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Found 24 results

  1. Hi all, I would like to request of any car owners out there who had rear aircon installed for their Toyota Wish and so far how reliable it is and if it will drain off battery or shorten the compressor due to sharing between main and this additional rear unit? Thanks a lot and appreciate!
  2. any kena ask to pay additional to iras.....want to check, they sent me n my father to top up payment for income tax due to double claim. Me n my dad both claim from my grandmother but only 1 person entitled. So now the claim kena withdrawn from both of us ?? Can i call in to waive for 1 of us bcos now we pay double. anyone experience b4 ??
  3. Hi all, If you have taken a car loan from a bank which is higher than the 50% that you are allowed to, you have to pay gst for the additional loan you take? I heard it's the industry standard and it's the bank that charges this surcharge. Anyone else encounter this before? Thanks!
  4. I will be travelling to Malaysia more often due to work Are there any comprehensive insurance for singapore car, that provide better coverage? I understand that our Singapore insurance do cover west malaysia, however, the coverage is not as good as singapore. eg. in the event of accident/break down, any insurance that can cover all cost involved eg. towing, repair, tax involved...etc)
  5. After the implementation of this new ruling, traffic along Bartley road still as tragic. How do TP exercise this "Inconsiderate driving"? Parking along the left lane or dropping student off in the second lane?
  6. I would like to buy extra accessories for my new Suzuki Grand Vitara. I have always wanted to have a car with auto folding mirror and would like to have it on my Grand vitara also. I know Grand Vitara does not come with auto fold mirror but the car was great! That was the only car which suites my family and me. Their package was good, so i went for it. Any idea where to buy it.
  7. Additional Transfer Fee for vehicles removed The Additional Transfer Fee for the transfer of vehicle registration will be removed with effect from Feb 18 this year, Minister of Finance Tharman announced in his FY2012 Budget Statement. RELATED STORIES
  8. wanna buy those L Plate Additional. side Mirror, preferably with ball joint so that it is adjustable. do you know where to buy them? cant find them in big ntuc leh.
  9. Hi All, I was using MaxZone and MaxZone GT for 1 year and recently added a D1 Spec Voltage Stab to my ride. however, I was told by a workshop that carries that Maxzone products that I should take out either the VS or both my maxzone products as they conflict with each other. Can anyone share some insights into this? I do not want to spoilt antything. thanks for all the input
  10. Hi, I'm having trouble adding an additional map (another country, New Zealand) to my garmin. I think I might have found the source ( http://www.nzopengps.org/public/Latest_Glo...dexing_Mapsets/ ) but I
  11. Any buddy here works in the Home Team uniformed services, or best Ministry of Finance. Heard next mth got another bonus??? Sme say a mth,sme say the same as yr last performance bonus?? Anybody shed some light on this veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy impt issue
  12. Hi all Juz want to check with all the bros out there. I have one season parking ticket near my hse mscp so can i apply for another season parking near my work place (Commonwealth area)? As office building car park are on long waiting list hence might have to wait long long before getting a lot and those corp high ranking ppl can jump Q. Email to HDB 2 weeks ago but no response from them yet so need advice from you guys. tks tks
  13. http://www.ezlink.com.sg/consumer/consumer_giro2.jsp did i read wrongly or not? my impression is that EZlink will deduct additional 25cts from a subscriber's bank acct for topping-up via Giro each time. also there is a refundable deposit charge incurred equalvalent to the preferred top-up amount being selected. I think it is really un-necessary as all this was not required during the old ezlink card period. If that's the case, I rather do a manual top-up.
  14. Hi bros, I went to look for places to download maps for my gps navi system. but cant seem to find any webby to dl for my HP Ipaq 312 series. Going to WA for a month so need the map there. anyone can help? tks!
  15. Djanggo

