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Found 90 results

  1. Aftermarket vs. OEM Spark Plug Wires One of the most hotly debated topics in tuning Hondas is the perceived benefits of aftermarket spark-plug cables. These are often marketed with the promise of 'better' and 'more powerful' sparks and thus directly inferring better combustion and a gain in power output. Armchair 'tuning specialists', enthusiasts, and even mechanics alike have discussed about the supposed mediocre sparking qualities of the stock Honda spark-plug cables and, especially at high RPMs typical when revving VTEC Hondas, how the stock cables will be struggling to produce good consistent sparks. Aftermarket cables comes into the picture claiming to produce better, 'larger' and more consistent sparks at high RPMs and therefore higher power output. How true are these claims ? To clear the mystery and resolve this debate once and for all, TOVA requested Dynojet Far East to perform a spark-plug cables dyno test. The car used is a JDM Honda Integra XSi with the B16A engine. The stock plug cable has been in use for the better part of 8 years. At this age, many will begin recommending their replacement by aftermarket cables, often citing that they will be worn out and thus not giving good sparks. The car has been regularly serviced (either 5000km or 3 months whichever expires first) using original Honda oil filter and Mobil-1 synthetic engine oil. At the time of the test, all maintenance items are new; spark plugs, HKS Super-Power-Flow filter element, even gear oil (using Honda recommended oil). The fuel injectors have also been cleaned less than 4 months ago. The car has also just benefited from the fitament of brand new HKS Legal Muffler and HKS Super-Header, with a HKS AFR to re-calibrate the air-fuel ratio to our local atmospheric conditions. Aftermarket cable number 1 represents the generic 8mm silicon 'high performance' replacement cables. Often these cables are marketed by performing a side-by-side comparison on a special setup where first the stock cable are used to connect a spark-plug to an ignition coil. The sparks produced at the plug will be seen to be weak and dull. Next, replacement of the 8mm silicon cable will be done and now the sparks at the plug can clearly be seen to be bright and strong. From this 'conclusive' demonstration, the benefits to power output will be inferred. I will not be embarrassed to admit that I myself have bought three sets of such cables in my earlier Honda ownership days (when I was driving SOHC engine models), often being conclusively convinced by the demonstration and then actually believing that I felt improvements from the cables. I have owned this cable for about 5 years, using them on and off. Aftermarket cable number 2 is the famous NGK 'blue' cable, ie NGK Hyper Silicon. Having the same diameter as stock cables (and thus the added advantage of direct replacement), the NGK is a cable that even HKS has recommended over stock. The logic given was often that the NGK will last longer than stock as well as the typical giving 'better' spark benefits. In fact, the box that the NGK comes in has a claim of 130% better sparks - hence more power from the engine. The NGK cables are brand new, and supplied by Dynojet Far East to help settle the debate. The dyno runs were performed immediately one after the other, with only the minimum of delay necessitated by having to switch off the engine to replace the plug cables. To get straight to the point, the three dyno runs are produced below. The power curves are: green is for the stock cable, red for the generic 8mm silicon, and blue for the NGK blue cable. The actual power outputs are not crucial and have been removed from the charts to make the comparison more straightforward. The most important point from the charts is that the stock spark-plug cables produced the highest and most consistent power curve. The most significant factor is the smoothness of the stock cable's power curve. Both the 'generic' 8mm silicon cable and the NGK were seen to be misfiring as evidenced by their jagged curves after 5000rpm and especially in the VTEC rpm band. Both 8mm silicon and NGK delivered about the same max power which is about 1ps lower than that produced by the stock cables. Note that the stock cables, although 8 years old, consistently produced better power all across the dynoed rpm band, 3000rpm till the 8000rpm red-line. Especially surprising is the fact that the stock cables did not misfire, thus proving that they produce more consistent sparks even compared to the brand new and supposedly superior NGK blue cables ! The results although probably shocking to many enthusiasts are in fact what have often been recommended by the best tuners. Many enthusiasts naturally are reluctant to accept the fact, no matter how highly they respect those tuners but with this comparison, TOVA hopes that the question have been conclusively answered and the debates are now closed. Stock spark-plug cables are the best ! Copyright Wong KN Temple of VTEC Asia Feb 01 1999.
  2. Anyone know good ones, and where to get? eBay seems to have some... Preferrably RPM & speedometer.
  3. I realise that we didn't share our favourite shopping loot for our beloved car. Share the aftermarket website that you have shop before! For myself, I have shopped in RHDjapan & Skunk2 https://www.rhdjapan.com/ https://skunk2.com/
  4. Rogersk8ter

    Aftermarket DRL illegal?

