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Found 6 results

  1. RickyWee

    [Official] 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W223)

    https://www.motor1.com/news/436339/mercedes-s-class-ar-hud/ The teaser campaign for the next Mercedes-Benz S-Class continues. Actually, this isn’t much of a teaser since we’ve already seen a preview of this technology. We’re talking about the very cool augmented reality head-up display (AR-HUD) the new luxury flagship will feature, but whereas previous glimpses were part of larger teaser vids, this new clip posted to Facebook is all about the AR system. And it’s creepy cool. What is creepy cool? In short, it’s seeing a computer-generated image of an arrow projected onto the windshield that swoops, banks, and generally flies across the glass while you navigate a roundabout. It’s red lines outlining the edge of a corner as you go around. It’s weird glowing lights appearing under cars you’re following. And yes, it’s floating checkered flags hovering at places you mark as destinations. These are all functions of the Merc’s AR-HUD that we see in this new video. We should further clarify that the creepy aspect of this is just temporary. Seeing such animated actions on the windscreen certainly makes for a futuristic experience, much like the way we felt using augmented reality on our phones for that inaugural round of Pokémon Go. But just like the shock of seeing fictional creatures hopping around city streets faded, so will this. All that will remain is the cool factor, and we can’t deny the cool factor of having specific intersections and guided directions highlighted in a manner such as this. It’s one part of a technological tour-de-force that will be the next-generation S-Class. The interior will offer up to five digital screens, with the literal centerpiece being the central 12.8-inch infotainment screen. The driver gets a fully digital instrument cluster, and passengers can have individual screens that can share what’s seen on the main screen in front. https://motorsport.tv/embed/CGhk68E9?autoplay We don’t have much longer to wait for the new Mercedes to arrive. The next-generation S-Class is slated to debut in September. In the meantime, stay tuned for more S-Class teasers.
  2. Anyone know good ones, and where to get? eBay seems to have some... Preferrably RPM & speedometer.
  3. Vratenza

    Hudway Cast Review

    Hudway Cast Review Got my Hudway Cast from crowd funding recently (finally after a few months of delay). Promised a review of the unit for those who might be considering buying it. First off, a few pictures of the box and the unit. The undernearh the main unit within the box contains the accessories: - the dash mount that has a semi adhesive backing. - small Allen key to adjust the tilt of the unit over the mount. - ciggerate socket lighter plug power cord - a bag of plastic cord organiser with 3m double sided stickers to stick to your car dash - quick start instruction manual booklet and device safety booklet What is not included but I ordered as optional accessory is the OBDII connector/power cord. With this accessory, it allows me to free up the clutter at my centre console ciggy lighter socket area and let me have the car speed and rpm on display when my Hudway Cast is not connected to my phone. I feel this is a must have to maximise the capability of the Cast. This is how I position my Cast and how I laid the power cord see the blue arrow heads: This is how OBDII is connected to my car's. I tucked the excess cords out of the way under the foot well lining: The Hudway Cast positioned where the transparent display just above the engine hood top and the main machine unit is below the hood top. This will maximise the field of vision while reducing the main unit's obtrusion into the essential driving field: The display looks bigger than what I can capture by my phone camera. Maybe it's something to do with the way the image is projected. Anyway the image is crisp and sharp; I am unable to get a picture of the Cast displaying my Waze/Google map since the display will always cast whatever is on my phone when I goes into camera mode to take a picture... You guys have to take an Internet sourced picture as reference to the quality.. It looks like this: Will post my thoughts and comments next=> Build quality: the packaging and the unit itself feels very high quality. Will not look out of place in an expensive luxury car. Ease of hardware set up: Very intuitive and plug and play. I am abit obsessive about not cluttering my dash, so took abit of time to lay and route the power cord in a way it is hidden from view most of the way. Ease of mobile phone connection setup (android): I am using Samsung Galaxy S9+. Initially I thought it was connected via bluetooth so spent some time trying to search for the Hudway Cast's Bluetooth ID... Turned out I have to make use of the Samsung version of miracast, named Smart View. It is a form of WiFi connection. Once you make the first connection, it's pretty easy to connect from the pull down quick settings menu of the phone. Main function of the Hudway Cast: It does it's job very well. Imagine your waze/Google map in semi transparent 8 inch phone displayed in your line of sight. The navigation voice and phone sounds are played through an on board speaker of decent mono quality. Volume can be adjusted via the physical buttons on the unit. The screen brightness level can be adjusted via Hudway cast app. The screen brightness also auto adjust according to varying ambient lighting. For eg, when entering the tunnel, it will dim the display so that you do not get the glare and when exiting, it will tune up the brightness so that the display remain visible under the sun. - it will auto power on and off when you start and stop the engine. - once connected, it will cast ANYTHING from your phone ..... YouTube, movies, ebooks..... But who does that while driving? Cons: - the boot up slightly slow, so have to wait abit for the unit to be ready to connect to cast - have to manually connect to cast (still figuring how to automate the connection process if possible) - the phone needs to be in landscape mode for the screen to display in maximum dimension. So either you get a phone mount that can hold the phone horizontal or you lock your phone in landscape mode manually while driving. Overall Conclusion: Am pretty happy with the purchase and will recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good quality aftermarket HUD that can do alot more stuff that all car manufacturer's HUD cannot. .. Cast your waze/Google map in it's full glory.
  4. Auto-GCAS Saves Unconscious F-16 Pilot - Declassified USAF Footage 2016 Pilot was in an standard ACM exercise. Video started before pilot execute hard left turn from 2.5G HUD shows max out at 8.4G Can hear pilot grunting as he fought the G force. Pilot lost consciousness. Plane rapidly descended from +17k ft to 11k ft in under 12 sec doing over 600kt ( +1200kph) Other jets radioed (almost screaming) the unconscious pilot to recover. Diving plane passed 11,000 ft alt triggering the GCAS. Auto recover triggered with audio and visual pull up command on HUD. Plane bottomed out at below 4500 ft alt (1.3km) recovery over 9G. Plane stabilised after climbing back to over 11,000 ft Exercise ceased with "knock it off" call out. http://aviationweek.com/technology/auto-gcas-saves-unconscious-f-16-pilot-declassified-usaf-footage
  5. Fat_slayer

    Garmin HUD

    Anyone can advise where can we get this? Seems like a good gadget to have. http://www.techradar.com/reviews/car-tech/tom-tom-gps-and-sat-nav/garmin-hud-1204503/review Seems like its been out for quite some time. However, a search on local garmin website does not feature this item. Thanks
  6. Garmin has introduced the company's first portable head-up display (HUD) for smartphone navigation apps. It projects directions onto a transparent film on the windshield or an attached reflector lens. By providing road guidance within the driver's line of sight, HUD helps to improve safety and reduce driver distraction. "Head-up displays currently have their place in select high end cars, but HUD makes this technology available as an aftermarket accessory for any vehicle, at an affordable price," said Dan Bartel, Garmin Vice President of Worldwide Sales. The HUD is smart enough to adjust the brightness level to ensure that projections are clearly visible in direct sunlight or at night. The system also notifies the driver when he exceeds the speed limit and informs him of the estimated time of arrival. More impressively, it also alerts the driver of the lane to be in for the next manoeuvre. Music streamed to the car stereo from the smartphone will automatically fade out during voice prompts. Garmin's HUD is priced from US$129.99 (S$166).