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Found 176 results

  1. My insurance only allow these workshops. Any recommendation among them which is the recommended one? preferably east or north area. Thanks http://www.gia.org.sg/pdfs/Industry/Motor/...apore%20Ltd.pdf
  2. Hi all, I think in singapore below jobs position salary: Engineer(Electrical/Electronic): S$3000 to 4000 Senior Engineer(Electrical/Electronic): S$4000 to 5000 Manager(Electrical/Electronic): S$5000 to 6000 Senior Manager(Electrical/Electronic): above S$6000 Do you guys think it's acceptable?
  3. Do you miss them? 1. Snake 2. Snake 2 3. Memory 4. Space Impact 5. Bantumi 6. Bounce Last but not the least.... CANDYYYY CRUSSSSHHHH!
  4. Good luck to them on holding expensive goods! will there be fire-sale coming soon? they mark up 20-30k for 2nd hand cars above parf+body...time for them to jialat jialat
  5. A user submitted this vid to me. For sure it's illegal, but kinda cool like he turn on NOS. Skip to 2:00 to see the lights.
  6. Hi Bros/Sis, I recently applied some swirl and scratch removals on my bonnet. However, the plastic trimming was left unprotected when I lay the cloth with the cream on it while doing cleaning up. The next day, I realize that these spots seems to have formed on the black plastic portion as per shown in the image attached. Is there any way I can remove them? I tried normal water, even detailer and glass cleaners, didn't work. It seems to disappear when I wipe it with a wet cloth but shortly once it dries, the spots appears again. Do share with me if you know of any item that can remove the stains. Thank you
  7. Have you imagine if all citizens from China, Malaysia, Philippine and India all go back to their country to vote for their election all AT THE SAME TIME! Must be pretty quiet ah
  8. I thought the COE have taken it's effect, then I realize it's school holiday...
  9. Blackyv

    We need teacher of these kind..

    To teach in our uni.. sure Can help improve the falling birth rate... bring them over.... http://forums.asiaone.com/showthread.php?t=53139#1
  10. From STOMP: 1st driver http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...ns_carpark.html Posted on 31 May 2012 Local actress parks her cute car illegally like she owns carpark STOMPer DLL saw a local actress park this car, taking up both car and motorcycle parking lots. Said the STOMPer: "I saw a local actress in sunglasses park her retro 500c car like she owns the whole car park. "She even blocked motorbikes from parking. "I think she is a local Channel 8 actress called Yvonne." ***** 2nd driver http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...she_drives.html Posted on 30 May 2012 Dog driving car? No, it's woman who lets pet sit on lap while driving STOMPer Vintage0211 spotted a driver on the road, whose pet dog was resting on her lap and seemed as though it was driving the car. The STOMPer wrote: "Is it a dog or a woman driving the car?"
  11. Lives are lost, the MIW have spoken, help is given to Cabby's family from all walks of life, even Shanmugam promised assistance; Chinese embassy even issued a statement to remind its citizens of their conduct. You could say that Shanmugam is wayang and what's not. No matter what MIW do, there will always be cynics questioning their motives. But I don't think this is the main issue. I think the issue is whether are these xenophobia/anti-PRC bashing way overboard or justified? thanks to social media, especially Temasek Times and Temasek Review which paint a very negative impression that Singapore is anti-PRC. Are we Singaporeans really that xenophobic? Temasek Review is seeking for US$50,000 donations again. So are we going to donate to them to help propagate xenophobia? On retrospect, are all the PRC in Singapore you have encountered, pests? Hey, I think the McDonald counter staff, a PRC is polite and serves with a great smile!
  12. Bimmers

    Where to buy these?

    Finish Kare 425 QD Jetseal 109 CG Wet Mirror Finish other than ebay... thanks !!
  13. Half Naked Woman Chasing Guy Wow.. the gal also quite fierce, wonder what's the whole story.. anyone have the full story ? the guys most probably rottan, unless they are FT (saying matter of fact-ly, not trying to stir s--t)
  14. Cdior

    Haiz... these 2 SG gers.....

    4am in jb pump petrol. each driving 1 car. wear short short n tight fit.... i just finish msg n special, my didi still can immediately marikita. y r they risking their life, over abit of saving....i saw so many snatch thief n robbery in jb during daytime, no 1 bother to help or chase. in the middle of the night, they still treat that place like sg... slowly pump... slowly chit chat, pump finish petrol, pump tyre!! if they meet some thugs, do u think it only $$$$.... no... it going to be an experience they will nv forget in their whole fu(king life..... haiz...if any1 know them, tell them it not worth it.......
  15. http://carscoop.blogspot.com/2012/04/now-t...l-very.html?m=1 I bet these Yankees have no problems with some of the tightest carparks we have in Singapore.
  16. Dear all bros Recently, i have been looking around for a 2 litre saloon car from year 2007 . I have these cars in mind but i will like to know if anyone is driving it now or have previous experiences with it to share. S60 2.0T Camry 2.0 Mazda 6 Cefiro 2.0 Your opinions on these based on Maintenance Reliablility Consumption Drive Thanks!
  17. Can be gotten for less than $400. Got wife and kids want WIF give you free new one? Dont be silly http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...244&DL=1000
  18. From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Online...ory_772087.html Calling East Coast Park and vicinity 'home' Published on Mar 1, 2012 I GO for my daily early morning walks to East Coast Park, behind my condominium. Lately, I have noticed an increase in the number of people, especially foreign workers, who sleep on the benches or grass or camp at the beach, especially during weekends or public holidays. During weekends or public holidays, the beach is full of camping foreign workers, some with makeshift cooking facilities. So, I dread going for my walk on Mondays or after a public holiday because the beach is littered with rubbish and leftovers of these campers. I also discovered two people using a bench in the Siglap Park Connector next to Victoria Junior College to sleep, every day for weeks. When I informed the neighbourhood police post that they were making the bench their sleeping place, I was told that they were not doing anything illegal. Yong Lee Sen (Ms)
  19. Hi Guys, it seemed eons since I joined any MCF meetups. Are there still regular meetups going on?
  20. Coquette

