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  1. Did you ever realize that your head unit can be the best way of your entertainment? Well, I think you know about it normally but many may don't! Yes, head unit can be your best entertainment ways regrading in car entertainment. I wanted to give some ideas regarding the best car head unit those can take your entertainment at the high stage! Let's have a look at some most popular head units that can be your in car entertainment main purposes! PIONEER DEH S4000BT Are you trying to upgrade your automotive stereo with the most effective single DIN head unit accessible within the market? Well, Pioneer DEH S4000BT are going to be the primary alternative for you. This model permits you obtaining the most effective extremist clear sound within your automotive. Our editorial team researched to a tolerable degree to square this model at the #1 position. It permits you CD/DVD, MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, playback exploitation the distinctive USB. The 13-band extremist graphics equalizer provides you swish sound dominant. the graceful exterior style can amendment the within read of your automotive & can assist you creating your automotive additional respectable with you friends and family. Features Hands free calling Audio streaming Digital display Modern remote control CD/DVD, MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV BOSS AUDIO BV9986BI BOSS Audio BV9986B is another best one DIN head unit within the when market. This model enclosed with uncountable trendy options that you just can largely prefer to take. owing to it’s service we have a tendency to featured this model to focus on you and permit your obtaining a best product for your automobile audio improvement. This item is combined with automobile & marine audio in order that folks will have a distinct take a look at by exploitation such model. and truly it’s one thing totally different within the market that you just should not forget to shop for that permitting trendy Bluetooth technology. Features Fits any size of head unit HD 7” TFT touch screen display Convenient for hands free phone calls CD/DVD in multiple formats SD cards Support ALPINE CDE-HD149BT Alpine CDE-HD149BT one DIN head unit is that the one for classical read with several trendy options enclosed. It’s another high complete across on-line that is additionally called the foremost fashionable premium din stereo for higher sound as perpetually. The options keeps the stereo up and running with owner satisfaction. This classical best single DIN head unit can make sure you running your reproducer with non-stop music. Features Output power of 50 watts RMS power of 18 watts iPhone/iPod feature enabled 9-band parametric equalizer LCD rare display EZONETRONICS CW9601 Ezonetronics CW9601 is that the last of out list however ne'er the smallest amount. we tend to placed it at the last however not decide it wrong having at the last. This model is another trendy fashionable one with massive bit screen show that together with show flipping feature that is such cool. This model is enclosed FM feature to form things a lot of swish for you. The HD monitor provides you reside expertise even within the geographic region. Features 7 inch indash touch screen Supports USB/SD cards Wireless remote control system Supports FM radio Can connect your iPhone/iPad/android Source: AutomotivePick.com
  2. Just asking. Do your one shot pay all or by instalment when you change your car HU ?
  3. Hi guys!Wanna check with you guys! My brother is driving latest Subaru XV, wanna upgrade to maybe pioneer or alpine in order to have Apple car play function but the original XV head unit size looks weird. Any recommendations that the replacement can be just plug and play?
  4. Hi, Need an advise here. I have converted some Youtube video to MP4 to view on my Android head unit but it doesnt work. Invalid format. What is the recommended solution? Which media format is suitable to play on Android HU? Appreciate any advise.
  5. Pioneer Z2250BT $550 6.2" Pioneer Z5250BT $770 6.8" Which model should i install ? Spec and feature all same... only different 6.2" and 6.8" Thanks
  6. Guys, My car headlight has some scratches and a bit blurish but not yellow stain on them. Anyway to get rid of the scratches? Read on the internet, using sandpaper method or some polish cream. Any good recommendation ? DIY or Professional services ? I called Autobac, only can get rid of yellow stain. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, Hear that the new BM harrier is offering Clarion head unit with carplay and android auto. Anyone know the model they are offering?
  8. Just as F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton feels that drivers need to face a stronger physical challenge while racing, Toro Rosso boss reckons that it is not possible to fully tire out today's drivers after a race. In an article published by Autosport, Tost pointed out how experienced drivers are nowadays, even before they enter Formula 1, with plenty of guidance in terms of modern-day dieting, nutrition and physical preparation. “Of course, you cannot compare this time with - let me say - 20 or 30 years ago when Nelson Piquet and Nigel Mansell or whoever collapsed after a race,” said he said. “They never saw a fitness center from the inside and some of them were smoking as well and in former days, I remember that some cars did not finish the race and then they talked about gearbox problems. Hey, they were smoking beforehand and they were not fit enough to finish the race and then they put it in any gear so that the car stopped.” “They were not fit enough. This is reality.”
  9. Hello, anyone got any experience in swopping out their stock HU of civic turbo for like Pioneer ones? Specifically, Pioneer 9150. Tks!
