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  1. Can i confirm if there is any restrictions at sg and my customs for driving in with mounted roof box?? What is the height clearance?
  2. AndyHo

    Roof box

    can i drive in malaysia with roof box? Any custom restrictions or height limit? Thank you
  3. AndyHo

    Dashboard sabre light

    No. 1 line without door panel $180. I bought from carousell, install on dashboard, 90% of the wire consealed, plug to cigarette socket, nicely done, only $15.
  4. AndyHo

    Toyota Sienta 1.5

    I can go genting with full load... dont see any reason why the car cant go up ...
  5. AndyHo

    Toyota Sienta 1.5

    Just change gear and go up slow... see no reason why cant go up slop with full load
  6. AndyHo

    Toyota Sienta 1.5

    Bro old sienta is different... PI and not common in sg.. that y difficult to find parts... old cars like wish, sunny stream etc still can find...
  7. AndyHo

    Toyota Sienta 1.5

    Bro which ws? Some workshops are willing to go extra mile to help u.. others just tell u no stock.. But there are no new parts for old sienta. Even japan also dont have.. after all 10 years car liao ...
  8. AndyHo

    Car Inspection

    Just to check leg room led can pass inspection or not? Mine is tapped to the door, it will switch off when the doors are closed.
  9. AndyHo

    Change car color needs to get approval from LTA?

    U need to update lta website if change color.
  10. AndyHo

    LED light strip in headlights

    Any mod to exterior light is not allowed...
  11. AndyHo

    Dashboard sabre light

    Was quoted $180 to do 1 line at dashboard... i feel it is damn expensive....
  12. AndyHo

    Car Interior LED Lights

    Sg garge is the cheapest i can find
  13. AndyHo

    Dashboard sabre light

    Any bro installed dashboard sabre light? Can share pic what is look like when the light is switched off. Thanks
  14. AndyHo

    Need soundproofing advices

    Not doing the rear sliding doors becos some said after doing on the sliding doors might have problem opening the doors... anyway will not do soundproofing since so many bro said not mich improvement... the 1k can spend somewhere else..
  15. AndyHo

    Need soundproofing advices

    2 layers... dont want to spend 1k and the result is marginally... i am using yokohama ae50... this is one of the quietest tyre correct? Already did rubber seal, not much improvement.