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Found 19 results

  1. Indonesian teenager to have excess skin removed after obesity treatment https://www.asiaone.com/asia/indonesian-teenager-have-excess-skin-removed-after-obesity-treatment Thirteen-year-old Arya Permana from Karawang, West Java, after years of treatment for obesity, has been declared ready for plastic surgery to reduce his sagging skin as a result of massive weight loss. The surgery for Arya, who was once one of the heaviest children in the world, is scheduled to take place in the next two weeks at the Hasan Sadikin General Hospital (RSHS) in Bandung. "We plan to conduct the surgery in five stages," the hospital's nutrition and metabolic specialist and pediatrician Tisnasari Hafsah, a member of the team of doctors in charge of the boy's treatment, said on Wednesday. Arya weighed 189.6 kilograms at 147 centimeters in height when he was first admitted to the hospital at the age of 10 for a weight-loss programme. He underwent bariatric surgery at Omni Hospital in Jakarta in June 2017. He is now 87 kg, leaving parts of his skin sagging, especially on his belly, arms and thighs. "I am happy. The doctors say parts of my skin will be removed. The surgery will last four to five hours," Arya said while undergoing a health check at the hospital on Wednesday. Thanks to the weight-loss programme, Arya can currently join physical activities with his friends. Previously, he could only lie face down while playing games. RSHS president director Ayi Djembarsari said the obesity of Arya, who hails from Pasir Piring village in Cipurwasari subdistrict, Tegalwaru district, was an interesting case in the medical world. "We are trying to reduce his weight in a short time and, of course, it has to be closely monitored," Ayi said. The hospital's medical and nursing director, Nucki Nursjamsi Hidajat, said Arya was once recorded as one of the 10 most obese children in the world. Another member of Arya's team of doctors, Viramitha Kusnandi Rusmil, said Arya needed a series of preparations to undergo the plastic surgery, so that he would have an ideal body mass index (BMI). "This is a case of super obesity. Arya ideally should be 61 kg in weight. We will know how much the weight loss is only after the surgery," said Viramitha, adding that the surgery would be done when Arya reached 80 kg. Arya's mother Rokayah said the plastic surgery might be covered by the Health Care and Social Security Agency.
  2. Ysc3

    Fried fish skin

    what's you favorite brand of fried fish skin ? I have tried a few brands and this is so far my favorite. very crispy !!
  3. kdash

    Irvins Salted Egg

    This morning while at Plaza Singapura with my family, we saw a queue line at level 6 along the Yamaha shops while the rest of PS was still quite empty. Curious, we went up to see what these people were queuing for... and it was for Irvins Salted Egg potato chips and fish skin! So how do you find their products? Super delicious and definitely worth the hype, or overrated and overpriced? Official website: https://irvinsaltedegg.com/
  4. Strawberrypink

    Skin wrap my phone

    hey peeps am thinking of skin wrapping my cell phone. need to cover some scratches and change the look of it. any suggestions? heard of Gmask but there were some negative comments like penknife cutting. thanks in advance!
  5. Jman888

    something different for a short movie the meaning of the movie is quite obvious. see the making of the movie here... http://hetookhisskinoffforme.com/about/
  6. Thaiyotakamli

    Under The Skin

    Anyone watched? To those havent watch, you shouldnt To those hve watched, you must have a good sleep First time in my life i walk out of cinema halfway the movie
  7. Y? Is it exploitation dat ppl need skin care or they link it to aesthetic surgery?
  8. Y? Is it exploitation dat ppl need skin care or they link it to aesthetic surgery?
  9. I am starting out a new career in sales and will face more rejections, so any veteran bros here who are in sales too, pls share.
  10. hi all, i have always liked a full matt black car... think its very cool... but a couple of things have prevented me from doing so... they are; -car will become TP magnet... true? -look so ah beng.... true? -my has a couple of dents, will show on the sticker... true? -if all matt... and car no performance... damn sia suay man... haha... true? however now that i am no longer able to park my car covered at my work plc... my car is subjected to the weather, acid rain, and my stupid next door that contributes to saw dust flying everywhere... haiz... just 2 full weeks and now my car has lost its smoothness and is sooooooo rough.... sob sob... that is why i am considering matt black or the 3M carbon fibre car skin.... heard JB can do much cheaper.. but SG easier i guess.... any comments? or anyone knows the latest price? should i do the whole car or just bonnet and roof and boot? sigh....
  11. Icyfreakass

