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Found 16 results

  1. Discoburg

    Car air-con

    AC was not cold a few days back so went to a car ac shop near my workplace. Mechanic checked and said ac gas not enough and need to top up. However he also told me that it’s usually a leakage somewhere as car do not need to top up ac gas at all. Ask me to monitor. Is what he said true on the car do not need to top up ac gas at all if there is no leak?
  2. Goldenvodka

    AC Issues

    I have a weird AC Issue. It doesn’t occur in Singapore as drive max is only 1 hour+ Last Long weekend I went to Malaysia and drove my vehicle for 5 6 hours non stop. At around 120 to 150km/h Ac seems to not work after 3 4 hours of driving and was blowing out not so cold air. Front driver seat was fine but passenger is suffering. Upon reaching Singapore. Speed was reduced to 90 100km/h. AC start to blow out freezing cold air again. Temp gauge was half way point which is normal. Coolant EO all in its reasonable limit At the point of time. NSHW outside temperature is about 38 to 40c range
  3. Bond38

    A/C repair in JB

    Hi.....any workshop in JB that is good in AC service/repair? Need to change new compressor and coil... TQVM
  4. Mechanic says my ride aircon compressor giving out noise liao... its already 7yrs old ride. Any avante driver here change their aircon compressor before? How much does it cost and which aircon servicing shop should I go ? Need to change or just change oil? since only 3 more years to drive...
  5. Hi all. The aircon on the driver side of my near COE expiry car suddenly not blowing cold air. I have tried playing around with different settings and variations as advised by my mechanic but still the same. Any idea why is that so? TIA
  6. Hi all, I would like to request of any car owners out there who had rear aircon installed for their Toyota Wish and so far how reliable it is and if it will drain off battery or shorten the compressor due to sharing between main and this additional rear unit? Thanks a lot and appreciate!
  7. Car Aircon gas seems to be leaking. Topped up gas earlier and it was cold but it became not so cold after a while
  8. As above. Any idea where such an adaptor can be found locally?
  9. Samlimlp

    Rear Airconditioning

    Hi All, Like to find out if there is any workshop that install rear-airconditioning for the 2nd row seat? Is this advisable? Thanks
  10. Guys, I have a 8 year old nissan selphy and the air con just died. Tan Cheong is quoting me around $1200 to repair including labour. Is there any reliable and cheaper place to get it repaired? Or is the price from Tan Cheong reasonable? Don't want to spend too much on the 8 year old car. Thanks
  11. My lau pok car having some weird issue again, recently I noticed the car starts to vibrates quite badly. But this only happen when the air con compressor kicks in. The vibration seems worse when the car is in the down slope position than in horizontal position. What could be the main issue here?
  12. Hi. My car having a chemical/gas-like smell when entering the car before even start-up. This smells is worst during morning when first open car. Seems like no oil leak. Went to two workshop, they say most likely is cooling coil problem. Need to change the coil which cost quite ex. I abit not comvince as they only told me this solution by hearing my problem and smell. Cos i understand that for cooling coil, there's no way to check from exterior. So wondering is there anybody else having the same problem before or isit due to others problem? Before i proceed to replace the cooling coil which i dunno whether isit the cause of the problem. And I hd just change a new conpressor and filter a mths ago. Thanks.
  13. Hi all, Recently realised that the car air flow keeps changing from internal circulation to allowing air from outside to enter and then back to internal circulation. When it is switched to the later, the coolness of the aircon drops. It is normal?
  14. Ronleech

    Aircon fan delay

    Noticed this morning. I on my blower without air con button turn on. Air flow was ok. when i press the air con button to on, it delay for a few second then can feel the cool wind. But when i try it another way round, i wisted the AC power to start the fan with the air con button engaged, it was ok. Park my car and try, with air con button not on but blower on, i press the air con button, the fan took a quite a few seconds before it was activated and tuen. Tried again with aircon button on, then follow by blow, fan on instantly. Something wrong with the air con?
  15. Hi. Was driving almost 9 year-old verna on Saturday. Went couple of places, then on way home after buying breakfast near my place, the aircon suddenly just went off. The a/c knob is the turn (not touch) type and it was still at '1' position. Turning the knob to '0', then to '1', '2', '3', '4', all no response. Fed up and upset already, as it was 5.15 pm so was thinking of where can I go to see what's wrong... Then at traffic light 2 min later, my daughter sitting in front passenger seat, turned the a/c knob again, and this time the a/c came back on!!! Reached home 3 min later and it was ok, still cold as before. Did not drive on Sun, and today drove to work, and out for lunch. So far no noticeable problem and it seems to be working fine. Does anyone know what could be the problem with my a/c system? I changed the cooling coil 16 mth ago, and really dread having to spend more $$ on repair, as car is no longer new... tks...
  16. [extract] The recent mornings have been extra cooling due to the rain. Hence, there was one morning when I decided to give my car