    Additional brakelights

    Wanting to install additional brakelight at the center lower rear bumper of my car, those that blink-blink when braking. Is it legal and where can install it?
  16. Realised more and more people switch to CNG. But what is the point to stick the greenish sticker on the car? Not as if they look nice like some decals?
  17. SINGAPORE : A lack of refuelling stations is not the only concern worrying drivers who are considering switching to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). Drivers of CNG vehicles may have to pay an additional tax from 2010. Sales Manager Isaac Tan drives 35,000 kilometres a year - much of it for his job. Earlier this year, he bought a new car and planned to convert it for CNG use, to save fuel costs and the environment. But he changed his mind at the last minute, because of costs - even though buyers of hybrid and CNG vehicles benefit from the Green Vehicle Rebate. This gives the buyer a 40 per cent discount on the car's Open Market Value until 31 December 2009. Mr Tan said, "I was surfing... the LTA website, ONE.MOTORING, and I realised there is this Special Tax involved on CNG. Right now, the government has waived it until 31 December 2009, but beyond that it's unclear." Recovering fuel duty and discouraging the use of polluting vehicles are reasons for the Special Tax. (I thought CNG car are greener? ) Currently drivers of petrol vehicles pay duty of 41 cents per litre of intermediate grade petrol every time they top up their tanks. So the owner of a 1,500cc petrol car who drives the average 21,000 kilometres a year spends about S$3,550 on petrol, of which about S$660 is petrol duty. But duty is not charged on diesel or CNG at the filling station. And diesel engines create more pollution. For example, the latest EURO IV diesel engines create five times more of the pollutant called PM2.5 than a petrol-driven car. Special tax for EURO IV diesel vehicles is pegged at S$1.25 per engine cc. So the owner of a 1,600cc diesel vehicle pays S$2,000 a year in Special Tax. The owner of a 1,600cc diesel vehicle who drives the average 21,000 kilometres a year would spend about S$1,900 a year on diesel. But CNG vehicles produce cleaner emissions than petrol vehicles, so are exempt from Special Tax until 31 December 2009. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has not yet decided whether to extend the exemption. But it said if Special Tax is imposed on CNG cars, it will not necessarily be the same as that on Diesel IV vehicles. Mr Tan said: "The way the government is setting the policies - or not setting the policies, rather - is not helping the public. And in fact, if they really want to encourage the public to go to greener vehicles, then they should set the policies right in the first place." (Agree ) LTA said it will announce its decision on the Special Tax for CNG cars in due course.(When?) So for now, drivers considering a CNG vehicle will have to live with the uncertainty of higher taxes in future or wait until a decision is made. - CNA/ms
  18. why ? let crack our head ! ---------------------------------------------- SINGAPORE: The government has decided to postpone an additional S$1.7 billion worth of public sector projects to further ease pressure on construction resources in Singapore. The government had earlier announced that it would postpone about S$3 billion worth of public sector projects to after 2009. With this, the government is deferring a total of about S$4.7 billion worth of public sector construction projects to 2010 and beyond. The construction of the main building of the proposed Jurong General Hospital will be deferred to 2010, although the hospital will still be completed and open as scheduled by 2015. Other deferred projects include less urgent improvement works which will not compromise Singapore
  19. Is it possible to drive component speakers in active configuration using only the amp in the HU? i'm using alpine 9855 but have not changed from stock components yet. do not intend to have amp cos cant seem to find the space.
  20. Hi guys i got a FM Transmitter which is able to broadcast audio into an unused FM channel. For example i broadcast songs playing from my iPod and i can hear it through my car audio tuned to that FM channel. However the reception is quite poor and my antenna is a roof-top kind. I guess is the metallic roof which blocks out most of the FM signals. I have tested the FM Transmitter at home and i can hear the audio very clearly. anyone knows if its possible to install another indoor car antenna without removing the exisiting roof-top antenna? Cheers
  21. Additional 5% off petrol and 2X Thanks! Loyalty Points at Caltex when you charge to any OCBC credit cards Promotion ends 19 Aug 2007
  22. Pay additional $2 just to sit in air-con area? http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/viewPost2837.aspx what happen if this to occur with our public transport system ... taxi, buses and so on? Worse if management starts to charge money for our air-condition toilets in shopping centre?
  23. Hi all, I'm currently running a 4 channel amp in the car. Setup is passive and having a 12" sub. I now come across a 4 channel amp which is given together with a used HU which I am intending to get. What can I do with this additional 4 channel amp? Can I use it to drive the rears (currently run by HU) and sub? Any advise what or how to use it effecively or is it possible to even incorporate into the setup. Thanks.