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  1. Hi Guys, What rituals you have for collecting new car? e.g. some people roll a pineapple for new home.
  2. Hi Guys, What are the things to look for when collecting new car? What are your practices? Do you have a checklist? What are the things you pay particular attention to? And lastly what's the mileage expected on your brand new car upon collection?
  3. Found a 3cm long deep scratch on the rear door of my new car today, it was horizontal, and almost certainly made deliberately by a sharp object such as a key with alot of force in order to leave a deep indentation. One of the hazards of parking a new car in a public carpark I guess! Unfortunately because my in-car cameras are only front and rear facing, they would not have been able to capture the vandal at his act. Just wondering if anyone has any idea of how some camera system can somehow be installed so as to cover the sides of the vehicle when parked? Am fearful that the vandal may strike again.
  4. Due to the COE climate now, i'm looking at a used car instead of a new car currently due to limited budget.. Any advice from the pros here on what to look out for when i visit used car dealers? I might also look at buying directly from someone through an sgcarmart listing. Any tips before meeting an owner for a test drive?
  5. I'm getting my first car, due to family needs. What are the pros and cons of a new car vs used car? and should i take into account the current COE prices?
  6. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/car-dealers-in-ubi-motor-belt-seek-extension-to-expiring-leases Leases for several car showrooms in the Kampong Ubi "motor belt" will be expiring from next year, and companies are scrambling for extensions. Among the half a dozen or so soon-to-expire leases is one held by Automobile Megamart, which operates an eight-storey complex housing more than 100 new car companies, used car dealerships and parallel importers. Its 30-year lease runs out in 2026, and stakeholders have set in motion an appeal for an extension. Another affected property is the Opel showroom held by the Alpine group. Like all others interviewed, Alpine Group managing director Albert Pang said he intends to apply for an extension. "After Leng Kee, this is Singapore's motor belt," Mr Pang said, referring to the Leng Kee-Alexandra Road car showroom district. "Of course we want to stay if we can." Directly opposite his showroom is Sime Darby's Performance Premium Selection used car complex, which recently had its lease extended till 2040.
  7. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/should-i-get-a-new-car-or-revalidate-the-coe-on-my-existing-one Saw this title but I have no subscriptions to read the article. It is interesting to revisit this topic now that COE prices is at 10 year high. If one has a lots of spare cash, then this discussion is irrelevant, please skip and go straight to sgcarmrt new car section.😄 I will stick to two distinctive categories, that is buying a new car vs renewing COE, the comparison will purely base on economy sense, not taking into considerations about new leather smell, flashy look, newer technology of a new car. Buying a new car now will tie one down with a 10 years of high COE, if he sells his car along the way when COE is lower, he will lose extremely high depre of his car. If he scraps it, he will get back paper value, lossing half the ARF or more depending on the emission rebate of his car, huge dealer margin and excise tax etc which will be a huge sum. Not to forget, dealer margin in SGP is based on total sales price, higher COE price will attract higher dealer margin. Conversely, if one will to renew COE assuming his car condition is decent, then he will just have to write off his PARF, no dealer margin, ARF to pay for, so the cost is relatively cheaper. Assuming 3 years down the road when COE drops,, he can scrap his car and get back his remaining unused COE and go buy a new car. If his car is a B& B car like Altis or Elantra, then his financial PARF write off will be limited to that $10k there about over the number of years, which is quite manageable. If one has a higher PARF car, then he may have to do his sum carefully. Next let's look at another alternative, that is buying a used car. If given myself this situation, my thought would be to buy a used car that is about 7 years old, allow me to ride through the high COE period and see how it goes, if COE drops by then, I will just scrap my car and buy a new one, or even renew its COE when PQP is lower. Considering the straining economy outlook now, better be more prudence in spending.
