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Found 32 results

  1. Anyone did whole car sound proof? Any difference before and after? Was quoted $2k.
  2. I am wondering whether there are heavy duty curtains which can prevent rain and elements getting into the balcony where my washing machine resides? My balcony is only 1 meter deep so any rain would get it wet. At times when it rains badly I have to cover up the power outlet also for safety because curtain flies around.
  3. Damienic

    Puncture Proof Sealant

    http://www.punctureproof.com Anyone tried this before? It is said that the sealant being inserted into the tyre acts to seal up any leak in the event of a tyre puncture. Does it work?
  4. Stanchiam

    Sound proof DIY

    Hi, I am going to buy material from china and DIY doing something similar to my car but using better quality material http://club.autohome.com.cn/bbs/thread-c-87-8685509-1.html http://club.autohome.com.cn/bbs/thread-c-155-4330163-1.html I have done a rough estimate of the material i needed All in cm Roof = 130x100 = 13,000 Floor = 220 x135 = 30,000 door=((60x90)+(60x70)) x2 = 19,000 (double layer so times 2 for mat) engine=100x50=5,000 Wheel and spare =20,000 Total about MAT: 87+19=106k cm sq or about 114 sq feet foam:87,0000 cm sq or about 93 sq feet sealer estimate is 25m for big D and 4m for P strip at the bottom(optional) foam is about 50cm x 80 cm x 10mm(thick) = 4000cm sq = 4.3 sq ft per piece http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=2355028522 mat is about 40cm × 24cm× 2.2mm±0.1mm(thick) = 960cm sq = 1.03 sq ft per piece There I will need to order Mat = 114/1.03 = 110 form = 93/4.3 = 22 exchange rate about 1 sgd to 4.8 rmb using credit card. 110 mat (7rmbx110=770/4.8 = $161) , 22 foam (18rmbx22=396/4.8= $83), Total = $244 mat roller 25rmb ($5.2), door sealer = big D (25x6=150/4.8=$32) + (P shape for door bottom (6x4=24/4.8=$5) optional) Total about sgd $280 exclude shipping. That is for whole car. If exclude roof and wheels, will be cheaper. rubberized spray for additional sound damping on wheels area and protect against water and rusting 2 can x 18rmb = 36 / 4.8 = $7.50 (2 cans 620ml enough?) http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=2495067556
  5. Anyone tried to DIY ? Is it hard as to need to dismantle the seats? or can I just slot it underneath the carpet?
  6. It goes airborne, lands badly, then charges across a roundabout, out of control. No amount of electronic wizardry could save the car...... The irony is that the camera car (an M3) was driving just as quickly at the GTR that crashed...... the driver is so well qualified to judge
  7. Jj5599

    Child proof your window?

    How to? Besides putting up grilles?
  8. Man Sues BMW After Motorcycle Gives Him An Erection That Won
  9. Singaporeans will rather give up $1.2m than lose computer privacy AsiaOne Wednesday, Apr 04, 2012 http://www.asiaone.com/News/Latest%2BNews/...404-337795.html What is glaring is that .... when discussing "What Singaporeans do online" nowhere in this report does it say that looking at porn is one of those acivities - and yet porn is the biggest industry on the Internet. So ... the survey and the report are simply not reporting the whole truth!
  10. I am starting out a new career in sales and will face more rejections, so any veteran bros here who are in sales too, pls share.
  11. http://993c4s.com/porsche-culture/humor/fl...flooding-river/
  12. Altivo

    Proof the ground is not sweet!

    Open discontent! http://www.mrbrown.com/blog/2011/05/seen-i...discontent.html
  13. From noises in the living room?
  14. Little_prince

    Time for Lau Lee to show proof!!!

