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Found 58 results

  1. I keep coming across request for information on driving to Melaka on this forum. The following 2 guides have been posted previously on this forum but sometimes it is just so difficult to find. I start a new thread to make it easier to people looking for information on Melaka. Here is a simple driving guide to driving from Singapore to Melaka using the North-South Highway from my own experience. The NS Highway stretch from Singapore to Meleka is designated E2. So if you are lost, keep looking out for the E2 route sign. Drive carefully and get up to speed slowly. Getting up to 110kph should not be a major problem. After that, slowly get used to higher speed in the region of 120kph+ for overtaking. If not comfortable, just stay on the left lane, but try not to go too slow. Listen carefully to your car for any strange noises. Make sure your passengers are buckled up and if they are distracting you, tell them so politely and ask them to help watch the road. There are KM markers (milestone) along the NS Highway. It’s either on the divider or at the side of the road. 0km is JB, counting up as you go Northbound. The markers are seen every 100meters (white plate) and every 1km, green plate, IIRC or vice versa. Try to keep a look out for them every now and then to orientate yourself. You can ask you passengers to do that for you. Keeps them awake. North bound out of SGP, Machap R&R is around 70+km mark. It’s a big stop so rather safe, but still the common cautions be taken i.e look after your belongings. There will not be much stop from here until Pagoh 140km mark, so I recommend the Machap stop to refresh a bit. There is a Baskin Robin here but the price is pretty steep. After Yong Peng (100km), which is about half-way to Melaka, you will cross the hills. Some up-slopes and sweeping bends. Keep the power and momentum going so you dun loose too much speed or get caught out trying to accelerate up-slope. Coming off the hills will be a stretch of concrete straight road. There are a few culverts you will cross so keep your eyes looking far ahead. Slow down if you dun want to roller-coaster your passengers. Pagoh R&R is another big stop at around 145km. You can stop if you want to. Next up is Tangkak (nothing there) and the Johor-Malacca State border. Once you pass Jasin, your exit will be coming up next. Keep a look out for the signs and milestone. Exit AYER KEROH for Melaka. Exit 231. The exit is at 195km mark. So start to pay attention at around 190km mark. Signal and keep left earlier becoz exits come and go rather fast when travelling at high speed. If you miss the exit, don't panic. Never try to reverse on the NS Highway. Just keep going on, there is another exit at 217km mark. Exit to Alor Gajah and make your way back to Melaka either using Route No. 5 (Old road) or get back on the South bound lane of E2. If you miss that, go KL, the food is better anyway. From the toll plaza at Ayer Keroh, it’s another 20mins to downtown Melaka, look out for the sign - PUSAT BANDARAYA. You will most likely get lost a few times from here to town, but that is part of the fun of driving to Malaysia. Have a good trip. Other relevant links: PLUS Site - http://www.plus.com.my/
  2. Hi, I have planned for a one day drive up to Malacca in Dec'09. Any tips? Like good food or safe carpark to park my ride. I 'am thinking of parking it at hotel. Your contribution will be much appreciated
  3. driving up to genting wanna stopover at malacca for lunch on the way there and back any recommendations? heard got Ole Sayang and Beizhen. are tbey still good?
  4. On way back to Singapore from Ipoh, detoured to Melaka for lunch, saw a small signage along the roadside ‘Air Panas’. Decided to check it out. By following the signboards along the way, reached this hotspring. 15 or 16 km from NSHW Plus exit. Spent about an hour and used the facility for half an hour. My take is it's a worth-it experience. Whether you are making a day trip to Malacca or staying over, drop by and check it out. Some 3 mins driving will see this board - M12 Jasin. Turn left at filter lane. At roundabout take the 12 o'clock exit. [/url] Pass by a Golf Club http://i1319.photobucket.com/albums/t679/ng_y_h/Jasin_HotSpring/vlcsnap-2016-07-04-21h53m33s10_zpswbllxjhw.png After Petronas Petro stn on the right you will see this brown sinage http://i1319.photobucket.com/albums/t679/ng_y_h/Jasin_HotSpring/vlcsnap-2016-07-04-21h58m42s244_zpsarfxlrtx.png Turn left at Jn http://i1319.photobucket.com/albums/t679/ng_y_h/Jasin_HotSpring/vlcsnap-2016-07-04-22h01m18s248_zpszes90tlc.png Stone house sign- Take the left at fork http://i1319.photobucket.com/albums/t679/ng_y_h/Jasin_HotSpring/vlcsnap-2016-07-04-22h05m26s214_zpscwbzm9ha.png Half a min from fork, at the left http://i1319.photobucket.com/albums/t679/ng_y_h/Jasin_HotSpring/vlcsnap-2016-07-04-22h09m29s77_zps3pdxa5xo.png