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Found 60 results

  1. Jusnel

    Do baking for charity cause

    Hi guys, I'm into baking now. So far being successful with pineapple tarts, choc chip cookies, muffins. I'm thinking of helping people affected by Covid 19. Anyone know of any charity initiative or project that I can work with, to raise funds through my baking? It also give me a chance to perfect my baking skills. LOL
  2. I donate some money to charity online annually. I notice that in recent years, donations are centralised under a non-govt portal called "giving.sg" This year, I realized they even require to create account and login before can donate. Somehow I have a pretty uneasy feeling about these folks. Wonder if any one knows any good and deserving charities that I can donate to without going these this "giving.sg"?
  3. Cars and cycling seldom go well together. But in the case of Skoda, cycling and bicycles are rooted deep in its heritage. In fact, Skoda first produced bicycles before cars. It is still deeply passionate about it - Skoda even has a website all about cycling, called We Love Cycling. Plus, Skoda has supported other cycling races around the world, such as the Tour de France, and the Titan Challenge - a six-day mountain bike stage set in the desert. Deserts are certainly tough for vehicles, not just cyclists. But Skoda has in fact completed the Dakar Rally with a Kodiaq support car, too. Skoda pushes on with two wheels closer to home. This time, it is for the Charity Bike ‘n’ Blade, a cycling event with a charitable cause. Charity Bike ‘n’ Blade started out in 2005 from a group of passionate cyclists. The 12th edition this year will benefit The Salvation Army’s Peacehaven Nursing Home. This is Skoda’s second partnership with the Charity Bike ‘n’ Blade as Official Safety Car. The six support cars for the ride included the Karoq, the Kodiaq, the Superb, two Octavias and of course, the hot-blooded Octavia RS245. Setting off on Friday morning, we headed to Ipoh for a night's rest, as we will be heading up to Cameron Highlands in the wee hours of Saturday. Some 50 cyclists will be taking part in this leg up, Cameron, with a distance of about 61km. Now, 61km might not seem like a challenge (we're not cyclists), but with over 1,000m of upward elevation to the top, and Malaysia's tropical climate, it is a pretty daunting task. The six support cars will be tasked with different duties. The Kodiaq would be at the back of the cycling pack, working as the sweeper. The Octavia RS, on the other hand, was the lead car, which included running up and down the hill in search of cyclists who needed help, or water and bananas. The lead car would raise signals to the nearest available support Skodas and appropriate team to leap forward and assist. Therefore, the performance of the RS really came in handy. The Karoq, Octavia and the Superb would then carry out duties ranging from medical and technical assistance to distributing food and drinks along the route. Our chariot of choice was the Skoda Superb 1.8 TSI Ambition. From what we saw, Skodas were perfect for the tasks on hand. The Kodiaq, with its higher ride height, allowed the volunteers to have a better view of the road and cyclists ahead of them. Volunteers driving the Kodiaq also told us that the height also gave him the added advantage of being at eye level with the cyclists, whenever he needed to pull up to their side and convey a message to them. Plus, with more than an adequate performance from the turbocharged engines, all Skodas were able to make the climb up and down Cameron quickly to attend to the cyclists' needs. The Superb was perfect for us, too, as its performance and comfort-oriented suspension meant that we could quickly get to where the action was. The practicality of Skodas across the range played a big part. While roof and bicycle racks can be fitted to all cars, Skodas excel in interior space, too. So all the cars could fit big ice coolers for drinks, including spare bicycle wheels, cycling gear, tools and first aid supplies if there was a need for it. By 11:00 am, some riders had in fact reached the endpoint, and most of the cyclists made it to the lunch stop by noon. With the help of Skoda’s support vehicles and volunteers, all of the cyclists made it up. From our short experience covering a cycling event up close and in action, the Skodas proved to be versatile, reliable and always ready to go. It thus also makes sense that Skoda has been the official vehicle for one of the biggest cycling events in the world, the Tour de France, for the 16th year running.
  4. countach

    "Vultures" At MRT Station

    after work just wanna go home and kun.... alight at mrt...kena swarmed by insurance agents, salesman outside mrt stations and the new 'recruits" aka charity agents.... please lah.. i know you got job la but i srsly wanna get the fkkkkk home la bro.... get the fkkk outta da weyyyy man.. sigh... anyone here also feel the same way????
  5. Mahjong74

