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Found 6 results

  1. New model launched in Japan soon, maybe tomorrow. https://bbs.kakaku.com/bbs/K0000920633/SortID=23768249/ImageID=3460787/
  2. 2018 Nissan Serena e-POWER Nissan New Serena e-POWER Transmission The new Serena e-POWER does not have a transmission. It is 100% electric motor drive, and smooth acceleration starts from the moment you step on the pedal. In addition, the new Serena e-POWER is equipped with "e-POWER Drive" which can control the acceleration / deceleration at will by operation only with the accelerator pedal, and it is greatly helping to reduce the burden on the driver. Source: http://car-moby.jp
  3. Nissan's e-POWER technology gives you the instant power of electric cars with the range and convenience of a petrol car for you to power through life. The automotive industry is one that is ever-changing and always innovating. The world went from petrol-hungry cars to hybrids and electric cars. And the goal stays the same - it is all about keeping pollution at bay and promoting sustainability. We all want a world with a future for ourselves and our future generations. And doing our part does not have to come with any sacrifices; just opt for Nissan's e-POWER range of cars and you can enjoy the best of both worlds between electric cars and internal-combustion engine (ICE) cars while doing your part for earth. Nissan's e-POWER technology allows you to enjoy the driving experience of an EV without the need for charging Enjoy the EV experience without worrying about charging Like an Electric Vehicle (EV), an e-POWER Nissan is solely driven by an electric motor. However, with an ICE onboard to provide charge to the battery when required, there is no need to plug the vehicle in for charging. This means that you won’t have to worry about the need to access a charger while driving one - simply refuel as you would with a conventional ICE car and enjoy the instant power it delivers. Thanks to the ingenious e-POWER technology, you won't have to spend hours to recharge your car, nor would you have to worry about an extremely limited range on a single charge when you go on long road trips. Nissan's e-POWER technology can be found on various cars across its line-up, allowing you to choose something that fits your needs. A stylish and compact hatchback with loads of practicality, the Nissan Note e-POWER is the perfect first car The Nissan Note e-POWER is your perfect first car If you are searching for the first car in your life, you won't go wrong with the Nissan Note e-POWER. This is a stylish and compact hatchback that offers plenty of practicality to go with its look while being easy to drive. In fact, they are such a great first car that even driving instructors are opting for them as learner cars! Apart from being practical and easy to drive, the Note e-POWER has a spacious and comfortable interior Thanks to the e-POWER drivetrain where the 1.2-litre engine is only used as a generator to produce electricity, the Note e-POWER achieves a real-world tested fuel economy of 24.4km/L . You won't have to worry about hefty spendings on fuel. Furthermore, you'll still get to enjoy the instant power from the electric motor that drives the wheels - it puts out 114bhp and an impressive 280Nm of torque for a zippy city driving experience. The Nissan Kicks e-POWER is a cool crossover with lots of personality and style Practicality upsized with the Kicks e-POWER For those with small families who want something with a little more space and increased practicality, the Nissan Kicks e-POWER is an excellent choice. Its elevated ride height makes getting in and out of the Kicks e-POWER an effortless experience The generous 423 litre boot is large, accessible and expandable Being a compact crossover with its elevated ride height, getting in and out of the Kicks e-POWER is easy and effortless. The large and accessible rear cargo space further makes it a great choice for families - with a generous 423 litre boot, loading groceries or a pram doesn't have to be a convoluted process. Inside, you'll get a comfortable