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  1. Fat_slayer

    KIA Stinger GT

    Ya... at least put the GT-Line engine inside the Sorento...
  2. Fat_slayer

    KIA Stinger GT

    Driving a luxury brand car with low end specs is very demoralising... hahaha... I am a fine example as my current car is a X3 sdrive20i (most on the road are the higher spec Xdrive30i)... its slow off the line and without certain function. The seats are also not genuine leather. I am trying to find "economical" ways to upgrade its power output. I "upgraded" from a VW Passat exclusiveline which has nappa leather seats with front ventilation and massage functions , premium Dynaudio sound system in addition to 220bhp.... still miss my ex ride especially the full digital metering cluster... hahaha My point is, brand is not that important compared to specs.... just personal opinion only.
  3. Fat_slayer

    Most Improved Car Brands

    Kia for me is the most improved over the past decade. The design and engine technology evident in the Stinger is impressive. I think their acquisition for the top talents from Europe is paying off at least in the area of image and perception. For me, I rather be driving Kia than Toyota / Nissan / Mitsubishi.
  4. Fat_slayer

    MCF HangOut with INFINITI; World's 1st VC-Turbo Engine.

    signed and paid for this event but up to now still have not receive any email confirmation.
  5. Fat_slayer

    This is the redesigned new-for-2015 KIA Sorento.

    Will be nice if they can fit in the same engine as the Stinger GT line.
  6. Fat_slayer

    Downpay ferrari at just 30k?

    True.... but need to balance being realistic and to pursue dreams...
  7. Fat_slayer

    Downpay ferrari at just 30k?

    what is someone whom bought a $200k car with 60% loan. Is he not stupid by just using the 40% dp to just pay for a $80k car and remain car debt-free? I like to hear opinions on such cases...
  8. Fat_slayer

    KIA Stinger GT

    The SA told me that they sold most of the Stinger (GT Line) in stock during their weekend promo. Currently, only mirco blue still have.. That was 2 days ago. Next available shipment is 3 months wait. New colour at the Ubi showroom looks cool. Yes, the car comes with ambient lighting and HUD. Indent basis only for choice of colour and leather seats.. Cannot indent with HK audio system and nappa leather too. Disappointing that 360 view camera is not available. Needless to say, 3.3L GT model only on indent basis....
  9. Fat_slayer

    2019 All new Mazda 3

    I love the second gen Astina. The slim headlights and the auto retractable radio antenna...:) The interior with the top and bottom glove compartment also very unique at that time. Thinking back, Mazda does make nice cars.... 929 coupe was one of my fav as well...
  10. Fat_slayer

    2018 Honda Accord

    Depends on the test drive once available...
  11. Fat_slayer

    2018 Honda Accord

    Went to see the new accord today. Car is long and low. The design is nice and sporty except the default rim size is only 17”. The interior ergonomics is good. I like it when I was behind the wheels. Rear seats are comfy and the legroom is generous. The car comes with practically any features which you may find except those gesturing and “hey BMW” features which you find in those Conti. No test drive now. Need to feel the NVH as Honda is not very good at that as noticed when I was driving the Ody. Car depending colour will come end October. Price is a bit high though.....
  12. Fat_slayer

    2019 All new Mazda 3

    Pls lah...online price and pricelist vs transacted price how much difference would that be for a Jap B and B car!!! Have you actually bought a car before??? Need to ask so much details the don't buy better.
  13. Fat_slayer

    2018 Honda Accord

    The A4 is starting to look aged although its been around for about 3 years....same as the IS 300. The Accord looks good and the specs are not bad (on paper). If its me choosing at this price range, I will just put my money on the Stinger. At my mid life crisis age, I think I need something more powerful to fulfil my inner desire for a speedy ride.
  14. Fat_slayer

    2018 Honda Accord

    The new Accord cost around the same price as the Kia Stinger 2.0. Both are 5 seater sedan. Tough choice. lol
  15. Fat_slayer

    Hyundai Elantra or Kia Cerato

    My vote goes to Kia Cerato no matter which specs...