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Found 13 results

  1. just wondering how much are you losing if you ditch the car after 1/2 year?
  2. Dwee

    The Cars@Expo

    Saw this link in sgcarmart and STCars. http://sphclass.com.sg/carambassador/ SPH is looking for Car ambassador for this year Carnival. They have renamed it as "The Cars@Expo". Previously known as CATS Carnival.
  3. I thought it would be good to compile a list of to do before purchase Sort of a sharing and paying back to the forum Those that have additional infor, feel free to add 1. Check out how much you can loan. Yes, there are times when you "feel" you can meet the monthly payment, but then , the bank thinks otherwise. Lets not debate in dubious ways like overstating sales agreement and "football" payment. Yu may also want to check out the citiloan assist and there are good rates to be gotten for new cars. just be aware there will be some work on your part to be done so a good sales person is required. You are ideally cutting out the sales person comm of 800 to 1000 dollars on average. If like most, you have a condo loan or a condo is on the horizon, BUY condo FIRST as that will also hit your loan for the Condo. 2. check out which credit card is having a promotion for that month. a 10000 to 20000 down payment by card can gain you a lot of rebate / cashback. 3. Forecasting COE is as good as buying 2 coconut to point to the sky to contact your MP for tips on COE increase or not. Be aware that the 6 bids and top up only helps to lock you in on the down payment . Your choice of cars that you could have gotten IF it rise can be quite disappointing. imagine you book a 1.5L car and because of the top up, you would have being buying a 1.6L car as compare to the car at that point in time where you put ink to paper. 4. New car launches as they say early bird gets the worm. Can be as good at 6 K off. Cars that are in stock in that configuration would get you better discount. BUT note that lime green and orange coulors will be sticking with you way long after many CNY is over. So have to take the color that you like. But that's me. 5. Event cars maybe cheap, but its also DUMB specs. The savings may negate the fact that when selling, you are also getting lower resale. WHY ? 2nd hand car dealers has a list of specs that they note down. so things like a normal car sold with all the bells and whistle vs a dump down version will very quickly be identified by the second hand car dealers. Bi xenon head lights and LED are one example and IF its a second owner car, its even worst. So be careful not to be happy to have a 4K discount and getting short change in the end. As the saying goes, the devil is in the details. 6. Getting a pre own may not be so bad. Do note that the 6 - 9 months old car is normally 30 - 45 K different . You not buying a car from NTUC. So bargain away. Do check the TnC. 7. Check out the various insurance as that is also a big unknown. It varies and if you can ask on your own, the savings are as large as 300 to 400. Do note that the Sales will not be happy, so you have to check with the sales on what is the final price without loan and insurance. As the loan interest rate can varies do not be mistaken that its 1% different only. Car loan interest is very different from how other loans are calculated. ITS a lot of MONEY. Those that think otherwise can try out the apps on the SGCARMART to have a taste of the delta of 1% for 50K loan for 5 years. If its easy peasy lemon queezy, then good for you. 8. Do check when the YOM is. we are in 2015. If you still getting 2014 or earlier, there are insurance implication when it comes to fair market value. Do also check when you will be registering the car. If you register in dec 31 vs 2 Jan, your resale value can be as different as 4k to 6 K when its time to sell. ************ This is not exhaustive and as money is involved, those that buy do note of the risk that you take base on my insights
  4. Very curious how much are the show room agents earning. Good trade to join?
  5. This is not saying you will buy it, but just happy to see it around. Impossible dream:- 1 Tesla 2 ??? Possible:- 1 Lexus NX (suv) 2 Juke NIsmo 3 Lexus RC (rivalling BMW M4?) 4 Caterham 160 (barebone, no-frills using tiny 600cc but 0-100 6.5s+-) 5 i8 (already selling now or not?) 6 Alfa 4C (ditto?) 7 Quros (mic, but apparent not too bad) 8 New Civic Type R (this time with turbo power!) 9 ???
  6. JulesK

