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Found 159 results

  1. As a professional in this field this thread is for those looking to enhance their health the right way.
  2. hi, would like to check if any of you sign up for such gym membership? yesterday is the first time i went to such gym, truefitness located at parkway. the exercise class really enticed me, full of energy and life. membership is $89 per mth over a year, personal trainer is around $90 per hour session.. thought of signing up the fitness-plus located at changi business park as it's really much affordable. $60 per mth however, the down side is not night classes but they have a 25m swimming pool. cool! i'm more keen into the exercise class compare to weights, free time would be after 7pm to 10pm. any gd advise?
  3. Does washing cars considered an exercise? You tend to burn cardio by the repetitive movements of your arms, stretching of your waists and your back, because these places tends to get sore and tired after a throughout car washing, polishing and waxing, vacumming and carrying full pails. Not much for the legs, unless you use your legs to do the repetitive movements. Would it help you to keep fit wash your car weekly?
  4. Inspirational, especially for runners. http://www.prischew.com/running/run-for-life-chan-meng-hui-marathoner/
  5. any kaki here...have a badmintoin MU @mustank you go play bedminton yourself hahhaahaha @atrecord @ben5266 @jman888
  6. Tjkbeluga

    Pilates exercise...

    Hi bro/sis, Thinking of taking up some pilates class to improve body posture and flexibility. Could anyone recommend where to go and how much? Preferably not those where you need to pay astronomical monthly membership fee like Fitness First...
  7. It is mid-Mar and still no sight of rain... Should we do a water rationing exercise (also match the theme of Total Defence)? If not, how do we know that the protocol / procedures are still relevant to today's context?
  8. so stressful, must chop seat early... this new bidding with fresh quota to start on 2/5 (Tue) n to close on 5/5 (Thu)!! happy long weekend to all!!
  9. note: figures for May-Jul r of v early projections (could b more). ready for more fun albeit most r expecting a rebound? hopefully, jz a small rebound...
  10. great to b bck, no place like home n i missed my car!! projected quota updated for Feb-Apr 2016, unchanged for earlier projection for A & B!!!
  11. up again?? to me, it's quite stable since new cevs was effective in Jul. would b interesting to see how mkt response when more quota is available next yr. ;)
  12. Anyone has joined this? What's your points now? http://www.healthhub.sg/programmes/37/NSC
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGn5DpbL1rs&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGn5DpbL1rs&feature=youtu.be Jaywalking with the kid is already a bad example and while nothing dramatic happens to the kid, luck is not with her/him all the time. thank you for your attention.