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Found 20 results

  1. Today's ST shows an article on latest leasing program from Prime. Typical structure is only pay 10% dp, and pay an amount monthly, which includes Insurance, road tax. U drive for 5 years, if u don't like the car, can return to Prime and lease another new car. If u like the car, then can buy it. ST shared this customer leasing the new Honda Vezel. She paid 10% dp of its price, and monthly payment of $1688, includes insurance and road tax, for 5 years. And I think Prime also covers the regular maintenance. Is this worth? I compared this Honda vezel leasing with buying the same car. Monthly payment of Honda vezel after 50% dp is about $1100+, excluding insurance and road tax. Looks like this leasing Program is workable.
  2. Our Full Service Lease Takes Care of Your Fleet Regular replacements of tyres and batteries Full vehicle maintenance and mechanical repair Replacement vehicle Comprehensive vehicle insurance Complementary personal accident insurance 24/7 Customer Care Drive to Malaysia whenever you feel like it GET A QUOTE! Send us your enquiries and we are glad to assist you.
  3. Hi All, recently I've opt for car leasing scheme which come with insurance (R11) with a Leasing Company for 10yrs. Now I wish for a conversion for Z10/11 so that I can use for Private hire Car(Uber/Grab). My question is will I be able to do so, will there be changes in document applied or any additional charges arise? Any genuine kind soul can help me solved?
  4. As Santa Claus retreats to the North Pole to hibernate for the rest of the year, another holiday icon takes over - Lunar New Year. Lunar New Year is a time for shopping and we've hunted down the best deals that will make your car feel brand spanking new. Whitesnail Services - Fibre Glass Heat Shield ($180-$300) With a heat shield around your air intake, radiant heat from the engine is kept away. This helps lower air intake temperatures, improves performance and might even improve fuel economy. Whitesnail Services is offering a special offer on its customised Fibre Glass Heat Shields at $180-$300, depending on how your engine bay is set up. http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?app=sgcarstore&req=showprod&product=12734 D Motorwerkz Pte Ltd - SWD Rheinol HDC SAE 5W-40 Servicing Package ($50) The HDC SAE 5W-40 is SWD Rheinol's newest generation of high-performance, low-friction oil for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. It is designed for all petrol and diesel, fuel-injected and turbocharged engines. The SWD Rheinol HDC SAE 5W-40 boasts optimised high-temperature viscosity, which meets the latest emissions requirements and leads to low oil-caused emissions. It also features high levels of wear and corrosion protection, as well as even oil distribution for a cleaner and longer-lasting engine. http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?app=sgcarstore&req=showprod&product=110990 Zen Werkz LLP - Liqui Moly Special Tec AA 5W-30 4L Servicing Package ($98) The Liqui Moly Special Tec AA 5W-30 is a modern, premium-class low-friction motor oil that was specially developed for year-round use in Japanese and American vehicles. The combination of unconventional base oils using synthetic technology together with the latest additive technology guarantees a motor oil that provides exceptional protection against wear, reduces oil and fuel consumption, and keeps the engine clean while ensuring fast oil penetration of the engine. It is optimised for modern engines with multi-valve technology and turbocharging. Special Tec AA 5W-30 is especially suitable where there are long intervals between oil changes and heavy-duty engine requirements. http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?app=sgcarstore&req=showprod&product=110103 To view all Festive Deals, click on the link: http://www.mycarforu...eq=festivedeals
  5. Neutrino

    Leasing of Elantra

    I saw in another thread which I can't find that you could lease an Elantra for S$576 per month or something near that. I went to Hyundai in Alexander RD and asked then the leasing price and was told S$1000 plus. I was also at the car show in Expo today where the lease cost for the Elantra was given as S$1000 plus. I was interested in the price of S$576 so if anyone can confirm or otherwise or point me to the thread I'd appreciate it.
  6. Musigny

    Car leasing

    Hi all, Appreciate if anyone can recommend me a good and reliable car leasing company; I am looking for a car for mid-to-long term lease. Thanks, Musigny
  7. Spicky

    Leasing Vs Buying

    Hi all, With regards to Leasing vs Buying, what are your opinions on them ? which is better and why? Thanks in advance.
  8. Most used-car dealers and small motor firms Channel NewsAsia spoke to are not jumping on the car leasing bandwagon, despite bigger players getting in on the act since the authorities imposed borrowing limits on vehicle purchases. They cite high costs of running a leasing business and unfamiliarity with how to do it as reasons. Still, a few are eyeing the business model as an alternative to car sales. Car leasing schemes are a mid-point between short-term rental and ownership, where you typically hold on to a vehicle for over a year and pay a monthly fee to use it. The car goes back to the leasing company after that. Not being stuck with a depreciating asset like a vehicle has drawn people to the scheme, plus the fact that a sizeable downpayment isn't needed. The government's imposition of loan curbs means buyers have to foot a minimum 40 per cent downpayment for vehicle purchases. Observers have noted that car leasing is one way of beating the curbs. Others call it an option. Eddie Ho, general manager of Sime Darby Services, said: "It's not a way to beat the government's system but it's just another alternative for motorists to consider, because there's no way we can beat the system. "Ultimately, leasing...to me is like another dish on the menu for the companies to sell." Not all motor firms are keen on leasing, since much of the onus falls on the leasing company to keep leased vehicles in order. Many companies simply don't have the resources to do it. Still, some plan to capitalise on the opportunity. CarTimes Automobile plans to starts a leasing arm in June 2013 while Yong Lee Seng Motor has been dabbling with leasing for around three years. Raymond Tang, Yong Lee Seng's director, said: "The difficulty of doing it is that a lot of follow-up, a lot of support you need to give to these consumers. Or else, the consumers will not be happy...what happens if the car breaks down in the middle of the night? You must have workshop support." Observers note that the government's "car-cooling" measures have shifted more attention to the leasing business, although it has been around in Singapore for over a decade. Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singap...all/702426.html
  9. RadX

