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Found 14 results

  1. Based on my own opinions, these are few brands which I feel have made tremendous improvements and progress to their car making etc. Kia Mazda (since last 5 to 6 years) Especially their new Mazda 3 and 6 are quite awesome. Hyundai Peogeot (their latest series of car are very exciting indeed) Reliable or not, maintenance high or not, still unknown Opel and Renault - their latest models are really heart stealers. Very sleeze and timeless. Reliable or not.. Another issue as I have not tried owning one before. Here are some brands which I think quite disappointing in recent years. Toyota - maybe still as reliable but somewhat losing much of their appeals in terms of their designs and overall. It still cannot do away with the reputation of producing uncle's cars model that appeal to more mature people. My personal opinion. Honda, mobilo, shuttle, grace and even the new civic.. Looks kinda awkward and it seems they are trying too hard but too overkill. The new civic looks overkill and trying too hard, and it does not look very modern and rather backwards.. Personal opinion again. Nissan.. Well as always, they are never the best among the top and always churning out bulky, fatty, mature looking cars that not really appealing to younger buyers. Mitsubishi..their peak was the Glx and ex Lancer era.. After which... It seems really difficult to accept. Maybe they are gg for higher end suv or mpv now.. But their sedan's series is quite pathetic. Suzuki and surbaru... Maybe surbaru are going better but still 2nd tier or even 3rd tier when comes to those mentioned.
  2. I think this is an example of poor planning and waste of resources and tax money. SINGAPORE: Airlines operating from Singapore's Budget Terminal will soon operate from the main terminals at Changi Airport. That's because the Budget Terminal will be closed later this year to make way for a new and improved terminal. Travelling the no-frills way has become more popular. Last year, one in four passengers at Changi Airport travelled on a low-cost carrier (LCC), compared to about one in five in 2010. In fact, low-cost carriers accounted for 28.6 percent of all flights at Changi Airport. And the outlook is bright. Mr Shukor Yusof, Aviation Analyst at Standard & Poor's, said: "Our understanding is that there are moves to review the operations at the Budget Terminal because of the increasing traffic, because of the expectation that there will be more and more budget airlines that will ply into Singapore. "I think there is no chronic shortage of facilities or any acute problems that we are having at the LCCT (low-cost carrier terminal). The numbers are increasing so fast that I think in the next few years, issues concerning the comfort of passengers, the issue of more aircraft, if you look at the budget airlines in the region, everyone is buying new aircraft, every single one of them are expanding. So within the next three to four to five years, you will have more aircraft, more passengers. "Indeed, more passengers are flying to Singapore by budget airline, so what we have today in Changi in terms of the Budget Terminal, is good for now. But within the next few years, it would struggle to cope with the numbers." Opened in 2006, the Budget Terminal can handle up to seven million passengers annually. And sources say the authorities are now looking at building a new terminal to cater to future demand. Many workers at the Budget Terminal are aware of the impending closure. Shop owners have also been informed and some say it's no surprise, as the lease for most concessions there will expire in a few months. The Budget Terminal currently serves Berjaya Air, Firefly, SEair, Cebu Pacific and Tiger Airways. MediaCorp understands the decision to move the carriers to the main terminals was reached a few weeks ago. It is understood that Tiger Airways will operate from Terminal 2, possibly by June. Provisions have been made for them to operate from Row 12 near to Singapore Airlines, Silk Air and the new Scoot airline. Berjaya Air and SEAir will also operate from Terminal 2, with Berjaya making the shift as early as April. When contacted, Firefly says it is aware of the move, but declined to give details. Analysts say the expected change should benefit carriers and passengers. Mr Shukor said: "I think it is going to be quite good for these carriers because that would mean seamless connectivity for passengers who want to hop onto another carrier at Terminal 2. "In terms of people who are flying from Australia onwards to Europe, for example, instead of being transported from the LCCT to Terminal 2, they can just walk a short distance and go onto the next flight and that's clearly an advantage for Tiger." Observers say when the budget carriers begin operations from the main terminals, they could be faced with higher costs. But it is understood that authorities are working on a special arrangement with the airlines to help them address the issue. Changes have also been made to aero-bridges at Terminal 2 to accommodate the additional flights. Observers say it should not take more than two years for the new terminal to be ready. - CNA/de
  3. As above. New tyre size same as the old one. Any expert can explain?
  4. Hi fellow bros, I just wanna find out from u guys if changing of spark plug after 50k of travelling can improve fc? my ride fc dropped recently n i'm suspecting the spark plug nids to change... pls share ur views... thanks
  5. Hi, The profile page has been improved. Features added as below: - Edit avatar & signtaure (No need to go to My Controls anymore!) - Edit personal details - Viewing of latest posts and topics (No need to go search anymore!) Hope you guys use it more often. Just click on your own nick on the top left, or on anybody's nick to access it. Any feedback, just post it here : Feedback & Suggestions
  6. Taken from espn soccernet website Man City may be the most improved team in the BPL for the coming season, provided they employ a good fengshui master! Man City embrace Feng Shui Manchester City are hoping the Far Eastern tradition of feng shui can aid their quest for honours this season. Executive chairman Garry Cook has had crystals placed under the pitch at Eastlands and symbols placed in strategic spots around the stadium following an idea triggered by a chat with two of City's Thai executives. While the plan had nothing to do with owner Thaksin Shinawatra, he will hope it has a similar effect on City as it did for Tottenham, who carried out the same plan at White Hart Lane two years ago and promptly won the Carling Cup last season. Although Cook's initiative has attracted scorn from critics already cynical of City's Thai connection, a club insider actually believes the move makes perfect sense. According to tradition, feng shui releases positive energy in its environments and Cook, who was always receptive to ideas such as these during his time as a Nike executive in the USA, opted to embrace the practice wholeheartedly. 'It is like a Catholic putting a Crucifix on a wall,' said a City source. 'It is common practice for Christian pastors to bless the club and Garry felt this was something worth trying.'
  7. Civil servants shd have better work-life balance since usual working hrs is from 9 am to 5 pm? so is this still required ? By Dominique Loh, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 24 July 2007 1723 hrs Photos 1 of 1 SINGAPORE: Civil servants can look forward to a better work-life balance. An advocate and ambassador will be appointed in every public sector agency to help find the middle ground between the two worlds. The "happy worker is a good worker" mantra is now being fully embraced by the government. And it is going beyond its five-day work week policy introduced three years ago. Teo Chee Hean, Defence Minister and Minister In Charge of Civil Service, said: "The Work-life Advocate will by its very name be a champion for work-life and pro-family measures. "He will take steps to ensure that work-life policies are in place, and more importantly that these policies work for the employees as well as the organisation. "To signal the government's commitment, the Deputy Secretary of the Ministry will be the Work-Life Advocate." Said Sim Gim Guan, Work-Life Advocate, Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts, "There are many aspects, depending on which stage they're in, especially for the new grads who are joining us. "One of the things that we want to look at is providing opportunities for them to socialise, within the ministry as well as the rest of the stat boards." International human resource experts say there are several emerging trends when it comes to work-life balance. The first is the aging workforce. This is a global trend, not unique to just Singapore. Here, Singapore scores well for its policies in hiring older workers. The second is the increasing role of women in the workplace. The Employer Alliance, a network of companies committed to enhancing work-life integration, notes more businesses have taken the lead to make the work environment more pro-family. Men are now also demanding such policies. Having these policies means a more competitive edge. Said Claire Chiang, Chairperson, Employer Alliance, "As a parent, they are worried. So they would like, maybe, a work design, where they can have some hours at work, some hours at home, or they can work at home. "This way, they can give the best to both and it is possible with enabling technology. Companies have shown such examples. They have not had a drop in productivity, but have in fact shown overall enhancement of work performance." "One thing that Singapore can learn... look at the European Union, the US experience, other countries and look at what is the relationship between individual businesses and what the government can set the pace for," said Arlene Johnson, Vice President, WFD Consulting. HR experts say there are 25 years worth of research in work-life balance that Singapore can tap into, when implementing the many options available. - CNA/yy
  8. Heynsl

