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Found 23 results

  1. Hi all Would like to check on something. While i understand that if the coe is not obtained, there would be a delay in getting the car. However, if the downpayment has been made and that the COE has been obtained, why does the AD now tell me that they have no stock on hand to deliver based on the agreed timeline of delivery? Wondering if anyone has experienced this and to what effect can this be resolved? thanks!!
  2. 50 flights delayed, 9 flights diverted from Changi Airport after fire alarm sparks evacuation at control tower https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/9-flights-diverted-50-flights-delayed-after-changi-airport-control-tower
  3. Whoaaaa..this one serious Apex court grants woman's appeal against Changi General Hospital over delay in lung cancer The Court of Appeal on Tuesday (Feb 26) granted a woman her appeal against Changi General Hospital (CGH) for delaying diagnosis of her lung cancer. A High Court judge had dismissed the claims of negligence in February last year, finding that a nodule in one of Ms Noor Azlin Abdul Rahman's lungs had been benign when first detected in 2007. However, the apex court on Tuesday found that CGH was in breach of its duty of care owed to the woman by failing to have in place a proper system for adequate follow-up of radiological results and patient management. This resulted in a delay in diagnosing Ms Azlin with lung cancer, said Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon and Judges of Appeal Andrew Phang and Judith Prakash. Ms Azlin first visited CGH in 2007, where an X-ray of her chest found opacity. She was referred to specialist respiratory physician Dr Imran Mohamed Noor, who ordered two further X-rays and assessed that the opacity "appeared to be resolving or had resolved on its own". He gave Ms Azlin an open date for a follow-up. The woman went back to CGH twice, seeing two doctors at the Accident & Emergency (A&E) department in April 2010 and July 2011. Advertisement Both times, chest X-rays were performed on Ms Azlin, and the radiologist recommended follow-up for the opacity, but none was carried out. A nodule was found in Ms Azlin's chest by a CGH respiratory physician only after she was referred there by Raffles Medical Clinic in late 2011 for coughing, breathlessness and blood in her phlegm. A biopsy in February 2012 confirmed that the nodule was malignant and she had lung cancer. The cancer progressed to Stage IV in August 2014 and Ms Azlin was found to be suffering from a rare condition known as ALK gene arrangement. By October 2016, the cancer had spread to her brain. Ms Azlin sued CGH and three doctors in January 2015, saying that their negligence delayed the diagnosis and treatment of her lung cancer, causing it to go untreated. Justice Belinda Ang in February last year ruled that the respondents had met the standard of care expected of them. She said Ms Azlin did not have lung cancer, or that the nodule was benign, between October 2007 and July 2011. Moreover, she was treated for her ALK-positive lung cancer at the earliest available time, because drugs approved for such a disease were available for clinical trials in Singapore only in 2013 and 2014 and only for patients suffering late-stage cancer. CGH NEGLIGENT BUT DOCTORS NOT NEGLIGENT, COURT OF APPEAL FINDS The Court of Appeal agreed with the High Court judge's decision that the two A&E doctors were not in breach of duty, as an A&E doctor "is not expected to conduct a general health screening". Instead, his priority is to resolve the patient's presenting complaints - in this case Ms Azlin's chest pains. The apex court also agreed with the High Court judge's ruling that the first CGH doctor Ms Azlin had seen - Dr Imran - had breached his duty of care for failing to schedule a follow-up appointment, even though he was uncertain that the opacity in Ms Azlin's chest had resolved completely. Although the judges found none of the doctors liable in negligence, they found that "CGH’s negligence caused a significant delay of at least seven months in diagnosis". According to the appeal judges, the patient management system at CGH resulted in Ms Azlin, who had a persistent nodule in her lung, being seen by only one respiratory specialist over four years. The system CGH had to review radiological reports was "inadequate" because it did not allow comprehensive management of patients, with "no appropriate mechanism for the consolidation of what was already known". That is, each time Ms Azlin went to the A&E department, and each time a radiological report on her nodule was prepared, it was seemingly "treated as an isolated incident". The A&E doctors did not have access to Dr Imran's notes, as his consultation with Ms Azlin had not been at A&E. "CGH did not have a practice of sending its patients the report and test results from the scans conducted at the hospital," said the judges. "It was plainly unreasonable for CGH to rely on the patient's account of what happened at consultations outside of the A&E department. "If the A&E doctor reviewing the radiological report had checked against Dr Imran’s notes, for example, it would have become immediately obvious to him that the only specialist who had seen her over the past four years had mistakenly concluded that the opacity was resolving or had resolved," said the judges. The A&E doctor would have concluded that "the nodule had been persistent and had not been properly assessed by a specialist", they said. The judges said an amicable settlement would allow Ms Azlin "to focus on battling her cancer and recovering as best as she can", saying it would be "appropriate for CGH to consider the possibility of a settlement in the interests of expediency and resolution". The Court of Appeal judges have reserved costs and referred the question of loss and damages back to the High Court judge. Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/changi-general-hospital-lawsuit-lung-cancer-delay-diagnosis-11289948
  4. 8 hours is a long wait for a resheduling of flight. i guess Jetstar had to clear the "bomb" rumour before they could clear the plane for takeoff. Jetstar flight delayed for 8 hours at Changi Airport after spat over phone https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/jetstar-flight-delayed-8-hours-changi-airport-after-spat-over-mobile-phone
  5. ktcc68

