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Found 23 results

  1. Mnns

    Unable to balance rims

    Went for servicing today and workshop guys told me they can't balance one of my rear wheel, probably faulty (warp). Didn't know our sg roads is so smooth till I can warp it from normal driving Can't rotate the wheel to the front since they say alignment will be off. Anyone know if theres a good and reliable place to check if the rims is really warped and probably repair it? Can't tell if theres any warping with my naked eyes. Went to a couple of shops like stamford and they can't do anything about it. If need to replace, I need to find a shop thats willing to import just 1 rim sigh. Thanks in advance.
  2. Is the HDB housing loan a reducing balance loan? If so, how is the monthly instalment amount calculated? I understand that if the monthly instalment is X, then X = Y+Z where Y goes toward principal and Z toward interest. Over time, X remains constant but Y and Z will change. How is X determined? How are the proportions of Y and Z determined? attached: example using CPF website calculator
  3. This is what i was trying to stress in previous thread, many of us can choose to slow down, but if the whole country is slowing down to have the work-life balance, who is going to cheong out there to make sure the economy continue to perform and sustain? Fortunately there are still ambitious young graduates (despite some strawberry) who are hardworking. On the other hand, we also see many members acknowledge the trade off (income vs time) at personal level, but at the national level, things will not be good. Dun turn this into bashing, we can discuss about your personal choice and the trade off.
  4. Even a small and lite feather is very important https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KVPA-9hofw
  5. OMG, the 3-day work week sounds so nice; but 11 hour days, hmm http://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=11339918&ref=nzh_tw MEX Billionaire urges three-day work week Mexican billionaire also says people should work 11 hour days until they turn 75. The world's richest man is calling for a radical overhaul of our work-life balance that would see people at their jobs for just three days a week. Carlos Slim, the Mexican telecom tycoon worth over US$80 billion ($101 billion), also believes people the typical working day should last 11 hours instead of eight and that the retirement age should be increased to 75. "You should have more time for you during all of your life - not when you're 65 and retired," he told CNNMoney. The 74-year-old billionaire first raised the idea at a conference in Paraguay during the summer when he called for "a radical overhaul" in people's working lives. He believes the concept would not only re-invigorate how we live, but be positive for the economy and financial markets. "With three work days a week, we would have more time to relax; for quality of life," he said. "Having four days [off] would be very important to generate new entertainment activities and other ways of being occupied," he told the conference. While machines should operate 24 hours a day and services should work as much as possible, Slim said people deserve more time for entertainment, family and to train for better jobs. "It's a society of knowledge and experience. You have better experience and knowledge when you are 60, 65 and 70," he said. Slim wasn't clear if wages should stay the same or decrease to reflect less time on the job. He declined to throw his weight behind recent calls for workers to get paid higher wages though. He conceded prices may have grown faster than wages, but he believes salaries will rise along with stronger growth, increased productivity and technological advances. "I am sure it will happen," said Slim, although he conceded he's not exactly sure when. To a certain degree, Slim has been applying this train of thought to his own businesses for years. Slim's phone company Telmex has implemented a system where workers on a collective labour contract who joined the company in their late teens can retire before they reach 50, and can continue to work for full pay four days per week. Slim also applies this philosophy to his own work life and is still active as a businessman at 74. He also maintains a life full of hobbies, such as art collecting. He opened the Museo Soumaya, an art museum dedicated to both his love for art and religious relics as well as the memory of his late wife, Soumaya Domit.
  6. Anybody applying ? Which area? Just want to check what is the buying sentiment on the ground. Or is it better to buy resale given the rather high price of the new balance flat, plus the resale levy. The attraction is of cos the short waiting time and also is available in mature estate.
  7. Ok two days back my maid came running to me.............the fan had stopped turning again...........the last time I sprayed some WD40 and it lasted for 2 months............this time ran out of WD40...........so I put afew drops of my balance engine oil............and it started to turn as new.... and so.........idea came to my mind...........I poured some engine oil into a spray container given by NEA (my area now hotspot lor).....and went around spraying on metal joints at home.............better than using WD40..........smooth smooth.... so for those with balance engine oil .............don't throw away............use it as household lubricant and save the money buying WD40........ those who do servicing at WS.........take back the balance of the engine oil......................don't let them sell those balance oil to others.............you paid for the oil after all...............and save some money on that can of WD40........ hope this idea can help make full use of balance engine oil........ [laugh] this is the 30ml bottle from NEA which I use to contain my engine oil spray...........
