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  1. Twnll

    Loanshark Challenges to Report to Police

    The root of the problem is not the harassment by the loan shark. To stop the problem, allow the loansharks to surrender the name of the borrower to the police. Then criminalise the borrower. Once the borrower knows they cannot get away - from the long arms of the law and the loan sharks, they will not borrow. I believe legalised loans companies are doing that.
  2. Twnll

    A day at Ikea

    I will never buy anything from a China 'As Is' section!
  3. Interested in Hifi? There is a show this weekend (Aug 17 and 18) at Raffles City Convention Centre level 4. Admission $15 with a special show CD.
  4. Twnll

    1942 The Taking of Singapore

    Ultimately, for the Far East in WW2 is all about displacement of one colonial power with another. A sort of land grab by the better armed.
  5. Twnll

    1942 The Taking of Singapore

    The Brits are not wrong to deploy the two major warships as a show of strength, the Jap Navy is pretty formidable then. The Brits expected the Japs to deploy an amphibious landing but of course now we know they go through Thailand, down Malaya then to Singapore. I think they use bicycles to save on an important resource - oil. That is till they are able to capture the oil fields of Indonesia. The Brits stationed here is like on R & R, enjoying and relaxing while their counterparts are getting hammered back in Europe. I suppose a posting to Singapore is quite prestigious.
  6. Is this what they mean by Swiss standard of living?
  7. Twnll

    Child abuse at Toa Payoh Childcare centre

  8. Twnll

    Another drunk driving accident

    Cane the farker!
  9. Twnll

    White House under attack!!

    Not bad movie - suggests the bad guys are NK-ish
  10. Can we have the law that have zero tolerance to drink driving - instant ban for minimum of 5 years. There should be no doubt when one sits behind the wheel to even suggest that they are not intoxicated enough to be considered drunk.
  11. So the onus is - don't bother waste time polishing car, its just an appliance. You polish your washing machine? You polish your fridge? You keep your car in good mechanical condition so it will continue to do its job. No more, no less.
  12. Drink driving - minimum 5 yrs suspension. Drink driving and cause injury - suspension minimum 10 yrs, big fine minimum $50,000, jail minimum 5 years. Drink Driving and killing people - lifetime suspension, jail minimum 10 years, fine minimum $100,000, caning minimum 10 strokes.
  13. Twnll

    Why directasia car insurance so cheap?

    I just check checked, about the same as my current insurer - India Insurance. So not going to bother. India Insurance quite OK.
  14. Twnll

    Jonker Walk Malacca Shutting Down

    Cameron need to stop-over for a night? Cameron not that far from Sing. Sing - Hatyai by evening also can.
  15. Twnll

    No more Barbarella, Leticia and Lulu

    What do you expect? Mediacorpse is also under Papies control