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  1. RH1667

    Haze Updates 2018 / 2019

    From NEA app, it is showing what is shown on TV, PSI is 24 hours average, only PM 2.5 is hourly.
  2. RH1667

    Haze Updates 2018 / 2019

    During such hazy period/season, NEA should provide hourly update instead of 24 hour average.
  3. No need upgrade. I have the whole row of 4 seats all to myself, wider space than Business class 😄
  4. My flight on CX last week to HK was half full only, coming back, it was like 30% filled only. Lots of empty seats. Even the CX lounge in HKIA, it was less crowded, but of course, overall the whole airport is less crowded due to lower number of tourist.
  5. RH1667

    Is Singapore General Election Round The Corners ?

    oh, i thought since you brought up issue of imperfection, i also just voice out my concern. Sure, i know you are not the government, let's just agree to disagree on our political view point or action each should be working on.
  6. RH1667

    Is Singapore General Election Round The Corners ?

    i guess the car park gantry issue is consider minor as compared to not generating enough quality job for local. How many of those jobs that is being offered to foreigner now ,are truly jobs that Singaporean does not want ? or jobs that Singaporean are not qualify?
  7. i was thinking they should use " Hong Gan " as in " Hong Kong dare " 😄
  8. RH1667

    What Did You Makan Today PT 6

    I think he is way more humble than Seetoh. i trust his comment more than Seetoh.
  9. RH1667

    Crazy weather in Singapore ?

    AMK , Bishan also. Finally
  10. RH1667

    2019 MCF Revamp!

    old man finally able to log in. Wow! can " like " every post! ha ha ha
  11. Opps! I just changed the tap for my washing machine. have been wanting to change for a long time, finally, found time to do it.
  12. RH1667

    Electrician lobang?

  13. RH1667

    Singaporeans lose jobs to FTs

    It’s only a forum, no need to make Ownself unhappy over it. Plus you have many option, ignore , or don’t log in.
  14. RH1667

    Next Elections Thread 2019/20/21

    Oh, like $10,000.00