  8. http://www.singstat.gov.sg/statistics/brow...ance_sheet.html Population of 5.3 mil with ... 305B in cash & deposit and 14B in CPF ... Total mortgage liablity is 197B... Like that hdb very difficult to come down to realistic level..
  9. In a fast-pace society where we are constantly reminded of the need to strife hard to in order to bring home the bacon, I guess not many of us take heed of or truly have the luxury to embrace the concept of work-life balance... From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/premium/forum-...g-life-20130308 Don't let work get in the way of enjoying life BUDGET 2013 set out strategies to achieve quality growth and an inclusive society. However, the issue of work-life balance does not seem to be addressed. Incentives have been rolled out for workers to travel to work earlier to avoid the peak-hour crowds. But why should they do this when they cannot be sure of leaving the office earlier to spend time with their family and friends? They would ultimately end up spending more time in the office than before. Almost every working individual now has a smartphone synchronised to his work e-mail account, so he can check his e-mail messages any time and anywhere, even while on vacation. If someone does not do likewise, does that make him a less productive worker? Singaporeans seem almost afraid to go home on time after work. It is as if a hard-working employee is one who stays past the official working hours. In a poll by Jobstreet.com last year, nearly nine out of 10 workers surveyed worked beyond their official hours; 70 per cent chose to complete unfinished work in the office while the remaining 30 per cent brought work home. It also found that only 30 per cent of the respondents claimed that their companies had initiatives in place to promote work-life balance. More worryingly, 45 per cent indicated that their companies' work-life balance policies were just for show. The mentality of needing to be the first in the rat race has affected work-life balance here. Singaporeans have been taught the importance of doing well in school, so they can find a good job that would allow their families to live comfortably. Perhaps it is the fear of losing their rice bowls during the economic downturn that results in workers putting in many more hours at work to prove their worth. We should remember that productivity comes from working smart, not working hard. I urge the Government to introduce more compulsory measures for companies to achieve a better work-life balance. Everyone should also remember to take the time to do the things they love and not miss out on life's little pleasures. Donovan Chee Kwok Hoe
  10. Work-life balance is something good-to-have and by all means introduce it island-wide if possible. But in view of the hectic schedules most of us have, it is not easy to achieve in reality even if our employers are open to it. Ultimately one must decide what is more important: to strike a good balance by seeking a less-stressing i.e. less-paying job or be adverse to the whole concept and continue slogging till you get what you want? From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1234058/1/.html S'poreans unable to enjoy work-life balance: survey Posted: 29 October 2012 1112 hrs SINGAPORE: Workers have identified overloading of work and high-pressure deadlines as the main reasons for not being able to achieve work-life balance in Singapore. A recent survey on work-life balance in Singapore found that nearly nine out of 10 workers surveyed worked beyond their official hours. Beyond working hours, 70 per cent chose to complete unfinished work in the office while the remaining 30 per cent chose to bring work home. The survey by recruiter Jobstreet.com also found that only 30 per cent of the respondents claimed that their companies had initiatives in place to promote work-life balance. 45 per cent indicated that their companies pay lip service to work-life balance with policies in place just for show. Respondents suggested corporate tax relief and enforcement of policies as steps that the government can take to encourage more companies to promote work-life balance at the workplace. About 650 workers and 135 employers participated in the survey that was conducted in September. - CNA/xq
  11. , since we always use up OA, most people will probably have more in their MA
  12. 2 days for each group and 1 Jan, 1 May and 9 Aug for all. If any group want to increase 1 more day, then other also need to do so, we will get 15 days can each group come out with one more? Chinese is easy Mooncake (中秋), 端午, 清明....
  13. If say I upgrade my 185/65/R15 Sports to 205/50/R16.. Do I need to do balancing? Or anything else to it? Cuz I plan to just change the rims over. Thats all. If need to do anything else, what is the recommended place?
  14. Hi bros, can anyone help to recommend any place to do the above. Preferably around Bukit Merah area. The shell petrol station service workshop charges $27. The previous rotation cost me $10 but too bad the mechanic no longer working there. Many thanks
  15. Sofarsogood