    An experience to remember

    In this country where the well-disciplined and well-mannered people have braved and survived the recent earthquakes, expect big and colourful signboards at the top of buildings and shopping malls, sidewalk ramen stalls bursting with people in their working suits, electric scooters, rows of bicycles lined up on sidewalks everywhere and cool kids with their funky dressing that may be deemed as an ah beng back in Singapore. It is very different from the old-world aura of impatient, inconsiderate and intolerable behaviour that has cast a dark and rusty shadow on our country. For the first two days in Tokyo, we stayed in Shinjuku, a happening suburb 30 minutes away from Tokyo Big Sight where the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show (TMS) 2011 was held. Every single one of them was cocooned in their
  7. FaezClutchless

    Audi RS5 gets a new makeover.

    The RS5 is considred to be the highest performance version of the Audi A5 series. Before I continue about the upcoming 2013 Audi RS5 facelift, let me talk a bit about the RS5 for those who are not familiar with it. Intially presented at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, the RS5 features a naturally aspirated 4.2 litre V8 engine. It produces 444 bhp and 430 N m or torque. It solely comes with a 7 speed S-tronic transmission. Enough talk about the RS5, lets continue about its facelift. The biggest change the Audi RS5 receive is on its front end. While the overall shape remains unchanged, the centre grille gets Audi's new clipped top corners and more subtle grille trimming. The headlights are more chiseled now compared to the old rectangular ones. The line of LEDs on the old headlights are replaced with more modern looking light tubes that runs almost around the headlights housing. The side window trim is now black instead of a metallic shade. The new taillights housing cover are of a darker shade. Interior wise, Audi didn't change much except for a new steering wheel and gear knob. What remains unchanged are the engine, transmission, suspension and its all-wheel drive components but the brake rotors gets a revised design which shaves a total of almost 3kgs on all four corners of the car.
  8. FaezClutchless

    Toyota reveals the new Yaris

    [extract] The launch of the third generation Yaris opens a new chapter in the model
  9. Blogger

    Cars have never been this boring

    When was the last time an affordable, mass market car that was launched managed to get you just that little bit hot under the collar with lust or desire? Personally, I can't recall so it must have been donkey years ago. And for good reason. It has been a long time since there has been a bread & butter car that could inspire even a teeniest bit of motoring soul or passion. In fact, I think it has or will get worse in the coming years. Take a look at the line up of affordable cars today and we would struggle to find one that could make car enthusiasts drool or go gaga over. We have a couple of pretenders to the throne (say the Kia Koup). But, really, it seems that this is as good as it gets for normal average Singaporean drivers. If you don't have more than 150 grand to dish out on a car, you can forget about motoring pleasure, soul, passion & what not. For this, I blame the eco-mentalists and green activists. Their constant badgering for improving emissions standards and fuel consumption have led car manufacturers to focus on chasing these boring old figures rather than focusing on horsepower & handling. For one of the biggest victims of this green focus, we don't have to look any further than Honda. For a car marque that used to be steep in racing heritage and made pretty dang good mass market cars just decades ago, it has now stooped to the level of advertising its technological advancements in hybrid technology! A far cry from its glory days I say! Well, this has gone too far and I had had enough of all these eco-silliness. It is, quite frankly, making the car enthusiast in me feel sick. So my first wish for 2011? For car manufacturers to recognize and acknowledge that we still need exciting cars and to stop sacrificing it all just for some emission figures.
  10. Blogger

