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Found 14 results

  1. StreetFight3r

    Possible Cathay and GV merger?

    Just a week after announcing a possible spin off separate listing of its cinema business, entertainment company mm2 Asia is in talks to merge this business, operating mainly under the Cathay brand, with competitor Golden Village. As part of the deal, the parties aim to bring in new investors to help beef up the combined entity, which is going to be the largest cinema operator in town.Mm2 Asia now runs 8 Cathay cinemas in Singapore, and 14 in Malaysia. The potential merger partner, Hong Kong listed Orange Sky Golden Harvest Entertainment (Holdings), runs another 14 cinemas under the Golden Village brand in Singapore. The Hong Kong company, previously known as "Golden Harvest" runs a total of 35 cinemas with 285 screens in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. The deal will need to jump through several hoops: approvals from both mm2 Asia and OSGH shareholders; approval of SGX and Hong Kong Exchange, as well as relevant government authorities, including the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore in relation to anti-trust issues.Under the initial heads of agreement, the parties are still negotiating the financial terms. According to mm2 Asia, the merger terms will be discussed based on the FY2019 operating figures, subjected to mutually agreed adjustments.For FY2019 ended Dec 2019, OSGH's Singapore cinema business generated a turnover of HK$810.3 million, down slightly from HK$822.1 million in the year earlier. Operating profit in the same period was HK$139.8 million, down from HK$150 million. Unsurprisingly, Covid-19 has hit the cinema business hard. For the six months ended June 30 this year, Golden Village's Singapore revenue was just HK$137.4 million, due to the circuit breaker measures. It made a loss of HK$16.9 million. For the six months ended June 30 2019, it generated revenue of HK$401 million for its Singapore cinema business, and operating profit of HK$70.6 million. If the merger is completed, the combined entity will be able to enjoy advantageous economies of scale, and provide more financial and operating stability. The company also notes that there has been general disruption to the movie and cinema business, with the advent of content streaming apps and the growth of video content on social media. The merger would result in a stronger platform for the operation of the cinema business. The funds from new investors will also provide the additional working capital for the combined business to cope with operating costs, and strengthen the balance sheet of the combined business.
  2. Blueray

    Movies Coming in 2020

    popcorn and coke time.
  3. Blueray

    Movie Releases - 2019

    Captain Marvel and Abenjers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LHxvxdRnYc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hA6hldpSTF8
  4. superzhen

    Cathay cinema armrest

    Anyone knows if the non-couple seat armrests in Cathay cinemas can be lifted? Asking because all the couple seats taken up liao
  5. I'm a bit slow but wow Bedok has a spanking new mall - Djitsun Mall (AGAIN) and cinema (Golden Village) after not having any for the last 10 years since Princess closed down? The nearest would be Tampines, Katong, and now Paya Lebar. 6 theatres with a capacity of 576. It is now opened. https://weekender.com.sg/w/do/golden-village-launches-new-cineplex-in-bedok/ And then there's the Fat Cat Arcade, touted as the biggest arcade in the east of Singapore. I somehow don't see the kinda arcade games that we are all accustomed to playing when we were younger though. Games like Streetfighter, Time Crisis. The arcades of today consists of virtual fishing games and toy catchers. https://mothership.sg/2018/06/fat-cat-arcade-bedok/ This new mall looks to me like just another Bedok Point. Do we really need that many Malls? And for old times sake...
  6. therock

    Movies to look out for in 2017

    2016 is almost over, and we still have one or two more blockbusters, but next year, we have quite a few sequels, a few new shows in store.. Are there any shows that you are looking out for in the coming year?
  7. interesting .... anyone visited the new cinema ? http://thepoppingpost.com/golden-village-opens-first-all-laser-cinema-in-paya-lebar/
  8. the post 80s generation didn't get a chance to watch movie in this theatre, still remember the big sculpture on both side of the screen i watched the 3 hours long 'The ten commandments' in this theatre on the hard wooden chair, kar chng pain after the show even though they have interval in between.
  9. Thaiyotakamli

    Under The Skin

    Anyone watched? To those havent watch, you shouldnt To those hve watched, you must have a good sleep First time in my life i walk out of cinema halfway the movie
  10. Coming very Soon. This movie is suppose to be like "Groundhog Day meets Starship Trooper". It is based on a Japanese novel named "All You need is Kill". The novel is currently being translated to Manga. You can read the manga from here (spoiler alerts though): http://www.mangahere.co/manga/all_you_need_is_kill/c001/3.html The mecha in the manga is very high-tech like Halo suits. The mecha in Tom Cruise's rendition is somewhat more realistic and raw. The movie seemed to be more serious than the manga. Either way, the main plot in the Manga and Movie should not sway too much but we can/may expect some twists in the movie version. Early reviews of the movie were surprisely good.
  11. Check your movies here before venturing up north for a more affordable widescreen experience. www.cinemaonline.com.my Notable mentions is the TGV branch at Tebrau City. Please note that censureship is a little harsh. Kissing and scenes of sex are cut out. Best bet will be children's movies to be worth watching because the kids go in at lower prices compared to Singapore. In Singapore kids pay the full ticket price. No ifs no buts. As usual, be careful.
  12. Kilatz

    Cinema woes... What yours?

    I went to watch a movie at Vivocity this afternoon. The movie was assigned a small cinema and the back rows are filled up. 15 mins into the show, this two stupid young men sitting on my left start opening a large packet of dried cuttlefish and started to eat. Dried CUTTLEFISH.... Smelly SOTONG. See bei smelly.Can you imagine how bad it smelled inside the enclosed space of the cinema. My friends on my right started covering their noses and someone in the row in front of me stiffled a retch. After 2 mins I also cannot tahan...looked angrily at him, said "hoi...that damm thing is very smelly. Have some consideration can?" He is lucky that he and his friend immediately kept back the plastic bag of smelly stuff...if he has protested I might just give him a punch for being so inconsiderate. I think maybe because i look so guailan and ready to whack people. Throughout the show I can still smell some whiffs of the dried sotong smell from their mouth. ccb. :angry: No ugly endings here and lucky things did not escalate further. Any bros or sis here with bad encounters inside the cinemas?
  13. The Electric New Paper : Movie violence He's punched in cinema, but frustrated with attacker's no-show for mediation Just follow law, and Mr Jiang Yanlong did exactly that. By Geraldine Yeo 18 November 2010 Just follow law, and Mr Jiang Yanlong did exactly that. While watching a movie with his girlfriend on April 25, another moviegoer punched him in the head because Mr Jiang had told him to be quiet. What followed was Mr Jiang's frustrating journey in making sure his attacker didn't get off scot-free. For seven months, he went from police statements to filing a magistrate's complaint and two court dates in which his attacker did not turn up. Mr Jiang told The New Paper later: "I thought the matter would have just been settled and that I would get compensation. I didn't expect this to drag on." He said he was looking for monetary compensation as well as an apology. Here's his biggest frustration? there's not much else he can do.