    New Improved BMW 5 Series

    hi, any owners of the new improved and facelift BMW 5 Series can provide me comments? how reliable is the electronic controlled sport auto transmission as compared to the initially launched auto transmission???
  9. Korrean has catched up with the Jspanese on their design, fitting and hopefuly QC for the past years as some has said b4. Based on your own experience and knowledge, it is true? Thanks.
  10. Mitsubishi Motors brings improved Colt Compact Car to market Colt 1.3-liter Elegance-X (2WD) Tokyo, 25 October 2004
  11. DarkLord


    Michael Schumacher has won 11 of the 12 Grands Prix so far this season - and the Ferrari driver will have an improved car for the rest of the season. Technical director Ross Brawn said the world champion will have better tyres for the remaining races of the season. But the German will have to wait until next year for other changes to his car. Brawn explained: "In Hungary we should have another step on the tyres but the chassis is probably frozen now for the rest of the season. "There are small bits on the engine but most of the performance gain for the rest of the year will come from the work we are doing with the tyres. Guess Uncle Foo will need "silver rods" instead of needles to take MS out liaoz!!
  12. Hi guys some info on wheel alignment and all the critical parameters that affect handling... Introduction%20to%20Suspension%20.pdf
  13. Turbobrick

    Improved S/V40

    Volvo S40 and V40: Improving ambience and practicality in equal measure Source: VCC Improved side-impact curtains Even lower fuel consumption New instruments with four dials Three-spoke steering wheel Seats that offer enhanced comfort Colour-keyed trim mouldings New dynamic grille Key Integrated Remote Control with Alarm button The medium-range cars in the Volvo Cars line-up, the S40 and V40, have undergone improvements in a number of key areas: safety, fuel consumption and, not least, design