  8. Took me quite some time to piece all the information together for this thread, which I have wanted to start a few months back. No right or wrong here, just some personal opinions on why I think the AD plays an important role in determining the resale value of the model sold by them. Feel free to share your thoughts (a forum is meant for members to engage in meaningful discussion, isn't it?) Many ADs has been playing hard to maintain the sales price of new car sold by them, citing reasons such as protecting customer's interest (by not having an unusually wide price fluctuation from month to month), guarantee a good resale value in the used car market (used car price is tagged almost directly to new car pricing), better service if buying the car from them directly, etc. But is that always the case? It is an open secret that when ADs are not able to meet their sales target, they will register the new car and sold it as used car through their used car division of even 3rd parties. I am using PML and Wearnes as an example below, to highlight the adverse effects of doing so. PML (BMW) With the new X3 priced from $302,888 (xDrive20i) / $308,888 (xDrive20i M-Sport) before over trade, the profit margin is between $68K to $71K, which is almost 150% of their respective OMV! Even after an generous O/T of say ~$30K, the net car price will still be around $270K to $280K. Yet PML would rather sell brand new unit at a much lower price (estimated to be ~$250K+) every month to used car dealers, only for it to be listed as used car, than to price it down to similar level for genuine buyers (direct PML customer). This is the screen grab I have taken from sgcarmart.com and the list is not exhaustive. You can even find pre-facelift X3, which was registered exactly a year ago, on the list (there are actually several units available, but the dealer don't want to give potential buyer the impression that they have to lelong the car in their inventory)! Based on the info I have, used car dealers got these units last year at just $200K thereabout, so they can continue to hold and wait (for uninformed buyer). So what does it got to do with resale value? Well, we all know that in a few years time, when the owner want to sell their ride, used car dealers will probably offer PARF + remaining COE value + another few $$$K for the body, and given the record breaking COE premium currently, the owner is likely to burn >$150K in just <5 years (buy at $280K, sell at $105K - $120K max. at 5th year). That's when some will KPKB that BMW has low resale value, nope? Wearnes (Volvo) Let look at the total number of V60 Cross Country and V90 Cross Country registered in the first 5 month of this year, 13 units in total. Want to make a guess how many of this units are sold as brand new used car? 1, 2 or 3? Well, I found 5 units listed on sgcarmart.com (I have reasons to believe there are more units available but not advertised - 'cos I saw at least another 1 - 2 units parked outside Wearnes Pre-Owned, probably management unit, which will eventually be sold as used car). That translate to ~40 to 50% of the new car sold as used. Reason for doing that? Having to meet sales quota without lowering the new car price. BTW, the profits for both model range from ~$67K to >$100K (before O/T), I will leave it to the readers to decide if that is reasonable for the brand. In the case of Volvo, it is a double whammy for the owners (be it brand new from Wearnes or brand new used car / management unit), as not only they are experiencing paper lost as what I have described above, with many used car in the market with transfer count of more than 1, the resale value will be further suppressed. One just need to browse the used car list on sgcarmart.com for the earlier model, and some can be had for ~$14K annual depreciation (in the current climate of $100K COE, so I cannot imagine when the COE return to $50K, these used car will have <$9K depreciation??) One particular unit of V60 Cross Country has been put up for sales for at least 2 months, with asking price of <$190K (for a 6 months old car) till the owner gave up and sell it to Eurokars Pre-Owned, so does that paint a picture that matches what I have written so far?
  9. In your opinion, what is the best colour for a new car and why? 🤔 Also, what colours should I avoid when looking to get a new car?
  10. Here's a consolidated thread for all new car launches and spy shot that you can find all around the world. For all car lovers out there, you can join and participate and follow this thread for more updates!
  11. Never used them b4 leh. Anyone bought or sold a car via Carro for it to be so successful? -----‐------------------------------------------------ Singapore-based automotive marketplace Carro says raises US$360 million to become unicorn https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/business/singapore-automotive-marketplace-carro-us-360-million-unicorn-15016274
  12. Hi, I would like to seek advice on whether to buy a new car before or after the new VES rebate in January. Given that the A2 has an additional $5k rebate in January 2021, say the car is selling at $100k after January vs 102k for now, which is a better deal? (if not 2k difference, what is the margin for it to be still worth the earlier purchase) I was told by the sale agent that the increased rebate will only have effect if you are planning to sell it after 9-10 years. Otherwise, whether or not the arf decrease by 5k has no significance as selling car/trade-in goes by "market value". Any advice and insights will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  13. Seeking suggestions on how to make a 12-year car looks like maybe a 1 or 2-year car. Not too expensive please.