    Aftermarket Daylight Running Lights illegal? Im thinking of installing a set. No need those very bright type. Also one qns...why some driver switch on their DRL, fog light and headlight all at once? esp those super white types. Not suppose to switch on fog n DRL at night rite? Advice....
  5. I mean looking at it on the car itself. Or must take out and see from the inside? Any telltale signs that can split them apart?
  6. Dwee

    The Cars@Expo

    Saw this link in sgcarmart and STCars. http://sphclass.com.sg/carambassador/ SPH is looking for Car ambassador for this year Carnival. They have renamed it as "The Cars@Expo". Previously known as CATS Carnival.
  7. Hi guys, can anyone confirm if those aftermarket steering wheel from MCS garage are authentic? Anyone who has an aftermarket wheel set up can point me in the direction to a workshop selling authentic ones?
  8. Anyone changed their stock plastic charge pipes to aftermarket aluminium ones? Any improvement in performance? Do you change because the stock one cracked, or to play safe due to preventive measures?
  9. Hi all, I found this on ebay and I think it will look good on my 2008 RX350. But concern there could be issue when I send my car for inspection. Can I have your comment from bro/sis here? http://www.ebay.com/itm/2004-2009-Lexus-RX350-RX330-SINISTER-BLACK-LED-Tube-Amber-Signal-Tail-Lights-/171968250860?fits=Model%3ARX350&hash=item280a1b43ec:g:u-kAAOSwoudW3g44&vxp=mtr http://www.ebay.com/itm/03-08-TOYOTA-HARRIER-LEXUS-RX330-RX350-HEADLIGHTS-LED-STYLE-HEAD-LIGHT-PAIR-JDM-/222093591837?hash=item33b5cf451d:g:8bwAAOSwsLtVfiFW&vxp=mtr
  10. Bros & Sis, I am thinking of getting almost 10 yrs old GS300 and renew COE to drive another 10 yrs. Plan to fully recondition including repray, change a complete set of leather for its interior. Can bros and Sis here share your experience in changing car seat leather? can we get something close to the original in term of quality? Many thanks.
  11. what do you do ? what can you do ? or can you do anything ? visited an installer yesterday to fix aftermarket alarm (entry level) for my 2005 imprezza. after the alarm fix, everything about the alarm worked swee-swee ... but when I drove the car off, I realized that the "D" light in my display cluster did not light up so I drove back to the installer. they opened up the cluster and said that the bulb had blown and they did not have any replacement bulb. so now my car only have 1,2,3,N and P, so what do you do when you go do something and then something else spoils ? worst part is they told me the bulb cannot buy outside also.
  12. Any place to duplicate aftermarket car alarm remote. And what is the reasonable price? I live in the East.
  13. Hi folks, Am having thoughts of upgrading ride soon. Have the following items for sale: 1) Aftermarket exhaust manifold bought from a fellow kaki here driving a red and loud 159 - S$400 2) AP Racing 6 pot CP5570, 355mm discs, pads and Stainless steel braided hoses. You need minimum 18" rims to clear - S$3500 3) As new ignition coil pack - S$400. Do contact me at 81819968 if keen.
  14. Let's discuss the following options: 1) get a counter-sunk one, which will shorten the throw but at increased effort? 2) Or a counter-weight (heavier) one, which according to law of kinetic energy, people claim they make shifting easier. 3) Or both counter-sunk and counter-weight, BUT from a generic brand like Razo which is not metallically threaded specifically for the car ?? I scared it wont thread properly Of coz looks are important too. So please also share your swee knobs if u have the pic.
  15. Hi, Sorry for noob question, how do I know which 3rd party head unit that can be compatible with my steering wheel control?
  16. Akram_saheed