cabin that is well put-together with plenty of soft touch materials. You can also opt for the Premium Plus variant and enjoy additional intelligent safety features for a safer drive and amber-coloured Nappa leather for a plush and luxurious ride as well. With 127bhp and 280Nm of torque, the Kicks e-POWER will give you an electrifying drive all while sipping on fuel. The Serena e-POWER is the perfect ride to bring your extended family out for a drive; and even better yet, the stylish new 2024 model is on the way! Maximum hauling capacity for the family with the Serena e-POWER Nissan has truly thought of everything with its range of e-POWER cars - if compact cars aren't what you are looking for, worry not, for there's the Serena e-POWER. If you are someone who often brings your extended family out on outings and trips, or simply enjoy the practical utility of a car that has a large capacity, the Serena e-POWER is just the car for you. With the Serena e-POWER, there's plenty of space, be it for cargo or passengers; it also has a unique dual opening tailgate for maximum practicality With its large angular body shape, the Serena e-POWER offers plenty of cabin space along with the practicality as a cargo hauler when required. It also has a unique dual opening tailgate that allows easy loading of cargo without the need to open the tailgate in its entirety. And above all, the upcoming 2024 Nissan Serena e-POWER will be even bigger and better than the Serena e-POWER that you currently see on Singapore roads! The new Serena e-POWER doesn't just have a fresh, new and stylish design, but it is also faster and even more versatile than ever before. The impressive style of the Nissan X-Trail e-POWER e-4ORCE is unmistakable on the roads Enjoy refined luxury with the X-Trail e-POWER e-4ORCE The X-Trail e-POWER e-4ORCE, with its stylish design might just be the most boldly-designed member of the e-POWER range here. And style isn’t just all that it offers - the X-Trail e-POWER e-4ORCE has a premium cabin that complements its refined and comfortable drive to give you a relaxing and luxurious experience. Hop on inside and you'll be greeted by the premium and luxurious cabin that will seat up to seven Compared to its predecessor, the X-Trail e-POWER e-4ORCE has grown in all aspects to result in a larger cabin that will seat up to seven. With its twin 12.3-inch infotainment display and instrument cluster, along with a leather-cladded interior, the cabin of the X-Trail e-POWER e-4ORCE is decidedly upmarket. With a combined power output of 211bhp and 525Nm of torque, the X-Trail e-POWER e-4ORCE is quite a beast Unlike the rest of the e-POWER lineup, the X-Trail e-POWER e-4ORCE has a 1.5-litre turbocharged engine to rapidly charge up its battery to power its dual motors on each axle. This results in a combined power output of 211bhp and 525Nm of torque propelling it from 0-100km/h in 7.2 seconds. As you can see, the X-Trail e-POWER e-4ORCE isn't just a premium SUV, it is one that has impressive power and the practicality of an eco-friendly e-POWER drivetrain as well. Nissan e-POWER lets you enjoy the best of all worlds Naturally, Nissan's e-POWER is the preferred choice of drivers in Singapore - with close to 4,500 e-POWER models on the road since its introduction , the popularity of these cars is clear to see. In fact, Nissan clinched the position as one of the top five best-selling brands in Singapore last year. What are you still waiting for? You should hop right into your favourite Nissan e-POWER model and start your journey with the instant power that so many are already enjoying on Singapore’s roads. With Nissan e-POWER, you can enjoy the smooth, powerful and seamless drive of EVs without the hassle of charging it, all while enjoying an excellent fuel economy, doing your part to save the earth and your pockets. And there's no compromise to be made - From the compact Note e-POWER, to the sporty Kicks e-POWER, the Serena e-POWER large family MPV, and the luxurious X-Trail e-POWER e-4ORCE SUV available in Nissan's current line-up, there is surely an e-POWER to suit your needs.
