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  1. RH1667

    Rabbit meat, yes or no?

    It is consider a local dish in China ChengDu . This was taken at the airport. But, no for me too😅
  2. RH1667

    Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2019

    The 2020 promotion video mentioned over 51,000 participants. Lets say we double it to 102,000 runners. To cater to these 100k runners / participants, how many others were inconvenient ? From an environmental perspective, how much petrol/diesel were wasted due to traffic jam?
  3. ya man, one minute difference a lot 😄
  4. Cat B lower than Cat A! --> Sorry, now become normal, higher than Cat A
  5. Many people already said many times, they can make as many rules as they want, but with no enforcement, it is as good as no rules! In fact, if the PMD user had followed the previous set of rule properly, i don't think this ban on footpath thing will happen.
  6. RH1667

    Watch Part V

    Fully agreed ! Not just watches, but also any luxury brand products.
  7. Home page takes a very long time to load and refresh. Window 7 Google Chrome
  8. First time hear the term " reliever troops "!! 😃
  9. It’s a honest mistake, let’s move on! ( unless it happens in ..... )
  10. Ya man, i missed those times when " everything must work " and " changing the head is very easy"!
  11. RH1667

    Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)

    Mai anyhow say hor! Here our President worked very hard during NDP to shake hands, wave around, and other times that the public did not see her, was practising and perfecting the wave and handshake. tough work you know.
  12. Thanks for sharing about the exchange rate! Than i will just continue to get my friends there to transfer to me and i pay them back using cash.
  13. Just nice I was in China last week, so just get one of the local to transfer to my Alipay account, and I pay him back in cash😁
  14. For direct purchase from Taobao, it is ok to use our CC directly. but, need to top up the account balance if you want to use Alipay account to pay other people. there is a transaction listing you can check from your Alipay account, I am sure the authority can check / trace your spending if they want. using my Alipay account balance to pay ( in RMB ) for my TB purchase, I am not charge the “ overseas card processing fee” ( which will be charge if I used my CC ).