  14. From being able to get behind the wheel of your dream car as soon as possible to enjoying a worry-free motoring experience, there are many reasons why you might opt to lease a car. We look at the benefits it can bring you! If you want to drive a car but don't want the hassle and uncertainty associated with ownership, leasing could be just the thing for you. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider leasing your next car! 1. Get in your dream car faster with zero downpayment For a start, you will be able to bring that dream car to your doorstep sooner than you expect. By opting to lease, you will get access to a brand-new car with zero cash downpayment. 2. You can put your money to better use Even if you have the cash on hand for a downpayment, there is always a better use for it. You might consider an investment in order to earn some spare income or, if you are not into investing, why not splurge on that well-deserved holiday, or that home renovation you always wanted. Think about all the ways you could spend your money on. 3. Bid farewell to unexpected increases in expenses Owning a car can lead to erratic and substantial repair and maintenance costs. However, when you lease, your motoring expenses are reduced to one simple monthly payment. Just add your parking and fuel costs, and you're ready to hit road! And here's one other little-known secret: With your insurance already covered by the leasing firm, you won't have to worry about changing insurance premiums after an accident, since your monthly leasing cost will remain the same. How's that for added predictability? 4. Have a concierge service at your disposal Of course, having all your budgeting planned out will be pointless if you don't have any free time to enjoy it. Get a full-service lease, inclusive of concierge service and 24h roadside assistance, to ensure that you have complete peace of mind. With the concierge service, a representative will arrive at a place of your choosing both to collect and to return the car whenever your vehicle is due for servicing or repairs, so the disruption to your schedule is kept to an absolute minimum. "I'm really happy with my leasing experience with Daimler Fleet Management. It's so easy; I just have to pick up the phone whenever I have issues with my car and the concierge takes care of it. I wouldn't see myself going back to buying a car without leasing again.", Dr. Govender, long time leasing customer. Don't know which workshop you can trust to keep your car best maintained? Why not leave it to the expertise of your leasing firm? This way, you not only leave the maintenance costs of your car to the firm, but all the related logistics and part sourcing as well. A full-service lease with Daimler Fleet Management additionally ensures that you only get original replacements on wear and tear items including tyres, batteries and wiper blades, so you can always count on a dependable and working car. Even if you are unfortunate enough to face a breakdown on the road, Daimler Fleet Managements' 24-hour roadside assistance teams are always on standby. 5. A replacement car is there when you need one A replacement vehicle is also provided via the 24h roadside assistance. When your vehicle is sent for repairs or routine servicing, you won't have to make alternative transport arrangements. 6. Gain insulation from resale value risk Finally, when it comes to that time when you have to part ways with your pre-loved car, you can likewise just leave it to the concierge to pick it up. Others would have to worry about how much their cars have depreciated, and to haggle over a price with a used car dealer. Meanwhile, you will be able to spend your time shopping for your next new love! 7. Leasing is more affordable than you think With so many services on offer, you'd naturally think that leasing is going to be expensive. But that's not necessarily true. With Daimler Fleet Management, you get to enjoy all the benefits listed above, from as little as $10 a day! 8. Enjoy flexibility on your lease term Afraid of getting locked into a fixed leasing contract? Have no fear. Your lifestyle and mobility needs can change, and Daimler Fleet Management understands the importance for flexibility when it comes to your motoring needs. That's exactly why it now offers a new Flexi lease option, which mirrors a pay-per-use model by allowing customers to alter their lease periods as and when the need may arise. So, should you feel like changing your car to the latest facelift model, upgrading to a bigger car for your growing family, or if you want to simply stop driving, the options are always open. If all these sound great to you, Daimler Fleet Management has an extensive fleet of vehicles available at competitive rates for you to consider. Find out more here, or call 6849 8118 for enquiries!