http://i1319.photobucket.com/albums/t679/ng_y_h/Jasin_HotSpring/1%20JASIN_hot_Spring_20160625_zpsli0csl63.jpg http://i1319.photobucket.com/albums/t679/ng_y_h/Jasin_HotSpring/0%20IMG_20160625_Map_zps0ti65bik.jpg For all facilities _ is RM10 http://i1319.photobucket.com/albums/t679/ng_y_h/Jasin_HotSpring/Jasin%20HotSpring_Ticket_zpsq6kys0rh.jpg Cool_Pool for children http://i1319.photobucket.com/albums/t679/ng_y_h/Jasin_HotSpring/2%20JASIN_20160625_Cold_Pool_zps8rhzgsii.jpg Cool_Pool http://i1319.photobucket.com/albums/t679/ng_y_h/Jasin_HotSpring/3%20Jasin_20160625_Cold_Pool_Chn_zpsiu15subp.jpg Warm_Pool to climatise body to take hotter water http://i1319.photobucket.com/albums/t679/ng_y_h/Jasin_HotSpring/4%20JASIN__20160625_Warm_Water_zpsxwst3m9q.jpg 3 mins soak and come out, repeat. Just the 2x and my heart beating fast. Then reading the instructions while cooling down, I have to get the hot water to the veins to dilate the blood vessels to my head, else can can giddy which I was experiecing a little. http://i1319.photobucket.com/albums/t679/ng_y_h/Jasin_HotSpring/5%20IMG_20160625_40_to_42_zpsrezqdqd0.jpg Very hot - for scoops over the head n body http://i1319.photobucket.com/albums/t679/ng_y_h/Jasin_HotSpring/6%20IMG_20160625_Another_angle_zpscqsoumbm.jpg 43 to 47 degree http://i1319.photobucket.com/albums/t679/ng_y_h/Jasin_HotSpring/7%20IMG_20160625_43_to_47_zpsvsbekt8g.jpg An immediate benefit i experienced was that a patch of skin on the leg was very itchy over the previous two days while in Ipoh. During the soak, I could feel that patch was like being bitten by the minerals or whatever from the spring. Till now the itch has not retuened.
  5. We used to go up tp Malacca at least 2 or 3 times a year but we haven't been there for two years now due to this and that. What's the situation with new restaurants there. Any good ones and have the existing got any better?? Thanks.
  6. Hi. Planning for a road trip sometime end of the mth to Malacca. Just curious if the "Fine foreign cars" operation still going on? Last heard from friend that they have collected abt RM900k. Shd be enough already?
  7. Hi, I'll be driving up to Malacca in mid Oct and will be staying at Hotel Equatorial. Any bros here ever parked in the hotel before? Reason I'm asking is that I'm most concerned about the car park security and need to be assured that my car will not be missing when I wake up every morning. So was hoping to hear some feedbacks from u guys here in case some of u have parked there before. Thanx.
  8. I just realised Malaysia google map got street view now. It's so much better. Can view your road intersection, your hotel surroundings, the road sign, prominent buidlings, etc. Sorry if I'm slow to this discovery, only realised it planning for my next road trip. Last time was looking high and low for street view in Malaysia, but wasn't available at all.
  9. Greetings folks, First of all, pls pardon the repetitive thread. I've been trawling the search function for info specific to Malacca Hotels but couldn't find a suitable one. Am planning to do a self drive to Malacca with my gf, brother and his gf.... Just 2 cars... Can any kind souls here advise if it is safe to park at Holiday Inn, Malacca? Anyone drove up and parked there b4? feedbacks? Thanks in advance !! cheers
  10. Just back from Malacca over the weekend, heard from the street vendors there that the government is shutting down Jonker Walk. But the street vendors will still operate there next weekend there despite the shut down notice.
  11. HI all, May I know if any bros or sis has good experience renting car or MPV in Malacca? Our family of 8 is going to take bus up to Malacca, and for travelling convenience in Malacca itself, we are looking to hire a MPV to ferry the whole family around... Hope some kind souls can kindly share some good Malacca car rental contacts with me... Thanks a lot in advance, and have a Merry Christmas! P.S. hope you can also share the rental duration, daily cost and the car type you had rented... Thanks!
  12. Will be heading in to KL this Saturday morning, crossing Tuas around 6.30am. I have always driven in one breath(plus toilet breaks of cos) all the way from SG to KL without taking breakfast stops along the way. However, because there are some "VIPs" in this trip, a stopover at Malacca(or maybe some other towns) is planned, preferably not too far off the NS Highway. That means exit NSH > stop > jiak > pee > continue trip. Any good restaurants serving timsum or local style foods in Malacca or towns to recco? Should be looking at reaching Malacca around 8.30 to 9 am. Food price is not an issue as prices there are always reasonable.
  13. Hi Guys, I have to drive up to Malacca tomorrow to attend a funeral. This is a totally unexpected trip and I have not driven in for the past 5 years. Can someone provide me with contact numbers for reliable breakdown/towing services please? Also the relevant charges if you know them. Thanks very much.
  14. Jman888