  10. my current sony 2 din unit has been on and off lately, i think it's the power connection that is loose. been searching for a 2 din unit but notice some dealers are selling the units like pioneer alone without any warranty.. why is that so? anyone can advise where can i purchase cheap 2 din unit, i don't mind oversea or website since local doesn't come with warranty. well, my budget is looking at $300. of course, i don't really ask much. DVD, touch screen panel, USB and bluetooth. is bangkok cheaper? as i'm going there month end, could use this chance to buy. looking at Pioneer DVD player, Model no – AVH-1450DVD but this unit doesn't come with bluetooth. but also ok, since i already have a bluetooth too.. my usage will only be USD and bluetooth. touch screen only for aesthetic only
  11. Hey bros, Long story short, I bought an Android head unit that was supposed to be compatible with Renault Clio. But turns out it's only compatible with the wiring harness of the lower spec version of my car. The spec sold in Singapore comes with a TomTom unit which uses a different set of connectors. This is what it looks like And this is what I need Any bros know of anyone which can help me? Thanks!
  12. Hi Guru, My KIA K5 head unit went off suddenly. Most auto shops recommend Pioneer kind of ICE. https://www.pioneer.com.sg/sg/products-detail/index.html/?product=AVH-X8850BT I'm not so like it as it need to change the panel to fixed it. I searched the web and found exact profile of a head unit from Taobao that fit exactly to my current head unit. Read through review and seems better features than Pioneer, Would like to seek helps any recommendation of good auto shops willing to provide service to install head unit we ordered from overseas. Much appreciate any bro/sis lobang. Thanks. Good day.
  13. Hi All, Any Civic drivers facing the same issue with water droplets in the head / back lights after rain or wash? Is it normal? My paint protection guys told me this is a defect for a new car, suspected sealant has not been done properly. But the Honda agent say it is normal
  14. Hi, anyone using a head-up digital speedometer? MIne was installed 10yrs ago, not sure if any accessories shop still carrying it. Already used to check the HU for speed instead of the dash original speedometer, anyway, both reading doesn't match which I usually trust the add on one.
  15. http://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/feb/25/first-full-body-transplant-two-years-away-surgeon-claim In 2 years? Keep that ventilator running!
  16. hi all, I'm seriously looking into adding a cd-changer for my factory fitted Rhapsody (double-din) head unit. Not sure how to go about doing it, besides approaching AD, which will be very ex, I think. Will XinZhong carry such items? Alternatively, I notice a number of UK sites selling interface adaptor kit for other changer brands. Any recommendations, appreciated !
  17. http://www.theonlinecitizen.com/2016/10/15/environment-ngo-head-suspended-from-official-duties/ I like these people commented in Facebook. They sums things up. Look like Ms Loh also need to be suspended for investigation to see if she got anyhow abuse her power.
  18. Wonder whether tinted headlight and Rear light is it legal in SG? Will it be like tinted window, up to certain percentage only?
  19. TAIPEI - A 33-year-old man was arrested in Taiwan on Monday (March 28) for allegedly chopping off the head of a four-year-old girl, reports said. The suspect, who reportedly has a history of mental illness, attacked the young girl at a Taipei suburb on Monday at about 11am, Focus Taiwan said. The attack happened right in front of her mother. Her grieving mother, Mrs Liu, told Apple Daily that she was about one metre away from her daughter, but could not stop the killer. The girl was going upslope on a strider bike when the suspect approached her from behind. She and her mother were on their way to a train station to meet her grandfather and her younger siblings. Thinking that the suspect was trying to help push her daughter up the slope, Mrs Liu did not attempt to stop him. Instead, he pulled out a chopper and brought it down on the little girl's neck, the newspaper said. When she realised what was happening, Mrs Liu tried to hold the killer back, but was not strong enough to stop him. Passers-by then helped to subdue the attacker, but by then, he had decapitated the victim. A blood-stained chopper was found near the crime scene, said Focus Taiwan. "I could not believe it. How can something so cruel happen?" the girl's grandmother sobbed as she told TVBS in Mandarin. The victim, nicknamed "Little Lightbulb", is the second of four children in her family. Her father works in the IT industry, and her mother is a housewife. She has a nine-year-old sister and a younger brother and sister who are two-year-old twins. A photo of the suspect, his face splattered with blood as he was brought in by the police, was published by Taiwanese media. The suspect, surnamed Wang, is said to be unemployed, and has a history of mental illness and drug offences. The case has shocked Taiwanese. In response, President Ma Ying-jeou said: "Today, I heard about the four-year-old girl's "Little Lightbulb's" misfortune. All of us feel shock and pain. The child is so adorable, and the killer so cruel; I have ordered a full investigation. Justice must be served." President-elect Tsai Ing-wen also issued a statement expressing her sorrow, and promising help to the family. The Government has a duty to strengthen public order, to prevent such crimes from happening again, she said. http://www.straitstimes.com/asia/east-asia/knife-wielding-attacker-chops-off-head-of-4-year-old-girl-in-taipei
  20. Hi all, I'm thinking of replacing the current stock audio unit (of my Hyundai Veloster) with Alpine ICS-X8. Problem is - While the switches for the Auto A/C climate is separately located, the "DISPLAY" is integrated into the stock audio head unit :angry: I was trying to find out more, by googling, to over-come this issue but it seems that it's either not an issue or nobody seems to be talking about it. Hence, I was wondering if anyone here encounter similar issue and had overcome it (or had given up) ? Will I be losing the ability to display the Auto A/C Climate if I insist on changing into 3rd party head-unit ? PS: Hyundai Service Center's technician are equally clueless.... Sigh.