    Silicon balance bracelets... work?

    Anyone bought the above? Distributed by a company called Grounded Intl. Similar to those magnetic bracelets, but these use 2 silicon chips. Purportedly helps you balance better woh.
  16. Dystopia

    MO for power balance band

    http://powerbalancewristband.blogspot.com anyone interested? 1. Dystopia 2. 3.
  17. I am still confused since the day the banks implemented this scheme. if balance is less than $500, there will be a charge of $2. How do banks define avg daily balance? using nov 2009 as example, is it (30 days of flutuating daily balance / 30 days) = avg daily balance? Can give some example?
  18. feel like paying off balance of car loan so as to save some interests. Original loan liability: 30K loan over 36 months; applied interest rate 2.85%; effective interest rate 5.7256% total interest to be paid over 36 months = 2,565 Current liability: Loan period outstanding: 20 months Monthly repayment for 19 months: 905 (inclusive of 71.25 interest) Final monthly repayment : 890 (inclusive of 71.25 interest) If i opt to pay off this 20 months balance one-shot, according to the Hong Leong Finance agreement, the payable balance will be computed as " rule of 78 less 20%". Does anyone know what this means? Can anyone also help me to compute the amt that i need to settle one-shot using this rule? thanks
  19. Wed Dec 12, 2007 6:27pm EST By Anthony J. Brown, MD NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - During the last weeks of pregnancy, many women become so large in the middle that they look as though they might tip over. But through evolutionary processes, nature has devised a way to keep them upright on their sometimes swollen feet. In a new study, U.S. researchers show how the lower spine in females has evolved to support the obstetrical load experienced by species that stand upright on two feet, so that the center of balance is repositioned over the hips. "Most previous studies on the evolution of how human mothers have accommodated pregnancy have focused on the pelvis and the problems of birthing; this is the first study to look at how mothers cope with the considerable challenges of stabilization while they are pregnant," senior author Dr. Daniel E. Lieberman, from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, told Reuters Health. The normal curvature of the lower spine helps position the trunk above the hips in humans, thereby stabilizing the upper body over the legs, according to the report in the issue of Nature. Pregnancy, however, complicates matters as the weight shifts forward. In their study, Lieberman's team shows how over time the lower vertebrae in human females have become reinforced to allow the exaggerated curved position of the spine assumed by pregnant women when they are standing upright. This position allows the trunk's center mass to remain above the hips. By studying fossils of Australopithecus, the researchers found that these vertebral changes actually preceded the evolution of Homo sapiens. "For me, the biggest surprise was that we can see this maternal adaptation in the fossil record so far back," Lieberman said. "It makes sense that evolution would have favored mothers who were better at coping with these demands, but I didn't expect the fossil record would be good enough to yield such evidence." In future studies, he added, "I think we need to look more at the costs of this adaptation and how it relates to the back problems that so many of us regularly experience." SOURCE: Nature, December 13, 2007.
  20. Civil servants shd have better work-life balance since usual working hrs is from 9 am to 5 pm? so is this still required ? By Dominique Loh, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 24 July 2007 1723 hrs Photos 1 of 1 SINGAPORE: Civil servants can look forward to a better work-life balance. An advocate and ambassador will be appointed in every public sector agency to help find the middle ground between the two worlds. The "happy worker is a good worker" mantra is now being fully embraced by the government. And it is going beyond its five-day work week policy introduced three years ago. Teo Chee Hean, Defence Minister and Minister In Charge of Civil Service, said: "The Work-life Advocate will by its very name be a champion for work-life and pro-family measures. "He will take steps to ensure that work-life policies are in place, and more importantly that these policies work for the employees as well as the organisation. "To signal the government's commitment, the Deputy Secretary of the Ministry will be the Work-Life Advocate." Said Sim Gim Guan, Work-Life Advocate, Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts, "There are many aspects, depending on which stage they're in, especially for the new grads who are joining us. "One of the things that we want to look at is providing opportunities for them to socialise, within the ministry as well as the rest of the stat boards." International human resource experts say there are several emerging trends when it comes to work-life balance. The first is the aging workforce. This is a global trend, not unique to just Singapore. Here, Singapore scores well for its policies in hiring older workers. The second is the increasing role of women in the workplace. The Employer Alliance, a network of companies committed to enhancing work-life integration, notes more businesses have taken the lead to make the work environment more pro-family. Men are now also demanding such policies. Having these policies means a more competitive edge. Said Claire Chiang, Chairperson, Employer Alliance, "As a parent, they are worried. So they would like, maybe, a work design, where they can have some hours at work, some hours at home, or they can work at home. "This way, they can give the best to both and it is possible with enabling technology. Companies have shown such examples. They have not had a drop in productivity, but have in fact shown overall enhancement of work performance." "One thing that Singapore can learn... look at the European Union, the US experience, other countries and look at what is the relationship between individual businesses and what the government can set the pace for," said Arlene Johnson, Vice President, WFD Consulting. HR experts say there are 25 years worth of research in work-life balance that Singapore can tap into, when implementing the many options available. - CNA/yy
  21. Dear all, Just for curosity, does anyone know how to calculate the remaining bank loan of the following car? Bank Loan = $58k Interest Rate = 2.3% Date of Registration = 28 Jun 2004 Loan Period = 120 months Monthly installment = $595 If I chose to de-register my car on 31 Aug 2006, the following are the info: OMV = $13591 PARF Rebate = $13251 COE Rebate = $19084 What will be the amount$ loss that I will have to bear?
  22. Chiqinhan

    High speed wheel balance

    may i know where can do high speed wheel balance? cos my pedal n steering wheel vibrates whenever travelling at 90km/hr n above. any place to recommend near corporation rd or alexandra??? thks
  23. Sky8807

    Wheel Balance check

    After driving for one and quarter year on skoda fabia, did my first wheel rotation and balancing. It the process found a nail stuck in the middle of my tyre, and had it patch repaired. Mileage driven was 12,800km only. For info The front pair went to the rear and the rear pair move forward (tyre rotation). I always recommend balance all four wheels. The punctured repair was done the correct way, that is removed the tyre from the wheel and patch from the inside and then installed back the tyre on the wheel and balance it. I did mine at Southern tyre along Upper Bukit Timah, Woodland and Bukit Panjang junction. It cost me $40 total. A bit expensive but workmanship was up to my satisfaction. No problem with steering wheel vibration or whatever, even though the tyres were swapped. IMO not all tyre shop are the same, and the impressive one does not mean the best one. I once recommended a brother from the toyota section to check it out there, thinking that it was cheap but it turn out a bit expensive also. Don't know whether he reads this part of the forum or not. Wander his vibration cured or not. If quality work is your primary concern and not price, u can check it out yourself.