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Found 54 results

  1. Hi Guys, What are the things to look for when collecting new car? What are your practices? Do you have a checklist? What are the things you pay particular attention to? And lastly what's the mileage expected on your brand new car upon collection?
  2. Hi, I need a simple car for 6mths to 1 yr. Should I get a new or old one? Was searching sgcarmart and the available used cars between 8 to 9+ years cars have depreciation values of around $7000+ to $8000. But newer used cars 5-6yrs are only $6000+. And new cars like Perodua or Attrage also not much difference. Seems like not worth to get a 8 to 9+ years cars, may have other problems too. Good thing is use and scrap. So should I just get new car? And sell after half to one year? Wonder if the loan penalty will be high, or price will depreciate alot ... Thanks!
  3. When I stated working donkey years ago, I was advised to avoid certain taboos: - don't dress better than my boss at a public event; - don't drive a bigger car than my boss (not that I have the money anyway). I'm working in an MNC. Does it matter now if I am to drive a bigger (more ex) car than my boss? Or this type of things only matter in SME or public service, or this is an outdated view that no longer applies? Would you do it if you have the money? Your views, please.
  4. First time car buyer here. Planning to sign for my first car soon. Will be buying a new car at an AD. Any brothers/sisters here can advice on what to take note of when signing for the car?
  5. Its February. 2nd month of the year. So many things happened. not going to talk abt virus so many threads already. Just wondering since this is a car forum, good year to change car? Does the uncertainty that lies ahead affects your car buying decision, PM Lee warns of impending recession, even risk of losing job in the event of the current global situation worsenin.. are we on a wait and see wad happens next attitude? do we see coe dropping? Wads the take for forum members here?
  6. Chromas