  21. Hi all, I be collecting my new car soon and most likely it will be bare with all accessories fixed outside by myself. Can i check which sequence of the above mention accessories is better to install first and reasons? My friend was telling me solar film then followed by car camera as the car camera need to stick on the windscreen so better put the film first else the camera will need to be removed when installing the film.. sounds logical.. so anyone has any advice? the items i am planning to install is solar film, front and back camera and head unit with reverse camera.
  22. Certis Cisco officer found dead with gunshot wound to head By Alvina Soh | Posted: 29 January 2013 2014 hrs SINGAPORE: A Certis Cisco officer was found dead with a gunshot wound to her head in a toilet of the Supreme Court on Tuesday afternoon, said the police. The deceased was a Chinese woman in her early 20s who had been working with Certis Cisco for about one year. At about 1.20pm, police received a call informing them that a person was found injured at the court's toilet cubicle. There was a gunshot wound to her head and her service revolver was found beside her. She was pronounced dead by paramedics at about 1.35pm. No foul play was suspected. Police investigations are ongoing. - CNA/al ________________________________________________________________________ More and more aux police officers shooting themselves. This is getting worrying. Not sure what the hiring standard is for these aux police. Will some of them start shooting the public if they go mad?
  23. My left head lamp seems to have mist / water inside. There seems to be a leak on the sealing of the head lamp. What can I do ?
  24. Oh dear! Heard a boop sound and all silent....! Where to get a cheap cheap replacement? 2nd hand will do cos mostly listern to radio only? scrap yard have or not ? Hehe...need to save for the next coe ;)
  25. http://motoring.asiaone.com/Motoring/News/...914-299419.html Opinion: Car prices to head south soon By Christopher Tan At the time of writing, the COE for cars up to 1600cc was at $48,801, and the COE for cars above 1600cc was $70,890. The Open COE, a proxy for the latter, was $70,117. Around the same time last year, they were between $30,000 and $43,000. And as recently as three years ago, the same premiums were mostly around $15,000 or less. With the COE supply staying tight for the rest of the year, the chances of a crash are as far-fetched as you finding a bikini babe on Pluto. The world economy and stock markets are faltering, you say? Well, history has shown that the Singapore car market can be pretty resistant to socio-economic influences. The single biggest determinant of prices has always been the number of entitlement certificates in the system. And the current supply is merely a quarter of what they were in the bountiful years of the mid-2000s. Yes, if consumer sentiment is dampened by the sorry state of the world's former economic powerhouses (which, if you ask me, have not really recovered from the 2008-2009 financial meltdown), people's appetite for shiny new cars will weaken. But this won't make COE premiums nose-dive. At most, you might witness prices stabilise after a soft landing. If a recession hits and persists, and employers wield the axe on salaries and headcounts, then all bets are off. But even then, we might not see premiums see-sawing like they did during the Asian financial crisis of 1997-98, because of the limited quantities of COEs currently. And unlike that period, "taxi participation" is a major factor today. This is because there are many more cab companies as well as a larger population of taxis - both fuelling a demand for COEs. On top of that, the human population in Singapore has also increased significantly. Next >> When will prices fall? So, when will COE prices fall back down to below $20,000? Will they ever? The short answer is probably - and sooner than you think. Again, this has to do with COE supply, which will start to rise as the enormous cohort of cars registered during the COE boom years of 2003-2008 come of age and are scrapped. (COE supply is determined largely by the number of vehicles taken off the road.) Scrapping bonanza If you look at the age profile of passenger cars on the road today, you will get a pretty good idea of when this scrapping bonanza will start to happen. The first wave is likely to take place between mid-2013 and early-2014. The next wave - a bigger one - will be in 2015. And by 2016, we should see COE supply reaching tsunami scale. This will be followed by a couple more years of sizeable quotas before supply starts to shrink yet again. Barring a fundamental change to the way COE supply is determined, car buyers and sellers will continue to experience a feast-and-famine situation. COE premiums and corresponding new car prices will continue to fluctuate from year to year. The savvy consumer should align himself or herself to this cycle which, if you'd notice, makes a full circle once every 10 years. Got a comment? Send it to [email protected] Christopher Tan is the contributing editor of Torque magazine by SPH Magazines. This month's issue is on sale. Check out more stories at Torque online, www.torque.com.sg
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