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  1. t0y0ta

    World's Longest Flight

    I thought currently they are mainly transiting via Dubai, as they have strong tie up with Emirates since few years ago. If no more transit, then Dubai will be first to kena. Kangeroo transit in SIN I thought is mainly to let passengers hop on to the regional SEA routes such as Indo/Phili etc where there is weak direct-flight demand.
  2. Next demand is to disband the government and all go back to Caveman days. HK really can become a disneyland by itself. Travel to HK to see Jurassic park on the streets....
  3. Business opportunities are 100x larger up north in mainland China. Anyway with or without being targeted by the HK rapists, all the SG business will eventually retreat when HK turns into slumland. LHL did a clever move.
  4. t0y0ta

    <Bloomberg News Leak> SPH Retrenchment Coming

    This one in particular.... firstly confirm IPPT fail since OCS days... secondly good track record of helping companies vanish or self-destruct.
  5. t0y0ta

    EV demand pok

    I second that. It takes a lot of chemicals and processing to make all these high-density batteries. And their lifespan is relatively short. There is still no very good way to process/recycle these used batteries without dumping another shitload of energy and processing onto it. All energy has to come from somewhere (mainly fossil fuels). So unfortunately today EVs simply looks clean... but lots of fossils fuels being burned in the background to let EVs move. Not saying that we should just stick with combustion cars forever, but there is a lot of HYPE and MARKETING inside the EV/Tesla wave
  6. t0y0ta

    2019 12th Gen Toyota Corolla Sedan

    I have seen the new model (Malaysia/International front) in Taiwan & the sporty US look (Levin version) in China recently. Looks good to me.
  7. t0y0ta

    2019 All new Mazda 3

    For factory original, you don't just need the 4 TPMS sensors integrated with air valve, you also need the central TPMS receiver HW. So usually not so simple to do post-factory retro-fit.
  8. t0y0ta

    Toyota Owners please come in!

    So the only gripe you have about your Toyota is the boot locking/unlocking? I am trying to decipher about reading about tens of your posts talking cryptically about some quality and technology issue. Thought you were talking about headunit or electrical problems. Any other issues?
  9. t0y0ta

    Mercedes Owners Thread

    Original factory TPMS sensors (integrated with air valve stem) are NEVER battery-changable, no matter what brand. Always have to get new ones and re-sync to TPMS controller. Lifespan is typically (I believe) 5-7years.
  10. t0y0ta

    Any one know about the new Infiniti Q50

    RWD versus FWD, better handling but less comfortable. Q50 fuel consumption is high CONFIRM more reliable than Passat
  11. Other car sites like PaulTan run car related stories from all over the world with great pics and timely updates. MCF tries to turn itself into a tabloid with stories that even Stomp will say no.... Dumb and dumber editorial team
  12. Same 2 fantasy authors I follow, esp R.E.F
  13. Yes, previously they had followed the "HK model" as the preferred way of extracting value out of land. Saw some reports recently.. orders given top-down to all of China to stop using the HK way of land sales and housing, now that they realized it is a ticking time bomb.
  14. Majority or Minority... all are going down with the ship formerly known as HMS Hongkong, now known as NewTitanic. As I predicted, only slums will be left in 27 years time, and your beloved HK protesting flock will be pros or OKT or beggars.
  15. t0y0ta

    Cars@Expo Oct 2019

    For NX300 exec (5yo model), their basic cost (from ONEMOTORING car costs Excel) is only 152k, so their "special" price of 194+k is around 40k margin. In 2015, my NX200t was only 30k margin for a new model that just launch 1 year ago. Not sure what is their competitiveness. For slightly higher cost, I rather go for X3 2.0sdrive.