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Found 19 results

  1. hi Bros, any advice to regards to the above mentioned situation? when it rev to 3.5k rpm will have this smell? my frds say need to flush my engine... Is it true?
  2. Ronleech

    Chao Ah Tiong jaywalker.....

    Met two of them while leaving the car park of a neighbourhoon shopping center last nite after dinner. At the exit...they just walk across even my vehicle is almost reaching them, really no care!!! Gave them a loud horn and still they bo chap....KNN... I must say...not all chinese are from china..... Stupid china chinese!!!!
  3. Chance upon this video on Facebook ,.. Not sure you guys hv seen it .. Hope the link works.. https://www.facebook.com/thesiakapkeli/videos/1044150862274601/?autoplay_reason=gatekeeper
  4. Little_prince

    Chao du ceremony for micarriage baby.

    hi guys. my wife just had a miscarriage and she's still emotional very upset... i was thinking of doing a chao du ceremony to at least give her some emotional closure on the matter and move on. Any one here got any recommendations or contacts for any temple that conducts these rituals? thanks in advance .
  5. China "FT" Mr Wang Peng Fei has started insulting Singaporeans again The video: The anti-Singaporean video posted by Mr Wang Peng Fei last year has sparked many online debates, recently he has again posted negative comments about Singaporeans on his Weibo account. He is currently residing in Singapore. A police report was lodged against Mr Wang Peng Fei on 24th July 2011 last year for allegedly uttering racist remarks against Singapore women in a self-made video clip posted on YouTube. After learning about the police report, Mr Wang fled Singapore and returned to China. He was also expelled by the East Asia School of Business for his act. Appended below is the translated transcript of the video clip. His latest post on his Weibo indicates that he is now back in Singapore on a working visa. It makes us wonder why is the working laws for foreigners so loose? Below is the English translation of the contents of the video above. Transcribed & Translated by Dan Feng They say coming to Singapore is the f**king path to good fortune. Why is it the f**king path to good fortune? You sign an indenture to sell yourself. Sometimes you sign away six years of your life, sometimes three. You graduate and you can
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmbGGLeU9gY Be careful.... tons of hokkien vulgur......
  7. Kena this stupid joker today, while driving. Which moron jaywalks on a farking yellow box??!!
  8. Turbonetics

    Slow silver Honda Civic(chao ah gua)

    met a sissy driver whom i supposed have a big ego. this happened today when i was driving along CTE in lane 1 towards city. i was picking up speed as infront was clear,then this sissy who was in lane 2 pretty far away cut into my lane without signalling causing me to ease my throttle(iam fines as its very common and used to it). but this driver didn't pick up speed any much faster than vehicles in lane 2 and after a few seconds,i was pretty close to him(i was stepping the gas pedal in a gentle manner) and there was a big gap in front of him. and again,i know road hoggers are very common so usually i don't horn or beam.instead i always have to find chance and overtake from lane 2. so my turn to turn to be nasty now.i tailgated him (well probably 1/4car length) not that close though. i tailgated him because he was probably 5km/hr faster than a taxi on lane 2 and i wanted to filter infront of the taxi so that i can overtake him. now,my chance has come(feels like donkey years) and i signal left to filter... what happend at this moment,as soon as i ON my signal,this bugger tap his brake light(even though he didn't jam brake).now this shows how big ego he owns. u know how annoying it is when one is trying to filter lane and the car infront suddenly brake? so when i drive pass this sissy,beside him was a lady driver who turned her head and looked at me(probably he told her how close i was behind them). but i ignored him and continue my journey. the woman passenger must have blown his ego big big. what a loser to drive like this.
  9. Singapore Home > Breaking News > Singapore > Story Jul 7, 2011 Trio charged over Suntec City incident By Elena Chong Dahlberg (above) is said to have caused hurt to cab passenger Laurence Wong Seong, 38, by swinging his fist at him shortly after midnight on April 11 last year. -- ST PHOTO: WONG KWAI CHOW THREE Caucasians were charged on Thursday with offences over the fracas at Suntec City more than a year ago. New Zealander Robert Stephen Dahlberg, 34, Australian Nathan Robert Miller, 35, and Briton Robert James Springall, 24, each faced between two and three charges. Dahlberg is said to have caused hurt to cab passenger Laurence Wong Seong, 38, by swinging his fist at him shortly after midnight on April 11 last year. The options trader is also said to have grievously hurt another passenger, Mr Paul Louis Liew Kai Ming, 27, by shoving him and causing him to hit his face against the pillar, resulting in a broken nose. Springall, also an options trader, allegedly caused hurt to cabby Tan Boon Kin, 57, by shoving him. He also allegedly drove the cab without the owner's consent, and was supposedly an inconsiderate driving. Miller is accused of punching cabby Tay Gek Heng, 45, and jumping on the taxi bonnet. All three are out on bail and their cases have been adjourned to other dates.
  10. "he always has time for me" knn she calling SAF regulars zou bo lan??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdJYTFCJpQQ...player_embedded
  11. OK, I have decide to try out the plugs and see all the "performance claims" myself. Bought a set of it and install into my car. Previously using Denso IK24. Initial impression is, well engine felt smoother which is pretty much in tune with what happens when you install a new set of plugs (My Denso plugs are around 1000KM old only). There is definitely a little more power at low RPM (between 1-2K RPM) compared to the Denso plugs. Its not surprising since there is no 5K ohms resistor to suck power. The difference gets more pronounced when I turned on the AC. There is less vibration at low RPM esp. when dragging the engine. Overall, there is some improvement but not much. I don't know if it worth the extra premium over the Iridium plugs. I will have to monitor the FC and see what happens. Right now I am hovering at a very steady 7.5KM/L. I pump once a week and my daily routes and even traffic lights timing are very fix. So, I can monitor my FC very accurately. One thing I didn't do is to measure the gap. My Denso are using 0.8mm gap. I will have to take out to measure it at some point of time. One side effect I did notice is my tachometer gets a little erractic. It may jump a little during idle. As expected, plugs w/o resistor will produce more noise and my tacho signal is wired directly to the -ve terminal on my ignition coil. I do have a variable resistor attached to it, will have to adjust to compensate for the noise. At least the plugs didn't seems to affect my Vipec ECU which could result in erratic A/F ratio or misfiring etc. Hopeully, it stays that way in the long run. I have yet to try high RPM to see if it runs well. Thats all for my initial review of the Nology plugs. If you also using the same plugs or some other plugs, just post your experience here
  12. Who is farking chao peasant like me who can't even earn enough to waulify to have a CC? I don't even earn enough to have a Credit Card man..... Sucks.....
  13. Ahgongwolve