    New Car Checklist

    For the benefit of those who are about to collect their new cars, I'm posting up generic new car checklist. Some of the items may not apply to you if your car doesn't come with the feature. This is sure to make those SE's accompanying the new owners to have a real hard time New_Car_Checklist.doc New_Car_Checklist.pdf
  7. Hi all Would like to check on something. While i understand that if the coe is not obtained, there would be a delay in getting the car. However, if the downpayment has been made and that the COE has been obtained, why does the AD now tell me that they have no stock on hand to deliver based on the agreed timeline of delivery? Wondering if anyone has experienced this and to what effect can this be resolved? thanks!!
  8. So now, you have put your precious money into buying that dream car and the day that it arrives in Singapore has come! It lands in our port, someone picks it up and it gets transported to our showrooms for collection. Have you ever wondered about the fuel that goes into the car? Does it come empty? How much fuel goes into it? What kind of fuel goes into it? Well here is the story of two companies who choose a quaint little station in the West Coast to top up the fuel for their new arrivals. Both Honda and Toyota use a small Shell station down South, close to the Pasir Panjang MRT, and everyday, rain or shine, more than a dozen car transporters stop here to fill up the cars they carry. If you do the maths, that’s about a ten cars or so per transporter and more than 100 cars each day! It also gives you an idea of the sales volume of these bigger car companies. The station has a total of eight pumps, and the two outermost pair are equipped with extra long hoses, which allow the driver to reach the second deck of his transporter truck, without having to move the long truck. And yes it’s usually the driver who does the job, rather than the regular fuel attendants, but they do help out sometimes. It typically takes the driver around half an hour or more to refuel all the cars in one load. So you get a full tank? Sadly no, they will give you 50 bucks worth of the golden liquid, and it’s Ron 95 for these cars. Diesel cars obviously get a different oil, but it’s still the same amount. Given current petrol prices, you will get around a quarter tank, depending on how large the fuel tank is. Other car companies have tie ups with other stations, but the more premium marques may give you a full tank if you get their more expensive cars, but most car dealers only give you around a quarter tank. Enough for you to run about for a while, but with fuel prices so high, I guess unless you are a top valued customer, a quarter tank will have to do. Cars requiring a higher Ron do get a different grade of fuel, but whether that makes a difference is left to another story to answer…. Who says Toyotas aren't selling well?
  9. This is really trivial. Have been puzzled by this mismatch in year of production record in logcard and label in the car. The B180 was registered in Dec/2015, but the metal plate label at the driver door indicated MY2016. Logcard record is put at 2015. I know must follow the detail in the logcard, just curious why it was put as MY2016 in the car. Any one knows why the discrepancy? Hope I am not wasting bandwidth here haha.
  10. Hi All, I just got my 1 Week old Honda Civic WHITE. Planning to go for PPS CF-II By UNIQUE1995.com Any recommendations? Should i do it? As after reading some posts here, some commented that doing PPS will leave Swirl Marks etc. Hope you can advice :) Thanks!
  11. Would like to seek the opinion and advise from knowledgeable expert here. Planning to get new car from a AD. The SE offered me a good deal but on the condition that I will have to take up a private car loan from Hitachi at interest of 2.78% rather than the in house loan of 2.5% interest from UOB. The SE promise that he will compensate the 0.28% of extra interest that I have to pay in term of cheque. With that it seems like I'm not losing out from anything since the extra interest from Hitachi will be compensated back to me. Am I missing out on anything? Is there something I have to look out for? Are there any risk in doing so? Would appreciate is people can provide some feedbacks and advice. Thanks!
  12. Man pays for half of $84,000 car with cryptocurrency ethereum In a first-of-its kind transaction in Singapore yesterday, business development manager David Lau used cryptocurrency to pay for half of the cost of a new car. The 27-year-old bought a Honda Vezel for $84,000, using $10,000 worth of ethereum - a cryptocurrency he has been investing in for about two years - to pay the deposit for the crossover car. He will be paying another $32,000 worth of ethereum in the next three weeks, and financing the remaining $42,000 with a bank loan. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that operates independently of a central bank. Its value is determined largely by speculation-driven demand, making it volatile and unpredictable. Speaking to The New Paper yesterday, Mr Lau said he has about $50,000 worth of cryptocurrency. He started with $500 in 2017, and invested more over time. "I was riding on the hype and saw it grow," he said. "I'm buying this car for my father, and it's a good way to let go of these assets." Mr Lau bought the car from MHG Cars, a dealership that started operations on Dec 18. Company director Lydia Ang, 35, said it is the only dealership in Singapore to accept cryptocurrency payments. She said: "It might be a niche market now, but I believe this is going to be a major thing in the future." Ms Ang added that using cryptocurrency cuts down on transaction fees. Credit card transaction fees are about 3 per cent, while the transaction fee for cryptocurrency is about 1 per cent. She said: "This lowers the cost for us and provides customers more options for payment." MHG Cars has partnered with Bizkey, a blockchain-based payment solution that acts as a middle-man, collecting cryptocurrency from consumers and dispensing cash to partners. Bizkey, which has interests in countries including China, trades in cryptocurrency. While Mr Lau's use of cryptocurrency in the transaction with MHG Cars is currently not regulated by the authorities, the proposed Payment Services Bill, which is expected to be mentioned again in Parliament this year, could lead to the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) imposing requirements on intermediaries that buy, sell or exchange payment-type digital tokens for other payment tokens or fiat currency, and vice versa. MAS has previously issued several advisories on cryptocurrency, including a joint advisory with the Commercial Affairs Department, warning the public to act with extreme caution when engaging in such transactions. The authority said cryptocurrencies are "very high risk" investments that can cause investors to lose all their capital. Mr Chia Hock Lai, chairman of the Token Economy Association and president of the Singapore Fintech Association, said he was surprised to hear about Mr Lau's purchase. "Transactions using cryptocurrency outside of investment are not common here, especially for such large amounts," he said. "It's sometimes used for purchases at cafes or eateries, but even then it's uncommon in Singapore." There are less than a hundred merchants here who accept cryptocurrency as payment. Mr Chia added that the volatility risk has to be taken into account when consumers and merchants use cryptocurrency. He said: "I think such transactions are more of a one-off event and I don't expect it to become something commonplace." For Mr Lau, buying the car was a matter of cashing out. He said he wanted to use his ethereum due to the state of the cryptocurrency market now. "It's currently not so bullish, so I want to put my money into other investments," he said. https://www.tnp.sg/news/singapore/man-pays-half-84000-car-cryptocurrency
  13. Hi everyone, I put a $3K initial deposit for a new Honda car but had to cancel the order due to some personal reason. Kah Motors not willing to refund my deposit but they willing to transfer my deposit to another buyer as a special case. Rather than forfeit all the $3K, I'm willing to discount $500 off the deposit to anyone interested to buy a new Honda. Everything will be done legally at Kah Motors so this is a legit deal. If anyone is interested or know of relatives or friends who are interested, please contact me at 98077700. Thanks.
  14. Starting the ball rolling since car show is around the corner, lets discuss and compare good deals (if any at all? ) or special offers. Will you buy new car at car show ? Considering the resilience COE price now , do you think there will really be good offer ? What will be considered as a good offer? $2k cheaper than current sales price?
  15. With requests from Public for new car owners, DM currently offer a Warranty Free Hop over program for your new car. If you are not please with what your present workshop servicing standard, you might wanna join us for a Free warranty coverage program. All you have to do is to join us for your future servicing. Your hop over will only be approved after a call access check. Warranty booklet will be issued to you right after the check. Our Warranty hop over program is currently hot in demand due to our Servicing standards and quality customer service. Dont miss it. Hotline to call : 63416164
  16. A detail breakdown of the cost/taxes of a new car including the dealer's profit margin The table is pretty much self-explanatory. This explains the high cost of new car despite the fall in COE prices! https://www.onemotoring.com.sg/content/onemotoring/en/lta_information_guidelines/buy_a_new_vehicle/car_cost.html Car_Cost_Update.pdf
  17. Just curious, would you buy a car if the dealer doesn’t allow a test drive until you’ve signed on the dotted line? This is especially so for used cars. Sounds ridiculous
  18. Hummer