    Delay of Honda Vezel

    I ordered Honda Vezel on end June 14 through PI. Sale agreement stated clearly 1 bid Guaranteed and will deliver by mid Oct. I called the sale person to update the shipment date since End August 14 as i sold my car in July. I have to follow up closely and the sale person said there is a delay in Japan as i will only able to collect end Nov 14. I'm very unhappy with the answer as Sale Agreement signed between me and company that not follow according to the contract. I demand for the answer in reading as i really dun not what do? Can anyone help or advice what should i do next?
  6. Ronleech

    Aircon fan delay

    Noticed this morning. I on my blower without air con button turn on. Air flow was ok. when i press the air con button to on, it delay for a few second then can feel the cool wind. But when i try it another way round, i wisted the AC power to start the fan with the air con button engaged, it was ok. Park my car and try, with air con button not on but blower on, i press the air con button, the fan took a quite a few seconds before it was activated and tuen. Tried again with aircon button on, then follow by blow, fan on instantly. Something wrong with the air con?
  7. Duckduck

    Royal mail posting delay

    Hi, anyone got order something n sent from UK to SG via Royal Mail International Signed For? Normally how long it takes to b delivered this way ah? Thanks
  8. [shakehead] From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1204789/1/.html Tiger Airways' flight delay angers passengers By Seet Sok Hwee | Posted: 31 May 2012 2157 hrs
  9. Why the delay in reporting news of such magnitude? Thursday, 26 January 2012 Singapore Democrats Ms Saw Phaik Hwa made her decision to resign as SMRT CEO on 7 December 2011 but the public only came to know about it one month later on 6 January 2012. Central Narcotics Bureau Director Ng Boon Gay was arrested in December last year and Singapore Civil Defence Force chief Peter Lim on 4 January this year for unspecified wrongdoing. But the news was kept from the public for until now. The news were not run-of-the-mill stories; they involved incompetence and wrongdoing that ran at the highest reaches of the PAP establishment. In Ms Saw's case, she had, under intense pressure from the public to resign, signaled her willingness to step down immediately after the disastrous breakdown of train services in November last year. How is it then that when she finally decided to do so, the news managed to evade the media for an entire month? Similarly, Messrs Ng's and Lim's arrests managed to avoid media detection for more than a month. One was the chief of a police outfit that deals with the underworld of drugs and the other charged with responsibility of saving lives during emergencies and disasters. Yet, the Prime Minister's Office managed to shield the news from the public for such a long time. Or was it a case where the Singapore Press Holdings and MediaCorps were briefed about the developments but were instructed not to publish the stories until a later and more convenient time. Either way, Singaporeans were done a terrible disservice. In this day and age, it is important that society is kept informed of goings-on as soon as they happen. Transparency is the key word. Hoarding information by the state is a dangerous game to play and could lead to serious consequences for the country. But why was the news withheld? One big, highly charged issue that took front and centre of the political stage during this period was the ministerial pay. The PAP was already having a difficult persuading Singaporeans of its reasons for paying ministers the high salaries. The botched handling of the train breakdowns made it impossible for the Government to portray itself as competent and efficient. Ms Saw's resignation, if announced before the release of Gerard Ee's Committee to Review Ministerial Salaries, would have reinforced the public's view that the ministers do not deserve their huge salaries. Hence, the announcement of her resignation news on 6 January
  10. Hi Bro, I have this issue with the engine check light on with the following error code: O2 sensor signal delay. My mechanic has already replaced the O2 sensor with a brand new one but the problem still persist. Anyone have any past experience on this?
  11. Guys please share how long ur loan can be delayed. example can delay up to 2 months before they send letter to reposssed etc.? another question is if i pay few months in advance will they nudge you for the coming months installments? i heard this b4 just to 2x confirm thanks
