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  1. Guyz, the sillypore system only favours the rich and powerful. U complain to MAS, LTA, PAP and others, u will see the crap reason they give u. Just drive safe and pray others also drive safe cos how others drive u cant control
  2. Self import is the risky move. VES is the wild card.
  3. TS should not pay since he filed a police report. He can use that as a justification. If u pay, u are admitting liability!!! if u can justify why its not your fault do not pay especially the speeding offences which have demerit points. The system will auto deduct the points and make it hell worst to reverse it. Money might be small but the points is a totally different thingy. Paying a fine means admitting liability to a certain extent HDB and TP officer can also close the case since TS alrdy paid up
  4. Cos our local insurance and all the AD workshop all lazy mah. Only wanna do the easy stuff, claim for malaysian car tedious so they dun wanna do. A few years back my auntie E200 kenna whack by a malaysian car in JB. We all told her dun bother to go C&C, need to find those workshop specialize in claiming malaysian car de. Dun bother listening to us, she went down to C&C they straight away tell her its to claim ur ownself and we dun help u claim from malaysian side. C&C still "help" to report end up premium nxt year increase. Then still muz go 3rd party workshop to fix the buttock, but lucky managed to claim back from malaysian side. If earlier dun go C&C, then premium nvr go up. My auntie is a firm believer that u dun need NCD protector de. So nw liddat LL, the following year wanna change insurer cannot, cos kenna accident then dun have NCD protector even though not at fault. 1 good example is the VEP registration on malaysia side. We have to submit our insurance to the malaysian authorities. But Spore govt dun do the same. God knows if the malaysian car has valid insurance anot when they enter spore.
  5. alex976

    MAZDA 6

    Bro it's not, the sound only comes when the accelerator is step on. Bearing noise is constant above a certain speed be it your feet is on the accelerator anot. FIL schedule a service appt with TEK on Monday to see how
  6. alex976

    MAZDA 6

    Asking on behalf of my FIL. Lately his car (m6 2019) gt a distinct noise when he accelerates at above 70km His car mileage very low only at 4500km. I thought he too sensitive, cos I got drive his car quite a few times so I took it for a spin. I also hear that distinct noise. Does any bro come across such a problem?
  7. Sadly our govt know how to ask for $$ fast with penalty and court orders but not fast to act on our complains especially like yours. Totally feel you man
  8. pity u bro. its quite a knife edge feeling. especially authorities dun help much. did they ask u to settle the summons while they investigate? or they temporarily suspend it pending their "investigation" ?
  9. How the hell this guy know so much about TS? Its quite scary and the best part is that he still got the ballz to commit such offences
  10. alex976

    MAZDA 6

    Everybody is entitled to his or her opinion. Y need to force yours on others? Glad that u like the civic. But we are happy with our mazda
  11. no offence if u are earning more than 8k does not mean that u are financially stable. if ur outstanding financial commitment is like 7k are u still stable? if u have a lawyer case, it must be sth financial related like biz kenna writ of seizure or dispute. or else credit rating has no issues. the first rule in asking for advice is to be factual of ur circumstances or else its misleading. for god sake dun drag ur friend in for a car
  12. alex976

    2020 4th Generation Skoda Octavia

    I think skoda cars are excellent and reliable. I drove a 2nd hand octavia in the UK for 3 years. Parts wise can gt from stockist it wont cost u a bomb or a leg like u said that is provided you know where to gt. To be honest any car parts frm AD in spore is bloody exp. In spore their resalve value might not be as good but i wont discount them as highly unreliable cars outright.
  13. totally agreed Lotr seems like he or she nvr bought a car with his or her own coe before
  14. yes you can bid for the coe yourself. but the problem is at the end of the day, the model u want has no PI option. wad do u do frm there? how many ADs is willing to sell u the car without COE ? you not getting the comment that Contented is saying. the real qtn is can the govt set the law such that individuals buy their own COE then look ard to get the car and dealers are not allowed to bid for COE? dealers jus strictly sell cars and owners get their own COE.