    New car smell product

    Anyone used any "new car smell" products before? Came across this Chemical Guys New Car Smell spray. Is it any good? https://www.amazon.com/Chemical-Guys-AIR-101-16-Freshener-Eliminator/dp/B002J7VX4Y/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1502204539&sr=8-2&keywords=chemical+guys+new+car+smell PS: I am not affliated to the product
  19. I am heading to show room to for a MPV, Odyssey or Estima are my targets. Please could you let me how much I can bargain based on the listed price? how about 5k?
  20. Hi, what are the things to do before getting you new car, 1st time owner here, please share your tips..thanks Like .... can go HDB buy season parking after IU and plate number is known? buy coupon? getting to know the road (any tips?) During collection of new car, what to look out for? What sort of documents the SE will give me?
  21. Anyone knows where is this nice location? Very impressive housing estate. Must cost a lot...only can dream. http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/gallery.php?AID=991&CUR=1&TYPE=reviews#photo
  22. Nlatio

    Citibank Loan

    Like to check.... the One Motoring website show the citi bank loan at better interest.... but the thing is,we need to take loan from most if not all AD and PI own finane company.... so it's like let us see for fun only????
  23. Dear all, What are the freebies for buying a new a car from authorised car dealer like Toyota or Honda? Last time when I bought car was solar film, sport rim, etc. many years back. What are the things that car agents are willingly to offer now? Please kindly advise. Thank you very much.
  24. Anyone saw an advert in today's Straits Time? Full page half car body taken from the back. ..along with the words. ..hand over your keys. ..3 Sep 15... anyone knows the make and model and what the advert is about?
  25. You were waiting eagerly for your car and you were euphoric when told your new baby is ready for collection.... ...but did you have any post collection disappointment after taking the new car like quality niggles here and there or the car doesn't look as good compared to showroom or FC is way off or certain options/capabilities you assumed but were not there or the freebies are cheap knockoff etc etc. Please share your experience