    PPSL Car leasing

    Looks like BMW has gotten on in the fray too. they offer leasing for their cars, used and allow number retaining, etc. Servicing free, etc.
  10. Hi, if you are looking forward to lease a car or lease out your car on a long term basis (minimum 3 months), please send me a PM.
  11. if i provide a workshop space with the lift system and basic tool for oil change and other servicing needs will you be interested to DIY yourself?
  12. Hi all, i had a lorry which is left unused which is registered under my company. I would like to ask whether it is illegal to lease out to another company??? Thanks in advance.
  13. By Wong Siew Ying | Posted: 24 April 2012 CNA SINGAPORE: Leasing demand for residential properties in Singapore remained robust in the first two months of this year as transactions hovered above 3,000 each month, according to Savills Research. Its data showed that there were 3,446 leasing transactions in February 2012, down 5 percent on-month. But Savills said February's transactions were still higher than the 2,767 transactions recorded a year ago. Based on deals closed by Savills, the average rent for studio apartments and one-bedroom units was S$6.21 per square foot per month in Q1 2012. Savills said selected small-format units were seen fetching attractive rents, particularly for the centrally-located properties. These included a 600-square-foot unit at The Suites at Central along Devonshire Road, which was rented for S$5,000 per month. It was followed by two 592-square-foot units at Martin Place Residences along Martin Road, which were let at S$4,200 per month. By square footage, the highest rent was for a 458-square-foot studio apartment at Iluminaire on Devonshire which was rented at S$8.73 per square foot per month. Savills said rents were equally attractive among the smallest units. Three 334-square-foot units at Prestige Heights along Balestier Road were let for between S$2,200 and S$2,450 per month or between S$6.40 and S$7.34 per square foot per month. Based on data released by the Urban Redevelopment Authority, island-wide median rents of all non-landed properties, excluding executive condominiums, continued to rise to S$3.53 per square foot per month in February, increasing 1 percent on-month and 8 percent on-year. Savills said the leasing transaction value for the first two months has reached S$35 million, 15 percent higher than the previous year. The average monthly rent of high-end non-landed residential properties tracked by Savills was S$5.17 per square foot per month in Q1 2012, dipping 2 percent on-quarter. On a year-on-year basis, prime rents fell 5 percent from S$5.45 per square foot per month in Q1 2011. Savills added that with a continual relocation of expatriates from troubled economies in the West, leasing demand continues to strengthen in Singapore, putting greater upward pressure on rents. - CNA/al
  14. Hi folks, does anyone have any lobang for OPC car rental or leasing long term? 1month up to a year perhaps. Would be really helpful cos I'm a night owl. Need this for personal use only. Leaving Singapore for a while in a years time so I cant really commit to buying a car. Thanks for all the help! :)
  15. Does this mean I can loan the pro rated 3 year value of a Porsche. Say a $350,000 Panemera. Can loan only the 3 years portion of its worth? No need to take the full $350,000 loan?? Sounds like a good deal. http://motoring.asiaone.com/Motoring/News/...112-321364.html Porsches more affordable with new financing scheme SINGAPORE - German sports car maker Porsche's financing arm is teaming up with Hong Leong Finance to enter the high-value car loan business here, reported The Straits Times. Under the scheme -
  16. Read from Somewhere that it is possible for an individual to lease a car to another individual provided the ownership is transferred as well. Anyone can give any feedback?? Thanks
  17. Buying a car in Singapore is a burden, thinking of leasing one instead so that can change car anytime. Any bro can spell out the pros and cons on leasing? Thanks in advance.
  18. Beachboys

    Leasing of Car

    Any advice for a fren (A) who wants to lease a car from another fren (owner)? - $750 per month (covers car loan, road tax, insurance.. exclude fuel and maintenance) for a 2006 Vios - The owner will include the A's name into his insurance coverage - There will be some sort of lease agreement to sign Any other things to watch out for?
  19. Trusty

    Leasing company?

    i am considering the above to let my car out on consignment.. anyone had experience with leasing out their cars? Generally which are the better companies that does the leasing? I have no experience about it. So Pls advice the pros or cons.
  20. Osiris

    Car Leasing Woes

    Wanna lease your car? it's illegal and it may add to your problem. anyway this is also another example why 10 yr loan will make it worse if you are in financial difficulties http://www.straitstimes.com/Free/Story/STIStory_249334.html