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Found 44 results

  1. Jman888

    Strange neighbour dispute

    got free aircon still complaint this one from chinese paper, duno if there was in any english paper. Aunty and her mum staying in the flat unit for more than 30 yrs, new neighbour moved in 2 yrs ago and they turn on aircon to the coolest temp 24/7 and blow toward the ceiling. Aunty staying above them claim their floor is getting condensation that damage their furniture and fixture. it also cause health problem as the 湿气 is not good for old people. They have to wear few layers of clothing and sock at home. She also worried the mum might fall due to the constant wet flooring
  2. Suhaimiebrahim

    Strange sound from engine

    Hi bro, Driving at above 50k/hr, low note humming sound can be heard from the engine. This happen recently. Car is Camry about 10 yrs. Any one ever experience this issue. Thanks.
  3. Please share for interest sake. The job can be dirty (literally or metaphorically), uncommon, interesting, or just plain weird.
  4. Coltplussport

    Strange smell around sengkang

    Hi, anyone living near sengkang can smell a very pungent smell in the air? Anyone know why?
  5. Deathism

    Strange But True

    http://www.chinese-tools.com/china/crazy/2...n-his-back.html gives a new meaning to the word, "bare back"..
  6. Hi bros, recently i've experienced some noise when doing u-turn or at roundabouts or doing turning left/right. Slight turns are fine with no noise. The noise seems to come from the wheel area and there is this sound of squashing plastic bags. I've visually inspected and there is nothing stuck to the wheels but the noise persists. Anyone has any idea what's going on so I can send the car to the right kinda workshop to check?
  7. Strange creature freak out plantation workers in Sarawak Plantation workers freaked out by sight of strange creaturePosted on January 31, 2015, Saturday SIBU: An early morning that was supposed to be a routine start for a team of Indonesian workers turned into a rather shocking one when they encountered a strange-looking animal at an oil palm plantation along the Bintangor-Sibu Road near here yesterday. According to one of them, the creature charged at them at one point. “We were shocked. None of us has ever seen such thing. One of us then hit the animal until it appeared to have passed out,” a worker said, adding that the animal had sharp claws. “It could be a rare species of bear. When it regained consciousness, we forced it to go back into the jungle,” he said. According to the worker, they did not inform the authorities about the incident. Watch more below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OY5jQ99-Eks
  8. I came across this mural at Holland Drive Market Food Center. It is meant to celebrate Hawker Centers in Singapore for SG50, which is a good idea. However, the mural just looks rather odd, in my humble opinion. What do you think? You can see a still photo. I also made a short video of it. https://youtu.be/IlKE0KcWhUA
  9. one of my old neighbour just passed away recently. just few days before she died suddenly, she mentioned that she keep seeing his relatives(already dead) in her dreams.. this is not the first time i heard of such things.. the other case that i encounter is my sec sch classmate mum, she also told her children that she is starting to see her 'dead parents' often in her dream and she thinks something is wrong..and 2-3 weeks later she got into accident and pass away suddenly as well. i find it very intriguing..that when someone is going to die suddenly(out of norm/illness)..they will see their 'dead relatives' coming to fetch him/her like preempting them?? i have my own fair share of 'deja vu', that was very long when i was small...i dreamt of something happening outside my house and a few days later the same incident really happened and i can vividly still recall having the same dream few days before..and have this strange feeling of keep recalling where i see this same scene. but my deja vu stopped also around that age and i no longer encounter it since.
  10. Jchuacl

    Strange behaviour

    Today I witness a man jaywalking at the traffic lights when the lights was green for the cars to go. And when a merz who is approaching the traffic lights horn at the man, the man gave the driver the middle finger even though he was in the wrong. Later, I saw him getting into a white golf gti (sja504xx) , ie a driver. I would think as a driver he should know why the merz horned at him since he is also a driver. Really puzzles me what's wrong with his mindset. In fact, this is not the first time I seen either pedestrians or other drivers showing middle finger even though they are in the wrong.
  11. Spotted this strange motorbike on the road, with a strange helmet. Getting closer, I realised that his helmet contained a vulgar word. I didn't know whether to laugh or be angry. Strange chap. Is he just trying to gain some attention?
  12. If you get a strange noise in car, do investigate. It might be this: xxx bhp Plus 1 lizard https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10204856646839836
  13. Hi Bros, my Getz is 8yrs old with 100k mileage. a) Recently, noted that when I step/dab accl, can hear high pitch squel, not loud but still audible. b) Despite changing to new battery, occasionally car sounds "stressed" starting up. ( though can start at 1st attempt) c) never change alternator b4. Not sure about starter motor. d) Steering wheel produces soft whiny sound when turning. But other than that, cant feel any diff. e) slightly higher idling. approx. from 650rpm to now 700-750 rpm. f) I am the only owner since new. g) No mods done other than cosmetic. h) Timing belt changed at 80k mileage & did the SOP major servicing. (also changed engine mount ) I) Used a KNN filter from 17k - 97k mileage. Now using normal air filter. J) Recently changed cooling coil for air con. Any bro here able to advice what could be wrong & the approx. cost to replace those parts? Thanks.
  14. Was watching the Ch8 news. Water in Yishun is smelly and rashes are formed on skin after the water has been used for bathing. Any folks here affected?
  15. Recently when I was turning my steering wheel, I could hear a "tok" sound occassionally. What could be the cause?? Bushing?? I'm driving a Kia cerato forte with electric powering steering. Also, can anyone tell me when to change the suspension bushing?? my ride is quite harsh especially driving past uneven road (rocking heavily). I have just change my shock to koup shock but my spring is still stock. I know koup shock is a bit harder which may causes the harsh ride but is there any way to improve it. ?? No coilover please...
  16. Paiseh no pic, but last night I saw a police car that had some sort of laser/camera system (white rectangular module) beside its blinkers on the roof. i cannot remember what make it was but definitely not a subaru WRX/TS. bukit timah area. what the hell was that? i know for sure its active coz i was staring at it for a while and i saw red 'light' for just a split second. sorry no pics. i don't know if they are scanning for car plates or faces or speeding or what. better not whip out phone.
  17. Deckbuild

