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Found 12 results

  1. http://sg.news.yahoo.com/japan-police-solv...-091747790.html Japanese police have got to the bottom of a mysterious crime wave that saw 200 leather bicycle saddles vanish in a matter of months, reports say. Joji Kondo, 35, confessed to police that he would steal the saddles and then sniff and lick them when he got home, the Sports Hochi reported on Sunday. He told officers that he liked the texture and smell of leather and that he particularly "likes saddles sat on by women", the newspaper said. Police in Yokohama, near Tokyo, had been receiving regular reports since January that bicycle seats were going missing, the paper and other media said. Kondo told police that he knew by the aroma whether the bike he was targeting belonged to a man or a woman, the paper said. The Kanagawa prefectural police declined to confirm the reports.
  2. My accounts dept just came back with the figures for the company financial year for submission to IRAS. And because most of my car running expenditure I charge to company accounts ... this is wat came back. The amount is staggering to say the least .... and its been rising since 2000 for me personally. Wats yours ?? Lets share ..... some costs are flexible like ERP Gantry charges 1999 Mazda 323 TarzanBoy ERP Gantries : S$6 per day x 5 days x 4 weeks x 12 months = S$1440.00 per year Car Road Tax : S$1400 per year Car Insurance : S$800 per year Instalments : S$8000 per year HDB Car Park charges : S$65 per month x 12 months = S$780 Fuel (JB petrol converted to SGP$$) : RM$60 per week x 4 weeks x 12 months = RM$2880.00 = S$1200.00 @ 31,000 km per year average Miscellaneous Carpark charges : S$300 per year Workshop / Repair / Maintenance charges : S$2000 per year (estimate) Thus as you can see ... added in total ... ownership costs falls easily within the S$15,920.00 Disclaimer : Insurance is at 50% NCD with staff discount. Petrol from JB is equivalent to 55% off ... if I pump in SGP , it would be S$2880.00 or more Put in your costs and see how much your car cost you on an annual basis.
  3. Beside the proposal of PR men serving army, I would suggest PR women to serve the healthcare sector as well. We have shortage of healthcare labours in all hospitals. This will help to brigde the labour problems in this sector and at the sometime, this provide better bonding between locals and PR foreigners. What is your thought???
  4. Hi can i check what is your idling rpm for Lancer ex 1.5, i dont know if mine is low or not, its at 680 - 700rpm when idling in D mode.
  5. I went to watch a movie at Vivocity this afternoon. The movie was assigned a small cinema and the back rows are filled up. 15 mins into the show, this two stupid young men sitting on my left start opening a large packet of dried cuttlefish and started to eat. Dried CUTTLEFISH.... Smelly SOTONG. See bei smelly.Can you imagine how bad it smelled inside the enclosed space of the cinema. My friends on my right started covering their noses and someone in the row in front of me stiffled a retch. After 2 mins I also cannot tahan...looked angrily at him, said "hoi...that damm thing is very smelly. Have some consideration can?" He is lucky that he and his friend immediately kept back the plastic bag of smelly stuff...if he has protested I might just give him a punch for being so inconsiderate. I think maybe because i look so guailan and ready to whack people. Throughout the show I can still smell some whiffs of the dried sotong smell from their mouth. ccb. :angry: No ugly endings here and lucky things did not escalate further. Any bros or sis here with bad encounters inside the cinemas?
  6. Free Neuton Tyre Thumbdrive Instantly Yours Simply participate in the Neuton Tyre Contest by answering 1 question, register as a forum member and contribute 4 postings. This Thumbdrive is instantly yours! Check it out! www.yhiforum.com.sg
  7. Free Yokohama Tool Box Instantly Yours Simply participate in the Earth 1 Contest by answering 1 question, register as a forum member and contribute 2 postings. The tool box is instantly yours! Check it out! www.yhiforum.com.sg
  8. For me I choose Option 1....just curious about how the rest feel I am almost in my mid-30s by the way.
  9. Just went for my 40k servicing over the weekend. Had the fuel filter changed as well. All I can say is that what comes out was not a pretty sight. Whatever petrol that was inside the filter was black. So, you guys might want to consider changing it at you next servicing if you had not done so for years. I know it one part of the car which many owners over look.
  10. People who have heard or are currently using this 100% British made amps and speakers . PLEASE TELL how good they are. I am still waiting for the person who Source this to give me the model made and price. Interested parties can start posting ...... I am very new here, just wondering if i am against any rules here??? somebody pls PM me thx
  11. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singapor...nt.jsp?id=12390 How come not Red one ha STOMPer Anon came across this online auction for two pairs of panties, apparently put up by a girl in Singapore. "Girl selling unwashed panties in Singapore!" he wrote in an email to STOMP yesterday (Jan 2). STOMP made a check on the website and found that the two pairs of panties, which have been put on auction since Dec 26 last year, have a buy price of $25, while the current bid is $6. The auction ad has a clause which states: "Item is not new. No brand. Bid price is for both items...will wear it a day before mailing if buyer click on buy price. Free normal postage. No return address will be written at the back of the envelope. If u are afraid of lost mail pls pay additional $2.50 for reg mail." STOMP is contacting the STOMPer for more details.
  12. All this is taken from http://lacettian.co.kr/
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