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Found 10 results

  1. Zanter

    Why this FT loves Sg so much?

    & so many complains about Sg/Govt etc etc..Who is right ley, Are we talking about the same country? Facebook co-founder and business investor Eduardo Saverin says he has a long-term view of Asia
  2. Man Sues BMW After Motorcycle Gives Him An Erection That Won
  3. STOMPer Sherley's husband treats her well and never lets her suffer. He worked hard and spent all his money on Sherley and her daughter, even though the child was not his. Sherley shares her story with us: "I got to know my current husband through a website called Tagged. After getting to know him through Tagged, we added each other on Facebook. "When I first got to know him, we chatted on MSN and Facebook. He followed up by asking for my number, so I gave it to him . "We address each other as 'Brother' and 'Sister'. This way of addressing each other never changed till the day we got together . "We met up together with other friends as somehow our friends are linked. I still remember that time I was attached, and I called him while I was crying. "I told him that I was very upset as my boyfriend had made accusations at me. Without a second thought, he came down to my place to find me even though it was midnight. "He tried really hard to make me smile, and he tried his very best to crack jokes. He was even very protective towards me when my boyfriend suddenly came down to talk to me. "He even warned my boyfriend not to shout or lay his hands on me. Soon after that day, my boyfriend and I broke up. My husband-to-be was there for me all this while, cheering me up and even accompanying me for my interview. "On the Jan 21 2011, we got together! The place where he first held my hand was at Martin's Pub at Boat Quay. "He knows that I've got a daughter but he has never mistreated her since the day we got together. He loves my daughter like his own. He worked very very hard every single day and spent all his money on my daughter and I. "He gave up his brothers and his friends just for my sake. He stopped drinking and cut down his smoking for the sake of our little family. "He has a very horrible past in which everyone would call him a playboy. There was once I wanted to leave him because I thought that I couldn't accept his past. "He cried very hard and he even punched the wall. He even put aside his pride and asked me to stay. My heart hurt to see him like this so I decided to stay and persuaded myself to accept his past. "Soon, it's going to be our first year anniversary and we have a baby daughter now. Everything was supposed to be great and fine, but what makes my heart hurt the most is that he's going to court on his birthday which is on Jan 17 this year. "There is nothing I can do and I can only give him my support. He is the first guy in my life that treats me so well and never lets me suffer. He would rather be the one who does all the housework and the one who bathes our daughters and feeds them. "He does so many things for me without a single complaint. "I'm writing in not because of the prizes, but I just want to tell others how blissful and happy I am. I'm appreciative and glad that he is mine. "Lastly, Hubby, thanks for every single little thing that you have done for me and all the love and concern you have for our little family! "Happy First Year Anniversary in advance, and Happy Birthday in advance! "I LOVE YOU!" Link Sabbie is that U? [inlove]
  4. Without a doubt, my daughter No one else comes close.
  5. She shud convert to becoming a citizen leh if she doesn't want to be hurt. If love Sinb so much, prove it. Some more got sacred privilege to vote some more. ST Forum May 7, 2011 PR who loves Singapore laments harsh words at rallies ALTHOUGH I am part Japanese, I was raised and educated in Singapore. I went through the full examination treadmill at the Primary School Leaving Examination, and O- and A-levels. After graduating from a local university in 2009, I decided to build my career in Singapore with an advertising conglomerate. Although I still hold a Japanese passport, Singapore is my second home. Whenever I am overseas, I suffer withdrawal symptoms and yearn for my favourite hawker staples: bubor cha cha and nasi lemak. I am writing in because I am saddened by some speeches at election rallies which have railed unremittingly against foreigners. I appeal to Singaporeans to remember permanent residents like me who have grown to love Singapore as a second home, living and working with Singaporean friends and fellow workers. Many even have Singaporean spouses and children. I couldn't agree more that Singaporean interests must come first. Jobs and competition for promotions are real and pertinent issues. At the same time, I am not certain that inciting division and ill feeling towards any one segment of society is good for peace and progress. History has shown that progressive leaders ushered national progress by opening up their country's economy and embracing diversity. Rather than distance foreigners living in Singapore, many of whom have grown to love Singapore as a second home, why not work together to lift Singapore to even greater heights? Mariko Tania Kimura (Miss)
  6. http://sports.xin.msn.com/football-channel...0403&page=7
  7. Check out this article about an extreme car lover... car.bmp
  8. Khushwant Singh Fri, Aug 31, 2007 The Straits Times REMITTANCES made to banks are credited instantly to beneficiaries, and the only way to freeze the account the money has been sent to is with a police or court order. While this is standard banking practice, a couple, victims of conmen who led them to believe their 30-year-old son had been kidnapped, found this out too late. They had remitted $52,000 of their life savings to Malaysian Maybank accounts specified by the fraudsters, and by the time they realised they had been conned and called the police, an hour had ticked by. The police said they would issue an order to freeze the flow of funds, but the Lims still lost their money. This is because, by the time the bank was alerted, the money had been transferred and withdrawn. The couple, who wanted to be known only as Mr and Mrs Lim, spent Friday afternoon running to several Maybank branches selected by the conmen to deposit 'ransom money' they were told would get them back their son, Mr T.C. Lim. The conmen convinced the couple their son had been kidnapped for standing guarantor on a loan that went bad. Fearing for his safety, the couple obeyed instructions not to hang up their cellphones or call the police. All this time, their son, a real estate manager, was in his office, safe and sound. Mrs Lim only found this out when she called his girlfriend, who works in the same office, at 6pm. Shortly after, the police were called in and the family was told the police would contact Maybank to freeze the receiving accounts. Maybank spokesman Priscilla Loke said the police called its 24-hour call centre after 1am the next day, by which time the money had been withdrawn. The gang of conmen struck elsewhere, using the same method - but not with the same success. Retiree S.M. Heng, 58, who remitted $2,000 in 'ransom' for his 'kidnapped' son on Monday, got his money back. Asked why the transfer could be foiled in Mr Heng's case, Ms Loke said the bank would not comment on specific cases. But she added: 'If the bank is notified only after the funds have been withdrawn, obviously there isn't much that can be done.' Mr Heng remitted the money to Maybank accounts in Malaysia as he had been told, but disobeyed the conmen's order not to call anyone else. Using a public phone, he called his wife, who called his daughter, who in turn called her brother and found him safe. His daughter then called Maybank swiftly and was on time to stop the remittance from reaching the account named by the conmen. On Ms Loke's statement that banks would freeze a receiving account on police instructions, other banks -United Overseas Bank and OCBC Bank - confirmed this as standard practice. Ms Phang Lah Hwa, OCBC Bank's head of distribution, said banks did not act unilaterally on one's customer instructions to debit another customer's account. 'However, under police orders, the bank may hold the account of the recipient pending investigation,' she said. The police declined to comment on an ongoing investigation.
  9. Luckcent

    For those who loves Toyota

    From the Toyota showroom...various new models......( some maybe launched in SG )....Enjoy.
  10. Two new models.......