    Literally a Cowboy town

    really sounds like the old time cowboy robbery
  15. Good morning all, 2 of my friends and I are contemplating taking on a road trip to Malacca but there are several areas of concern which we feel should be addressed first. 1. Limited driving experience: As we are only 21 this year and the most experienced of us has merely 1 year plus of experience on local roads, it would be more difficult to find a willing car rental. On top of that I believe the insurance excess could be much higher for inexperienced drivers like us? We might be able to use one of our family's car but are now looking at rental as an alternative. 2. Choice of car rental: Would it be easier for us to engage a reliable rental company in JB instead of Singapore? The costs would be cheaper too since there is no need to pay for any overseas driving surcharge. Any recommendations to give? 3. Could there be any potential problems that newbie drivers like us will encounter when driving up north? With regard to places to visit, I believe that it is not much of an issue as there are countless websites to refer to... I would greatly appreciate any constructive feedback as it will contribute to our decision making - go or no go. Thank you all in advance!
  16. Hi bros I will be going to malacca between 6-8/4/12 for my Co. annual DnD <Most of the time is Penang/KL one, don know why this time wan go malacca>, i will be staying at Hotel Renaissance, i had not been to Malacca in a long while already <Since 2006>, as such i need help in the following areas: -Should i drive my veh. up there and park at the hotel or should i follow the tour bus arranged by the Co. -What to do in Malacca -What to eat <Pls gimmie the adress and stall name if possible> -Any other things to watch out for Thanks Guys
  17. Coach to Malacca @ Lavender Street / Opp singapore Casket closing end Jan 2012 due to MRT works.
  18. Has anyone stayed in this hotel b4? any reviews?
  19. Parkwalker