    Strange parking habits

    Find it strange why most Singaporean like to reverse park everywhere they go even when it will hinder their exit at later stage. Take for example, reverse park near to a ramp or exit where your turning radius definitely unable to make it. The other one is able to go direct into the lot at some commercial CP but driver will still position their vehicle nicely before reverse or forward, then it will reverse, forward, reverse, forward to get the precise parking at 300mm on each side...
  18. When I step on the accelerator and leg go there is some popping noise. Any idea why is there a popping noise? There is no engine check light though. Did a search on youtube and other Satria Neos that have after market exhaust seems to have this popping noise as well. Is there a defect or something?
  19. Any bros wish to share as per thread title? I will start on the strange incident part. Many many moons back me and a bunch of clowns were serving in one of the platoons in Falcon Coy at Tekong Camp 1 for our . Folks that era would know that the double beds of each bunk were arranged in 1 rows on each side, with sections 1 & 3 on one side (separated by a gap) while 2 & 4 were on on the other side. I was in section 1 then. And bros serving their "time" in Camp 1 would know that behind Falcon Coy was the SOC cum bayonet fighting ground. On one particular cold & early morning around 3 plus, I awoke to hear some blokes marching and shouting some unintelligible commands. Thinking some overzealous DIs were takaning petrified recruits, I went straight back to bed. "Poor SOBs," I muttered... Next morning I happened to raise this incident and some of my section 1 buddies concurred that some poor b******s were kena tortured. Now the interesting part. Sections 2 & 3 claimed they slept like a log and heard absolutely nothing while section 4 mates claimed they heard the same strange marching cum commands. Whatever it was we never did find out if there was any explanation to that strange encounter. Oh BTW, it was a Friday morning which means the previous night was Thursday... [sweatdrop]
  20. FaezClutchless

    Wacky Mods Part 1

    We see all sorts of modifications/alterations done to cars before, either for performance or aesthetics reasons and some of us who own cars might have done it to our own rides. One day while I was surfing the World Wide Web, I came across some photos of crazy and peculiar modifications/alterations done to cars. Let us take a moment to enjoy these photos. The first picture (above, top) shows a Pringles can attached to, probably, the air intake system of a car. Automakers spend billions of dollars doing research and development of car parts and components but the person who did this thought that a Pringles can, some duct tape and hose clamps can be a suitable part replacement. The next photo (above) was supplied to me by a friend. When I first saw it, I spent about half a minute laughing. The person who did this was most definitely doing it as a joke as six exhaust tips at the back box won
  21. Scb11980

    Strange HDB practice

    why is private company running rental flats in HDB we read in the papers, those desparate cannot find rental flat but this family can (i guess because they are not economic risk) through a private company managing the flats A Singaporean couple who were kicked out of the home of their eldest son after an argument moved into a three-room rental flat in Taman Jurong on Wednesday. Foo Thin Tak, 62, his wife Tham Swee Kheng, 55 and their 27-year-old youngest son moved into their new home after spending two nights at McDonald
  22. Speed_ong

    Strange Attitude of GTR Driver

    Manage to record this on the road using my DV168HD yesterday of a Lorry who uses hand signal to filter into the next lane and a GTR driver who I think is pissed off by this lorry cutting into his lane. After the traffic light, the GTR zooms off to cut into the lorry's lane and slow down to 20KM/H, just to block the lorry driver's way and also every car behind the lorry. What do you think of this GTR driver? From my point of view, I think the lorry driver did nothing wrong as I was behind the lorry and witness everything. Lorry driver already signal his intend as his lane is under construction and he has no choice but to filter to the other lane. Another funny thing is that I horn this GTR driver for blocking my way and he starts to drive away at normal speed to the other lane and after about 1KM, he slowed down on the left lane. I thought he was turning into the left but NO!! He was waiting for the lorry as it was stuck in another traffic light and from my rearview mirror I can see that the GTR is slowing down to wait for the lorry in order to block the lorry again.
  23. Andromeda2000

    Strange bloated tyre

    Just like to share a strange incident that happen to my car tyre today. The tyre suddenly became bloated as shown on the photo. Lucky managed to survive the trip to my tyre shop . Seem like a rare occurrence so just like to share. I never over inflate my tyre by the way.
  24. This cleopetra driver Lexus hit treebranch which turns out to be a man and s bicycle is amazing news with even more amazing consequences and stranger court verdict. Let's discuss what other cases involving our so called justice system in Singapore which calls much to be debated on.