    Charity Awareness and Help Needed

    Most of us here in this forum are blessed with good jobs, able to afford car and above average salary. I believe in 取之于社会, 用之于社会. Whatever we earn from the society, we should give some back to the society. Although there are many charity organisations like NKF, Cancer society, Old folk home, hospital getting Government funding and also public donations. Some poor and elderly people still fall thru the cracks and not able to get any help from any Government agency and most Charity organisations. I am not related to any of the charity organisations but like to bring awareness to one, Ray of Hope https://rohi.sg/case/list which is less well known to the Public. This is also the purpose of this thread. Many of the cases at Ray of Hope is much more urgent and serious than Give.Asia. Some genuine & urgent cases as below: https://rohi.sg/case/details/Your-donations-will-give-Abi-hope%21 https://rohi.sg/case/details/Save-my-wife-who-is-suffering-and-diagnosed-with-Stage-4-cancer- https://rohi.sg/case/details/HOPE-will-keep-her-going I hope people here can help to donate any amount to help these people and cases at https://rohi.sg/case/list. $10, $20 means a lot to these people. Thanks https://rohi.sg/case/details/HOPE-will-keep-her-going The Struggle Previously, ROHI has helped raise $1,000 for the living expenses of 78-year-old Madam Yang (https://rohi.sg/case/details/Bring-hope-to-an-elderly-grandmother). Although we were heartened to hear that the family is now reunited after her daughter’s discharge from the halfway house, there are more issues for Madam Yang to be worried about moving forward. Madam Yang’s health has also taken for a dip and she still suffers from the side effects of her medications. She often suffers from swollen joints as a result of her arthritis. Recently, her right toe was also amputated as there was a growth on it. The real struggle comes when Madam Yang, who is a Malaysian is not entitled for medical subsidies and grants. Madam Yang told us that even with the $600 Guardian Care Assistance that she receives every month, the assistance is insufficient to cover the family’s expenses, especially when she needs to visit the hospital multiple times a month. Quoting Madam Yang, “To me, receiving treatment is never a priority. I would rather spend the money on my family”. Help Needed – Give Hope When the case workers first met Madam Yang, she told us how helpless she feels, especially when she is not in the best state of health to work. Apart from her long list of medical conditions that include severe arthritis, breathlessness, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and suspected digestive and throat issues, she is also the main caregiver to her 14-year-old grand-daughter as her daughter is struggling with stage 2 leukemia and depression. Even with so much to handle, a resilient Madam Yang chose to remain positive and remains positive for her family. Financial Breakdown ROHI would like to raise $1,700 to help the elderly grandmother with her arrears (Medical, Town Council and SP Services - $450) and living expenses ($250 x 5 months). Payment for Madam Yang’s arrears will be made to the relevant agencies directly.
  6. chryst

    [Charity] Requests for Items

    Hi All, I noticed a lack of consolidated charity thread and since I work a lot with these events, decided to start this so if any brothers and sisters in here can bless the less fortunate with items, please lend a helping hand. May the power of MCF make the world a better place ❤️
  7. Fishy