    Bosch & Sonax MCF Car Clinic

    After several years, I found myself waking up at the early hours of the morning. Armed with no more than a (single) handful of hours of sleep. I grabbed my red bull and took a cab down to MyCarForum’s first car clinic session held at the Bosch Headquarters together with Sonax. It was alarming to see a small number of enthusiastic forum members, including the legendary Radx (left), arriving at the venue earlier than most others. Post registration, the members were free to mingle around the reception area. With no digital interface to hide behind, the 30-odd participants were unmasked and for some, it was the first time they saw the members in person. The only means of identification were the white labels with their names matched to their MCF user ids. Old pals rekindled while new friendships were made. The pre-event segment also provided an occasional opportunity to mix with the MCF team that were present. Concurrently the carpark area had a small gathering, and was bustling with activity. MCF stickers were being applied on several cars. Spotting brand new designs, the stickers were available in three colours of white, silver and yellow - and once again white seemed to be the crowd favourites this year. After light breakfast, it was time for a group picture. In the age of iPhones and selfies, it was refreshing to see someone with a DSLR taking a proper picture. Subsequently the members were gathered at a meeting room where Country Manager, Ken Lee officially kick started the event with a short introduction of Bosch. He went through the brief history of the company, several products Bosch has pioneered in the automotive industry and the position of the German titan within the local automotive industry. For example, I learnt that Borneo Motors and Kah Motors utilise Bosch batteries for their cars – including Toyota, Lexus and Honda. And little did I know Bosch were one of the key firms to establish cutting edge technologies including start-stop systems, energy recovery systems or even lighting technology, among others. Ken was candid and was keen to answer any questions that were thrown at him. He handled the crowd well, and in a clever manner, evaded certain questions. Let alone his position, his product knowledge was inspiring. Once the introduction was over, the group was split to three groups. A mini-ice breaking session was held by the group leaders where everyone introduced themselves. An added aspect of the ice breaking session saw members drawing questions from envelopes and answering them faithfully as possible. The questions range from asking your favourite F1 team to the number of points you scored for your driving test. Then it was the start of the Bosch car clinic - comprising a station for brake pads, batteries and wipers respectively. The product specialists from Bosch were present to give a simple but concise explanation of the products. The explanations were easy to understand and the product knowledge the specialists possessed were remarkable. They answered any and every question patiently, intelligently and with in-depth knowledge. And most importantly with a smile. After a short tea break, the event resumed with the second half of the car clinic - Sonax.The clinic was led by Davin who went in detail and demonstrated the key issues when handling car maintenance. He demonstrated various Sonax products including car shampoo, leather treatment products, car wax and car sealant. Making its debut at the event was the brand new, Sonax XTREME Protect + shine Hybrid Net Protection Technology sealant. While already on sale in overseas markets, the DIY sealant – as advertised by Davin – offers a wax free high gloss coat for your car at probably a fraction of price to conventional paint protectors. The XTREME Protect+Shine covers your cars paintwork with a glossy protective coating for protection that is touted to last every quarter along with enhancing the bodyworks colour that is mildly better than showroom condition. As demonstrated by Davin, the results were almost immediate and impressed the members. The application is easy and almost effortless, with no pre-treatment or drying times. Of course this being Singapore, many questions were raised on its effectiveness against bird droppings – and lets just say the best way to treat bird droppings is to address the issue as soon as possible! The event concluded mid-day with scrumptious food catered by Bosch and a sales of retail items from Bosch and Sonax. After catching up with their forum friends, the members started to head home, after collecting their goodie bag which had, among others, spark plugs and wipers that were custom to their vehicle. Throughout the event, the members were candid. None complained, none made faces or a fuss and everyone had a ball of a time and were sporty for anything the organisers were willing to throw at them. At the end of the day, as the organiser started packing up, the question on most members’ lips was, “When is the next event?”
  17. Expertz

    Aftermarket keyless entry?

    anybody installed an aftermarket keyless entry device? saw 1 in malaysia going at 1k rm, i think its really cheap for such a device just not sure if it'll cause more problems instead
  18. hi all, has anyone replaced their skoda's antenna with either a oem or aftermarket type? Any recommendations as to the type/model and shopto do the replacement? My antenna has crumbled to bits and is exposed...TIA!!
  19. Icegal

    Aftermarket halogen bulb

    Saw many sellers selling high-end brands halogen bulbs, before you all make purchase. Check with the Brands whether the one you bought from are from the authorised dealers in Singapore.
  20. As above...my 4 year old badly need a cruise control...find driving up north very tiring to control the pedal. Any bro got recommendation?
  21. Kurty

    Aftermarket car alarm

    hello brothers, would like to seek some expertise views and advise in getting an after market alarm. my humble ride do come with immobilizer. Currently using an after market alarm, 1 way type. Pretty good, step brake as a central lock, all doors will be locked. A basic car alarm, cheap and good. However cheap things don
  22. is aftermarket security system reliable? they could have some sort of master key to access your car after installing it into your car.
  23. Does anyone knows if changing stock pole light & forlights to Philips 4300K legal or rather able to pass annual inspection?
  24. i just kenna my front bumper 3 times today....becos wifey wants to eat at some hotel...haizzz...got to touch up the damage ALONE after that....the KRRRACCCKKK sound is so painful to my ears.... Amazingly...after knocking my front bumpers for nearly 40 times...take a peek below and you can see the whole bottom got Battle Scars...but no cracks ley...PU not too bad a material to use for bodykit..STRONG.... To all the forumers with low front bumpers....please share with us how durable is your front bumper and what material it is made of??