  15. There's no denying that cars are expensive in Singapore - you'll often find Singapore atop lists on the most expensive places to own a car in the world. So, when it comes to buying a car, price is a key factor. There's no doubt that everyone loves a bargain. Being able to save even a small amount can go a long way to making you feel a little bit better about your purchase. However, when it comes to buying a car, there's a lot more that goes into the decision than simply a race to the bottom, price-wise. Cheaper isn't necessarily better. Beyond the price tag, here are four additional things that you should consider when buying a car. 1. Complimentary warranty with the option of purchasing extended warranty Buying from an Authorised Dealer (AD) is generally more expensive, but included in that higher price tag is a warranty package, usually anywhere between five to seven years, and that usually also includes a servicing package. Having that warranty is important - while no one plans for something serious to go wrong with their car, you definitely want to be comprehensively covered should an unfortunate situation arise. Knowing that you can return to the AD who has the necessary expertise and genuine parts, provides you a complete peace of mind. All Porsche cars come with a complimentary maintenance and servicing package that includes regular wear and tear. Additionally, all cars come with a comprehensive five year warranty, with the option of picking up an extended warranty of up to 15 years, only available at Porsche Centre Singapore. 2. Highly trained sales and after sales professionals When it comes to servicing your vehicle, quality comes at a price. Yes, you can find the cheapest option, but you're certainly comprising on quality. Proper maintenance of your car is important for safety, as well as ensuring the long-term longevity and reliability of the car, delivering driving pleasure for years to come. With an AD, you can be sure of highly qualified technicians that have the most modern and up-to-date equipment and software updates necessary for dealing with modern, high-tech cars. Porsche Centre Singapore has one of the first electric-ready workshops in Southeast Asia, with dedicated high-voltage certified technicians, specifically to handle the all-electric Porsche Taycan. All the technicians are also regularly recertified and trained to maintain vehicles in accordance to global quality and safety standards. And, when it comes to a high-performance vehicle like a Porsche, you want to be able to get the best out of the experience. With intensive training to be qualified to service customers and deliver a top-notch purchase experience, the Porsche Sales Consultants are capable of guiding you on how to best use your vehicle. 3. Exclusive benefits and experiences When buying a car, especially with a premium brand, you are also buying into a set of exclusive experiences and a particular lifestyle. Beyond just the car, you also gain access to unique experiences and opportunities you wouldn't be able to attain elsewhere. These experiences can range from exclusive invites to various events and drives, as well as exclusive benefits from the brand and its partners. 4. Higher resale value When you decide it's time to move on to your next car, having a vehicle with a comprehensive dealer-certified service history, backed by the trusted reputation of the brand, will undoubtedly raise its resale value. With a highly detailed servicing history, as well as the assurance of genuine replacement parts used, any potential buyer will have no doubts as to the integrity and reliability of your vehicle. And of course, you also have the option of upgrading to a newer model and trading in your current vehicle with the AD.
  16. Sometimes, size does matter. When it comes to a new car showroom (or any kind of shop), size is undoubtedly important - more space means more choices for the customer. At over 100,000 sqft, the brand new Cars & Coffee Singapore Megastore is the largest new car showroom in Singapore, and it is truly larger than life. Occupying half of the sixth floor of the Carros Centre, the new Cars & Coffee Megastore is one stop location for all your car buying needs. Here are five things that make the new Cars & Coffee Singapore Megastore a one-of-a-kind shopping experience: 1. Largest car collection With over 1,000 cars on display, this is the largest new car showroom in Singapore. The extensive collection ranges from entry-models from brands like Honda, Toyota and Suzuki to high-end luxury cars from the likes of Bentley and Porsche. Unsure about what you want? With plenty of options for different price points and customer needs, you won’t be needing to hop from one showroom to the next. Here, you get everything under one roof. 2. Staple choices At the Cars & Coffee Megastore, you will find plenty of staple choices, including the new Honda Fit or the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, as well as new choices such as the Toyota Raize or the new Mercedes-Benz GLB-Class. And, more importantly, the cars here are all ready to go – these VAC Ready Stock cars mean that all that is required is a COE, and you can immediately take delivery of your new car and start driving. 3. Rare finds Are you looking for something a little more out of the ordinary? You might just find it here. You will find models like the new Land Rover Defender and Mercedes-Benz G-Class on display. And, if there’s something you have in mind that you don’t see, Cars & Coffee has the capability to bring it in for you. 4. Golf carts No, Cars & Coffee are not selling golf carts to customers. However, there are golf carts on site to ferry customer around. Why? Well, considering the showroom spans more than 100,000 sqft, getting around on foot can become tiring. To provide customers the best experience, and to facilitate quick viewing of the cars available, two golf carts have been procured to ferry customers around. 5. Customer service At the Cars & Coffee Megastore, you’ll also find a spacious and luxuriously appointed lounge area that you can relax in. Here, you can snack on pastries and drink specially brewed coffee, while the highly-professional sales people walk you through the different car buying options available to you. 6. Personalisation options In the customer lounge, you will also find a huge array of car-related add-ons, such as accessories and upgrades like media players and rims, to cosmetic accessories and solar film. Also, you will find plenty of personalisation options to craft the car of your dreams. With a wide range of exterior paint colours, as well as different interior leather options with different grades of leather and a huge array of colours, there is no doubt that you will find a combination for even the most eclectic palette. The brand new Cars & Coffee Singapore Megastore is now open, and is located at 60 Jln Lam Huat, Level 6, Carros Centre Singapore (737869). It is open from 10:30am to 7:00pm daily. To get in touch, you can contact Cars & Coffee Singapore at 6397 4080, or make an online enquiry or appointment here.