    Anwar demands sodomy proof By Teo Cheng Wee, Regional Correspondent KUALA LUMPUR: Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim yesterday demanded proof of the sodomy charges against him, in a bid to stem the fallout from reports of leaked US cables. The diplomatic cables, published by two Australian dailies on Sunday, detailed senior Singaporean diplomats allegedly making critical remarks about Malaysia and other countries. Although the remarks on Malaysia touched on a wide range of topics, the local media has given more prominence to the parts that involve Datuk Seri Anwar's ongoing trial. Umno-owned Malay daily Utusan Malaysia, for instance, carried the story prominently on its front page. Its headline read: 'Singapore intelligence agency confirms sodomy act.' In response, Mr Anwar, through his personal account on micro-blogging site Twitter, demanded proof. 'I challenge them to produce evidence,' he wrote. He did not elaborate on who he meant by 'them'. The leaked cables have caused a stir in Malaysia's media, with many newspapers running the story on their front pages. The cables, released by WikiLeaks, cited Singapore's Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew allegedly telling Australian officials that Mr Anwar 'did indeed commit the acts for which he is currently indicted'. Both Australian intelligence and its Singapore counterpart also agreed it was a 'set-up job and he (Anwar) probably knew that, but walked into it anyway'. But in a statement yesterday, Mr Anwar's lawyers claimed that in their own checks, no such references were made by WikiLeaks, which released the cables exclusively to Australia's Fairfax Media group. Mr Sankara Nair said he had also contacted the Singapore High Commission to ascertain if Mr Lee and Singapore officials had indeed made the statements. Mr Nair hit out at the media reports here, saying they were 'clearly sub-judice and may constitute contempt of court'. 'It impinges on the integrity of the trial... It is most regrettable that the local media chose to rely on reports and publish matters that are unsubstantiated, based on hearsay and conjectures,' he said in a statement. Mr Anwar is fighting the charge that he sodomised former aide Saiful Bukhari Azlan in a condominium in 2008, in a lengthy court case that has played out in public for close to a year. He could be jailed for up to 20 years if found guilty. A commentary in the New Straits Times suggested that his lawyers could ask Mr Lee to testify and to show evidence to back up what he or the Singapore officials have observed. Malaysia's top leaders have refrained from commenting on the leaked cables so far. Former premier Mahathir Mohamad weighed in on the controversy yesterday, telling reporters he believed Mr Lee knew about Mr Anwar's activities. 'Yes, indeed. I think he (Mr Lee) knows, but the political parties are pretending they do not know about it,' he was quoted as saying by Bernama. But Parti Keadilan Rakyat deputy president Azmin Ali claimed Mr Lee's remarks suggested he cannot accept Mr Anwar's leadership. 'Reform policies, which are the basis of Anwar's leadership and Pakatan administration, will enable Malaysia to compete with Singapore and make Singapore irrelevant in the region economic- and democracy-wise,' Mr Azmin wrote on his blog. Hardline pro-Malay group Perkasa's president Ibrahim Ali said it was Singapore's agenda to 'demoralise' Malaysia. 'I am convinced they (Singaporeans) are really jealous of Malaysia and are not happy with Malaysia on many things,' he was reported as saying.
  15. 4 arc 160 Firewall 100 We recommend 4 arcs n 4 fenders at 320 instead of just 4 arcs Best Regards, Shan Sng Silent Pte Ltd CW - 15 Commonwealth Lane, Lot 27/28/31/45/46/47/48 Commonwealth Car Mall Singapore 149544 Tel: 6475 8500 / 6779 6383 Fax: 6475 7900 Ubi - 320 Ubi Road 3 ComfortDelGro Building Level 2 S408649 Tel: 68441180 Fax: 68445518 Penjuru Factory: 2 Penjuru Place Email: silent@singnet.com.sg Website: www.silent.com.sg Thanks Shan Sng for your reply. May you quote me a price base on 4 wheel arc + firewall first. As I haven't install my ICE system, I leave the 4 doors and floorplan after that. Thanks Dear Sir, Thanks for your interest we are quite aware of the noise you are hearing We strongly recommend using V1 Ultimate. to effectively reduce them, doing up the arcs, floor pan and doors are essential. These areas are critical to reduce road, wind, noise and vibrations. We will need to take out your tyres and protector to expose the panel connecting to the interior of yr car. By sealing up this area, the noise will be blocked from coming into your car. The tyres are actually the area with the most noise. To achieve a even better effect, doing up the floor pan is also essential. Sound proofing your wheel arcs alone can block the noise from coming in from the wheels area, however, the noise will still be able to enter through the floor pan. We will need to take out your seats and carpets to lay the material on the exposed panel for you all the way from the point losest to the firewall to the back seats area. Lastly your doors should also be sound proofed to block off the irritating rattles and vibrations. This will greatly enhanced your car audio system and at the same time block off the wind noise that is entering your car. This is the most impt area to do up. Please note that all are quoted based on our double layer V-1 Material. Our unique feature of SILENT acoustic material is: 1 layer of sound damping and 1 layer of concealing. Dampen is to block the noise from entering your car. Conceal is to conceal the music and quietness of your car within your car without letting it escape out of your car. To install all this 3 areas will take up around 6 hrs of yr precious time. however, the after effect will be significant by reducing road, wind and vibrations. Package Price for front 2 door, front arcs and fenders and floorpan: Door - $70 each 4 arcs - $160 Floor pan - $400 (4 layer infront and 2 layer behind) Whole package is $1500. which includes the following: 4 doors 4 layer floorpan 4 layer boot fenders arcs bonnet boot lid Other material ranges from $700 to $1500. It will definitely help to resolve the noises you are hearing at the moment. We have done up many many satisfied customers! No body knows your car more then us! We will need one day to do up the whole car. 8 hours. Can cut off at least 50
  16. Hi All I have some left over sound proofing material for sale. is around 22" X32" in size which is good for a door and come with alumium backing offer at $23 per piece interested please PM or email me at redspring25@yahoo.com.sg Best Regards
  17. Bluepica