    Which do you associate with CAB Car?
  14. any bro's can recommend any workshop ard choa chu kang area to change my exos to stock......been busy lately no time to go sing ming or ubi area.....thanks in advance
  15. Rollagt

    Chinese Zu Chao

    What do U all usually order when it comes to zu chao? Kinda bored with those SOP dishes like tie ban toufu, kang kong, shrimp paste fried chicken. However when I had zu chao with my dad and other fellow uncles, some dishes they order are not found in menu and yet the zu chao folks can whip them up. One of the dish I like is sliced fish cooked with bittergourd with black bean gravy !
  16. Guess our counterparts in South Korea also practise it.. but nbz..they dislocate shoulder can get PES F..our side still serve as PES C..excuse upper limb..
  17. Hey, was told of this yesterday. Not sure anyone has personal encounter or believe in it. Was told that if mother had an abortion/miscarriage, she should go and arrange for chao du (reincarnation) for the deceased child other he/she will attached itself to immediate family members for life. I am helping a friend to look for one to settle my her deceased older sibilings and was quoted over 1k for 1 which is and to pocket.
  18. Sunday Times COMMUNICATIONS manager K.M. Ho was looking for a parking lot at an open-air carpark next to Wheelock Place on Friday night when someone suddenly banged on the back of his car. Puzzled, the 36-year-old got out, only to be punched in the face and slammed twice onto two cars by an American sailor reeking of alcohol. The assault left Mr Ho with a facial wound which needed four stitches, internal bleeding in his left eye and cuts on his nose. His brand-new $500 spectacles were shattered and his sports utility vehicle had a 10cm dent on the left from the impact of his being flung onto it. The sailor fled when some passers-by shouted at him. A few gave chase but did not catch him. One of them, undergraduate Lim Jiaqi, 21, said the sailor had disturbed others in the carpark minutes before attacking Mr Ho. Said Mr Lim: 'The same man had rushed into a woman's car while she was loading groceries into her car boot. He locked himself in and refused to get out. Some people at a nearby pub had to drag him out of the car.' The sailor was described as big-size and at least 1.8m tall. From the description provided, police officers tracked down the suspect, who was still in the vicinity, and took him to the police station. Mr Ho was taken to the Singapore General Hospital in an ambulance. But what happened later made him fuming mad. 'I was asked to go to Tanglin police station to identify my assailant. As soon as I identified the sailor, he was taken away by the American navy police. He left earlier than me!' he said. The suspect was taken away by officers from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), a group of law enforcement officers who 'protect' members of the United States Navy and Marine Corps. The NCIS has a field office in Singapore but it declined to reveal details about the suspect or what action it would take. Mr Ho, on the other hand, reached home at only 5.30am, after a two-hour-long interview by a police officer to record his statement. The police said they questioned the suspect but did not arrest him because the alleged offence - voluntarily causing hurt - is not a seizable one. A police spokesman said: 'The complainant was advised to lodge a magistrate's complaint should he wish to pursue the case against the defendant.' Singapore plays host to several US logistic facilities. US Navy personnel by the shipload often throng Orchard Road and major tourist spots whenever American warships make port visits here. Mr Ho said NCIS officer Ayren M. Jacobs told him that he would meet him today to follow up on investigations into the alleged assault. Mr Ho said: 'I just want justice.'
  19. It happened this morning at 8.15am when I was bringing my son to my mom