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Found 23 results

  1. Kurty

    skills credit courses

    hello, wonder how you guys actually use your skills credits.. my existing, still got $400 and since i'm above 40.. i be given another 1k more.. so far, i have only identified a few.. my yearly WSQ courses which will give me 10 CDP points defensive driving, class 3, providers are PSA and comfort. PSA seems to be much cheaper behasa melayu, good to sign up and start learning proper melayu. 😁
  2. Guys, Anyone remember who is Ah Siong from Hankook previously? He was the head Mechanic manager from Toh Guan branch previously. Believe many guys here trust his skills and experience in tyres and battery. Where is he now?
  3. Let's say you're in your late 40s, degree holder, management role, still have 2 schooling kids, sole bread winner for the family. One fine day kanna retrenched. Still need to put food on the table, drive Grab / Taxi to make ends meet. I know that the usual response to the above is that by 40s, he should have set aside a sum of money for such situations and he should also be able to tap on his network of work contacts to secure another role. Let's assume that this person took time to develop a tradesman skill a few years back (cooking, electrician, plumber, hair dressing etc), will it put him in a better situation to start a small business on his own to earn a livelihood? In Singapore, assuming you're a rank and file office goon, once you are asked to leave during your late 40s or 50s, the chances of you getting a similar role back is close to nil anyway.
  4. Hey bros, Long story short, I bought an Android head unit that was supposed to be compatible with Renault Clio. But turns out it's only compatible with the wiring harness of the lower spec version of my car. The spec sold in Singapore comes with a TomTom unit which uses a different set of connectors. This is what it looks like And this is what I need Any bros know of anyone which can help me? Thanks!
  5. sorry if this video has been posted before but i find his driving skill is breath taking!!
  6. Do you believe that a good sales person can sell anything or an excellent product that could sell by itself even without a good sales person? well, my company was looking to upgrade our company phone system. my boss already have something in mind and wanted to know more about this particular brand. at the same time, my boss also wanted to compare other brands in the market. this is natural right? so we started to call the phone sales dept and making appointments for them to meet us in our office. most of the sales person that came to us are sincere with our biz and have a not too bad products too. but too bad, they were not what my boss wanted. so we put them on a KIV file. we still haven't get to meet the sales person from the particular phone company my boss wanted after meeting all the other phone sales person after 3 weeks. we were told that they can't schedule an appointment sooner becos they are too busy. ok, then the sales man came after 3 weeks. a short presentation, blah blah, and he goes. the sales man doesn't seen to be interested with our sales becos of our small office and the products are expensive. but my boss still decided to buy from him. so, do you upgrade yourself to be a good sales person or upgrade the value of your product to close a deal? (can only choose one) juz my thought.
  7. Thaiyotakamli

    Combat Skills

  8. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/the-filter/virals/11367934/High-speed-archers-video-of-incredible-trick-shots-goes-viral.html
  9. Jman888

    Lousy parking skill kill

    This was like final destination! The girl will probably never sit in any car again
  10. Grindcore888

    A whole new level of driving skill.....

    FFF- Driving Skill
  11. Wonder how much Mr Mohan is advertising to pay for this job? From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Online...ory_757592.html Analyse skill sets of jobless to fine-tune intake of foreigners Published on Jan 20, 2012 I DISAGREE with the view that foreign workers are taking jobs away from citizens and suppressing the potential pay of Singaporeans (''Foreign talent policy had effect on income gap''; Tuesday). I have had a business in software services for more than 32 years and I have seen my staffing headcount drop to 15 from 65 because I offshored the work. My company is automated in every conceivable way possible but there is a minimum number of IT skilled staff we need. We advertise regularly for staff and only about 2 per cent of the applicants can pass the skills test that we set, and even then, just barely. In one case, the applicant took a toilet break and did not return for the test. The skill sets of the unemployed should be analysed so we can see which type of person is unable to obtain a job. Once that is established, the foreign worker quotas can be fine-tuned accordingly. The increase in the minimum salary for employment passes has, in certain categories, just increased employers' costs as suitable Singaporeans cannot be found. Harendra Mohan
  12. Camrytron

    Good skill parking

    Today morning 9am..
  13. Please read the following statement carefully: "I want to order 1 packet of chicken rice" Deduce from the above if my intention is to eat here or take away. 90% of hawkers I encountered fail this comprehension test
  14. Hi guys, I have a situation here, I downgrade my car from a big car 2.4 to 1.3 small car.... Ever since..My GF will complain that why i out of sudden brake, then pick up speed, the car is shaky and cause her to have headache.I mean i pay for everything for the car/petrol/maintenace..Yet she still complain when i fetch her.. I know that this small car performance is not good as my last big car.. I really feel like giving up driving....Might well take BMW then there will be no complain from her. What will you guys do if you will in my situation??
  15. I watch afew off roadson tv... and it takes skill to go across a revine. This is not an easy drain as it seems.... driver has no experience. I seen something like that before... the co-driver will pump the front downwards while the jeep reverses. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...in_trouble.html
  16. Helloworld88

    Luxury Car, low skill weekend driver

    Just encountered this jerk (white GS300) on TPE exit/CTE entrance today, it is a left bend going up the slope, he tailgate a slowly moving car on the right lane, out of sudden, without signal and never check blindspot then swift to my lane (left), I gave him a big long horn and pass him, after that catch up with me then still starring at me, as if I owe him an apology
  17. http://www.metacafe.com/watch/867983/the_bus_cycle/
  18. Unfortunately, you head in parked as car 1, how to move out? [inline "New Picture.png"]
  19. Can you do it in certain time? try it http://www.sgwayoflife.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=546
  20. http://www.filecabi.net/video/saabperformance.html
  21. Steady

    Try your driving skill

    http://www.entertainmentanytime.com/ Quite funny. Pulled from another car forum.