    Flood proof!

    Something to share... My friend saw this car and posted in his FB... LOL
  18. Hi all, Is DIY soundproofing an easy task to accomplish for layman? I also wonder how to get things done, such as: 1. Sound proof materials selection, 2. Where and which part to do sound proof to reap the highest benefit? (Floor pan, firewall, engine bay?) Overall, does it save a pile for DIY if got free time? What are the tools and other things to prepare/look out for during a DIY session? Please comment and Thank you very much. Regards,
  19. Chery A5 Quote: There you go. Proof that journalists DO criticise cars.
  20. http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1142744582779
  21. Watch this video. http://www.metacafe.com/watch/780996/bare_...sh/&source/ As he has described, it only works with water. Not beer or even carbonated water. It is not a shockwave but serious cavitation. Imagine you have 100% water as engine coolant. The combustion is contained in the combustion chamber but some of this force resonates outwards. The difference between the engine and that glass bottle is that glass is more brittle. Small amounts of this vacuum is formed (cavitation) and then the liquid (water) comes back together producing this immense shockwave. The interior lining is not 100% cast iron but a protective coating. Get this cavitation whacking it, I guarantee you serious engine issues. So why does it need 50/50 antifreeze/water? Answer is above. It works with water only. Not beer or carbonated water. What do these have that is different with water? Gas. But 50/50 coolant does not have gas. Something is at work here. Viscosity. 50/50 coolant is thicker than pure water just enough to prevent cavitation. I was inspired by Time Warp at Discovery. Here is their explanation of the phenomenon. http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/time-warp/arti...eer-bottle.html I now translate this phenomenon for engine use. You should have seen the Time Warp episode on it. The high speed camera going at hundreds of frames/second captured the bubbles forming out just before the bottle's bottom gave way. Absolutely fascinating!
  22. http://www.manilastandardtoday.com/?page=business2_feb7_2009
  23. Leepee

    Proof Singaporeans are rich

    Was reading all the news about Ordinary people losing huge amount of money. From the many pictures in the newspapers, the aunty/uncle are so dressed down. Some you wouldn't ever take a second look if you see them sitting at the void deck smoking/sleeping or drinking beer in coffeeshop. But each of them claimed to be cheated of $50k to $150k when wanting to renew their Fixed Deposit, into buying the minibonds/unit-truts/etc. Todays Newpaper also carry the news of a fatty aunty losing her retirement funds due to buying the wrong bonds. Seems like this episode reveals what the government is always saying....That Singaporeans are rich. It really shows a different aspect of the so called ordinary HDB citizens, bank and CPF all loaded with lots of money for investment! Its little wonder that COE price can keep at high levels, and HDB flats can maintain its high price....
  24. Can I request LTA to show me proof of my summon on my last summon?? As LTA yesterday send me another summon asking me to pay $130. Altogether I was issued with 3 summon asking me to pay $390 total with same incident. By the way i already send my appeal letter regards the first two summon on 07th Dec but dunno why they have yet to get back to me. As for the third summon dated 4th Dec. I remember vividly that I drop off my passenger(my passenger was working at opp Yi Guang Building- Le Crescendo Condo) as shown in the pics because I prepare to go straight to LTA after that, for appealing my two previous summon(same issues). I just couldn
  25. great turn up and nice meeting u guys.