  4. Nissan Note e-POWER series hybrid launch in Japan on 2nd November 2017 JC08 mode fuel consumption of e-POWER-equipped vehicles in the 34.0km / L ~ 37.2km / L In the engine room of the existing note, the power generator to be connected to the engine, traveling to perform the regenerative power generation "EM57" motor, integrated power train of e-POWER fit, such as a compact inverter to manage power in and out. The high-voltage lithium-ion battery to store the power for the drive is placed under the front seat Source: http://car.watch.impress.co.jp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPSRE9e06wg
  5. I have little doubt that electric cars are soon going to be the future. But since the charging infrastructure here still leaves much to be desired, fans of automotive amperes have had to resort to hybrid propulsion. Nissan however, reckons that we need not compromise and gave us a taste of that instantaneous torque so analogous with electric cars last week with the Nissan Serena e-POWER. The eagle-eyed among you will note (haha get it?) that the car has some strange numbers: A 1.2-litre unit seems hardly sufficient for a seven-seater, and is that 134bhp really generated at a whopping 9867rpm? Rest assured that those are not typos. The Serena e-POWER is a hybrid in the sense that you fill up at the pumps and yet electricity is somehow involved, but that piccolo unit under the bonnet is not mechanically connected to the driving wheels, well, not directly, anyway. Nissan's e-POWER technology instead uses that petrol engine to power a generator which in turn, feeds current into a battery or electric motor in order to drive an electric motor, so you can see why we are dealing with very unusual numbers. But doesn't it sound like a just a hybrid car with more steps? You might be tempted to conclude at this point that all those additional processes must lead to some energy loss, and you are right. But as it turns out, so is operating a petrol engine through a conventional gearbox and having it run through vastly different engine speeds. The gains made from separating the petrol engine from the rest of the drivetrain are actually enough to make up for the complication of it all. But does it work well enough? We know it should. It is technology that has actually been in use for years in heavier vehicles, in things like freight trains and mining trucks - precisely where your fuel bill will hit like a, er, truck - and a full day of fooling around in the car, starting and stopping for photos and so on returned me a 15.2km/L fuel consumption rate. Which is reasonable in my opinion, for a 1,700kg car. But here's the thing though: If you are looking for an MPV, buy this, not because it's great with fuel, but because it has all the qualities of a good people carrier, with little of the typical drawbacks. It has a practical interior, and its weight is well masked under all that electric torque. But the best part is driving the thing: Its smooth acceleration, the lovely chairs, as well as the knowledge that you are moving along so much metal made me feel like Captain of the Starship Enterprise. Check that everyone is belted up and engage warp drive! Now imagine what lovely consolation that is to having to ferry your kids around on your daily drive. Looks like our electric future is approaching faster than we think.
  6. Check out for this month's latest deals & discounts. One of the best deals, promotions and discounts specially for our members that could never be miss out. Hurry and Grab your favourite deals today! Quote SGCARMART PROMOTION to the retailer. $38 Drive Home Service ChauffeurME-Singapore renders drive home service to party-goers who care for their love ones. Drink.Drank.Drunk? What ever it is, why put yourself at risk? Drink driving is a serious offence not only in Singapore but throughout the Globe. Worried getting stopped at Police road blocks or getting into accidents causing injuries or fatality? Well, we won't know what is exactly going on around us when we start getting tipsy. Put all these worries aside. We are just a call away! Our experience drivers will pick you from your location and drive you home to your loved ones safe and sound! Nothing else matters more isn't it? Advanced bookings are welcome. Our friendly operator will allocate you a driver to send you home SAFE! Only @$38. Contact us at: 8777 7087 Mobil 1 Servicing 4 litres of Mobil 1 5W40, oil filter, top up brake fluid & coolant, 100% checks of your vehicle. Contact us at: 9339 4595 60% Off Scalar Warp Free trial. Money back guarantee! Increase engine power, torque, throttle response and reduce turbo lag. Scalar is created when two common electromagnetic waves come together from two different converging vectors or angles; where the energy vectors meet the equal frequencies cancel each other leaving a standing or stationary energy. The space the scalar occupies is not a vacuum but alive with energies. Scalar energies are always present in the environment. Conceptually, Scalar energy may perceive to have zero frequencies, it is a static, a stationary energy form which cannot be evaluated by our current frequency instruments. Contact us at: 9001 1086 OSK Automotive 2X Servicing packages! Per servicing from $135, Complimentary 1x air-con service OR carbon cleaning (Worth $80-$100) Package includes 4litre engine oil, oil filter, checking of tyres and battery, brakes service, 37 detailed points check and car wash! All workmanship comes with 3-6 months warranty. Promo limited to 2 cars per day only, please call us in advance. Blk 10 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A, #04-09 AMK Autopoint, Singapore 568047. Contact us at: 9642 2928 Your One-Stop Shop Your One-Stop Shop! Aircon repair, USA solar film, sticker wrapping, alarm, audio system, gauges, Amaron battery, side mirror folding mechanism repair and many more. Lanzar USA, Pioneer Japan, Rockford, Rainbow Germany. SMS us at: 97856612 Wow!Gadgets National Day Promo From now till 15th Aug 2014! While stock lasts! Wide range on BlackVue products on offer. Contact us at: 6100 9691
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