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Reckless Cyclist

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Excerpts from the FAQ:

Why are petrol-driven motorised bicycles not allowed?

LTA does not allow the use of petrol-driven bicycles as they can be easily modified to travel at speeds greater than 25 km/h. This can pose a safety hazard to the riders as well as other road users. Their small engines (i.e. those with engine capacity of 23 cc or less) are not equipped with proper noise and exhaust gas emission control systems.


Why can't all motorised bicycles be treated as conventional bicycles?

Motorised bicycles, with maximum power output of more than 200 watts, cannot be treated like conventional pedal bicycles. For the safety of riders and other road users, they must meet the technical and registration requirements of motorcycles before they can be used on public roads.


Riders of such high-powered motorised bicycles will also be required to hold a valid licence to ride a motorcycle.


Can riders of motorised bicycles carry pillion riders?

No. Typical motorised bicycles are not designed to carry more than one person.


I am thinking of buying a motorised bicycle. What should I look out for?

When buying a motorised bicycle for use on public roads, check that it has been type-approved and affixed with a seal with the LTA logo and a serial number embossed on it.


What other requirements do I have to comply with if I want to ride a motorised bicycle?

You have to be at least 16 years old and you have to wear a bicycle helmet.


How do I know if the motorised bicycle I bought complies with the new technical requirements set by LTA?

If you buy a motorised bicycle after 1 October 2004, please check that it is affixed with an LTA seal. Do not buy one without the LTA seal. If you are caught riding one without the seal on public roads, you can be fined up to $2,000 or jailed for up to three months for the first offence. For subsequent offences, you may face a fine of up to $5,000 or a jail term of up to six months.


Can I ride my approved motorised bicycle on other areas besides the public roads? E.g. pedestrian walkways, void decks and public parks?

Motorised bicycles are not allowed on pedestrian walkways, HDB void decks and public parks. This is in accordance to the regulations laid down by government agencies such as Singapore Police Force, Housing Development Board and National Parks Board.


What is the penalty if I do not wear a helmet? Does a cyclist need to wear a helmet?

Riders of motorised bicycles, who do not comply with the rider requirements, are liable to a fine up to $1,000 or a jail term of up to three months.


A cyclist should wear a helmet to protect himself from head injuries should he fall.


Who should I call to report on offences related to motorised bicycles and what kind of information do I need to provide?

If you spot illegally modified motorised bicycles on public roads, you can contact LTA at 1800 - CALL LTA (1800 - 2255 582). You should provide your contact details and information, such as where and when such illegally modified motorised bicycles were usually spotted.


If you wish to report on the use of motorised bicycles on pavements or users riding recklessly, you can contact the nearest Neighbourhood Police Centres (NPCs). Alternatively, you can write in to the Chief Investigation Officer, Violation Reports, of the Traffic Police Department at 10 Ubi Ave 3 Singapore 408865.

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Looks like no one has an electric bicycle here...


i believe the best use for motorised bicycle is if u stay in land property and need a quick form of transport for running errands.

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Any idea on the price range, charging times, usage time, place to get them?


Thanks in advance.



You can go to Marina Sq Homefix, the one on display is LTA approved. Not sure abt the details though.

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i believe the best use for motorised bicycle is if u stay in land property and need a quick form of transport for running errands.


I used to owned 2 of those China made Electrical Bicycles when I was living in my landed house. I have the same thought too as a quick form of transportation between house and nearby neigbourhood stores.


Back then, China made products were [thumbsdown]. The 2 bikes' batteries malfunctioned within a year, paint started to turn dull, handle bar started to rust and etc. So within less 1.5 year, I dumped the 2 at the rubbish chute.



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Anyone can recommend a shop selling LTA approved elecitric bicycle in the east?


Need to get one to send kid to school.

There's one shop in Upper Serangoon Road, near to Upper Serangoon Mall - close to where where the old Crocodile Farm was. Not sure if approved or not...never been inside

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There are tons of these news reported.

Drive carefully and you will be safe.... [drivingcar]


Next !!


tbh this cyclist caught me by surprise when he cut in front as i am watching out for car come straight... he is damn lucky no car is approaching fast straight if not i would have accelerate more and he will be under my car....


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