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  1. Booboon

    Should I Renew my COE When it Expires?

    If its a toyota or honda, i reckon its worth renewing. Futhermore relatively low milage cars. Spare parts easy to get. :)
  2. Booboon

    Kia Carens 2015: all new 7-seater arrives

    How much is Carens selling now?
  3. Booboon

    Protecting paintworks with sealant

    Sealants wont damage clear coat. I recommend collinte 476. A single coat lasted 3 months for me.
  4. Booboon

    Turtle ice paste wax

    Only hd is expensive. Collinite is affordable lah. One can of 476 lasted me years. Forget abt turtle wax. Its cheap and no good. I rather u use autoglym aio which last longer.
  5. Booboon

    [Error] Mazda & Vezel Thread

    Mz5 owners, how was the fuel consumption?
  6. Booboon

    [Error] Mazda & Vezel Thread

    May i know wats the fc on the current mazda 5 w skyactiv technology?
  7. Booboon

    [Error] Mazda & Vezel Thread

    Hi All, Anyone know wats the difference between Mazda 5 (Dealer) vs Mazda Premacy(PI)? thanks
  8. Booboon

    Public transport business models

    but hor smrt ceo general said their performance grade is B wor
  9. Booboon

    COE Bidding 1st - Apr 2013

    but hor they fully utilised the car park
  10. Booboon

    Car loan.. 90% still possible?

    That is provided they know they have to pay 30% more. but hor nobody look at that....so long can keep up with monthly installment can liao...
  11. Booboon

    Starhub suck thumb liao no EPL.

    Good. Boycott
  12. Booboon

    Saga of the reckless white Subaru

    How do u know there is many traffic offence?
  13. Booboon

    Buy paint

    u ever try jb?