  12. A*STAR staff condemns dead rider in ECP accident for delay READERS are outraged by a man who condemned a rider killed in an ECP accident for causing a 45-minute delay and incurring $3 ERP charge. The man claims to be an A*STAR employee in his Facebook profile. One reader, Timothy wrote: "This guy, an A*STAR employee as stated in his Facebook profile, made light of the death of a motorcyclist along East Coast Parkway (ECP) by posting insensitive comments on his Facebook wall. "He claims that the death of the rider caused him to be delayed by 45 minutes and incurred $3 in ERP charges. "With this as a justification, he condemns the rider to hell -- 'he's probably going to hell because of that,' wrote the user in his Facebook status bar." Timothy added that the guy did not even have a sense of remorse after being chided by his friends. "In response to chiding from his friends, the A-Star employee remained self-righteous. 'I can phrase it even more terribly...speeding is the pathway to hell. They need to learn'" he writes. "The Facebook user goes on to joke about the rider's death by saying, 'the deceased has been granted a long permanent break,' in response to comment asking him to 'give (the deceased) a break.' "The local riding community at Singapore Bikes Forums is incensed, with a flurry of enraged responses to the Facebook user's statements, which have been uploaded to the site since 11.46pm yesterday. In another e-mail, reader Ronald wrote: "This guy made such an uncalled comment on a rider who had an accident and passed away just because of $3 and 45 minutes of his insignificant life. "It is insulting to the deceased."
  13. Automotive News reports that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration could hit Toyota with another fine on top of the $16.4 million levied last week. As for that most recent fine, turns out that it could have been as much as $13.8 billion, based on Toyota having to pay a fine on each of the 2.3 million cars recalled. A statute, however, limits the amount to the one imposed. NHTSA isunhappy about the timelines it's putting together of events concerning Toyota's pedal defects. The agency is also miffed about the recent revelation that a Japanese Toyota executive sent a letter last October ordering that engineering changes to accelerator pedals not be carried out in America, even though they were being made in other countries. For the time being, though, Toyota hasn't yet confirmed whether it'll will contest the first fine, and it's clear what the possible second fine is meant to address. If all the involved parties would just get everything on the table, we might have a chance of wrapping this up in 2010.
  14. Huggable

    Where to buy light delay module?

    I've previously installed a light delay module, which will keep the interior light "on" for 15 secs after the car doors were closed. Anyone knows where can I get this module locally? Mine was previously installed in JB, and it was gone when my car was scrapped. TIA!
  15. Was involve in an accident and till today there is till no result almost 1 year, was hit from behind and bumper was damage. Din go back to Insurance workshop, and 3rd party is NTUC. The workship lawyer say will issue a summon to them. For sure there is a dispute and 3rd party claim that is my fault, and NTUC dun want to pay any cents. Qns is why isn't insurance officer help to close or settle the case? It was until I change my car and discover my NCD is 0 then I go after the workshop for the claim. I was told lawyer is not cover by insurance.
  16. Why would a workshop delay the insurance claim?
  17. why ? let crack our head ! ---------------------------------------------- SINGAPORE: The government has decided to postpone an additional S$1.7 billion worth of public sector projects to further ease pressure on construction resources in Singapore. The government had earlier announced that it would postpone about S$3 billion worth of public sector projects to after 2009. With this, the government is deferring a total of about S$4.7 billion worth of public sector construction projects to 2010 and beyond. The construction of the main building of the proposed Jurong General Hospital will be deferred to 2010, although the hospital will still be completed and open as scheduled by 2015. Other deferred projects include less urgent improvement works which will not compromise Singapore
  18. Hiphiphoray

    White Card delay till next month !!!!!

