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  1. Heman75

    2019 Mercedes Benz GLB (X247)

    will there be a GLB43AMG?
  2. Heman75

    2019 Mercedes Benz GLB (X247)

    the key now is how is cnc going to price this model.. almost same size as GLC. will it be cheaper like below 200k? or more expensive than GLC. if price cheaper then GLC will bein trouble...and this GLB has some form of GLK
  3. Heman75

    Volvo XC90

    well it all voice down to the depreciation. compare to new , pre owned depreciation must be at least 2-3k cheaper else it makes no senses. also look at capital outlay. if you think coe will drop or cash flow limitation then go for pre owned for temp ownership. also volvo now all come from china factory unlike the older generation still from sweden or belgium i think, quality is it compromised i dont know. but i wont pay so high for a china made car although some will challenge the quality control is documented and same. but i think otherwise.. is like thai made or jap made.
  4. Is ok. I dont think you got my point.
  5. well to be more specific . it is the coe quota that manage the congestion . it doesnt matter where you put the taxi . it is still the same effect on congestion . it is about the number of cars on the road and not number of ppl in the car . what makes you so sure taxi always carry 4 to 5 ? i take taxi too and always myself .
  6. Heman75

    Jack Neo with Opel Grandland !

    btw who is josephine?
  7. Heman75

    How to change number plate and cost

    bro how long it takes.?
  8. Heman75

    Volvo S90 / V90

    i think wearnes has no choice .. maybe they are asked to take from china instead of europe .. volvo instruction maybe
  9. Heman75

    Volvo S90 / V90

    the key is still price.. if volvo made in china is priced the same as german bmw or merc. i will sure choose the latter unless a siao volvo fan. not because china car not good but rather why should wearnes make so much more profit than merc or bmw..and make us look like super big carrot. i do reckon there will be different in quality. is in the culture of everything also can or everything also nevermind mindset
  10. Heman75

    Mercedes Owners Thread

    you can use some of your service credit to offset car price. E class. my previous E after 3yrs .. i still have 2k credit left which i used to offset new car price which come with another 8k credit. i foresee good enough to last 5yrs with left over to be offset again on new car..no ending one we dont have to overly bother with how they play around with the gimmicks. basically we look at the ultimate number we are paying. they can labelled them whatever they like.. it is the nett price i am concern.
  11. Heman75

    Mercedes Owners Thread

    yes.. and they have given me 8k of service credit. if cant finish in the end spend in their boutique .. they lagi happy as they are all seriously over priced items.
  12. Heman75

    8th Gen Toyota Camry (XV70)

    unfortunately toyota interiror needs some break through.. really behind time..
  13. Heman75

    The Cars Expo, 27 & 28 Oct 2018

    only there is no coe .. ppl will then be happy but then ppl will say other thing more expensive. human never contented.