    I have these few words to say

    I realised that my thread and post have vanished overnight after a visit from the moderator and I do realise that the earlier thread comes across as being too personal towards sabbie. I am hardly surprised why sabbie goes scot free with his degrading remarks towards women and constant profanities, this is afterall, a male dominated forum. Moderators, I'm sure you're doing a great job keeping this community alive. My apologies for stepping across the guidelines *that, i'm guessing because nobody sent me any notification whatsoever regarding the mysterious evaporation of my thread* However, I do hope that in your constant crusade to weed out undesirable activities within the forum, would you be able to be mindful towards comments, remarks, threads and posts which degrades womenfolk in general? Think about how a female protagonist will feel if a male antagonist goes about insulting women, much to the amusement of fellow male deuteragonists and the tritagonists, who camp by the sidelines further advocating these atrocities? This female could jolly well be your granny, spouse, daughter or any women who holds pivotal places within the depths of your hearts. To the rest of the forum users, please accept my apologies if my earlier thread caused any offence or distress. To sabbie, I'm not sorry to say i'm totally unapologetic on my take towards you. What comes around goes around. Please learn to respect yourself and to respect women. Like i've shared before, society, being codified by man, decrees that woman is inferior; she can do away with this inferiority only by neutralising the male's superiority. Good day to all of you !
  21. SMRT and SBS have been fined by the Public Transport Council for not meeting performance KPIs. So it seems PTC is finally doing some work.... yes? FYI, the amount of the fines is truly 'mind-boggling' and surely will serve as a wake-up calls to SMRT / SBS to buck up!! you want to know the amounts? $700.00 and $300.00.... no there's no typo and no mistake in the decimal points... a driver's speeding fine looks like a million dollar 'jackpot' compared with these numbers............. and who's the chairman of the PTC?? Gerard Ee............... no less (btw, he still owes us a report on the "Review on Ministers' Salaries"..... or has he forgotten he's supposed to complete the review??
  22. http://jalopnik.com/5846561/asia-frees-sec...er+driven-neons "a Singapore-based entrepreneur has decided now's the time to sell a cache of 150 1997 never-driven Chrysler Neons."
  23. early in the morning, as if the weather is not bad enough, met 3 idiots along the way and i just hv to vent it here.. haha.. so bear wif me guys.. first, a toyota picnic. i'm sure it's not the first time i'm encountering this car, bcos found it strange for a picnic to have those mini flag poles at the front (in which i assume is a chauffeured car for vip), but yet with a normal car plate. the last time, noticed tt it likes to zip in & out slow moving traffic inside cbd, tailgating cars in front aggressively, but didnt think much of it as he might be rushing for time due to the VIP inside. today, it chu different pattern, right in front of me. just abt 15m away from the red light (abt 2-3 car length frm the traffic light, but no car in front), it cut into my lane at high speed. seriously, got so rush or not? 6.45am in e morning leh. in e end, the car just zoom right to, amoy street mkt for breakfast. ntg to say. second, a honda civic with an ah beng uncle. after my breakfast, went back to car. saw this civic parked next to me. guy got out, but remaining standing by the door in between our car, and companion was still in the car. the guy was looking at me while i walked towards my car, and i was naturally looking at him since he's just standing next to my car. as i opened the door and about to get in, i thought i heard he say smthg, so i looked at him again and said "yes?" and then it happened. all the hokkien came out, kua si mi, u xiao lian eh bua song si mi, all came out. initially, i was still laughing a bit out of amusement, trying to explain i thought he was talking to me, and told him it's so early in the morning, dont be so free to find quarrel. but then, he kept repeating and repeating, so really made my blood start boiling. so i shouted back at him, "i bua song you!" then i re-composed myself, went in car & closed e door, before anythg drastic happen. maybe it's the cold weather, my car then refused to start on the first 2 attempts. so this monkey stood in front of my car, mimicking me starting the car with his monkey face. damn TL. haha.. then i pointed to him my car video recorder on my dashboard, he shouted at me smthg frm outside, but finally stood one side for me to drive off. third and lastly, turning right into shenton way from boon tat street, kena an old man jaywalking in the middle of the road, with HIS BACK AGAINST THE TRAFFIC! heart nearly popped out. it was still dark and raining. luckily saw him last min, if not really rammed right into him. and after all these traumatic experiences, it's only 7+ in the morning. FML.
  24. My knees were shaking just watching this video. Very impressed with their youthful guts and confidence. It gives the full meaning to Impossible is Nothing? http://gizmodo.com/5840774/these-daredevil...ir-bloody-minds