    3M Car Skin

    Saw this in a mag, seems impressive. Anyone tried it? It protects the vehicle paintwork from scratches and damage from daily wear and tear. It is also easy to clean and made of a material that is resistant to scratches, tears, mid alkali, mild acid, salts and water*. To keep your car looking new, protect its paintwork with 3M car skin. Made of high-tech film materials, this durable and scratch resistant stick-on protective layer can be applied to both the exterior and interior. Something like sealant but its a stick on. Hoping for reviews before i touch up my scratches and put this on.
  12. Hi, I have a friend who have this itchy patch at the behind of his knees for quite a while and it just wun go away. Coz it wiill get itchy time to time and i will keep scratching till the skin becomes reddish. Also the scalp at his hairline always get itchy and keep scratching till there are tons of flakes...hence asking for any doctors tha specialise in treating this? Many thanks...
  13. This is what happens when you have a new addition to the family Luckily i have DG 501, look at the difference, the back area is not cleaned yet for reference [/color] After hours of hard work my banana looks kim again Thats the number of hours i spent on my banana
  14. Dear all, Just wondering any of you using keyboard skin for you notebook here. Which one is good?
  15. Hi all, Anyone got lobang or take initative to organize a group re spray leh... same color ... just giving the car a new skin and fresh shinny pain after 3yrs of use... WHO ARE INTERESTED ??? ANY RECOMMENDATION OF PAINT SHOP????
  16. Any handicraft gents or ladies here? Looking for glitter powder for use on skin tattoos (temp for events and parties, not permenant), would like to know where to get at a cheap price..... i dun think places like Popular is selling... thanks in advance
  17. For those of you who are trying to convince your CO to let you do VKool tinting. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/6320405.stm --------------------------- Car drivers 'risking skin cancer' Cancer risk went up with the number of hours at the wheel Drivers who spend a lot of time behind the wheel increase their risk of skin cancer, US work suggests. Experts say repeated sun exposure through the car's side windows is to blame, and drivers who roll down the window are at even greater risk. Most glass used for windows blocks UVB rays that cause sunburn but not deeper penetrating UVA rays. The Saint Louis University School of Medicine team presented their work to the American Academy of Dermatology. Exposure They looked at 898 patients (559 men and 339 women) with skin cancers occurring on either side of their body. Among the men, the rate of cancers directly correlated to the areas of the body most often exposed to UV radiation while driving - which in the US is the left-hand side of the body. Although glass greatly reduces the risk of sunburn, it does not prevent long term damage from UVA Cancer Research UK Many of these tumours were cancers that develop over time and are linked to cumulative sun exposure rather than intense, intermittent sun exposure. They affected sun-exposed areas like the head, neck, arms and hands. Lead author Dr Scott Fosko said: "This finding supports our theory that drivers who regularly spend more time in the car over the course of several years are more likely to develop skin cancers on the left side of the body, particularly skin cancers that develop gradually over time." Windows open Dr Fosko's team is now starting to gather detailed information on the driving habits of the skin cancer patients they see in their clinic. Initial data shows that those who spend the most time per week driving a car are more likely to develop left-sided cancers. "We're also finding that all drivers who occasionally drive with the windows open had a higher incidence of left-sided cancers," Dr Fosko said. He added: "Since there are more cars on the road than ever before, it is likely that this trend will continue. And with more women driving...higher reports of left-sided skin cancers in women in the future." Harmful rays Most windscreens, unlike the side windows of a car, are made of laminated glass that can filter both UVB and UVA. Dr Fosko suggested tinting the side window glass or using UV filters on windows might help reduce a driver's risk of harmful exposure. Cancer Research UK advises: "Although glass greatly reduces the risk of sunburn, it does not prevent long term damage from UVA. "So if you are driving long distances or sitting in your conservatory every day for long periods of time, with the sun beaming in on you, then you are putting yourself at risk." But Josephine Querido, cancer information officer for the charity, stressed this did not necessarily mean that you would get skin cancer. "In terms of the amount of UV sunlight people are exposed to during the course of a year, the amount received through car windows is likely to be a very small percentage. "It is important to take care whenever you are exposed to the sun, to know your skin type, and, above all, never burn as this can double your risk of getting skin cancer," she said.
  18. Maddriver

    Bro Skin's ride and to Spik*d*ll

    Tonight is Bro Darklord big day, was called up by Bro skin last min to do some polishing on his SKIN .. as promised,I will have his shark fin tonight.. It wasn't difficult to detail his car as he wax his car with just a bottle of OCW once awhile(Unlike that Snake who does not even has a proper wiping cloth.. , 1.DA with Optimun poplish 2.DA with PO106FF 3.top it up with OCW I dun know what is this guy trying to do,applying carnuba wax or molesting the car
  19. recently, my clutch is slipping like crazy with i full throttle the car... damma sian.. i ask around and shops like riverview quote me abt $260 for a new clutch... anyone care to comment abt it.. should i just add a new "skin" to the clutch or change the whole things....thanks what are the efforts?