    Donate old furniture

    Hi, we have some old furniture to donate away. Anyone knows any charity that will accept? Still in working condition and very sturdy.
  8. Hello guys. . . The time has come again. I am very glad and honoured that Klearkarbon has come to MCF for this charity event. I have personally taken part for this for the past 5 years. And I must say, I have seen lotsa kind hearted souls and all your humanity touched me. I would like to round up MCF members one more time and make this charity event a better one! KlearKarbon's 5th Annual Rice Charity Project is up again! This year, the target is to raise 20,000kg or 800 bags of rice to be distributed to 10 homes! Each bag of Jasmine Fragrant rice weighs 25kg and costs $25 nett! Your generous contribution is sought! Car groups/clubs who are interested in helping distribute rice on National Day please feel free to choose from the distribution list below and let me know which home you guys want to deliver to! We are seeking a total of 100 vehicles to help distribute to: 1. Sunlove Home - 15 vehicles 2. Society for the Aged Sick - 15 vehicles 3. Jamiyah Nursing Home - 15 vehicles 4. Singapore Christian Home - 15 vehicles 5. Bethany Methodist Nursing Home - 14 vehicles 6. Ling Kwang Home - 10 vehicles 7. Man Fut Tong - 10 vehicles 8. Econ MediCare Centre (Buangkok) - 2 vehicles 9. Econ MediCare Centre (Yio Chu Kang) - 2 vehicles 10. SunnyVille Home @ Ama Keng Road - 2 vehicles How can you help? Either by donating funds via Cash, Bank Transfer or PayLah, by helping to distribute or simply by sharing this post and tagging your friends! On our end, HARDKORE KLEAR has 8 tiers of pricing, we pledge the same number of bags for cars that come to Klear during this period! E.g. Tier 1 - 1 bag, Tier 2 - 2 bags so on and so forth. Over the past 4 years, we have never failed to hit our target, but 20,000kg is a lot of rice! Let's do it! Thank you all for reading, your contribution and I look forward to another successful Rice Charity Project 2017 on National Day!
  9. Hi Guys This is for those whom had not already known. Grandisan would be participating in the Annual Charity Fair by Children Charities' Association (CCA). There are more than 80 stalls of F&B, handicrafts, souvenirs, toys and games stalls to keep your family entertained for the whole day! Details as follows :- What: Colours of the World Charity Fair 2004 When: 28 Nov 04, 10:00am to 6:00pm Where: Ngee Ann City, Civic Plaza Grandisan's Booths: H29 & H30 (near games' stalls) Items For Sale at Grandisan's Booths: 1. Sunshades (for front windscreen) 2. Aluminum water bottles (I love this!) 3. Plastic water bottles (Your kids will love this!) 4. Lanyard / dog tags (for hanging hp, passes, etc) 5. Hotstuff magazines (latest issues) 6. STEER magazines (latest issues) 7. SPAWN toy figurines (limited edition) Services For Sale: 1. Balloon-scruplturing (for kids!) Products and services are generously sponsored by YHI Corp P/L, MMXPL Co and kind forum donors respectively. All proceedings would be FULLY donated to CCA. There would also be a registration desk for new members, so if you have a shy Grandis owner wanting to join us, bring him/her down! Hope to see you there! Sincerely Yours, Administrator for GRANDISAN: The Grandis People http://www.grandisan.com
  10. Hi Bro and Sis I need some helps. I need some volunteers to deliver bags of groceries donations to some needy families. I have undertaken a charity drive for below organisation donating about 100-120 bags of free groceries to those families in need. Each bag is quite heavy so I need 15 drivers. You are welcome to sponsor more groceries bag value at SGD60. Currently about 100bags have been secured. Receipt will be given for tax rebate. I thought I can do this as a MCFer gathering. After doing this good cause of delivering, we can all gather and go for a simple lunch gathering. Maybe I can get a eating place to sponsor lunch. What do you guys think? If I cant get enough driver then I will have to seek alternative. Viable? Target date is March or April as Feb too rush. About Groceries-For-Families Every 2nd Friday evening of the month, volunteers gather at Children’s Wishing Well to pack groceries for more than 100 families. Delivery will take place the following day from 9 am to 12 noon. Seventy percent of our beneficiaries live in HDB flats that are 3-room or smaller. Grocery bags are distributed across the island with minimal geographical constraints. https://www.wishingwell.org.sg/programs/groceriesforfamilies/
  11. Hi guys , There’s a Charity car wash at esson AMK Ave 8. Do support if you are around the area. Free Goodies bag for first 150 cars.
  12. I was told just a bit ago about an event this Saturday 0930 ~ 1100 at the Kallang Leisure Park. Car meet, supposed to be charity oriented, giving underprivileged an opportunity an unforgettable ride. Organized by a group called HopeDriveSG - students from ITE West with Singapore Exotic Cars (SECS). Thought I'd share.
  13. glad that the poor old lady managed to have her dream fufillled. i have a granny too. i felt so bad for her when i read that. some of these travel agencies owner really deserved to be hanged by the balls. #FaithInHumanityRestored
  14. Hello Guys, Like what we have usually done every year. Klearkarbon is organizing an Rice Distribution Charity event on the National Day. 9th August 2016. For MCF, we need 15 Cars, to do the convoy. Those interested parties please kindly express your interests! Let us know what car you are driving too! Small car, big car all are welcome! For the other MCFers, I would like to take this chance to ask for your kind donation. For every $25 dollar you donate, we will buy 25kg of rice and donate to different homes for the needy ones. I truly ask for your support and I also hope to see you guys during that day!
  15. As part of our annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Century Tokyo Leasing is organizing a Charity Car Wash to support the daily needs and healthcare for the old folks. In the light of spreading care and warmth to our pioneers, all proceeds will be donated to Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home. Details of the event: Date: 16 July 2016, Saturday Time: 11am – 5pm Fee: Motorcycle - $10 Car - $15 Van (Light commercial) - $25 Join us in the fun of Sharing & Giving! http://www.leeahmooioldagehome.sg/ Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home 1 Thomson Lane, Singapore 297728
  16. Ladies & gentleman, Klearkarbon is organising the yearly donate rice charity event this year again. Check out our previous donation! The donation are the same, We manage to get the same price for the rice like last year, 1 packet (25kgs) is $25 dollar. You can choose to donate more than one packet. (the more the merrier) This year we have a new target, and since our govt like SG50, we also join in the SG50 movement. 15tonnnes, 5 homes, 50 convoy vehicles. (Best is everyone also donate $50 or more!) AND OH YES! myCarForum members, during the national day 09/08/2015, We will be going to delivery the rice to the homes, we need some VTECs, INLINE 6, V8 and boxer engine to help ferrying the rice around. It will be a very meaningful morning, if you have kids, you might wanna consider this as a community-invovlement-day with your kids too! For those who are keen to be the "lorry and vans" please leave your nick and cars model below, Those small car we put lesser rice inside lah. haha. The home that we will be delivering to will be 1. Man Fut Tong 2. Jamiyah Nursing Home 3. Children's Aid Society 4. Sunlove Home 5. Society for the Aged Sick After we have delivered all the rice to the homes, we will be heading to West Coast Mac(TBC) to have a gathering and a photoshoot. If there is any towkay here got space budget wanna sponsor us lunch, please contact me or towkay Ken, we will be super appreciated for this gesture of kindness. I can give alot of MCF stickers..hahaha. The donation starts now. Those who want to do the rice donation we currently only accept walk in. You have to visit Klearkarbon office at 25 Kaki Bukit Road 4 #03-66 Synergy @ KB. As much as towkay Ken believe in feng shui and karma, I believe that we should give more than we take. Love more than be pampered. And whenever you are doing a good deeds, you will definelty feel happy too! Last but not least, HAVE A FABULOUS DAY AHEAD! Support support! 1. Babyblade - 2 bags of rice ($50)
  17. This article reminds me of these two movies, Homerun by Jack Neo and Children of Heaven. A wish for a pair of shoes. http://mypaper.sg/top-stories/teens-wish-new-shoes-come-true-20150223 http://mypaper.sg/top-stories/request-footwear-touches-donor-20150223
  18. Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asiapacific/boob-aid-japan-porn/1329016.html Booking flights to Tokyo now!!!!
  19. oleandero

