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  1. alex976

    2020 4th Generation Skoda Octavia

    I think skoda cars are excellent and reliable. I drove a 2nd hand octavia in the UK for 3 years. Parts wise can gt from stockist it wont cost u a bomb or a leg like u said that is provided you know where to gt. To be honest any car parts frm AD in spore is bloody exp. In spore their resalve value might not be as good but i wont discount them as highly unreliable cars outright.
  2. totally agreed Lotr seems like he or she nvr bought a car with his or her own coe before
  3. yes you can bid for the coe yourself. but the problem is at the end of the day, the model u want has no PI option. wad do u do frm there? how many ADs is willing to sell u the car without COE ? you not getting the comment that Contented is saying. the real qtn is can the govt set the law such that individuals buy their own COE then look ard to get the car and dealers are not allowed to bid for COE? dealers jus strictly sell cars and owners get their own COE.
  4. alex976

    A New Chapter - Skoda Singapore

    any bro can share wad skoda is offering for their display units?
  5. alex976

    MAZDA 6

    Car only 1200km liddat liao. Gotta bk appt
  6. alex976

    MAZDA 6

    Guyz, my FIL has told me that there feedback/ vibration from the steering when he brakes at speeds above 70km/hr. He told the service adviser who told him it was due to the i-stop. Do any of you experience the same thingy?
  7. alex976

    Cars@Expo Oct 2019

    If cheap and still maintain the same std as their european counter parts i dun mind. I rmb last time when my altis gt prob. The toyota SE told me, siam kia car is this kuan one. My altis was 113k at 60k COE. My main take is as long as price is good and quality is there i dun mind but if quality isnt there and i am still paying the same price of cos i will be pissed.
  8. Guys need to check what is the LTA procedure for transferring car plates between family members?
  9. Most of the time they drive so aggressively in the carpark. U see the way most valet accelerate. Its nt their car why they bother to care sia
  10. alex976

    Recommendation of wheel alignment workshop

    Kenny alignment dunno still ard anot. My fren had his XT done there 2 years back
  11. So true man. My BIL borrow my wife car the cashcard will gt $50 top up de each time
  12. True friends will never want you to be on the losing end. U won't want ur true friends to be on the losing end
  13. alex976

    MAZDA 6