    Well Well Well. Just heard from 10pm Chinese news. MY govt postphoning the white card re-introduction until August 15th. Somehow im not surprise. Maybe come next month, they will withdraw all together!!!!!
  19. Edenboy

    Delay in Cashback

    Any bros bought car from the smaller PIs and had a delay in their cashback????? or even not received at all? Please mention what was the course of action taken..
  20. April 21, 2008 Gone in 49 seconds That is the time it took for terrorist Mas Selamat to leap to freedom, in an re-enactment of his daring escape after he got out of the toilet in the Whitley Road detention centre. By Ian Lim IN THE executive summary on the report of Mas Selamat Kastari's escape from Whitley Road Detention Centre (WRDC) on Feb 27, the Committee of Inquiry (COI) found that the detainee could have made his escape on Feb 27 in 49 seconds. In a re-enactment requested by the COI, a Gurkha guard took 49 seconds to retrace Mas Selamat's possible escape route from the detention centre. An unsecured window in the toilet of the visitors block allowed him to make the prison breakout. The executive summary was released by Deputy Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng in Parliament on Monday. On Feb 27, the COI found Mas Selamat was taken out of his cell for his family visit scheduled for 4pm to 4.30pm at the Family Visitation Block. At 3.35pm, two Gurkha guards escorted him to a locker room to change into civilian clothes. After changing into a light yellow baju kurung and greenish-grey pants, he was escorted by the two guards and a woman Special Duty Operative (SDO) - a junior Internal Security Department (ISD) officer - to the Family Visitation block at 3.54pm. He asked to use the toilet next to the family visit room to shave and comb his hair. One guard stood outside the toilet while the other followed him inside. Mas Selamat used the urinal cubicle and closed the door. He flipped his plants over the ledge above the door. He left the tap running. After a few minutes, the guard felt that Mas Selamat was taking too long. He alerted the other guard standing outside the toilet, who then reported to the SDO outside the toilet. The SDO asked a male Assistant Case Officer to check on the toilet. At 4.05pm, the male SDO kicked open the door of the urinal cubicle, Mas Selamat was not inside. The ventilation window pane located above this urinal cubile had been swung open. An immediate alert was raise that Mas Selamat had escaped. The COI found that Mas Selamat had about 11 minutes between 3.54pm and 4.05 pm to make his escape. The COI believes that while in the cubicle, Mas Selamat climbed onto the ledge located just below the ventilation window, pushed open the window and squeezed himself through it. He probably held on to a water pipe running vertically down the external wall of the toilet. The COI received forensic evidence from CID that smudges were found on the water pipe, although there were no conclusive fingerprints. A packet of seven rolls of toilet paper was found on the ground, which he could have used to break his fall. http://www.straitstimes.com/Latest%2...ry_229572.html amazing spin... of anti climax no cigar for ye. boo. so tat's it? case closed?
  21. from today's ST.... TOKYO - Toyota Motor Corp, Japan's biggest auto maker, is considering delaying the introduction of some new models by as much as half a year amid a series of recalls and quality problems, the Wall Street Journal said on Friday, citing people familiar with the matter. Toyota, which has built its reputation on offering safe and reliable cars at reasonable prices, is plagued with a rise in vehicle recalls and faces a legal probe into its past recall practice. To improve quality, the car maker is considering adding as much as three to six months to development lead time, which is usually two to three years, affecting a relatively wide range of projects, the paper said. The next Sienna minivan, Solara sports coupe and Avalon sedan are among models that could be affected, it said. Toyota spokeswoman Shiori Hashimoto said the company would not comment on its strategy and the timing of product introductions. Toyota has recalled more than one million vehicles in Japan so far this year and issued a recall of some 400,000 SUVs in the United States, its single-biggest market, in July. It is being investigated by prosecutors in Kumamoto, southern Japan, over whether its quality-control managers wrongly delayed a recall filing that could have prevented a road accident in 2004 that injured a couple and their three young children. Toyota has forecast group-based global sales of 8.85 million units and production of 9.06 million units for 2006 - figures that could soon see it overtake General Motors Corp as the world's biggest car maker. -- REUTERS
  22. im here experiencing long delay to my getz after registration... can refer to my thread in general car discussions... wanna see if any bros who bought getz/hyundais from distributors or kmc got dis prob too... my coe from 3rd nov... reg on 13th.. collection dunno when still...
  23. I had my shocks/springs changed a week ago. I was recommended to go for alignment but I delayed for 1 week. The tires squealed at every turn at any speed. I didn't give a damn. My driving was pretty spirited too. Now my car is is covered all over with specks and bits of rubber thrown up from the front tires. They are now worn down like I've been using them for 1.5yrs. These tires are Sumitomos. Well known for hard tire compounds! So I suggest you all not to delay tire alignments after a rim or suspension job.