  17. Hi, I need a simple car for 6mths to 1 yr. Should I get a new or old one? Was searching sgcarmart and the available used cars between 8 to 9+ years cars have depreciation values of around $7000+ to $8000. But newer used cars 5-6yrs are only $6000+. And new cars like Perodua or Attrage also not much difference. Seems like not worth to get a 8 to 9+ years cars, may have other problems too. Good thing is use and scrap. So should I just get new car? And sell after half to one year? Wonder if the loan penalty will be high, or price will depreciate alot ... Thanks!
  18. First time car buyer here. Planning to sign for my first car soon. Will be buying a new car at an AD. Any brothers/sisters here can advice on what to take note of when signing for the car?
  19. Its February. 2nd month of the year. So many things happened. not going to talk abt virus so many threads already. Just wondering since this is a car forum, good year to change car? Does the uncertainty that lies ahead affects your car buying decision, PM Lee warns of impending recession, even risk of losing job in the event of the current global situation worsenin.. are we on a wait and see wad happens next attitude? do we see coe dropping? Wads the take for forum members here?
  20. For the benefit of those who are about to collect their new cars, I'm posting up generic new car checklist. Some of the items may not apply to you if your car doesn't come with the feature. This is sure to make those SE's accompanying the new owners to have a real hard time New_Car_Checklist.doc New_Car_Checklist.pdf
  21. Hi all Would like to check on something. While i understand that if the coe is not obtained, there would be a delay in getting the car. However, if the downpayment has been made and that the COE has been obtained, why does the AD now tell me that they have no stock on hand to deliver based on the agreed timeline of delivery? Wondering if anyone has experienced this and to what effect can this be resolved? thanks!!
  22. So now, you have put your precious money into buying that dream car and the day that it arrives in Singapore has come! It lands in our port, someone picks it up and it gets transported to our showrooms for collection. Have you ever wondered about the fuel that goes into the car? Does it come empty? How much fuel goes into it? What kind of fuel goes into it? Well here is the story of two companies who choose a quaint little station in the West Coast to top up the fuel for their new arrivals. Both Honda and Toyota use a small Shell station down South, close to the Pasir Panjang MRT, and everyday, rain or shine, more than a dozen car transporters stop here to fill up the cars they carry. If you do the maths, that’s about a ten cars or so per transporter and more than 100 cars each day! It also gives you an idea of the sales volume of these bigger car companies. The station has a total of eight pumps, and the two outermost pair are equipped with extra long hoses, which allow the driver to reach the second deck of his transporter truck, without having to move the long truck. And yes it’s usually the driver who does the job, rather than the regular fuel attendants, but they do help out sometimes. It typically takes the driver around half an hour or more to refuel all the cars in one load. So you get a full tank? Sadly no, they will give you 50 bucks worth of the golden liquid, and it’s Ron 95 for these cars. Diesel cars obviously get a different oil, but it’s still the same amount. Given current petrol prices, you will get around a quarter tank, depending on how large the fuel tank is. Other car companies have tie ups with other stations, but the more premium marques may give you a full tank if you get their more expensive cars, but most car dealers only give you around a quarter tank. Enough for you to run about for a while, but with fuel prices so high, I guess unless you are a top valued customer, a quarter tank will have to do. Cars requiring a higher Ron do get a different grade of fuel, but whether that makes a difference is left to another story to answer…. Who says Toyotas aren't selling well?
  23. This is really trivial. Have been puzzled by this mismatch in year of production record in logcard and label in the car. The B180 was registered in Dec/2015, but the metal plate label at the driver door indicated MY2016. Logcard record is put at 2015. I know must follow the detail in the logcard, just curious why it was put as MY2016 in the car. Any one knows why the discrepancy? Hope I am not wasting bandwidth here haha.
  24. Hi All, I just got my 1 Week old Honda Civic WHITE. Planning to go for PPS CF-II By UNIQUE1995.com Any recommendations? Should i do it? As after reading some posts here, some commented that doing PPS will leave Swirl Marks etc. Hope you can advice :) Thanks!
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