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Found 95 results

  1. Titank

    Remove Bad Smell In The Car

    Any method to remove bad smell.
  2. dragonballdidi

    Best Air Refreshener To Put In Your Car.

    What kind of air re freshener have you tried to put in your car? I have tried. . . Does smell good. Value for money. Smell too strong, and block my air-con vent. Don't really like. Best fragrances ever. Like the smell. But have to change every few days. Park in open-space, so leave dries up very fast. Bought this during the petexpo2014, after 2 days no more smell alrd. But still in my car for keepsake purpose. Anyone have better or more powerful air refreshener to share????
  3. I am thinking of bidding for an auction car. Some of the cars, although quite new, has intensive smell in the interior. I am not sure if it is cigarette smell. Are there anyone providing service to get rid of this smell? I think it is too much to ask for new car smell... :)
  4. Hi guys, my pet dog accidentally peed in the rear seat (my fault for not walking her earlier). I used tissue to soak the urine from the seat (leather seat) and clean it. The next day when I came to the car, there was a strong smell. Can’t really pinpoint where the smell is coming from but it’s at the rear seat. Realised that some parts of the seat were made of fabric (those sections for the seat belt buckle and child seat Anchor Point). Suspect the urine might have gone through these fabric parts and soaked and lying at the underneath of the seat hence giving out the smell. Tried the following: 1) vacuuming the area 2) fabreeze 3) baking soda on the seat overnight 4) charcoal deodarizer with fragrance gel The first 3 did not help much. The deodorizer help in masking the smell (since it has fragrance) but I’m still able to smell the pungent smell now and then. I have tried spraying fabreeze on the suspected areas lots of times. But it doesn’t help much. When open the car door, I can still smell abit of the pungent smell. Is it possible that the urine might have seeped through the leather seat and hence the smell is coming from inside the leather? If that’s the case, any advice on how to remove the smell from the leather seat? Thanks in advance. Anyway the car is only 4 months old
  5. Heartlander

    The local road that smell great

    Understand this topic is not that relevant over here because most of us drive with windows wound up. And most often than not we are trying to get away from bad smell when on the road, like behind a garbage truck or bus. But I think most would not believe that we do have a road in Singapore that smell great, albeit only for a few months per year I believe, and it stretches over more than 10km! If in a garden setting then that would be nothing to crow about haha. And most of us would not have noticed it anyway unless we are insane enough to punish ourselves by riding over the stretch of road, which will mean cycling for more than 40km each trip at least. Ok I am talking about this notorious Changi Coastal Road which many of us would avoid like plague as there seems to be no reason to get there unless we are going to the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal for some business. I have been pounding this stretch of road in recent months every weekend from Bedok Jetty vicinity to hit Changi Point hawker center for a treat of refreshing coconut before pushing myself back. Not a lot but definitely good exercise nonetheless. And roughly 2 weeks ago I started to smell some strong fragrance along the stretch while I was pushing myself hard and catching breath. Then I realised that some wise guy in NPark had planted some flowering trees alternately along the whole stretch of road! So when the small trees started to bloom recently, the air around the stretch of road smell really nice, much like the common garden plant that smell great with tiny white flowers. So if you want to try something different, why not try cycle the road for a change. The scenery sucks, but the smell is great. Better hurry while it last haha.
  6. hi Bros, any advice to regards to the above mentioned situation? when it rev to 3.5k rpm will have this smell? my frds say need to flush my engine... Is it true?
  7. my car use to smell of new leather smell even through after 2 yrs driving until recently a can of paint pour into my passenger seat carpet , now the paint smell still stay even after i change the whole carpet, what can i do?
  8. Coltplussport

    Strange smell around sengkang

    Hi, anyone living near sengkang can smell a very pungent smell in the air? Anyone know why?
  9. Hummer

    New car smell product

    Anyone used any "new car smell" products before? Came across this Chemical Guys New Car Smell spray. Is it any good? https://www.amazon.com/Chemical-Guys-AIR-101-16-Freshener-Eliminator/dp/B002J7VX4Y/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1502204539&sr=8-2&keywords=chemical+guys+new+car+smell PS: I am not affliated to the product
  10. Starwings

    Zielonka Smell Killer?

    Anyone try this product before - Zielonka Car comfort and Get Rid of Cigarette & Other Smell in Car
  11. Ronleo

    Getting rid of paint smell...

    Hi, I have juz given the walls of my toilet a fresh coat of paint like 8 days ago, but the fresh paint smell is still ard... Anyone out there has effective method of getting rid of the smell? Tks in adv...
  12. Guys, Check with you that I get this sourish smell when you first turn on the air-con early in the morning but when the compressor kicks in, the smell is gone. I have read in this forum that you need to clean the air-con system by using those gas can type of cleaner, does that really help? After cleaning, you need to turn off air-con and open ventilation vent to let outside air come in when you reach your carpark 1-2 minutes before, is that true?
  13. Numerous studies have shown that the so-called new car smell
  14. Safetyfirst

    Burnt Rubber Smell

    Anybody noticed strong burnt rubber smell in the air ? Around telok blangah area
  15. Hi. My car having a chemical/gas-like smell when entering the car before even start-up. This smells is worst during morning when first open car. Seems like no oil leak. Went to two workshop, they say most likely is cooling coil problem. Need to change the coil which cost quite ex. I abit not comvince as they only told me this solution by hearing my problem and smell. Cos i understand that for cooling coil, there's no way to check from exterior. So wondering is there anybody else having the same problem before or isit due to others problem? Before i proceed to replace the cooling coil which i dunno whether isit the cause of the problem. And I hd just change a new conpressor and filter a mths ago. Thanks.
  16. Thaiyotakamli