    Regulating the Car Industry

    Thanks to our unique tax structure, the car typically ranks as the second largest expenditure for the average Singaporean after their house. As the housing industry gears up for the CEA and a regulatory framework, it is timely to note that the car industry (both pre-owned and new) attracts an equally large number of grouses and could do with a regulatory framework of its own. The benefits to potential car buyers and sellers are too numerous to list. The framework would assist such consumers and prevent them from being exploited or cheated by unscrupulous companies. The most important task under the framework would be to provide a standard form sales and purchase agreement for vehicle sales. This is to prevent consumers (who are in the weaker position) from being subjected to onerous terms and conditions in the sales contract which companies put in for their own advantage. Critically, one clause must provide for the buyer to be able to rescind from the contract upon proving that there has been a crucial misrepresentation as to the car (mileage, accident record, servicing record etc) or upon proving that one has received a lemon car (for new cars). To give the framework teeth, there must also be a panel much like the Small Claims Tribunal where disputes over car sales can be heard quickly and without the need for lawyers. The other details can be worked out after consultation with the public, LTA and car dealers. To fund this framework, car buyers and sellers may have to fork out a larger sum in administrative or transfer fees when buying or selling vehicles. Alternatively, a portion of the taxes levied on cars can be diverted towards the framework. Fines and penalties imposed under the framework may also prove to be another source of financing the framework and body. From the perspective of car dealers, such a framework may initially seem like an onerous burden and disadvantageous to them. But they ought to adopt a long term perspective of matters and look at its potential benefits. The framework will only serve to benefit those honest and scrupulous car dealers. In the current situation, it hardly pays to adopt the best business practices. But, as the framework takes effect and weeds out the unscrupulous car dealers, honest car dealers will definitely find that they can seize a larger portion of the pie. Furthermore, as buyers have more faith in dealers under the framework, they would no longer resort to buying only from the most established dealers. Parallel importers and smaller players in the industry can give consumers an equal amount of confidence and do not have to suffer the ignominy of being tainted by the few black sheep in the market or the scare stories being bandied about. All in all, the car industry would become more vibrant. The regulatory framework can potentially create a win-win scenario for both car buyers and sellers and is, in my opinion, long overdue. What say you?
  11. Us Singaporeans are a car crazy bunch. Buying a car in Singapore is an expensive proposition. Driving a car too. And with the COE cuts translating into sky high (by recent years' standard) COE prices, car prices have rocketed further upwards. But still we Singaporeans can't stay away from our cars. If we could afford it, we would almost certainly buy it. A quick and unscientific survey of the multi-storey carpark in my estate reveals that the recent increase in COE has not dampened the car buying and upgrading spirit of the Singaporean heartlander. Competition for car park lots is intensifying and returning home after 9.30pm now means parking at the top few storeys. A quick glance around the car park reveals quite a few spanking new cars with spanking new plates indicating a very recent registration date. And the car mix is shifting away from bread and butter cars as more upmarket brands start making their presence felt. And, mind you, I stay in a less desirable (read poorer) part of our sunny island. I myself am equally guilty. The high COE prices have not put an end to my plans to buy a new car to replace the one I sold off recently. It has merely made me adjust my expectations and forced me to look harder now that the cars I originally planned to buy are out of my reach. I have also decided to save a bit more to increase my budget. But it doesn't cross my mind for a second to abandon my car buying plans. Even though I could never drive to work (CBD). Even though I can use the family car on most weekends. There is no doubt I am car crazy. So what drives us Singaporeans car crazy? Many of us have our own theories. But speaking for myself, my car is something of a passion or a hobby. I enjoy owning and driving cars. It makes me tick and motivates me to crawl out of bed in the morning to head to work. That is why I strive so hard to own one. What about you, are you car crazy?
  12. BMW have released initial specifications of the second generation BMW X3 and the SUV will be officially launched at the upcoming Paris Motor Show this October 2010. The mid-sized BMW SUV keeps its same position in the BMW hierarchy by slotting in neatly between the small hatchback sized X1 and the Range Rover sized X5 SUVs. As usual, it blends in both the new X1 and X5 looks and is a familiar shape with all the latest BMW styling cues especially that new larger, nostrils err... kidney grill on its nose and the Hoffmeister kink at the C-pillars (or D-pillars since its an SUV). It looks slightly better than the previous X3 but it is still not something I would go crazy over. So what is new with the new but very similar X3? It now boasts and extra 78mm in length (now 4648mm). It is slightly narrower, which is surprising (4mm less and now 1855mm) and 14mm taller at 1675mm. It also sports a 15mm longer wheelbase (now 2810). The rear door apertures are larger so that big people have easier access (I don