    Dried Mee Sua in Malacca

    Hi, Anyone can advise where to get the dried ones there? Must be good quality hor...
  20. KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian world heritage city of Malacca will be smoke-free from June 15, a first for the country, the health minister said on Monday. The move was to bring in more tourists and help stamp out smoking in a country where the habit is widespread, Liow Tiong Lai told AFP, insisting it would also help preserve the city. "The idea is to create fresh air and a clean environment for tourists and Malaysians alike to enjoy the historic city," he said. "It will also aid in preserving the old monuments and buildings as the ban will reduce pollution in the area and promote a healthy lifestyle." The no-smoking area covers the entire 4.2 square kilometres (1.6 square miles) of the city and four other areas in the southern state of Malacca. "These areas will be free from cigarette smoke and make Malacca city the first smoking-free city in the country," said the minister. "Those caught will be hit with a fine of 300 ringgit (US$100) although the maximum penalty is 5,000 ringgit." Malacca chief minister Mohamad Ali Rustam told the Star daily that the state was also serious about declaring more tourist destinations in the state smoke-free zones. With more than 500 years of trading and cultural exchanges between East and West, Malacca's multi-cultural heritage is seen its ornately designed government buildings, churches and forts. It is where the Malay sultanate originated in the 15th century, before being invaded by the Portuguese and Dutch in the early 16th century. In 2008, UNESCO included Malacca and Georgetown, on the resort island of Penang, in its world heritage list but there have been recent concerns that the southern port city could be de-listed because of redevelopment in its historic quarter. Malaysia is hoping the heritage listing will boost tourism, which is a key foreign exchange earner. I wonder how are they gonna enforce this....
  21. Hi everyone, I am looking for people to drive up to Malacca on 14th June together. Anyone interested please reply
  22. Bought 4 vouchers at www.atcrazy.com, used 1 (last Sat/Sun) and left 3 for sales at only S$128 ! (my cost S$174) http://www.hotelsericosta.com/home.htm ITEM QTY TOTAL Self-drive into Malacca! ENJOY 45% off on 2D1N Hotel Seri Costa Malacca, at S$ 58 (USD 45) nett per room per night inclusive Breakfast for 2 Persons instead of up to S$ 104 (USD 80) applicable for Weekends stay! 4 SGD 232.00 Conditions:- 1. Redemption by 30/6/2011 (I will have to redempt for you) 2. Used by 31/10/2011 3. Applicable for both weekday & weekend 4. 2 Simple Breakfast included SPECIAL NOTES: This is only a 2-3 'Star' hotel with basic facilities and a Spa Cleanliness of the place to me is 2.5/5 5-8 Mins walk to Jonker Place, Makota Parade, Perlawan Mall, etc. Parking is Free only for the period you stay. If interested SMS to Lee at 96192273
  23. Robo

    To Malacca..

    I did a search and found that there wasnt much info on the other threads. am thinking of driving up this wkend. anyone can recommend some tips like where to go, which hotel to stay and wad the toll like and whats the must go place. actually am contemplating to go KL also, so which one will u all recommend? malacca or KL? thanks alot!
  24. Malacca or Melaka as it is known locally is a tourist state/city in Malaysia that is a favorite destination for tourists both local and abroad. It is a vacation hotspot for a whole lot of people around the region that wish to get away from it all yet still comes with some hustle and bustle of urban life. Now add over 600 years of history to the picture and it all comes together. Malacca is a melting pot of culture and heritage. From the days of the Malacca Sultanate, the Portuguese. the Dutch, the English, as well as Arab, Indian and Chinese (and also Baba-Nyona) influences you get the best of everything in an area somewhat double the size of Singapore. Oh yes, the food is pretty good here too. One would find authentic Baba-Nyona food intertwined with lots of other local stuff. But this needs a little exploring, and some asking around to locate some hidden treasures as due to Malacca being in a state of constant development and investment, lots of new restaurants, some of which are just in it for the money have sprouted up. So Malacca is about two hours and a bit more away from Singapore and about the same distance from Kuala Lumpur if you travel by the North South Highway. To reach the city centre it would be easier to use the Ayer Keroh Exit as the road takes you straight to the heart of Malacca City. Now being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Malacca has got all sorts of historic sites and buildings to view. But since most of us are aware of the usual places of interests like the Stadhyus Building, A Famosa Fort, Bukit Cina and local tourists haunts located at Bandar Hilir I
  25. http://www.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?f...&sec=nation Guess one the worst accident along NS highway. Luckily no one from Sg was involved.