    Smell of Singapore's Rich

    http://www.plushasia.com/media_photo/23275 Singapore's million-dollar club grows Singapore - More people made it to the millionaires club last year, with 4,220 taxpayers having assessable income of more than $1 million each. Their combined income came to $8.06 billion, according to the annual report of the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (Iras) released on Thursday. They forked out $1.49 billion in income tax. In 2011, in comparison, there were 3,870 people in this group and they earned $7.45 billion. These could be Singaporeans, permanent residents or foreigners. A further 12,921 people earned between $500,000 and $1 million each last year, up from 11,092 people in 2011. Iras collected 7.6 per cent more cash in its latest financial year, as the economy grew moderately and the buoyant property market yielded more in stamp duty collection. Total taxes collected came to $41.4 billion for the 12 months to March 31, up from $38.4 billion in the year before, said The money made up 74.1 per cent of all operating revenue for the Government. The remainder was collected by other agencies for other types of payments - such as certificates of entitlement and Electronic Road Pricing. Iras' collections include corporate taxes, individual income taxes, goods and services tax (GST), stamp duties, property tax and betting taxes. For the financial year, corporate income tax grew 5.8 per cent to $12.8 billion, owing to improved company profits. Individual income tax collection grew by 12.2 per cent to $7.7 billion, due to higher salaries and the cessation of one-off personal income tax rebates given earlier for income earned in 2011. GST collection rose by 4 per cent to $9 billion, in line with the moderate growth in private consumption expenditure. Stamp duty collections jumped 35.7 per cent to $4.3 billion. The rise was due to the introduction of the additional buyer's stamp duty in December 2011 - intended to cool the property market - and more property transactions. Property tax collection fell by 3.1 per cent to $3.8 billion, due to an earlier change in some policies that affected the timing of collection of the taxes. The changes had led to more collections in the previous financial year - April 2011 to March last year. Taxes from betting activities dipped by 2.9 per cent to $2.3 billion. This included duties on Singapore Pools bets like 4D, Toto, Big Sweep and sports betting, and levies on the casino operations of the two integrated resorts. Iras also highlighted its high level of tax compliance - essentially, that almost all parties pay their taxes on time. Tax arrears declined to a record low of 0.79 per cent, among the lowest in the world. "Our ongoing efforts to promote a high level of voluntary compliance have resulted in more individuals and businesses filing their tax returns and paying taxes on time," said Dr Tan Kim Siew, Commissioner of Inland Revenue. "On-time filing rates have improved across all tax types." One of the taxpayers who name himself Throttle says "yes this year is a good year, many tables to be cleaned, my income shoot high high." Throttle who reported his annual income for more than has one million singapore dollar has decided to give himself a holiday break to London, UK.
  17. Hi Guys, Why does car aircon give a sourish smell especially in the morning after parked overnight??? Some say this is due to damped n mouldy parts in the aircon system, is it correct??...... Some advise to turn of the aircon compressor (but leave the blower runnning) say 5 minutes before reaching home so that cold/moist air in the system can be 'dried' up before we part our cars overnight......... i tried it but the sourish smell is still there. It happens with my old car and also 1 month old car. Why??? Thanks
  18. Was watching the Ch8 news. Water in Yishun is smelly and rashes are formed on skin after the water has been used for bathing. Any folks here affected?
  19. Ivan323

    Rubber smell from carpets

    Hi guys, I need advise from u guys on how to remove rubber smell inside my car. Few months back, i brought a new set of 3A carpet for my car but the problem is, i couldn't remove the rubber smell from the carpets. I tried a few ways but still couldn't help. I had tried buying those air-con cleaner selling at esso which come in green or yellow can oso useless. I even brought a few type of air-freshers to cover up the smell but it only last for the first few days den the smell reuturn again. I had oso tried soaking the carpets with car shampoo oso couldn't help!! I thought the smell will go out itself after a few months of usage but i'm wrong.. Anyone of ur has the similar type of carpets n share the same experience? How do u guys remove the rubber smell permanent? The smell is kinda strong when u haf park ur car overnight but the smell will go off when u start driving..
  20. Anyone has any idea what is their cleaning process? All these second hand cars at the merc and BMW preowned showrooms smell like brand new cars!
  21. Dear guys, Do you experience exhaust smell from your Mini countryman? My sis countryman bought slightly less than a year has this exhaust smell. It's not always but on and off. Went back to agent but couldn't detect anything. Appreciate any feedback. Tks!
  22. Tohto

    Crude Oil smell in Sengkang

    Since this morning has be smelling strong crude oil smell in Seng Kang. Any one in seng Kang smell it? Is there any tanker leak?
  23. Skyiet27

    Strong petrol smell

    Bought a used 06 ride In nov 2011 Always find very strong petrol smell after I open my door But internal no smell Fuel cover area no smell Wheel below fuel cover no smell After ard 3-5 sec Smell disappear Anyone got same situation??? Last my car manual I decat muffler I understand This auto uncle ride I think exos is stock Tks
  24. any chemical solution or detergent that i can use to get rid of foul smell coming out from my sink drainage? tried pouring bleach and hot water...to no avail...the smell is still there....sianz thanks
  25. Smelly tofu.... It smell bad but still ok for me, so I ordered some and told myself to try it at least once in my life. When the dish came, I took a big piece and try to put it into my mouth ...... OMG, at this point I dropped it on the floor, because my mouth auto reflect just rejected it completely!! Same for some smelly cheese..... Another day, I was enjoying a juicy roast duck, then for whatever reason/impulse, took a bite at the it's backside..... Wah piang!!.... I spilled the whole piece out.....