    4G4Good Movement

    have you guys heard of it? Starhub is having this 4G4Good Movement that donates the remaining unused data, minutes and smses to charity. no harm pledging since it does not cost you an extra cent and your extra data, minutes and smses will not go to waste. more from http://www.starhub.com/personal/promotions/mobile/4g-4good.html
  20. Just happened to switch channel and saw Rick Ashley singing his famous song. After that, the guy host suan rick about forgetting his lyrics and repeated suan again Didn't know he has to said that repeatedly. Even a lady pat his back for suaning 2nd time. Even the host cant remember the numbers to call for donations He should not be host at all. pui .......
  21. mean keeping hair long will not become a slut? I understand some schools discourage female teacher to go for this event, it could be for valid reason. but for girl who brave themselves for good cause, what was the principal thinking, trying to train their student to be Miss Singapore and rich tai tai?
  22. Kratoschumacher

    Charity Amazing Race

    Hello fellow forumers I'm just doing a little shout out for fellow MyCarForum member skyryen. skyryen - a committee member of SUVEC - are organising a charity event together with Lion's Befrienders. skyryen humbly requests fellow forum members to join in as participants, and is also looking for donors/ sponsors for this upcoming meaningful event. The event entitled 'Charity Amazing Race 2013' is to support the lonely and needy Seniors. The event will be held on the 13th January 2013 and is organized by the Lions Befrienders Singapore (http://www.lionsbefrienders.org.sg/) and managed by SUVEC. The charity car rally, is much like a 'treasure hunt' (you know like national treasure) which requires participants to solve riddles and gather clues at checkpoints that will be spread across the island. The event is expected to draw approx 200 cars (approx. 1,000 participants) and there are attractive prizes to be won. Mr. Chan Chun Sing, Acting Minister for Social & Family Development, will be grace the event as the Guest-Of-Honour. Last year, a similar event attracted 110 cars with the event raising a total of about $285,000. This year, they are targeting $300,000 for the underprivileged Seniors. For details pertaining to the event, check out: Web: http://www.charityamazingrace.com FB: www.facebook.com/charityamazingrace Hope you guys support skyryen and his team's noble cause for the event. Lions Befrienders and SUVEC are still looking for donors and sponsors as well, so if you guys know anyone or company/entity thats willing to lend a hand, please feel free to let skyryen know. Committee Member: Roy Looi alias skyryen Email: roy@SUVEC.org URL: www.SUVEC.org CAR 2013: www.charityamazingrace.com
  23. ok thread shifted.....to poll thjread....basket unitd...make me busy...i bad mood.....i watching u...muahahaha http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showto...2690266&hl= closed
  24. Davidklt

    Charity Car Wash

    Just sharing. For those staying in the East. I am not affiliated with the organisers: http://www.whatshappening.sg/events/index.php?eID=70892
  25. PetrolHead

    Rolls-Royce goes pink for a noble cause

    British luxury marque, Rolls-Royce, is proud to present the FAB1, based on an extended wheelbase Rolls-Royce Ghost to support a noble cause. Headed by Chris Evans, the FAB1 Million project aims to raise