to end my life. Long story short. I am divorcing my wife due to family violent of physical abuse and verbally abuse. She even threaten to kill me and she had my 1 year old son in her hand and I saw my baby only a few time in police station. I also loss a child access case to her recently as it seem to me the judge believed her lies, and I consider this the darkest day in Singapore justice system in my life. I am trying to get custody of my boy and I need a good lawyer and it does not come cheap. My friend spent $30k and got only share custody, another friend of mine spent $160k and he won sole custody to 2 of his kids. I am trying to raise fund for my custody and hope you guys can lend a helping hand here. Please refer to the link below if you can help even tiny amount and share it out to as many friends or FB page. Thank you very much for your time to read my post. https://gogetfunding.com/please-help-me-to-re-unite-with-my-baby/
  2. Hi guys, my pet dog accidentally peed in the rear seat (my fault for not walking her earlier). I used tissue to soak the urine from the seat (leather seat) and clean it. The next day when I came to the car, there was a strong smell. Can’t really pinpoint where the smell is coming from but it’s at the rear seat. Realised that some parts of the seat were made of fabric (those sections for the seat belt buckle and child seat Anchor Point). Suspect the urine might have gone through these fabric parts and soaked and lying at the underneath of the seat hence giving out the smell. Tried the following: 1) vacuuming the area 2) fabreeze 3) baking soda on the seat overnight 4) charcoal deodarizer with fragrance gel The first 3 did not help much. The deodorizer help in masking the smell (since it has fragrance) but I’m still able to smell the pungent smell now and then. I have tried spraying fabreeze on the suspected areas lots of times. But it doesn’t help much. When open the car door, I can still smell abit of the pungent smell. Is it possible that the urine might have seeped through the leather seat and hence the smell is coming from inside the leather? If that’s the case, any advice on how to remove the smell from the leather seat? Thanks in advance. Anyway the car is only 4 months old
  3. Boringchap

    RIP Mr Lee Kuan Yew - Lying in State

    I paid my last respects to Mr Lee Kuan Yew earlier today. I made this video to give all those who haven't done so a good idea of what the process is like. Yes, the wait may be long, but it was definitely worth it. As I waited, I marveled at all around me. The city, the trees, the Singapore River. Everything. What is Mr Lee Kuan Yew's most important contribution to Singapore? Just look around you. Spend your time reflecting on what Mr Lee has done for all of us. Let us now let him down as we take Singapore to even greater heights. Rest in peace, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. https://youtu.be/-Z3_-P-ju2U
  4. Taxi kills man lying on Victoria Street Sep 29, 2014 6:00am 49 0 1 WhatsApp0 51 DEAD: Mr Zainudin Muhammad was seen arguing with an unknown woman before lying in the middle of the road. PHOTO: LIANHE WANBAO By: NG JUN SEN A 53-year-old man was killed by a taxi after he lay down in the middle of Victoria Street early on Sunday. Mr Zainudin Muhammad was earlier seen having a heated argument with an unknown woman in her 30s, witnesses said. After he lay down in the centre of the five-lane road at 3.15am, the taxi ran over him and dragged his body for about 20m before stopping near the traffic junction at Jalan Sultan. The woman was seen crying next to the victim's body but disappeared before the police arrived. The taxi driver was arrested for causing death by negligent act, a police spokesman said. Read the full report in our print edition on Sept 29. Subscribe to The New Paper, now available in print and digital, at http://bit.ly/tnpeshop. - See more at: http://www.tnp.sg/news/taxi-kills-man-man-lying-victoria-street#sthash.ASBfNa5P.dpuf
  5. I am puzzle to figure out what's wrong with this woman and her driver who sped off quickly leaving her behind lying flat on a busy traffic lane
  6. Civic2000

    Who is lying?

    http://sg.news.yahoo.com/blogs/singaporesc...-045110303.html MOF said it is a "misperception that the late President Ong had not been provided with sufficient information for him to effectively protect the past reserves". He was given "full access" to information, including the value of all government financial assets and listing of physical assets, said MOF. But if I am not wrong, PM Lee did say that it would be impossible to furnish the list of assets to him (OTC) as it would take 56 man-years to work the list out. Has the MOF forgotten? So who is the liar? The answer is obvious.
  7. 20th Jul 09, was driving from PIE to CTE AMK, saw a white cat lying motionless in a pool of blood, it is in the middle of two lanes, along the white striped lines...was a really a sad scene when i saw it, dunno how long it was there.. and tonight, i saw another animal, not sure if it is a cat because it was dark, lying motionless in a pool of blood at SLE Lentor Exit, this time round, saw a red honda stream i think, stopped a few metres in front, at the traffic light with the hazard lights on, the driver and his passenger came down the car as i drove past them.. i'm not sure if they are the culprit, but i hope if they are going to look at the animal, hope that it could still be saved.. haiz..it makes me wonder, what will fellow drivers do when: an animal dash out of the road during an expressway exit or just on normal road? Jam brake? but what if there are cars behind you? p.s mod, if i have post this in the wrong section, please kindly move it, thanks.
  8. hello all, as above. Looking to get a 16" BBS RX, but must swop. My 10 mths 17" setup use for swop very sayang ..... Alternatively, anyone wants to takeover my rims ? can refer to http://www.mycarforum.com/forum/General_C1..._Octy_P1991427/ for pics of my rims.
  9. There's still a number of items lying around in my room since i took it off, maybe u bros can just call me directly and discuss. Need to clear my room asap for personal reasons. 1. Stock air box - bottom cover got one hole 2. Hamburger air filter - biggest size 10 inch if i dun remember wrongly, top cover slightly cracked, stainless steel filter. 3. Galvanised 4-2-1 extractor - only 3-4 months old 4. EP71 turbo FRONT 242mm twin ventilated rotors, brake calipers and brake pads (1 complete set direct plug and play noneeed modification)- i would say the performence is in between Stock EP80 brakes(single solid disc rotor) and EP82GT brakes(bigger twin ventilated disc rotors and caliper), high speed braking definately better than stock EP 80, especially if u have upgradeed master brake cylnder. pads are 6 months old as of removal. 5. Exedy 3 puck heavy duty clutch with clutch cover - can last another 9months-1.5yrs clutch plate 8 inches, clutch cover 10 inches (Outside Diameter) 6. 2pieces of OEM 262mm twin-ventilated 4 x 100PCD rotors(brake disc) Size: Overall Diameter: 262mm, rotor thickness: 18mm, overall height: 48mm thanks for viewing, please help to clear!
  10. 1. Stock exhaust 2. Stock suspension 3. Stock Filter + Airbox 4. Stock wipers 5. Stock DV Collecting dust ... mother complaining... Was wondering since I'm don't see myself changing car for the next few years...if I should get rid of them and free up some space... What about you guys?